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Full-Body Wunda Chair

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In this full-body intermediate Wunda Chair class, Amy clearly breaks down each exercise.  She makes sure to cue specific muscle focus and key points for alignment giving you time for proper set-up thus empowering you to have a successful movement experience.  Exercises in this class include Leg Presses with pumps, Washer Woman with calf stretches and prances, a mini-Swan on the floor, Jack Knife, Piano Lesson both front and back (or Plie Front/Back), Oblique Pull-Up, Backward Step Down, Seated Side Bend/Mermaid and Reverse Chest Expansion. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Wunda Chair Handles

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Mar 10, 2012
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Hi there. I'm Amy. I'm going to give us a two your workout today on a balanced body chair. I'm going to leave the arm poles on or the handles on and a, I've got my springs set for my seated leg pumps at one on the third arm up and then the other side on the low setting. So as we start in the chair sitting at the pretty close to the front edge, I'm going to have a start with the pedal all the way down and heels parallel. And I do like to work with the legs all the way together, ankles touching and let's put our arms behind us.

And I tend to have, my arms are a little short. I feel sometimes. So what I, for the risk of doing this through my torso to just stretch my arms back, I really want to just actually soften my elbow joints, feel a little, lifted my sternum and awareness through my abdominal muscles all the way down to my low tummy, upper belly to upper tummy. And then here I go, exhale and lift the pedal. Inhale, press and up and press. Yes, I liked the inhale on the down so that I can feel stretching up through my body. Inhale pulses, trying to establish that nice solid core position and four, three, two and one. Inhale, slowly press and exhale. Flex at the hips to bring it up. Now I'm going to contract my abdominals, reach my arms to the outside of the Poles. I'm pressing in on the polls just a little bit as a transition, lifting the legs into somewhat of a teaser position, coming back onto the pedal balls of feet and working my body back up into a sitting position. Now I've got my ankles high on this position now.

Elbow slightly bent and lift and lower. Thinking a little bit here that the pedal is pushing me up and I'm resisting with my hamstrings and my quadriceps and my abdominals. Feeling that nice length through the spine, out through the top of the head and one more time down and lift. Now our pulses, no, I'm not going all the way because I want to stay more in control of my torso at this tempo. I could rock back and forth, which I don't want to do down and last one. Now back to a slow extension.

[inaudible] all the way up, trying to not tilt back now intentionally contract and tilt the pelvis back back on the sacrum. Now extending the legs from knees to feet into my teaser position using the poles just for a little reference. Again, you wouldn't have to have them here and then bringing the feet back onto the pole or the foot bar and coming into a turnout v position. Same rhythm and press and left. Again, I've got to watch so I don't go too low to rock my pelvis and up. Last two with the slow tempo and lower and lift for the pulses.

[inaudible] [inaudible], [inaudible] and four, three, two and one. Inhale, slowly press down. Exhale the flex, trying to get it all the way up. Arms on the outside. Again, contract, roll it back and just lift parallel teaser and then coming all the way to standing. Okay. A soleus press. I need to get one thing that's going to be my little skid pad. I'm going to put this right at the edge. I'm gonna step on the pedal with my right ball of foot, pressing it down, leaning that knee right at the edge. Okay, so this is another one I would like to think about this, that the standing leg is back a little further. It's not right up on the edge. I want to get that calf stretch down there, the knee extension here, using my hamstring to help open my hip joint.

And then again I'm just going to hold across the pole slightly. I'm pressing in trying to keep my shoulder blades press down and then working my foot. Inhale, press and exhale flex. And so isolating that action really strongly in the foot. And, and of course the hands don't have to be here. You could lightly hold at the edge of your chair.

I want a sense of that back extension. Then diagonal from your tailbone out, the tip of your head and press press. Can't forget about those low abdominals zipping up and prs. So I'm going to stop at 10 and changing sides and again, getting that standing leg established nice and long down through that heel. I'll start with my hands at the Poles. Awareness through the scapular region, low belly, pulled up awareness through my spine and inhale and a thinking of using all parts of the foot evenly or as evenly as possible.

