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The winner of The Next Pilates Anytime Instructor Competition Zayna Gold joins Pilates Anytime with this fun, musically oriented class that explores standing work while challenging your powerhouse and your balance. Class progress to the floor with creative variations on exercises you may do on automatic pilot... until now. Enjoy this talented teacher as she takes you through this fun take on Pilates.
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So guys, let's stay on with our hands on our hips for our standing workout and we're just going to rock our weight to the balls of our feet and then back to the heels. Rock to the balls of your feet and back to the heels and start to notice when you rock the way to the balls of the feet. Can you feel how you just want to stand up taller and let's exaggerate that rock lifting and then back. And what happens when we do this workout standing? Do you actually burn more calories?

And we strengthen our core in a very, very different way and back. Now let's rock forward and stay there. So just stay. Can all of you fill your abdominals working? Lift your heels slightly off the floor. Put your hand on top of your head. Now as you bring your heels down, don't let your head news. Are we still in our abs?

Yeah. Cancel the hips and bring your right leg forward. Now pull those abs in and lift your knees and we're going to just lift the leg up up. Who feels their abdominals? See them. Are you with me? Are you guys breathing?

I am changing him. Does that help you to know that if I fall, I'm just demonstrating? Exactly. That's all it is. Okay, let's try the other like, so let's get into our standing posture. Arms. Exactly how we started. Lift and lower lift and lower. Can you give me an exhale? Exhale and lower. One last time. Exhale and lower.

Now stay tall. Lift your other leg, get taller, and it's a place your hands on your lower abdominals. Dig your fingers then and try to run your abs away from your hands. Do you feel how much more that intensifies it? Good and pull. Pull those absents. Bring it down. Bring the arms up over the head.

We're going to start by lifting the right leg. Let's go up you. So we don't usually move this fast and [inaudible] right. So I want you to hold onto your core to stay centered and that power speed will come. Eight. Are we in our abs still? So this is exactly like single leg stretch here. Let's capture our knee. Hug your shoulder blades together. Nice, wide collarbones and pull your abs all the way through the top of your head.

Am I the only one sweating? I am. You're not sweating. Okay. That's like holding up. That's like holding up a red flag to a bull, you know? Okay. And stuff. So now core the double leg stretch. What we're gonna do here is come down into a squat so you can see how this is bringing the knees toward the chest. Just like a squat cans right here. C curve, c curve, c curve. Gimme a great big racks c curve.

Isabel are you filling that right here for more? Jim, how about you? You are filling this ads. Can you come down one inch slower? And if your knee hurts anybody just doe for more too. And now whole. So push your feet through the floor. Up Halfway and down.

Crest your key and down crest. Let's go neutral now. But hug the six though. You filling that in the glutes. Hugging the though. Let's slip the chest up a little higher so we really get neutral. Good.

Four more and three, two last time. One, come down and now reach. Just like in double leg stretch and greet every time you come up. I want you to feel this in your abdominal. Good. Exhale, heel. Your dominoes working. Exhale good. And when you come up, it's right from your glute. Fold right from that glued fold. Good and up. Let's add a circle up.

Let's add a circle up. Circle Four. Are you hitting each other? Three. That's okay. One and down. Separate your legs have width. Come down a little bit more and put your hands on the hamstrings. Use these muscles to come up and down these muscles to come up.

Now the natural way that our body wants to move here, hug the sitz bones together. Release the smoke, hug them, release. Then you can feel how that's the natural rhythm of what your body wants to do. Hug, release at a counterbalance. Hug. Good. Release. This sits down. Hugs them on their way out. Release them, hug them for pressing into the air. Three, press two and one. Very nice. Good. How are you doing? Hands right here. Let's take it from the top. Okay, let's layer good. Shoulders down.

Think armpits and in the armpits is the lap muscles form or three to in single leg stretch. We grab for the knee up, up, up, up. Good. Keep going. Now back to double leg stretch. Are we ready? Let's remember. This sits bones down, up, around, down, up, around them.

What's happening with our assessments? We'll lease thing hugging, wheelies, hug, hug. For these last four, think opposition. Push should be through the floor. Wash the feet through the floor. Two more. Push. One more for scissors. I'm panting. Let's turn off that leg. Place. Same hand. And these muscles called the BMOS is their inner Claude.

