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Spine Corrector Articulation

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Enjoy some of your favorite exercises performed on the Step Barrel in this workout with Meredith. Take advantage of additional room for Spinal Articulation and challenge your Abdominals with Chest Lift with Extension. Perfect your Scissors and Bicycle and most of all...have fun!
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Towel

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Feb 12, 2012
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Okay. So you can just put your towel on the floor. So we're going to do a step Arrow class today. We've also got towels, which we won't use right now, but it's very hot today. So we may use them as a functional thing and then we'll um, use them as equipment later. Set it down on the ground. We'll start with a few standing roll downs. So just finding your balance over your feet.

And let's just take a minute and we'll shift forward feeling all the way. Go over the toes and then shift way back. Almost like you're gonna fall over backwards and then forward again. And as you go forward over your feet, lift up through your center and back. And as we come through the center of our feet, we feel the weight distributed evenly through our feet.

Feel all 10 toes on the mat, start reaching the arms down into the ground. And with that, inhaling to prepare and excelling, letting the head fall forward as the body rounds towards the floor of the abdominals, engage, lifting up to support the spine. The arms are heavy, they just hang from the shoulders. But they don't lift up into the ears. Pausing when you get as low as you're going to go right now. And exhale as you lift up from the center of your body, creating a nice spinal articulated movement, rounding yourself up, supporting the spine with the abdominals, allowing the eyes to lift and inhale, exhaling as we bend the spine so you can think about that and not just a moving of the body downward, but actually folding the spine in on itself and as the spine folds in on itself, you just support that you get. It's like a little standing. Sit Up and inhale to lengthen a little deeper into the ground and exhale to lift up. Okay. As we get to the top, I'm going to take us a little quicker.

We're going to lift the head and chest. We're going to round down to the ground again, finding our way into our feet. Once you get to the ground, I want you to gently place your hands on the ground without putting a lot of weight on them and then like you're being pulled up from your middle. You just rise up onto your toes, lifting up, pulling the quads up, and then the heels go down. But the belly pulls up in opposition and we exhale to lift up reaching.

And then as we arrive at the top, oh, sorry Deb, I meant lift up through the body and we were just gonna reach the arms, lifting the chest up. As we press, and I mean press, not just lower the arms down, we're going to rise again up onto our toes, feeling the length in the body, supporting it from the front of the body. As the heels go down into the floor, we think about staying lifted through the spine and with that Xcel to roll down again, reaching the spine into the ground, lifting up through the center, allowing the hands to find the floor. Just one here, lifting up through the abdominals, rising up, seeing how little pressure you can put on your fingertips or your hands or whatever's down there. The heels go down, but the belly pulls up and then we spiral up through the spine, rounding all the way back up to standing, supporting through the of the legs, through the front of the waist. And then we rise up, lifting up onto the toes. And as the arms press down in the heels, press down. It's like you're pushing your spine a little straighter, a little taller. I said, that was the last one, but I lied. I feel like we should do one more.

Let's go. Rolling down. It just feels good. Supporting, focusing inwards, exhaling to list. That's creating that nice strong mobilization of the spine. And at the top we rise up, reaching out and up through the arms. The arms are nice and light. They carry us up in space.

And then as we press our arms down, we build the spine, creating space between the vertebras creating space in the neck, in the bones of the spine. And with that, the heels gently come to the ground. Okay, so we're going to start with some more spinal articulation. You want and have your barrel in a place where you're going to be able to lie down on your mat. So I'm going to scoot mine a little forward, probably forward for most of us, we're going to be doing a little bit of moving the barrels and that's going to be part of our workout today. So move it forward. So you've got some mat space behind you. Yep. And you're going to be lying down and we're going to do pelvic curls.

So you're going to, fee feet are going to be on the top. So that is how much room you need. Like this. Yeah, yeah, like that. Okay. So we just placed the feed over the apex of the barrel and then in lift, just lifting the head, looking up at the feet for now, feeling the feet wrap over the top. It's kind of a prehensile position.

So we're going to get our feet to work a little bit. Lying the head and chest down, pressing down into the feet. Start to curl the spine up off the mat so we feel the feet pressing downwards as the pelvis rises up. Creating a straight line from the knees all the way down through the neck and inhale here. Exhale, we let the chest fall down through the arms. We press the arms into the ground to keep them stable and stationary as we been the spine. Peeling it down.

Finally releasing the tail down into the ground and inhaling again and excelling as we rural, keeping the ribs reaching slightly below the pelvis as the pelvis tucks to lift higher than the ribs. That's beautiful movements and we hold there and excelling as we just reached down and have used this extra space here that we don't normally have with the feet on the floor to give yourself more movement and India and exhale to roll, undulating through the spine, pressing the arms down in back in Hilton. Press the hips a little higher without over arching the middle back. Beautiful and exhale we rolled down and don't forget to wrap your feet around the barrel. Feel the powerful work in the backs of the legs and reach the fingertips as though you might be able to just possibly touch that barrel in front of you.