Very easy to push more through the big toe joint or the pinky toe side of the foot. Find feeling even work and press and pumping up. Pedal and press. Press and press. Taking two more. Lengthen and Linkedin and finish stepping that back. Now we don't need this anymore for now, so I'll just set that off to the side. I'm going to go down just to one spring low on one side, taking the other side off and just setting it down.

And the Washer woman. I'm going to do a sequence here. All right, so for me, when a stand back away a little further, I'm to reach my hands forward. To start. I'm in parallel taking a nice breath in. I say exhale, flexing the spine, bringing my body forward. Hands on the pedal. No, it's so light. This is going to be very easy for me to push down, but I don't want to effort with my shoulders. It's that bending of the spine [inaudible] that I really want to effort and the bend of the spine using the front of the body, rectus abdominis muscles and, and I have a tendency to weight shift back and I see that a lot. I would encourage you maybe even to do this with slightly slightly elevated heels, just enough that you might be able to slip a piece of paper underneath your heels and take it to more press and up with the lower back. And now this time, all the way down, letting that head stay dangled between those arm.

Now shifting enough that you lift the heels, lift them high on an inhale and exhale, push down, hey times. So can those abdominals, that effort of in and up help you lift your heels, check that neck occasionally so you're not squishing those shoulders in wide color. Last one. Now I'm going to release the spring and roll the body back up. Keep that weight forward. On those toes a little and roll back up to standing. So my second round, I'm going to do with my arms coming from more alongside my ears or a little in front for me. Ribs in Czech. Inhale.

Exhale again to round forward. Same thing. Just one time, however to push it down. Her contract to come down. All right, now we did both heels up, so I'm going to start that way again. Drop that head. Have you re scooped the abdominals? Take a little walk in place. [inaudible] tracking your knees straight toward your eyes. So I'm looking at my knees. This one's coming to my left eye. This one's coming to my ride a and have it and really scooping the stomach up to the sky again.

[inaudible] pulling up. It's gonna come in handy in a little while that pull up feeling. Oh Wow. Should do it. Lower those heels. Breathe. Organize the color and roll all the way up. Releasing up to standing. Okay, so moving on into [inaudible], something on the floor.

I'm going to go into this one. Now I'm going to take my swan, the pedal all the way down. Again, I'm on one spring. Okay, so lots of tricep work, lots of lat work, middle Trapezius, upper back extensors though the the works there. What I want to start with though is letting my head rest touch lightly. The floor arms are straight, elbows are not locked, but I am straight and I need to think about my low back for a moment and really scoop it up my stomach. So this is going to be a small range of motion guys.

For the first part, I'm going to start letting the pedal come up up now up being con, very controlled in my shoulders though. Again, I don't want to go so high that I shrug. All right, you're in control of that spring. So little lift press back down. It's progressing up into the palms of the hands. You can think of your brake pedals are your lats, your triceps, your mid back extensors. I'm going to do one more, just the pedal [inaudible]. Now I'm going to lift just my head and chest slightly, very slight as I keep thinking of pressing weight down into the pedal.

That's it. And all the way down. The reason why I'm stuck staying small, I'll get to the biggest one in a minute. I want to feel the upper back extensors and up for me behind my shoulders, not so much my mid and lower back stomach is up really trying to just isolate. It's almost like right behind my heart area, my lungs and the last one, just the body. So we're going to put the two together. It's a lot of shoulder flection. So if you're bothered bothered by this, you may not want to do this exercise. So what are going to do is bar, pedal, body tried to get a little higher head above the arms, pedal and body and again [inaudible] I'm going to reverse it three times. Body one more and pedal, oh boy and body.