Other hand on the ship. Lift that leg up and up. Up, down, up, up, down. Let's try cause there's breathing in in next. Now the best way to activate muscles is really dig your fingers in. Anyone having a hard time filling those muscles.

You need four more. Three, two. Now power up your core. Join me. Arms up, lift the leg. Think core shoulders down. Let's go. Cross, cross, cross. Good. Okay, now let's try to add the rhythm. Trots, cross center, Prost, Prost, center filling. Those BMOS. We got this. Two more beautiful work guys. One more. Ah, okay. Let's do the other side. Same arm, same leg lift, lift.

You know what happens for so much of us, I know for me on one leg it is so hard for me to feel these muscles and the other. It's easier as anyone experiencing that. It's very, very common. So on the leg that it's harder for you. Dig The fingertips in. These are the muscles that will help you to prevent any injury or to Rehab. Are we breathing? Okay. Rhythm up, up, down, up, up, down. Get Taller, up, up, down, shoulders, beautiful, long neck and that reaching fingertips through the sky.

Foot pressing through the floor. You guys look really beautiful, very strong. Hold it here. Cross that just because you all look so strong. Kind of going to that next level on this leg. Really sticking with those VMO muscles. Crossing the nose line for three kept taller, strong tour counts in the hips. This is ribbon cross, cross the center, Cross, Cross.

You can cheat like I am and put your toe down between each Rep. Two more. Good. Now for the next set of scissors, we're going to work in hip extension, so reach your leg gap. Let's do the left leg to start. Place your hand on this glute area. This is a real power muscle for us. Other hand.

Um, you know what I'm going to leave up to you either hip, open, or parallel. Let's find the position that each of us is most comfortable in. So right here I want you to hug that glue muscle, even the high glutes up here, lift and lower lift. Let me know if you can feel your glutes, Jim, how you doing with that? So let's bend the standing leg one inch.

Do you feel the differences of Ella? Cause those people, many of us who lock our knees, if we let that happen, it becomes joint, not muscle. Put your hand just in the high glute area and make sure those muscles are working. Those are a little harder, right? And up two more like this. And then we'll add the scissors. Rhythm. Are you ready? Up, up, down, up, up, down. Now Deborah had asked me parallel or turned out, whatever you're doing, can you tweak it slightly and do you feel how that's a different muscle that you're working? So when we're working these very large muscles, having a slight variation in angle is actually extremely helpful in the full activation last time. Just mark it out may too, and you can still have one, but shake bill strong and the other one, not so much. Okay, let's go to the other leg. Let's bring that leg back.

Place your hand on the button. Activate those muscle fibers lift and lower. I like to use the word hear instead of squeeze, because when we pose the buttocks, ash debate the button from the buttocks. We tend to use the muscle fibers, not the joints. How are we doing all?

Everyone was hoping you wouldn't know. Geez, that's ready for scissors. Rhythm. You know what? Let's put our hand on that core and let's do this and really pull away from the core. Are you ready? Up, down, up, up, down. Be Breathing. Good job. You're telling him that chorus.

Avella and you know what you can do with Abella. He looked at me at first. You're a little art here. Try to talk a little bit and then yes, you don't want much more work. That is, and then you can find your own exact position, but try to get that little tiny shale of the tug and it does, doesn't it? A lesson. You're back. Okay, so back to the beginning. Single last question away. Push shoulders down. Long neck hold. Now where there's pushing, there's always pulling.

Oh, oh, oh. A great way to get our shoulder girdle into that neutral is hug the shoulders gently into the spine. Can I get a little bit taller? Four more, and then we go to our double leg stretch. Okay. Hovel legs that come down into his plot every time you curve, pull away from your fingers. Keep it going. Let's do a few extra. Isabel, I'm going to pull my hands here.

Okay. To pull away from my head. We fill a little door now and that you can let me know if I'm hurting you right there. Oh, did you just get it? Does that make more sense? Now? It's almost as though the movement in your back is following the sneaker is following the Holloway. Let's keep it there. Down a pathway. Shoes, this tips, bones are beating and hugging.

That's a pelvic floor. Two very, very important for men and for women. Release because systems and then had them on the way up. We're going to add double leg stretch arms down, up and around, up and around, up cause guys up and around, up and around, beautiful up. Spin around, up to one. Good BMO up up. Now every time you bring the leg up, turn it out.