And we're going two more times. Not One more time rolling up on might be a little indecisive, but you'll just come with me and I'll tell you what we're doing. Pausing at the top. Look for a little deeper tech and in here and Xcel, sir, roll down. Okay, so when we get to the bottom, we're going to just pick up the left leg right up off the barrel. We're going to hold it out a table top position. Get ready for a single leg roll up. Here we go.

Pressing the pelvis towards the chest, peeling, working just as evenly through the spine with one leg as we did with both legs. Inhale to pause and exhale to reach down. Sliding the spine down, reaching all the way down to neutral. We're going to do three. Excellent. As we roll a feeling or maybe even checking and looking to see that the pelvis is nice and neutral and holding there and exhale as we peel the body down, opening up through the spine. One more time please. Rolling to the top. Pressing through that supporting leg and making sure that supporting like stays parallel to the hip. From here, let's just stretch that upper leg into the air. Take it down towards the barrel. Nice and slow.

For now an up and down reaching away and up and down. We're reaching away, keeping the pelvis nice and still. And two more reaching up. One more time, reaching up and bend the knee and bring the body back down. Okay. And then that light goes down. Get that nice arc to foot. Pick up the other leg, holding a tabletop position at that hip joint and exhale as we peel and lift the spine, bringing the hips higher than the ribs, looking for that Nice, even the alignment through the hip joints. And excellent as we peel down, don't forget the reach of the arms.

The neck reaches an opposition to the pelvis. Roll down all the way until you feel your pelvis dropped back into a flat position. Excelling to lift up, peeling the spine up off the ground, keeping the inner thighs squeezing towards one another and XL as we roll down. And just feeling again that even though we got one leg in there, your justice symmetrical as you were with both legs. And here we go for one more. Rolling A, lifting the hips, reaching up and hold at the top. Take that leg and just reach it into the, or. Maybe it'll pull you a little higher and then four or five we take it down and back. It points to reach down and flexes Tubal back.

End Three reaching up. Feel the backside of that moving like to one, lifting up, fold the knee back in and peel the spine all the way down and really seeing the pelvis down. Placing, I don't know, can we roll up with our feet up? I don't know. Let's try. Stick your legs out on the barrel. Roll yourself all the way up. Oh, we sure can. And let's roll down again. That was fun. Just peeling the spine down so letting the legs press in and I've got mine bent.

But you could also be straight arms reaching overhead. We lift the head and jabs and we peel forward into the thigh bones as you rise up. Say, just behind your pelvis as you reach up into a nice flat back and exhale as we roll down, squeeze your legs together, squeezing your glutes, squeezing your inner thighs, taking me arms overhead. We're going to do three more lifting the head and chest healing. It's actually quite nice here, I think, and rise up nice and light through the spine and roll back. I'm taking the arms back overhead and last to the head and just coming up on the inhale. That's a folding inwards, folding inwards, curving, curving, and at the last minute or rising up into a straight back and rolling back down and arms overhead. Here's our last one. We're going to keep it at the top.

Peeling up, ah, up. Let's lift the back. Let's take one Lake Street and Bet Oh Deb, good. So Deb's huck already got her leg straight. She's going to just lift her straight leg into her body and bet and one like straight and bent and the other leg straight and bend and back to one leg straight. Now see if you can't pull that leg into your hands, hold on to it. Lift your chest even more. So in bend the elbows, pulling the shin back towards the forehead and bowing the forehead in towards the leg, back up, away from the stretch. Then the knee, let it go.

Stretch the other leg. Try to pull it towards you without reaching forward with your body yet. And then lifting the backup, bending the elbows as we drag that Shin right into the form or forehead and then lifting back out of it and bending the knee to come down. Great. We're going to come and sit on the bare hall now. This is where I'm really happy too. I have a towel. [inaudible] okay, so I'm just going to let my towel rest right underneath my bureau cause we're going to use it shortly.

Okay. And from here were a lot of spinal articulation. Maybe that'll be our focus today. So just reaching the arms forward, lifting the spine very, very straight. And inhaling, as we exhale, we're going to fold backwards. So I want you to think about reaching your arms forward as you press your stomach backwards into the barrel. Once you've achieved that round shape, start to flatten out the back. So that's gonna take you over the back. Then the arms are going to start to lift.

We're going to take the upper back over the top of the barrel, reach the arms around in a circular motion. Allow the head to come forward, find the flat back, and then curve your way up and lift the back up tall. Yeah, and then curl away so your arms are reaching forward, but your stomach's pulling back. And then we allow the chest to search your respond to that by flattening out the back. And then we extend through the spine. Hang onto those abdominals, stretch the arms around to the sides. Let the arms reach forward. Curve the spines of the Chester reaches forward towards the pelvis. Then with that, lift the backup tall. Two more times. Rolling back, reaching over the top. Good.

