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Join Adrianne for this Beginner to lower Intermediate level Mat workout meant for a Beginner who is somewhat familiar with the exercises and wants to feel like they moved and worked without over stressing their body. Enjoy!
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I'm going to actually have you stand starting. We're gonna start with, we're probably gonna do just more of a basic to intermediate math. I'm gonna have you start at the front of your mat so you'll be facing forward in your bloody stance. So heels together, toes apart. Exactly. Good. You're gonna have a nice lift in your tummy. Thinking of kind of lengthening, getting out of that hunching over as we do walking, you can get your weight towards your toes. Take some of that weight off of your heels and kind of soften the back of the knees as well. But still keep that lift.

Think of your naval point up growing tall from the back of the neck. You drop your Chin a little bit. Go ahead. Thank. Keep lifting up into the spine. Up. Good. Pull your shoulders back and think of your arms just dropping down. Good. Take a nice deep breath in and a long breath out.

Two more times. Nice deep breath in again, trying to keep that weight forward, not locking or tensing anything. Last one, deep breath in. And exhale. We're going to do a couple of roll down standing. So you're going to drop your chin towards your chest and just think of following your spine through this center of your body weight evenly placed on all 10 toes. As you start to curl down and I'll have you stop at the top of your hips, but as you're falling forward, let your shoulders relax.

Let your neck relax, but keep that weight towards your toes so that your hips don't fall behind your heels. Then you're just going to kind of let everything relax and now I'm going to have you start to come up, but as you come up, think of wrapping the outer thighs so that those hips can still stay on top of the heels. Pulling your navel in and up, scooping your tummy and squeezing your seed, letting your shoulders roll back, grow tall in the spine and arrest. Do that two more times. Just kind of getting into our bodies, breathing, remembering not to hold our breath and working from the center. I'm going to shift it just a little bit. Put some weight over on your left and I'm going to stand behind it. Do you, and I'd like you to think of getting those hips a little bit more forward in front of you. Exactly so you're not actually touching me, especially as you start to come up. I want you to fill up that back.

Pull your navel in. Soft, soft shoulders, soft, soft neck. Let your neck just drop standing tall. Lift your shoulders roll than that. Let's do this with arms up this time. Last one. We'll go a little bit further down. Stretch to the ceiling. Take a nice deep breath in. Let the shoulder wings drop. Drop your arms, drop your head and start to round down.

Is Your weight even on all 10 toes? Good. Are Your shoulders relaxed? Is your neck relaxed? Are Your knees relaxed? And now we're going to begin to come up and this is that shift. Do you want to get those hips to kind of push forward?

Getting those inner thighs to engage as you start to peel up. Last thing up is your head and opening up the chest. Breathing. Okay, let's go ahead and lie down on the Mat and like you do that whatever way is comfortable for you, good on tour backs, hands at your side with your knees bent, that same position you had as you were standing, you want to keep that length of the spine so you're still tall, your chest is open and your back is long. Take a nice deep breath in and then exhale. Start to sink your spine a little bit deeper into the Mat, trying to get rid of any arch within the spine without letting the shoulders pop up.

Keep your chest nice and broad and then just hold it and rest. Let's do that two more times in the moles. Really start to warm up. Take a nice deep breath in and as you exhale, pull your shoulders back and down, getting those arms really long, getting your back to stretch out, getting that spine really long, straight, squeezing your bottoms, holding your spine still and rest. Last time your feet can either be a part or together. Deep breath in and exhale, hold two, three rest.

Let's go ahead and extend her legs straight out your backs. We'll just try to relax them. But now we're going to put that into a little movement. You're going to start by flexing your feet and pushing the heels away. You want to make sure that you're not sickling your feet, and as you're flexing, let's go ahead and open your feet, hip width apart.

Start to anchor the back of your hips. Think of them pushing down, pulling your tummy up, and then think of the outer thighs wrapping underneath you to get those innercise to engage. Keep pushing the heels away. Keep sinking the back of the hips down so they're not popping up. Take your arms and stretch back. Take a nice deep breath in. And as you lift your arms, you're gonna start to exhale. Lower them down your side and point your toes. Push the ankles away, or excuse me, point the toes away. Shoulders pull back.

This time we're going to take the arms up and push the heels away. Nice deep breath and flex, flex, flex. Let your back lift. Get everything kind of opening up and moving. And last time. Point the toes. Exhale. Start to sync the back of the hips down.