It's a fast tempo, so we need to use the power in our core to center. Nice, good hip extension, hands on the hips, left leg back then that's supporting lag up, up, down, up, up, down. You can flex your foot if you're starting to cramp it off and let's remember Isabella, it's almost like you're doing a c curve here in a way. Not really, but if you think that yes, that's it. Feel how much more supported that is up, up, down, up, up, down. Two more. We're almost there. One more other side. Up, up, down, four more. Give me a nice, strong chest wide collar bones.

Open up the heart. Four more. Four, three, two, one. Good for lower and lift. Bring the legs together. Place the hands on these muscles right here on the back. Bend your knees very slightly. Rock forward towards the toes.

Now Lean your body forward away from your sits bones. Make sure the weight is in the toes. Now hug your bottom. Keep forward as you lift up using your back muscles to come up down to three and lean forward. Lean forward and it's all in a neutral chest up. Lean forward form or Jimmy telling that in your back muscles. This is a really hard exercise to get right. Yeah, very nice. Very good. Debra, you feeling that right in your back?

Good fluids and spinal extensors right back here. Excellent. Good. Just one more. With practice, you'll really feel this isolating your back muscles. Very nice. Let's have the legs hip width apart for Chris Cross. So place your hands on your obliques. Remember we had our c curve, so can you give me that c curve? Elbows forward, elbows forward. So it's right here, elbows.

And it's like this is making the secret perfect. It's one of those exercises that the more you do it, the more you'll feel it filling that area. Good. So let's go into our c curve. Place your hand here, then reach your arm across your body. Press tuck under just a little more, Erin. There you go. Yes. Did that do it good. And bring the back rib cage to the back wall behind you.

There you go. Pull those abs in to. And if you're not filling your abs, let me know so I can help you. And let's come on up. Let's do the other way round your spine. Now Cross though up or let's really hollow hollow.

Are you breathing good? That looks great, Isabella. Nice. Really pull those back ribs to the back wall. Four, three, two, one and come on up. We're gonna do one final criss cross and cross. Pull your ads in so hard that it's as though you're doing your hardest.

Ab Exercise. We'll go eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. Good job. Just shake it all out. Feeling nice and warmed up. Our next series will be starting with plank and all fours. So let's come on down on the mat. [inaudible] we're going to start in a plank position. Tuck your toes under, and Jim, come on down in your forearms. Now hug your shoulder blades together.

Hug your bottom together. The sits bones will be hugging. Single leg stretch. Watch my knees right left. Now as you're doing this and Magine that you're barely touching your knees to the floor. Tuck under your tail the slightest little bit. Pull your abs up away from the floor. Good back rib cage up to the sky. Four more.

Four, three, two, one and come back. Okay, so let's talk just for a sec. Did anyone feel that in their lower back end? Did everyone feel that in their ads that we're all set here? Let's go to double leg stretch. Come back into your position. Bend your knees then. Now as you bend, remember that Seeker c curve. C, Curve C, curve c curve. Tuck your tail. Tuck the tail. Beautiful job. Aaron.

Tuck. Nice job. Tuck. Well, you know Aaron means both of you. Maybe I should say Aaron's okay. And sit back. So that starts to make a little bit more sense what the c curve is all about, right? Okay, we're going to come onto all fours and let's repeat single end, double leg. Tuck your toes under. Bring the knees up, a little right leg left, right, left. You're going into that c curve the whole time. Tuck your tail. [inaudible] four, three, two, one.

[inaudible]. Now for double legs, we're gonna do the exact same position with the seeker. Bring your knees up, make sure your knees are right under the hips. Take her, save her. I want to hear your exhale. Exhale. Exhale. Four more. Four, three, two, one.

And now you'll have a whole other understanding of the app series. And when we start to do it on your back, now we'll do some hip extension. So let's come down onto your elbows for scissors. We're going to start turning out your hip up, halfway down, up halfway. Beautiful work. And I can see everyone's glutes really firing up.

Can you give me a little bit more high glue? Isolate the high glute area. Beautiful. Now parallel, dropped out, working hip down. So your parallel. So what other for everyone to do right now is pull your back rib cage up to the sky a little bit. Good. Up, up, down, up, up, down. Good. He fits on. That's uh, you feel that differently? That, that I'm just going to put my hand right under here.