It's keeping the abdominals engaged as used to reach the arms around. There's that lovely shoulders stretch, pulling inwards, inwards, inwards, inwards, and lifting up. And what did I say? Two more. So this must be the last good. The sooner you start to raise the arms, the harder the abdominals are going to have to work as you go back. And then we reach around and then we reach all the way back. Okay. So I'm going to start us off with our hands behind our head.

If that position gets too challenging, it's always okay to go reach across the chest. So fully interlock the fingers, press the head into the hands and now start to take the spine over the top again. We go all the way back into that nice supported back extension. And now keep the head heavy in the hands, but just lift the chest. So you come back to that straight line. Just there, just there, try for wider elbows. Yep. And over the back. Inhale and exhale. This is our chest lift. So unlike the chest lift from the floor where we're curving away from the floor, we're instead going into, um, what's the, can't think of the word I want, but into the negative space. And back to neutral. What negative space. Can you think of a better way to say that?

Mega space, not mega space, negative space or extension is probably the most correct terminology. And lifting back. Pause at the top. Really hugged the abdominals back towards the barrel and we take it back again and we lifted up again. Finding the fibers of the your lower abdominals, connecting with the fibers of the upper abdominal and back. I think to more auto do it. And we're going to lift up. Go ahead and take it to the back.

Lift up and now whole and now go forward a little quicker and back and bend the spine. Forward and back in. As the spine comes up and over, we hollow in. Press the lower belly into the barrel and back and curl and back and last four and back and three and back and to and back and all the way up on one sitting up tall. Turn towards me, letting go of the head. Take that, uh, hold onto the leg closest to me. Take the other hand on the barrel behind. You. Use this arm to push up as you use both arms to pull you around into rotation.

Keep the knees lined up with one another. Come around through center, opposite arms. And we lift first and we pull. Oh, then we're going to come back to center. Okay. Pick up your towel. It should be right near you. Oh, take it and hold it by the, it's opposing corners like this. And just roll it up and make like a rope out of it. Okay.

So we're just gonna do a little arm work here and I might sit this way so you can see me. Whoa. Okay. Just like this. And now what I want you to do here is try to pull the towel apart in the center, but do so not with the hands, but with the muscles in your back. Okay. And then we keep pulling the towel apart as we bring the towel right into the chest. Good. But try not to lift the ribs into the towel. Good. And then push it away and pull it apart and pull it into the chest. This can be done with a band, but I think we all have towels.

So access to towels should be not a problem and we push forward and I want you to feel as you bend your arms, the shoulder blades spreading behind you. Good. And then keep them broad as you reach forward and spread them as you pull in. It's a nice up here, it's nice and cool and right and pull. Nice and press and pull and press. Now keep pulling the towel, but take the arms overhead, reaching back as far as you can for a little bit of a shoulder stretch.

And then push from underneath the shoulder blades, a towel down towards your knees and then start to draw the shoulder blades down where it says we feel the spine rising in the direction of the towel. The towel goes back as far as we can without Archie arteries. Try not to move your head forward so you just keep your head exactly where it is. We rotate the arms and [inaudible] straight. Oh, going through rotation. Yeah. The question, is it okay to rotate the arms in the sockets? Yeah.

If you have the skill of rotation and you can get there, what I don't want you to do is push your head forward to do it right and forward. Let's do one more reaching and back and back so you feel how y'all get to go a little further each time and then coming back forward. Okay, we're done with the towel for the moment. I'm coming back to sit here and we're going back to our abdominal where I'm soaking into the lights, lights, camera, action, hands back behind the head. Come back to neutral position with the spine. Okay, so we come there and then we're going to bend forward. I want you to, we're going to, we'll be lifting the left leg. I want you to think about the leg being really like haul of the abdominal suck that left leg to the chest as the chest goes to the leg and put it down. Yep.

Like that. We're not going to rotate. We're just pulling the knee into the chest and down and the knee into the chest and down and the knee into the chest and down. And one more time. And now we changed legs. We pull the opposite leg into the body. So what I want you to think about is the action of curving the spine and hollowing the abs is what moves the leg. The leg simply responds to what the spine and the abdominals are doing. Curling and back and hollowing and bringing the knee.

No rotation still. And uh, and then all the way up, bringing the arms out to the sides, straightening the arms out to the sides for a bit of rotation. So we just turn towards me, keep the arms along, really wring out the spine and come back home and turn across the opposite direction. We're wringing out the spine and come back home. So the arm stays still. The rotation happens at the waist from the obliques and back. We're in external rotation of the shoulders with the pumps facing upwards and back. And just a couple more times here, twisting and back.

And as you twist, keep the knees lined up with one another and back. And let's say one more time reaching across and back and reaching across and back and now reach down for your tower. So this is um, a similar movement to the roll up on the Mat. So you've got your towel on your hands. We're at, once again, pulling the towel and feeling the upper back work. Now we're going to start to roll back. As we roll back our legs begin to slide forward.