Just open holding one nice, long fine. Flat. Back to three rest. Bending your knees. We're going to begin with some hundreds, so let's go ahead and start with your knees into your chest. Heels together, toes apart, so you're in your bloody stance. Stretch those arms out long.

You're going to lift from the upper powerhouse, curling your chins up towards your chest, stretching the arms out. Extend the legs to about 45 degrees. Get the anchor in the back of the hips and begin breathing, pumping the arms. Two, three, four, five. Exhale. That's it. Long breath in and a long breath.

Really fill up your lungs. If you want to challenge this, be my guest to lengthen those legs and lower them to the keep the arms active. Good, long, long legs. If you feel that's too much, lift your legs a little higher. Good. I keep this in the powerhouse too. Let's try three more. Five x three. Two more. Two, four x, three, four, five. Last one, four, five x five. Bend your knees. Rest. You're next. Let's go ahead and grab on in the back of the legs and just kind of do a rock from side to side and let's go ahead and set up feed on the mat. Heads forward, heels together, toes apart, shoulders down. We're going to go halfway back. In other words, we're going to start to round backwards. Keep your chin curl toward your chest, shoulders down, and stop when your arms are straight, get the back of those hips to rock backwards and hold.

Good one to try to let go and still hold. Three. Take a nice deep breath in. Exhale, fall forward. Sit Up tall and open up your chest. Good. Keep the breathing going and head down. So breathing naturally, just not holding the breath. Inhale, start to fall back. Go about two where the arms are straight. Hold yourself there. Try it you can to let go without tensing your feet.

Tuck those hips a little bit more and hold one shoulders, noun to three. Take a nice deep breath in. Exhale, come forward. Pull in your tummy. Sit up tall. Let's do one more. This time, we're going to try to go all the way down. So head forward, shoulders relaxed, holding onto the back of the thighs and inhale, start to fall back.

Follow that spine right through the middle of the body. Keep Your Chin forward. Exhale, go back a little bit further and rest all the way down. Now if you'd like to put a little towel underneath you to help you up, you may do so if you have any back issues right underneath your hips is good. Otherwise, ideally you should try to just do the first ones we were doing where you were just going halfway back and come home until those get really easy. We're going to have around up to our knees, so this time take a nice deep breath in. Open your chest, start to exhale, stretch in arms four.

Pull them down your back and scoop your tummy. Keep your knees bent. We're going to come up, we're going to round towards our knees and we're going to sit up tall. So just like we were doing weight and keep those knees bent to come up. Heads down, start to fall back. Use the control of that powerhouse. Stretch the arms forward.

Take this slow, push your hips under you. Squeeze your bottom yes and slowly lie down. Rest. We're going to come up with knees bent. Nice deep breath in. Exhale, start to peel off that mat. Still Cool in how many spool in, okay, I want to come over and help you.

You're gonna stretch forward and sit up tall cause we, you don't want to struggle in these positions. If there's any struggle to come up, it means you're going too far. So hands at the side, right onto the thighs. Let's go halfway back and I want you to find that if you've got to tell behind you, I want you to find it with the back of the hips. Maybe a little closer. Okay. Let your hands slide down. Drop your chin, grab onto your thighs and I want you to squeeze down here and push the hips under you. Yes. And Go ahead and lie down and rest.

All right, go ahead and just stretch your legs out long for a second. Flex your feet, point your toes, flex your feet, squeeze your seat. Good point. The toes. Two more flex. Squeeze your bottom point. Keep the squeeze at the bottom as long as you can. And point last one. Flex point. Bend your knees, squeeze your bottom. Reach for your thighs. Bring your chin towards your chest. Now you've just lost one thing.

Get a squeeze your bottom again. Exactly. And use your hands to help pull you up. That's all. That's it. See how much easier that was? Sit up tall. It's easy to move. And then forget about our bottom. Drop your head forward. Take it back. Nice and easy. I want you to stop when your arms are straight.

Take a nice deep breath in again. Squeeze your bottom. Start to exhale. Squeeze, Tuck, good rest. Stretch your feet out. Long. Flex your feet. Squeeze your seat. Point, flex, squeeze. Point. Last one, flex. Squeeze. Good.