And every time you lift your leg, pull away from my hand. There you go. That's that. Yes. That's much better. Good. Pull up here just to get, there you go. Feel a little bit more abs now. Good. Nice job. Okay. Sit back into a child's cause.

So you fill it higher when you're turned out and lowers parallel. Yes. And that's the wonderful thing about doing it in both positions because the glue is a large muscle as we know and we need to work all of them. Okay, so let's do that again on the other leg. Bring the other leg down, out, up, down. So I'm going to give you a cue that's really going to help you. Whatever leg you're working right now, lean on that elbow.

Do you feel how that changes your positioning and Aaron in the pink? That's a good, you kept your corrections, so that's good. Very nice. Debbie, filling it in the same spot on this side and try to get it even higher. I remember you were telling me about that mid to high glute. Keep those engaged, but work even the highest flutes. Do you feel that? Yes. Two more. What? Aaron? Parallel hip. Lower that work. You hit up, up, down, up, up, down.

Now don't forget to pull your abdominals in and Tuck your tail up, up, down, up, up, down. Nice job, Jim. Limiting the range of motion because this is working the glute fold. You can feel that it's lower in the buttocks. The good news guys is that we only have two legs today, so that's the good news, Tim. More one more and let's sit back into a child's pose.

We're going to sand our tiles posts for about 10 seconds. Tuck under the toes if you need. Good, really stretching out and that child's pose. Okay. This workout is really gonna change the way you feel your abs series lying down because you're getting to know those muscles in different poses. We'll try a couple more breaths here. Just completely relaxing.

Does that feel good? Unfortunately, that always means we're about to do something that won't feel good. So, um, for for lower lift, we're going to do my plotty style. Push up, really focused on your abs for me because you'll fill your arms and your rotator cuff. Um, this is a different push up than what you're used to. Okay, so stick with me with the setup your hands right here. Rock your weight forward. See how my shoulders are over my wrist. Good this now separate your arms that they're a little bit wider than the mat.

Keep your body forward. Bend your elbows, stay there, pitch forward another end and hug your hands towards each other on the way up then and then hug your hands towards each other. Then hug your hands towards each other. Beautiful. Good. And I'm going to put my hands right in your rotator cuff. Had a hug my hands. Yes. Excellent. Keep pitching yourself forward.

And stop at the top when your elbows are still an inch. We're just gonna do two more of these. We're almost there guys. One more. Okay. Now Ben, halfway down. Hug, hug, hug the shoulder blade. How's my hand and count under your breath with nace for eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. And sitting down. Just because I'm on the bench.

I do keep my hands around here because it's better for my wrist. How did you have your hands? Yeah. So for some people having your hands like this, that doesn't work for my wrist, so everyone will notice. They'll find their own risk placement. Now that being said, the next thing, we're going to do exactly the same position as the fingers forward. If your risks allow, I really want you to focus on pitching the heart center forward.

You're gonna get a very strong work at a new price. Okay? You Ready? Let's hit forward. Um, and this they hands will be underneath your shoulders. Still a little narrower gym with the hands. Yeah. Perfect. Okay. Bend Your Elbow, Stop Pitch Forwards. Hug your armpits to come up. Bend, pitch forward, hug to come up, slide your elbows against your waistline.

Good elbows hugging your waistline. Beautiful Form Ben Hug. Give me breathing eight. If it hurts and you don't think you can do it, just breathe three more, two and one and sit back into child's pose. Nice job everybody for Chris Cross. We're going to go back into plank position.

Is Everyone's risk failing, okay? Yeah. Adjust your hand position for whatever feels right for you. Let's bring our hands here. Let's go back to clay. Cross the right leg across your body and cross. Cross, cross. Good. You're really going to feel that in your obliques.

Eight more. Eight, seven. Pull your right hip up to the ceiling so you get a true of leak isolation. Four, three, two, one. Bring your leg back. Hang on. We're almost there. Pull your left. Shift up the Deborah.

Let me see your left butt cheek up toward the ceiling. There you go. That's it. And you can feel how when you keep that butt cheek toward the ceiling, it truly isolates your oblique. Eight seven on guys. Fix Five, four, three, two, one. Okay. Are you sweating? Now you're going. Okay, good. Okay, so let's grab some balls guys. Um, Isabella and Jim, why don't you hand up balls to everybody? I'll take one as well. Getting a good workout. Thank you guys. Let's get into the secret position. The ball is optional.