Pick the pelvis up off the barrel, but don't arch the back. Just take the arms over the head so you're in like a straight line here. Lift your from your ribs, a little trees. There you are. And now bend the spine in hollowing, sliding the knees in. Reach the tail over the knees. Pause and inhale. Exhale.

As we stretch the legs out, the overheads are the reach, reaching the spine in both directions. And now we bend the spine back in and slide the knees into the chest. And inhale as we take it back and begin your exhale as you pull the towel apart, curving the spine, bringing the knees into the chest. Let's do two more. Reaching back. Good. Stay Nice and aligned. Squeeze the legs together. Push with the backs of the legs, the hips up off the um, Berra.

And one more time we reach back and we lift back up. Okay. So we're going to put the towel back away. See how I just pick it up every once in a while when I need it. Isn't that clever? Okay. So we're going to do some rotational movements. We're going to do two sets of five, three sets of five, they'll all be different. So starting with the hands behind the head, we're going to go all the way back over the top of the barrel.

Think about this like chest lift with rotation with extension. So come to neutral just to the bottom of the ribs and start to turn towards me. Exhale there. Inhale as we come back. Keep the Elvis still. So as you're twisting your body, that outside our top elbow stays wide. Trees don't come quite so high.

Just think about coming to the bottom of the rib cage and then rotating up and over from there. Better and all the way back and to and all the way back and three and all the way back here is the second half of three and last two times and back. Nice strong abdominals. And here's one and back and one to go and all the way back here. And then all the way through around spine, up to center and lift in center. And now we are not going to go into the extension but we are going to do that same rotational movement. So find your way to the bottom side of your ribs. Good. Pause there. And now it's just up and over. So a little quicker.

Up and over and back and up in, over and back. And don't push the head forward. Keep the head in the hands and schoolies deeply like you're wringing out your spine. And here's three and back and three and two. Are we okay guys? Cause I'm an add on. Do we need a break? Nope. Okay.

So here's the number one. We keep this small movement happening, but we pick up the leg that we're turning to squeeze it into the body and down and change. And back and twist and back and chest and back. Three and three and two to go and four, five and five. And with that arms forward, let's take the arms all the way over the top again. One last back extension, reaching up, reaching up. You might have a little more space than you did reaching around to the sides, curling through the spine and coming all the way back up. All right, pick up the towel. Um, we're going to be sitting on the end of our barrel like so. [inaudible] yeah, probably a good idea and I'll make that work for our next exercise as well. Okay.

All right. So we've got our talent and we're going back to that, that ropey pulley feeling. We're going to take the legs and stretch out like this. Okay. So this is fine. Spread forward. And what's Nice about this is that we're uplifted, right? Are the word not having to foot fight with our hip flexors quite as much as we normally do are. I normally do, I'm straight out. Pull on the tower now start to bend the spine in on itself.

Keep the pelvis where it is, but start to reach the towel out towards the feet. Good. Just mark where the towel goes and inhale, flexing through the feet. Strongly. Exhale as you roll back up the shoulders, pull backwards on the towel. We pull apart the towel with the arms and Russ sitting up in, in here and exhale my head goes forward. The abdominals pour back into the spine. As we go a little further this time, stretching through the backs of the legs and then we just roll back up and lift and inhale and exhale reaching forward.

We're going to take it through extension now, so we just start to bend the spine out or extend this way now reaching on a diagonal forward. So try to take your chest forward more so your flat, your arms are just over your head. And now we take everything back down and up, ending the spine up, sitting up tall and in here. And exhale as we take it forward, drawing the abdominals back. So the goal here is to start to bring the chest into the knees and then start to bring the towel up towards the head. So you get into that nice flat, extended, lift your chest a little, that's it. And then go all the way back forward and all the way back up to more. Inhale, exhale, reaching forward, pulling the abdominals back in response to the forward movement of this spine. Reaching the back out. Hold here, get that. And that's perfect Theresa.

Now we just press the arms back and arms and it's really not about the arms, but it's more about the upper back up. That's a beautiful back to everyone. Looks perfect. And one more time taking it all the way back forward and rising back up. Last one like that same thing again. Rolling the spine forward, flexing through this heat, extending through the spine, reaching out, long hollow, the abdominals back towards the spine and just press arms and arms and arms and three, two, one. Bring it all the way back forward and articulate the spine all the way back up.

Setting metalla down. [inaudible] isn't that a good idea? These towels, arms out to your side. We're going to do this off. So we turn and this hand goes this way and this arm reaches back and we reach longer as we come up, sitting up in the rotation and coming home and turn the other way and push the background behind you as you reach the front and forward animal length in the body up and bring it back to the center and turn spiraling through this by diving down, looking for a flat spine. And if it's not flat on the way down, it's flat on the way up and back and turn and diving down and keep those feet flex and lengthening out. That's going to help you stretch your hamstrings out. And again, reaching down, lengthening back out and coming back to center ion again.