And that's enough. Bend your knees and gonna have you do one more rich for your thighs. Squeeze your bottom. Yes. Exhale. That's it. Forward. Straighten your legs. Reach for your toes. Push your heels away so you're flexing. Now hold your stretch.

And I want you to try to relax those shoulders as you round forward. And then think of pulling your tummy backwards as you stretch. Now you're going to round up and sit up tall, good hole the tall. Get on top of your hips as much as possible. Go ahead and put your knuckles in the mat and squeeze your bottom and lift your back and open your chest, pushing the heels away. So your flexing and rest. One more time. Flexing. Lift your back, open your chest and reds reach for the toes won't stretch forward.

We're going to go ahead and lie back down. So bend your knees, bring your head forward, shoulders down, slowly round back. You're going to get to a stopping point. That's when your arms are straight and that's when you have to find your bottom good. And push your hips away from you. Tuck and rest. You can go ahead and get rid of that towel if you have one. Otherwise you're ready to go. For the next exercise, which is your leg circle, I'm going gonna start with our right knee into our chest.

Give it a nice little stretch. Your left leg can be long. In other words, it can be straight or it can be bent if that feels better on your back. Ideally you want a nice long, flat imprinted imprinted spine. Take that right leg up. Place your hands at your side. We're going to do little circles around the inside of our body from shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip, finishing at the news.

What you're thinking about while you're doing this is keeping your hips from moving, you know on them going with you so it's isolated in the hip. Let's reverse those both legs nice and long. If you're there straight, keep both legs really straight. Don't let that left leg move just about five times. Bend your knee. Give the leg a stretch. Let's go ahead and switch sides.

Really getting into moving the body and understanding your alignment and placement on the mat. Circling around and up to the nose. Don't let those hips move. Smaller movements still. That's better. That's that work on the nose. Work on the toe, coming to the nose. Reverse that up. One, two, strong tummy three. Keeping the back of the hip tankard and five and Germany. Give it a stretch.

Always stretched by grabbing onto the thigh and not actually the knee. Both hands on the back. There you go. All right. Let's place your feet down. Feet hip width apart. We're going to go into a little pelvic tit tilt. Let's see. Ready? Curl your hips. Slowly lift and just come to the belly button.

So really just like the first four Vertebra. Now hold your position and I want you to think of those hips pulling up a little bit more, holding a little bit longer. One shoulders relaxed. Two, three, stretch your arms out long and follow the center of the body to roll back down and do three more. Curling the hips up, [inaudible] and getting those arms to really stretch away from you. Now get your hips to lift and hold that one to three. Follow your [inaudible]. What will happen is we'll tend to kind of rock and roll.

We want to keep that really centered. Good. Two left. That's it. So it's not necessarily about lifting the hips, it's about articulating and working from the center and holding long, long arms. Two, three in, slowly articulate down to the last thing down. Is that tailbone or sacred? Last one, curling up and this is where the arms will try to help you. You want to open that chest and stretch the arms and hold one to get those hipbones to push up and then bring that down. Three, relax for just a pause. Bring your right leg in, right hand on the ankle, left hand on the knee. Now if you have any issues, I usually recommend that you just hold onto the thigh with both hands.

Otherwise you can do the actual handwork, coordination of it, right hand on the ankle, left hand on the knee. Bring your left leg in. Take it straight up, lower to a comfortable level. In other words, you still have control. I'm a nice printed spine. You're going to curl your chins up, getting the tips of the shoulders just touching the map. Pool the shoulders down. Rich your left leg out and hold that. Can you get up a little bit higher in your sternum, round up in your chest a little bit more. Hold one tummy, Ethan. Two three.

We're going to switch legs and now hold your position. Check that you're on both hips, that you're not falling one way or the other. Hold that for three counts. Pull your to me in a little bit deeper. Three. Now let's do five quick switching one switch, one time. [inaudible] to try to think of pulling that knee to you, to your ear.

Three, three, four, four, five, five, both knees in restaurant, neck, heels together, toes apart. Going right into the next one. Lift your head, look at your tummy. Stretch the arms and legs out at the same time. Now keep the heels together and just circle the arms. Grab onto the ankles, add the breathing. Inhale out. Exhale. Take the legs a little bit higher. Hold your position.