This is a big stretch for me and pedal okay to get out of there. You may want to keep one hand on the floor, crawl into it to release that pedal up and just give your arms a little closing. I'm going to flip over onto my back now and do a nice contrast at exercise and do some rollover. So I'm going to have you hold onto the side, bottom edges of the chair. Take a nice deep breath and bring the legs up. In fact, I think we're going to start from more of a 60 degree angle anchoring those ribs. Looking right up to the ceiling. Inhale to a 90 exhale.

Now pelvis first up and over. Lightly putting those feet on the pedal. Excuse me, on the top of the chair. Take your breath. This first time. I'm just going to have you start from there and roll down. Ah, nice and slow and controlled. Now it's up to you. If you want to go lower with your legs, absolutely could.

You can stop at 60 you could go all the way to the floor. Be My guest and lengthen the 90 x down the pelvis goes up, lumbar fluxion, mid back, x flection, light feet and roll down. So I'm really not using my arms too much, although I do like holding on. It gives me quite a bit of stability and I'm going to lower and exhale. Now pelvis first. What I mean there isn't not flexing the hip so I can bring my legs toward me, but I haven't moved my pelvis yet at all trying to break that habit. You want to think this angle stays the same.

Sometimes we'll call it the letter l. So can that stay the same? You lift your pelvis first and then everything follows. Now you could do a regular roll down if you wanted to go more into a jack knife. This is where the hands are nice here. Starting to press the legs up. Now being careful not to roll too far back on your neck, but I want us to go higher.

If you're feeling okay thinking of that vertical line using the back muscles and rolling down, I'm going to flex up my hips slightly. Roll down slow control. I'm gonna come back to that 60 degree angle with my legs. I'm going to do that one more time. In [inaudible] 90 and stomach. Yes. Back. Oh yes. Walked back. Legs Up. Hips are up, eh, flexing slightly up the hips and rolling down.

Trying to get those nice long knees. Stretch the legs. Articulate and finish. Nice. Contrast to the back extension work. Although that isn't back extension as well. So let's come up now for some piano lesson. Okay. Yanno lesson.

I'm going to keep you on a light spring piano lesson facing front. And also we're going to face away. Sometimes you'll know this as frog, front frog back. Uh, so here I am. Oh, we'd suggest not using your maximum turnout. Some of you who have that. I'm going to reign mine in a little safer for my hips and much more work in the quadriceps. So arms are going to be long. I'm going to take a breath and feel centered field, tall. XCL As [inaudible].

Now I want to keep my heels together. I don't want the heels to come apart. That's too easy. Hands on the pedal. Low enough that you could press it three times. One, two, three. Now come up. Think plumb line, heels to the floor as quickly as you can. All the way up. Zip up through your low tummy. Let's breathe in and down. Three pumps, one, two, three and come up.

I'm actually going to rain my feet in a little bit even there and a couple more. Press down. Heels are together. My quads are holding me here. Glutes. Yes. Quads. Yes. Press and up. Once again, trying to go down in a nice straight line. This is where us red poppers are. Two, three rib popping. Good habit.

Trying to avoid the rib pop. Now if we turn around, Oh boy, you can't see the pedal. You have to trust where that pedal is. We're going to be pumping this way with the arms, so start with your fingertips facing in towards your pelvis. Same thing not to turned out. Let's take a breath and start that plea. You have to just feel for writ. Now I want to go a little lower to sit a little bit so that I can bend those elbows. Now pushing the pedal. One, two, three, bend them again to start coming up. Stretch through your spine, but use those legs. It's leg work, inner thighs, quads, external rotators. Breathe in and I'm trying for these down and one [inaudible] trying to stay head over. Shoulders, shoulders over, waist, waist over the pelvis. And who? One, two, three and last one.

[inaudible] and all the way up. Okay, so that uh, I'm going to go now into front lunge, why my legs are going to love this. So, uh, I'm going back over to the second notch or third. I'm going to go a little extra height today on that second spring, one up on three, one down on one and this stepping up and like to mount it a little kind of a style that I like pushing down on one foot. Love the one, two chair for the sense of balance we need to have with it. Now those poles are there. I don't want to use them.