Many people find that if you support yourself with the ball, it'll [inaudible]. It allows you to stay in the seat crib longer. But I do have clients who don't like this ball. It bothers their back. So let's lean back on the ball and put your hands just like mine or beside you. Lift your bottom up.

Now I want you to imagine you're pushing the floor away with your bottom. Exactly. So feel underneath here. You want your safe room, which is right here where our fingers are to be rounded into the floor. Aaron had us. Does that feel right to you? Do you feel it right here? Okay, good. Let's put our hands here right on our niqab. Adjust your seat wherever you want. They could be away from you or inn and Deborah heels together. Toes apart.

There you go. So talk. So do you remember the seat her from standing? Tuck. Tuck. Let's put our hand on our ads. Tuck, tuck. Puck is everyone right in their abs with me. So me an exhale. And as you talk you dig into your low abs and pull your abdominals away from your hand away from your hands.

Can you showing that in your low ad? Let's try the other hand. It's the same exercise but as resting in the floor. So when I'm talking I like to think of it as the pubic bone tipping up. I like to think of the app fibers thing here and there, pulling the pubic phones up that worked for you. So I wouldn't say the bud really comes up with you like right here. It kind of puts up a little bit to one. Okay. Now knees together.

Come up to your toes and I'd like to adjust the ball a little bit here. Pants behind the leg lift. So every time you lift your leg up, I want to actually see your abs. Holloway Holloway. Isabella, he's showing this right in your ass. Said Yeah. So when you bring your leg down, tip up. Tip.

Yes, that's it. Good. Very nice. Bring both hands right onto your thighs and threes and down. Now push your legs into your hands. Tuck your Tam a little bit and slip and point. Point. So there's this double leg strap.

Does anyone want to join me in this circle? Do you want to try that? Lift Andrew Round and around. Two more. One more. Let's just put our ball aside. If it rolls it wrong. Okay. And you're going to have your hands behind you.

We'll do that in a crab. Okay. So we're right here. This is the low crowd. See how my thought on this? A little bit. Close to the floor. Okay. So break your leg up as you lower your leg. Lift. Lift. Good.

So let's have a toe to the ceiling toad or the knee. Toe to the ceiling. How does the need? Good. We feel that in our buttocks right now. Let's get it in our ads. Well, there you go. One more other leg up and lower. Good. So let's add that tipping. So as we lower, it's as though we're doing a steep curve.

I won't see the c curve because the c curve just helps you not to arch. That's it. Four, three, two, one and down hands right here. We'll try this without the ball. Now Roll back to your stake room as though we about to do. Rolling like a ball. Push your legs into your hand. Now lift and lower. And in this one, Deborah, you're going to actually push the back of your legs into your hands.

Can feel how that reflects into your abs. Good. Push the back of your legs into your hands. Excellent. You got it. One more and now reach with me. Flex your feet. Okay. For lower lift, we're going to do another set of crabs. How's, how are your wrists? Okay, so come out here and you can have your fingers forward or back. I liked them out to the side.

They just feel better for me. So Hi crab this time up high. Press your hands into the mat. Now Bend your elbows, keeping your neck long. Press through your triceps. Press. Pull your abdominals in as tightly as you can. Breathe. Hey, five four. We're almost there. Three, two, one. And bring your bottom down. We have one less sec. One last exercise to do, which is crisscrossed.

So let's put our false right here. Tuck the tail. Make sure that you're in a position where right from the start you feel your abdominals is. Everyone there. Now take your hands and pull your chest forward. I'm gonna have everyone reach that way. There you go.

Now they hit. That's towards me. Pull it to the back wall a little bit and reach. Reach. Okay, this is very deep. Ope, leak work. [inaudible] good. So the same arm that's reaching.

Hold that hip bone back a little bit and it's like a click right in your low obliques. Perfect. Eight, seven, six. Keep on breathing. Pull that hip back. Okay, now stay there. Tuck under. Bring both arms up. Reach, reach three. Good. Hug your shoulder blades together. Why chest?