Try to lift your chest and look at your belly button. Yes, and now exhale, pull it all together. Now let's do four fast, deep breath mints. Circle and exhale. Get that oxygen moving. Deep breath in. Exhale that blood flowing tumor and exhale last one. And exhale rest. Okay, hanging in there. You're doing great. Alright. Yeah, it kind of gets you moving. It's nice.

Gets things stretching as well. Let's go onto one more and take one leg up. You're going to reach up for your cap. One more with the neck so it can get a little bit tricky within that. Just keep your pin, it gets tired. You put your head down, take your left leg out, get a nice turnout of the leg, look at your belly button and let's pulse that leg two times towards you.

Paul Paul, switch legs. Remember not to pull with the arm so much to keep your shoulders kind of soft and post pulse. Do pull in your tummies and pull. They'll go too low with that extended leg. And as you can you add your head, I have to look at your belly button and check that your chin is placed in the center of your body, that you're not leaning on the right or the left. Now let's do this three quickly, one, one or take a break to two. That's good.

Three and three. Bend your knees, grab onto the thighs, rock from side to side. Let's take one leg place both feet on the mat for a second. Place your right leg over the left and that your side in a slide your foot as close to you. You can bring the knee into the chest and just kind of pull the left leg in and just getting a little stretch. Hey, let's switch sides. Place both your right foot down. Cross the left leg over. Slide your right foot in as close as you can. Yeah, bring the Nian. Gave herself a nice little stretch both feet back together. Not much of a stretch. A quick one.

Grab onto the back of the thighs. We're going to just rock on our backs and kind of like rolling back Bob, and not a full roll up. So in other words, you're just gonna be like a turtle on its back. We're going to curl our tunes up. We're going to look at your [inaudible], Tommy's. We're going to make sure our shoulders are down. We're going to keep our tummies man, or we're just going to kind of rock. Just think of filling the lower spine in.

Come up just to the tip of the hips. Not all the way up, just a little rock. Soften your shoulders as much as you can. Let's do about four more. And then on the last one, let's come up. One, two, three. Come up and try to balance four with our heads forward. One, two, three. Very good. Place your feet. Yeah. Stretch the legs out and reach for your toes.

[inaudible] now hold your stretch and tread to just let everything kind of relax. We're going to open up our feet now about Matt with a part and flex them and then you're going to stretch a little bit further. And as you're stretching forward, you've coined that navel back in and put your hands down in the middle of the mat. You're going to walk your fingers backwards and start to stack that spy one on top for the other, sitting up tall. [inaudible] their shoulders to roll back. Lifting your spot. Now take your arms up, taking these deep breath in.

Keep flexing your feet, starting to squeeze your seat and start to exhale round, scooping in forward as low as you can with those feet flex, not forcing it, going to where you can if you need to, you can bend your knees. I think that pulling those hips backwards as you go forward. And now we're going to start to come back up once again, stacking this by now we're going to put a little flow to it. We'll go two more times, a little bit quicker. Nice deep breath. And then keeping ourselves warm and excellent. And now right back up.

Lift your back. Check that your feet aren't sickling or doing some funny thing. Exactly. One more time. Deep breath in. Excellent. Who hadn't? If you can grab onto the back of your arches or your ankles and give yourself some added stretch.

So hold onto your ankles there. There you go. Yeah, bend your knees a little bit. There you go. Get a better stretch for your back. Your legs are already feeling it. For those of you who are lucky enough to be flexible, keep those like straights and then we're going [inaudible] and come back up tall. Let's flip to our right side, or excuse me, or left side for some psychics, so get yourself line with the back of your mat hip on top of hip. You can either rest your palm, your head on your palm, or you can lay all the way down. If that feels better for your neck, make sure you have a pillow or you can rest on your arm. The pillow currently feels better. Yeah, both legs forward, so you're in kind of a nice boomer ring or v position. Place your palm on the Mat.

We'll start with the right leg up hip level and we're just going to swing that lake forward and back. Now a couple of important things while you're moving that right leg is that your hips are stacked right on top of each other and that the leg is kind of turned out good. Now one more thing is that the leg stays line with the hip. So as you're swinging the leg forward and back, it's not going down and up. Here it stays line in one straight line, forward and back. Right? Good.

Now let's go up and down. Start with the leg on top of the other with the turnout from the hip. Hip on top of hip makes your hips aren't rolling backwards. They're a little bit back, a little bit more. There you go. Take your leg up to where it's comfortable.

