Class #593

Mat Workout

50 min - Class


The winner of The Next Pilates Anytime Instructor Competition Zayna Gold joins Pilates Anytime with this fun, musically oriented class that explores standing work while challenging your powerhouse and your balance. Class progress to the floor with creative variations on exercises you may do on automatic pilot... until now. Enjoy this talented teacher as she takes you through this fun take on Pilates.
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

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Really like the humour and the hugging cues; and a great demonstration of the control you have Zayna!

Good class and explanations of exercise.Love the standing pilates,find it more challenging and enjoyable.
Wow, I really discovered my VMO's. Amazing doing the ab series in multiple planes. Fun class
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Hi guys. So glad you like my standing workout! I started doing this with my clients about a year ago. When you do this workout twice a week you burn so many calories-and definitely it is a fun alternative to the Mat exercises. Try doing the workout twice a week during January and let me know if you notice a difference!
Hi Zanya. Loved your standing workout! I'll include a lot of your exercises in my classes, especially for my osteoporosis clients. Your Exercises are travelling to "The Land DownUnder"! Really functional Pilates.Thanks!
Hi Lisa. So glad you are doing my workout all the way in Australia! Pilates Anytime really connects us all together and I am so grateful for this. I love functional Pilates balanced with precision pilates like my #591 video. Thank you!
Nice variations to the old traditional pilates exercises. I love the cardio component. Thank you for a wonderful class!

June Sopko
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Thank you June. I got so sick of doing traditional cardio that I stopped cardio for two years. I finally figured out a way to do a cardio calorie burning workout that incorporated all of the pilates that I love! This workout gives you the cardio and is also fun and goes by quickly!
Thank you Zayna! I had just asked for some cardio in the forums and you granted my wish! Awesome class.. so fun and inventive. Jamie
love doing cardio this way-after you learn the moves you start burning even more calories because your strong core helps you lift your legs higher and move more quickly but still with control. keep in touch!
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