Feel that rotation around the spine that happens with ease and swing center and over and reach and lengthen up and swing center and around and reach like that. I didn't bring it home and lower the arms. Okay, so what we're going to do next is we're going to be going over the back of the barrel. So your barrels I think are in a great place because then you'll be able to see me and I'll be able to see you. So you just sit down and then there's handles. Just so true. Yep. You're, there's handles just here. So you're just going to start to push with your legs, take your pelvis right over the top, and then step up onto the lip and fly yourself down onto the mat. That was a really loud slide. Get and then both legs in the air. Yes.

Okay. So we keep Wa let's take first both legs away from us. Now what we're trying to do here is challenge the abdominal. So the legs just go down to vertical, right? And then we pull with our Bellomo's, bringing them back up just to vertical. Oh, so the, I said two verticals in two positions. Let's say this is a horizontal slant, and this is a vertical and a horizontal slant.

Maybe it'll challenge it a little bit more this time, but don't let the back over arch and we pull back up one more time to go. Reaching out and pulling back. Okay. So keep the right leg where it is, but take the left leg and reach it down and push down with it. So this is a bicycle and it's are the scissors and it's a great place to practice the scissors. So that bottom leg is active. And then we just let the upper leg respond, pulling back.

So here we are with our body. In the center of our scissors, we do two pulses, pulse, pulse, find center. Let's take our time and find that position. Just this one. Squeeze that bottom glute, that bottomy, hamstring, pulse, pulse and Ah, and then reach. It's the bottom line. That's important here. So if you were to be weighted in your hands, right, you would be using those bottom leg muscles to try and pick the pelvis up off the hands because the barrels nice and stationary gives you a lot of support. As that bottom leg reaches out, we look for the stretch in the front of the head. Yes. And, and reach, reach, lift and reach. Reach, lift. And one more time and to the other side.

And now we do the bicycle. So the left leg goes down in the right leg, goes up, and then we bend that left knee and we brushed the edge of the barrel with the toes. And then we bring that opposite leg down. Good. And brush the edge of the barrel with the chosen cycle through and reach and cycle. So we get into a position where both legs are perfectly straight and then the bottom leg Benton's both think straight in. Then in the bottom, like Ben's keep the pelvis on the barrel. Yep. So maybe not bring that top like so high towards you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's it. So, um, oftentimes we're going to need to hold back on that top leg.

So if I bring that top like so far backwards, it's not going to let me keep my pelvis down. Yeah. So focus more on the bottom leg as the point. Let's reverse it. So now we've got our bottom leg bent. We're gonna bend the top knee, straighten out the bottom leg and cycle through that way. Yup. And reach and reach and push the leg down and push the leg down in a way. And let's do two more reaching down, reaching down on one more here and then we just bring both legs up. We're going to go into the helicopter.

So let's go into external rotation of the hips. Yep. Heels together, toes apart, knees apart. Take the left leg down in the right leg towards you. Now make a circular motion, bringing the legs to the side. Find the legs, um, equal on both sides. Back to center. And sorry, back to the scissor. So go scissors. Cycle around to a v position. Back to this. This is in the opposite direction and up.

I'm going the same leg towards my face each time reaching, rolling around in the hip joint, but keeping the pelvis nice and still great and up and to reaching out. Oh, doesn't this feel amazing? I love it. And, uh, and we just keep our mind on how much the abdominals work to support the pelvis while we stretched through the hip joint. And now we're going to go the other way. So the left lay comes back as the right leg goes down and we cycle around reaching back into that upward position. And up and we go down and around to the other sigh and uh, and here's the last three opening around, cycling through the hip joint and up. And two, it's a great opportunity to really lubricate that joint last time, reaching around, reaching around and a rollover.

So we go into parallel. Take the legs away from you. To the extent that your pelvis is supported, that your ribs are aligned with your pelvis. Just maybe a tiny bit lower teres, I think. Yes. And now lift to vertical. With that, we press the abdominals into the barrel. The back stays on the barrel, folding in half at the spine, flex the feet, separate the feet and just look at the pelvis using the abdominals to press it back down. You just watch it come nice and centered. As it touches down or that pelvis touches down, you point your feet, circle around and low to touch. Inhale to lift the legs. Exhale, fold at the waist, bringing the legs over the head, keeping the mid back on the barrel. Nice work guys. Separate the legs and flexor feet. Reach the legs down, pointing through the feet as they path through vertical, they come together and touch and we lift and we then the waist exhale and flex and separate and peel down, pushing through the heels throughout the movement, pointing the feet when the legs come to vertical and up. Last one, reaching over, separating the feet, sliding the pelvis back into the barrel, pointing the toes, circling the legs around and now lift the legs, bend the left knee into the body and just let it rest in there. It's not doing anything.