They're there if I need them. Okay. Up on his nice demi point there. Now before I start bearing weight into this leg, I want to regroup my abdominals. Bring those in, no arms today. Just keeping them long by the side, so breathing in as I exhale, shifting a little weight forward, but I really do want to think about going vertical in my Bonny and inhale as I press and exhale and inhale. You absolutely could do arms. I've just chosen not to do any to keep it simple. I'm focusing on going vertical and down and to go two more here.

My foot is getting sweaty back there and up and down. Now the same dismount. I'm going to back up, step off with this foot. You got to really control my right thigh and then other side and left foot on. That was the horse shuffle. Transitioning with your feet and step. All right, centering the pelvis, pulling up through the hip, the abdominals. Nice lift on the bottom heel. Finding that focus and press and lower [inaudible] and press to stand. Press to lower press. This niche should be nice and straight.

[inaudible] and two more. Up and down. Last one, lift [inaudible] and lower. And then same thing as I stepped back onto my right foot control and finish. Okay. Do you know bleak pike? Slightly different. Now here these poles are rather than take them off, I'm going to keep them there and try to work around them.

If you have a mon right now and you can absolutely take them off, that's fine. What I want us to start with will keep the springs the same. Put your hands here at the corners and step on. Now a slightly different look at this for variety. I'm gonna only take my right hand.

I move that right hand to this corner slightly in from that back corner and then my left foot behind my right foot. So what that does is gives me a little bit of a diagonal relationship to the chair. Now I'm looking right at this back corner in line with my naval and my sternum. Okay? For me, this hand feels funny. I'm going to turn it slightly. Okay. Like our regular pike or pull up, dropping the head, feeling those obliques.

I definitely have to shift into the arms, breathe in and get ready. Exhale, control. The lift and inhale as we lower, I'm thinking five repetitions and exhale, trying to get more lumbar curve and that is a challenge for me. So on the way down I'm thinking tilt my pelvis under sacrum under one more. Pull up, hand lower and then start again. Centered. Left, left hand, right foot, little salsa, twist, dive that head and lining up to the diagonal. Here we go. And pooling up, pulling up that earlier warm up.

I gave you of walking in place from washerwoman. That's this pulling up through the low belly. It's not like that's the only thing working. Of course [inaudible] do you more? Ooh. And stepping off safely.

Oh right. Next one I have planned here. Yes. My seated side bend. Okay. I am going to take them off just real quick cause they don't need to be there. No the springs for this, I want to go one side all the way up at the fourth hook. I've got four hooks on my chair. One side all the way up. Okay, so a nice seated side bend. When a face you first.

When I bend my knees right at the base edge of the chair. So you could do this straight legged but need, I'm going to go bent today, take that outside arm and get long. Take a good inhale. So I'd been in toward the pedal. Now I've got one spring, I can push it pretty far, but I don't want to, I want to think of opening my side and just enjoying that. Then pushed down a little bit more and come all the way up and arm down thinking four or five of these and lift going up to curve. Okay.

[inaudible] and again, so from a profile view, we'd love to Nazi the ribs pushing out there in the body's long. The pelvis is evenly seated on both sides of take two more [inaudible] feeling that stretch again from ribs to hip, maybe even lat to s a hip over. Push that edge a little bit and let's come all the way up. And one more on this side. [inaudible] stretch and all the way to the top.

So was going to do an easy swivel five times. Getting those knees bent right at the front of the chair, hand ready and arm lifts and going taller side bend. Really trying to work to keep the evenness on the seat, your seat on the seat and using the obliques but also using the back muscles for that nice sitting up to vertical sit and over, ah, crown of the head, reaching in the direction of the pedal, that direction at all the way up. Use those obliques and Noun you've got again, the visual of a pipe cleaner, it comes to me almost every time on this exercise. Pipe cleaners have a nice sturdy wiring of course in there. So you mold them to shapes.