Hold that hip bone back and to the center. Take a deep breath. Good. Now other side, reach to the other side. Pull that same hip back. Reach. Reach. Aaron, you can try it both ways, but a lot of my clients say if you put your hand here, use that hand to bring your chest towards your thigh.

And a lot of my clients tell me that's more intense for them because you can come closer to the thigh and then once we get that position, then you can take your arms off and you get that extra intensity. Shoulder blades, hug the spine, really hug those shoulder blades. Good. Eight, seven. We're almost there. Four, three, two, one. Very nice. Okay, let's stand up really slowly and well. Um, well end with the cool-down exactly how we started kind of going through the app series, movements standing, but we'll just use the ball.

Something a little different. Bring the ball right here. We'll start with the right knee up, up, up, get taller, shoulder plates hugging. Do you feel how much stronger your abs are? And they can just lift the weight of the leg, arms open, frame your face, your head with your arms. Where's your long neck? Nice, long neck change, arms breathe. Any tension that you have. Let go of it for three, two, one. Good.

Let's put the ball right here for double extracts. We'll just do some c curve c, curve c curve. Good. Really rounding your back. Good. Pull your ribs back to the back wall. There you go. Very nice. Four, three, two, one. Good job. We'll do a little VMO.

Let's hold the ball in your left hand. Bring your right leg out, up, up. Get Taller, taller. Stay tall to one and let's change legs. Get into your position. Give me the tallest pose you possibly can. Let's go. And was that just a ploy to get a little break?

Where are your ads? Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two. Very nice. For Lower and lift. We'll try that back. Extensor exercise, hugging the midline with our ball. So you're going to have your hands on your back. Remember to lift the heels up to start. Put the weight on the balls of your feet. Now lean forward less.

Imagine we're trying to lift the heels up even though we're not lift up using your abs and your back. Very nice and give me an exhale as in bath. Good. This is an exercise where we honestly can feel the balance between our abs and our back side because balanced core work is often abdominals balanced with glutes and hamstrings. We'll do that one more time. Very nice.

And let's just stand with a little bit of a criss cross for the crisscross. We'll just do a little bit of a stretch for the torso. So how about if we reached the ball one way, our knee, the other, and with twist. See, I knew if I didn't say anything, you'd come up with something pretty. Okay. Let's do the other side. That's what feels really nice.

Creating a little space in your spine. Think about unraveling the spine every time you twist. One more time. We'll end with a little row the boat for a stretch. Reach. Exhale, iron up your body with the ball.

Inhale, top rack. Roll up your body with the ball, the cobre roll out one last time. [inaudible] get rid of our balls and we'll end with a healing positive energy. Breathe in Nice, calm energy tall, and then exhale everything else. Inhale and exhale. Take your breath, reaching to the right and center, reaching to the left center, and we have one more breathing in and take that nice energy with you.

Thank you guys.


Really like the humour and the hugging cues; and a great demonstration of the control you have Zayna!

Good class and explanations of exercise.Love the standing pilates,find it more challenging and enjoyable.
Wow, I really discovered my VMO's. Amazing doing the ab series in multiple planes. Fun class
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Hi guys. So glad you like my standing workout! I started doing this with my clients about a year ago. When you do this workout twice a week you burn so many calories-and definitely it is a fun alternative to the Mat exercises. Try doing the workout twice a week during January and let me know if you notice a difference!
Hi Zanya. Loved your standing workout! I'll include a lot of your exercises in my classes, especially for my osteoporosis clients. Your Exercises are travelling to "The Land DownUnder"! Really functional Pilates.Thanks!
Hi Lisa. So glad you are doing my workout all the way in Australia! Pilates Anytime really connects us all together and I am so grateful for this. I love functional Pilates balanced with precision pilates like my #591 video. Thank you!
Nice variations to the old traditional pilates exercises. I love the cardio component. Thank you for a wonderful class!

June Sopko
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Thank you June. I got so sick of doing traditional cardio that I stopped cardio for two years. I finally figured out a way to do a cardio calorie burning workout that incorporated all of the pilates that I love! This workout gives you the cardio and is also fun and goes by quickly!
Thank you Zayna! I had just asked for some cardio in the forums and you granted my wish! Awesome class.. so fun and inventive. Jamie
love doing cardio this way-after you learn the moves you start burning even more calories because your strong core helps you lift your legs higher and move more quickly but still with control. keep in touch!
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