Take the right leg and reach it so far away from you that you start to get a stretch through the front of that hip joint. So I'm pushing my right leg into the ground, into the ground and then we're just going to bend that right knee and let it hang over the barrel. Yup. And there is a gorgeous stretch and breathe into it for a moment or two. Anytime you're stretching the front of the hip, the more you support through the front of the body, the bigger the stretch will be in, the more functional the stretch will be. As well. So Jen League, guide that leg back up.

Keep it bent as it reaches into towards the body. Take the left leg to the ceiling first and then take the left leg and stretch it out in space. It goes way out, way out, straight, straight, straight, straight. And then at the last moment it just folds and reaches over the barrel. Good. And just re looking at the pelvis, making sure one side of the pelvis hasn't hiked up. No.

Okay. And then just guiding that. Fernie back in. This might be a little tricky on your sticky mats. Is it possible to take the barrel and push it away from, you know, so just you stay where you are. Stay where you are. I'm coming to help you. There you go.

Now we're up. Okay. And here's what we're going to do next and now the barrel is in the perfect knots. Not really. So perfect. Turn it around, bring it to the front of your mat and flip it like that. Perfect. I told you that part of your workout was going to be moving your barrel around. Debbie can just yes. Lied years per fence. Okay.

Now we're going to do a little bit of hip extension and balanced. So we s stand up. I thought I was going to be more clear about that, but I didn't. We're facing the barrel. Okay. So what I want us to do is take the arms up, well reaching overhead and then you bring the arms out to the side. And I want you to start to fold your backout flat, reaching your hands down and just allowing, if you need to scoot that a little forward or walk a for the hands, we'll just touch the barrel like that. All right, good.

Draw the shoulders down away from the ears. I think you'd be better on your fingertips, Theresa, that your back can be straight or good. And now we just take the right leg and we slide it back, but nothing changed in the pelvis. Now we're going to lift the legs. We're working now again. And they hip extensors. Let the light come down to touch the mat and then, Yep. And now Teres, you've got the movement. Just look down. That's good.

And keeping the pelvis square to the mat in depth. Drop your right pelvis just a little bit towards the ground. That's perfect. Now and we reach out. And by the way, I'd like for you to keep your weight over your leg rather than into your hands so they hands maybe could lift off. That's how little work is happening in there. And here's our last one. We're going to hold the leg there.

Now we're going to bend the spine and draw the knee in towards the nose. So we go in through that flection and now we reach back into back extension, pressing the leg into the air and folding at the waist, pulling the knee right up into the chest and reaching back. And again, folding in and reaching back and folding. And so as the leg lifts, it's not just about the leg, it's about the spine, about the hip. Did I say last one? This is our last one. I don't know if I did, but here it is. And then we reach out and I want you to hold there. Take your the same side, hand of leg that is on the ground. So I'm on the left and the left.

I think we all are. Start to turn the right pelvis up towards the ceiling. Lifting the right leg higher. Now if you feel up for a challenge, you just let the right arm come to mm mm, guiding the spine nice and straight. Take your time to find it. And then we take the body carefully back down. We're going to step into the ground, back into a plank position. Step the opposite, like back into a plank position, and lower your body forward over your barrel. So here we go.

We do the pallet's pushup. So drop the pelvis just a little bit, teres, and now the elbows go into the body right in next to the body, keeping the head in line with the spine and up and into the body. And right up from there we're gonna do five pulling the shoulder blades down as we bend and two and lift. And here's when and hold the arm straight. Same leg, right leg again, reaches out in space, but the pelvis stays down. And still strap your pelvis down a little. Teresa, you're in flat. Go down more with your hips like that. Yes. And then two, and now one more spinal flection bring the knee into the nose.

So we stay low and we reach out and we stay low. So with this is the same pattern that we did when we were on her up a little higher. We just start doing it them low. Now last two working the abdominals and one more good. And then step the foot down. Walk the feet into about where you feel like you need to be to do the other leg.

Reach the body down into the ground, folding in half again at the waist and then just articulate the spine. Coming back up to standing. Okay. And here's where we did the arms, sorry, Perry routine. And then we go out to the side and we start to bring our body out flat. Yes.

And we take the hands to the barrel and now we take the left leg out behind us, but keep the pelvis stuff. Okay. So we feel the abdominals working to support the spine. And that left leg just pushes up to the air into there. Good. That's a good pelvis step. But keep your weight on your leg, your foot and lift. So I'm wanting us to lean away from the barrel into the heel of the supporting leg. Good. And keep that chest reaching out to. So good. Yes, maybe not so much of lean. That's better. And last too.

And we're really challenging that hip extension. And here we go into our flection drawing the knee in. So again, I'm going to ask you to focus on the movement of the spine instead of gripping in the leg and just allow the knee to soften and respond to the what's happening in the spine. And we pull and we reach out higher with that leg without turning the pelvis and reach out and reach in. And here's the tough bit. We turn the pelvis, we bring the right hand towards the center of the barrel carefully. We bring the left arm out, grow the spine and the direction forward. Whoa, well I'm with the tourists barely hanging on. And then back to center. And once again, just step back, bringing yourself into that front supported position.