You want like a side bend where let's take another breath and yeah, all the way to the top. Okay, so I'm going to do a variation of a body position on the chair for reverse one a or reverse chest expansion. Sometimes we'll call it one of the two and I'm going to work with one spring on the very lowest setting. Okay. And what I want us to do here is get myself, now I'm fine. 3:00 AM on the low chair. I can do this with my toes tuck. I'm just tipping the floor. Doesn't bother me in my knees, but I've, it's come up before so you don't have to do this version. You could do the traditional version with legs out or you could maybe put a little pillow underneath your feet to lift box of physio ball.

Something kind of low though. Now I'm going to take my hands back on the pedal when it come up onto the tips of my toes now, because they tend to have a little bit of a uh, Lorda lordotic back. I talked about that earlier. Hora arched here and my ribs displaced. That's easy for me to do and hang into this position. So of course we know that's not what we're looking for. So if I bring my awareness to my ribs, my oblique muscles, my labs, my back extensors, I'm just going to press down on the pedal slightly.

I'm enjoying the stretch across my chest, my pecks and prevented that come up a little bit. Inhale a little bit [inaudible] so it's a little variation. Now you'd be careful not to lock the elbows because you might actually just be hanging there on those ligament and tendon connections. Now I want to soften my elbow joints a little, some in my muscle relationship of triceps, biceps, rear deltoids, back extensors. [inaudible] a little hinge one more time. Ah, and coming all the way up. It feels real for me.

Really Nice across my chest, very isolated there when I have my legs straight out. Sometimes I fight my quads and hip flexors a little bit, so that really for me feels nice to isolate. Okay, last exercise and just have you sit. Push your pedal down as still. We're on that one light spring. Now wrap the feet a little bit more of a prehensile at the front of the pedal and then stand up and your heels hopefully are touching the wood. If they're not, that's something you might want to work toward is reaching the heel downward.

The very deep stretch for the calf. Okay. You could say there or I'm going to go into a roll down now at this point. Oh my feet spreading out. This is nice. You can actually see them now. Make the effort like cat paws spreading, going all the way over, letting that head go. Take a nice breath and rolling up from those abdominals first.

Shift that sacrum under and restack open the arms. I'm going to do it two more times. [inaudible] feel free to join me for the both of them. [inaudible] if you can trust yourself to be more over the ball of the foot, although the heels are touching. But keeping that weight shifted forward around the low back, pulling the body tall. And guys, just one more time. [inaudible] so getting all of our ranges of motion in her body today.

Ah, rolling all the way up the wheat. It dismount there. I would just safely reach your hips back and let the pedal come all the way up. Thank you very much.


Hi Amy, Small world! I used to take dance from you and Jeff at Dance Arts in Ft. Collins! I have been teaching Dance for 17 years now and teaching Pilates for 5 years. I now live in Austin TX. How fun to find you on here! Great class too!
Hi, what a small world indeed! That takes me back to a wonderful time. Wonderful to hear that you've stayed in the world of movement arts---including Pilates! Thanks for reminding me....I do remember you! Talk again soon!
This was wonderful! I work in an apparatus studio with nine reformers and they are frequently all being used in a group class. I really wanted to be able to teach a full session on the chair. Awesome. Thank you.
Amazing !!!!!!!!!!!! I love the chair ...took notes the entire way through , Amy !! The prehensile kills me !!! Thank you for this great class !!!
Lauren P
Thank you for the pipe cleaner image. I know that one will stick. Also loved the chest stretch. I felt you were talking to me - I'm your height:) It felt fantastic....thank you thank you!
Thank you Carla! Let me know if some of this material and exercises work for you!
Hi Janice.....thanks for taking class with me! Glad you enjoyed it!
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Thank you Lauren....I like to offer variations as I think it is nice to know we can modify or arrange for specific needs. Let me know how that chest stretch feels for you! Talk soon!
Super as always, great cues and loved the oblique pike! Went back to hands on chair for frog, as my knees can't handle that deep a plie. Thank you!!
Paola Maruca
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what else is left to add????? we love Amy!!!!!!! :) :) :)
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