So now you're on a slump from the heels to the top of the head. Got a nice straight body. Go down a little with your hips more than you think. [inaudible] and now we take that left leg and it goes out and down. Oh we didn't do this first, but that's okay. We'll end with our pushups and three, you're holding the spine still two and one.

And now we been curving and reaching back and curving and, and reaching back and three and back and two and back and one and back. And now we place the foot down and we do five more pushups here. We got all those into the body and up with the abdominals as well as with the arms bending and pressing and three lift for literally five left. Stepping the feet in, reaching the arms down, taking a moment to find that stretch. And then just all the way up here, rolling through the getting up onto our feet and now we're going to do some lateral work. So you guys are good.

Where are your bowels are? If you just sit down and face me so you'll be sitting like this. Okay. So what I want us to do initially is just position ourself towards the front end of our barrel. Okay. And then we take the body so that the, the shoulder and the hip are in a straight line. I think you need to come a little forward with just your body, not your whole body, just your trunk. That's it. Okay. And then just reach, let's go like this, putting the hand down, take the other hand and put it behind the head.

So you're holding the head still in your hand. Pull the shoulder down towards the barrel, pick up the leg, here's a side kick. And we go forward, forward and back and forward and back. And we hold that bottom shoulder. Nice and still and forward and back and forth and back.

Good working the hip. Stretching last four here and three, two and one. Now take that leg down, reach it behind you. Take your body and reach forward. Yep. And all you're going to do here is lift up and back towards Candace with that leg. Yep, that's it. And Candace, you're lifting into Perry and everyone else's reaching into you except for me. I may just reach the arm into the sunset and last three and two.

And now take the leg, swing it around and reach up with your arm and I'll swing it around and back. You may just allow that bottom elbow to bend as you go over the barrel end and all the way around and back and ah, and all the way around and back. I left two times lifting and back and lifting that leg right up and back. I don't reach and back. Here's the best part guys. Make sure you're in the front. Just let the leg rest on the ground.

Take your arm over your head. Now we take the arm back. We bring the body with us. Oh yes. Let the arm reach back to a t shape. I'll start to reach it down towards the waist. Now reach it into me and bend the spine forward. And now reaching up.

We just cycle through that shoulder joint. We hold the abs in Nice and strongly reaching around and back and forward. Big stretch forward. Reaching the foot away from us to increase the stretch. Yeah. Good. And last two times leg reaches away.

The arms reach in the opposite direction. The abs heading on and last one. Oh, doesn't this feel good? This is maybe my favorite movement in the whole world. Take your time, reaching around and coming back to center. I think what I'll do is just go on the ground and you guys can just turn. That's the easiest thing.

Okay, so here we go. Oh my gosh, you guys, it's so much cooler down here. I want to go back up there anyway, so nice down here. Alright. Oh where? Where are we? Okay, we did the arm on the ground. Oh, never going back up there again. Putting the hand behind that. All right, make sure you've got that bottom shoulder nice and stable. And I'm pretty much lying down. I'm not trying to push myself off the ground out there for balance. And then here's the leg and it just swings forward and back and swings forward and back. And we keep the spine nice and long.

So as the like changes from front to back, the goal is to keep the body totally stuck. Fart. Oh, it's like having down here somewhere. Happy now. Who Knew? I know, I know you did. You're looking at that and me's sweating like a pig going oh, it's so nice down here. All right, this is our last two and full word and last one. And we just let that lake come down and we turned our bodies and just reached out into the sunset.

Poor debits to reach into the parking lot and now up and back and up and back, just pressing into hip extension, holding onto the abdominals to support the movement and last five and feel the spine reach as well as the leg reaches out and two. And here we go. We begin to turn in the waist. That back leg comes up, we will reach up and top the toes and then we take it over the back and then we reach up intent. And over the back and again for three more and two back and one and back. And we just lie down. We want to be in the front so that you have room to rock back onto.

We take the arm in, the foot reaches in the opposite direction. We just start to slide open with our bodies, taking the arm out to the side, reaching it back around and forward, and then up into the air and back around and fall. And let's do three more here. Again, really focus on the reach and the leg. It makes a huge difference as far as increasing the stretch, making the stretch. Feel better. Let the pelvis go with you just a little bit, but not all the way and forward. And here's our last one. Reaching back and back. Okay, I guess I've got to go back up there now. Okay, here we go.

We just have back extension to do and then we're finished ladies, so, oh no, oh no. But the sunset is rurally pretty, so let me just show you the movements that we're going to be doing so that you don't have to turn your head and look around when we're doing them. A number one, you're just going to be on the barrel with your legs. Toes tucked under. Basically where the apex of the barrel is is where you're going, where the back extension is going to be focused, so I'm going to be around my ribcage. So number one, movement, parallel alignment with the hips. We're just going to lift into our upper back, bending just below the ribs. Take the arms forward, bring the arms back and take the body over the top. That's number one. Number two, we're going to move into external rotation of the hip.

This is a bigger back extension, so be sensitive to your backs. We lift again, just like before, this time as the arms go forward, the legs left and the spine lifts. We come up as high as we can. Hands go back and then we fold the toes under and take the body over the top. Okay, those are our two movements. I'll talk you through it. It doesn't matter. As long as you feel like you don't need to look again, I'll tell you when we're gonna change movements and I'll watch. Okay, so just taking your hands into, lock them behind your head and take your body and fold it over the Bale.

Push your legs out behind you. Nice and strongly in here. Like go all the way over first teres. Yeah, that's an inhale and just pick up the chest. Not so not super high yet. Exhale the arms go forward. The spiny long gates with the arms in your hands back behind the head and exhale hollow the abdominals off the barrel as you go over the top of the barrel. Inhaling, rising up into back extension. Good guys. Exhale.

Just arms. Inhale, hands back behind the head and exhale. The upper body goes over the top. The legs are just reaching. Inhale, abdominals, and we draw the shoulders down, pressing the head into the hands. Exhale, the arms reached. The spine, reaches an opposition to the legs, hands back behind the head and over the top. How about two more? Lifting the body. Shoulders, reaching down as the arms stretch forward. Hands back and down. And last time, reaching out, stretching forward, hands back and all the way down. Okay guys, make your way into external rotation so the heels now come together.

The toes are apart, they're still slid underneath and we're squeezing through the backs of our legs. The upper body movement exactly the same, except you'll be bending your spine a little more in your legs will left. Here we go. So start over the top. Inhale, head and Chester. Good. Exhale, arms, four legs, lift points your feet. Lift your legs, lift your spine up, arms all the way up near the ears. That's it. Heels together. Teres hands back behind the head. Everything goes down at once.

Yes, and in know the head and chest. And now exhale, arms, legs and spine. All in one piece. Yes. Inhale, hands back behind the head and exhale, everything goes over the top. Let's do it one more time. Inhale, head and chest. Exhale. Arm, legs and spine reaching the arms behind you. Hands back behind the head and we take it all the way over the top and that is the end of our back extension. So just slide off your barrel and sit back. I'm going to push mine. Um, if you feel like you don't mind being on the mat for on the floor for a second, you can just drop back onto your heels. It's dropping him back onto the heels. Breathing in and out. And then let's roll up through the spine.

I think you'll be okay. Deb, can you be on the ground or just push your Balfour up? We're going to go one foot right on the end. On the hook of the barrel. Yeah, you're good. And just leave it where it is. You can't really see me. Okay, so like this, like that. Good. I met a little unorganized rei and just push forward. We can do this. Yeah, that's all. It's just a hip flexor stretch. I just put my hands on resting my hands on my knees, just pushing forward into the hip from the back of the leg.

Let's take one arm forward and just take the arm back and reach the spine back just a little bit more than it is, and then reach the arm down, reach forward for the barrel, push back with that front leg so you're pulling away from it, stretching through the hamstring and then slide that foot off. Place it back onto the mat next to the other one, pickup the other foot, put it up on the bed, press the hips forward. Just take your time, find the stretch first maybe, and find your balance and then come up placing both hands on the knee and then take one arm. I was reaching up, taking it into just a little bit of an upper back bend and then reaching back down, putting the hands up. We pull the pelvis back away from in the barrel, slapping the back out over the leg, and then just bending your way out of that. I'm just standing up finishing the way we started. No, I'm coming back down here with you guys. Okay, so let's just take the arms flower, raising them up, opening them out to the side. As they reached down to the sides of the legs, we start to take the head forward. Just folding the spine into the ground, letting the head be heavy. It pulls you forward, and we inhale and just hang the spine forward a little bit more, and exhale, roll back and taking the arms up as the head comes up and opening the arms out to the sides, reaching open through the chest and letting the head go down and lifting through the abdominals. As you bend over your legs forward, folding into the floor and in here, go a little deeper and exhale to come all the way back.

And one more just reaching. There was no more rolling down. Just one big yawning stretch, letting me arms dropped down to the sides of the body and look at the sunset. It's gorgeous. Oh my gosh. You're welcome.


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Awesome class! Thank you!
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Great class! Do not have a Step barrel but used my other props to do these exercises.Thanks!
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My spine feels amazing! Wonderful workout.
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Gorgeous to watch! Can't wait to try it with my clients tomorrow!
Thanks everyone!! I love the spine corrector!
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Looks effotless performance thanks
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Truly amazing! Meredith you are a gem!
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Great class Meredith! I've done it on the Bosu and it felt amazing... thank you! And thank you Pilates Anytime!
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Don't have a spine corrector but use the Bosu instead. You are great as always. Did I mention you are my favorite instructor?
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I love the minute details of instruction...thanks
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