Reach the leg out and squeeze your bottom and up. Think of that leg lengthening is coming from the hip out long and you're pulling up as you're moving. Now let's add a flex on the up and a point on a down flex and point and flex and point. Little circles. Five times one, two, pulling up three, keeping those hips. Nice and still, but now let's reverse those five. One, two, three, four, five. Relax the leg. Let's flip to the other side. Yup. Good. I'm going to go ahead and this way with you face each other.

Both legs on top of each other. Hip on top of hip, shoulder on top of shoulder. So your boxes, nice and square. Power houses nice and strong. Starting with that leg, hip level, shoulder, back, chest, nice and open. But tummies lifting. Ready? Just tick talking front, back. Remember your remember to keep the leg line with your hip. Yeah, it's kind of your leg. Starting to turn in as you go backwards, so be conscious of that. There you go.

Keep it the same forward as you would back tummy still. Now we're going to go up and down and take the leg up. Reach the leg out, up and out. Now we're going to flex up and we're going to point the toes down. Flex on the up point and stretch on the down. Flex and point and flex and point and one more.

Flex and circles. Five. One, two, three, four, five. Reversing. One, two, three, four, five, both legs back on top of the other. Let's flip to our backs. You can use your pillow. I always like a pillow when I'm doing my mat, but it really is up to you. Just open. Slide your feet together. We're only gonna come down partway up. Let's take our hands behind our head. Bring your elbows in, get your feet together, knees together. Kind of pinch the knees together.

Pinch your knees together, or excuse me, your bottoms as well. Slide the shoulders down. Take a nice deep breath in. We're going to curl our chin length in the back of the neck and exhale, come far as you can. Let's just go to the tips of the shoulders. Get their shoulders to push back down, and then squeeze those knees together again and slowly come down. Let everything relax. We're going to do that four more times.

Knees together, elbows into the years. Shoulders down. Get the back of your neck to kind of pull away from you so it's stretching out. Take a nice deep breath in. Squeeze those needs together. Squeeze your bottom and exhale.

Hold the back of the steps to drop a little bit more. Hold, hold, hold, lie back down. Rest deep breath in. Three more and squeeze those knees. Squeeze your seats and exhale. Now, once you're up there, make sure your shoulders aren't lifting with you. They keep pushing away. They push them down and come back down to nice deep breath in and they used together feet together. Squeeze your seat. Then exhale, hold. Get those hips down. Pull your tummies up.

Don't let them pop up to three rest. Last one. Nice deep breath in and exhale, lifting. Hold two, three, come back. Now rasp, bring both knees in. Open up your elbows. Take the left leg straight up with a turnout. You're going to drop that left leg a little bit and tap to the opposite knee and hold. So bring your elbow, your left elbow to your knee. Stay on that opposite hip though. Hold one there. Yes. Two, three. Drop your head all the way down. Bring both knees in opposite side, right leg out, right elbow to left knee or whatever side you're on.

Just opposite elbow opposite and keep those hips anchor and drop the head. Now let's do three quick. Ready and one leg out, one knee in and tap the knee. If he can wood and switch one. Don't let those hips move around. Two, two, three, three wrath. Grab on to the back of the thighs. Let's rock on her backs 10 times, and on the 10th one we're going to rock all the way up and balance.

One Chin towards your chest. Two shoulders. Now, three shoulders down, five, six breathing, seven, eight, nine. And on the 10th one you're going to try to come up and balance wholly. One, two, three. Drop your feet or reach for your toes and stretch. Lecture, feet. Take a nice deep breath and take both arms up. Exhale, three big circles with the arms. Inhaling up, exhale down to up and down and shake yourselves out. Hey, all done. You did great.


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Excellent for the beginner and for those who are not as strong. Perfect for seniors. Great cues and direction. Recommend!
That was so good! Thank you Adrianne.
Thank you both for your comments, glad you enjoyed this!
good cues for anylevel.
nice way to start my Sunday! thank you
A gentle and elegant class. Thank you.
Thank you. It's nice getting feedback and to know you all enjoyed this class.
Love this short & basic classic class. Website needs to offer lots more shorter & basic classes based on classic principles for aging stiff students. Who has 60 minutes these days ? Thank you Adrianne !
This class has become such a favorite.
Have tried other instructors on this website but Adrianne's attention to classic form with all of the crucial details makes her THE instructor for me !
THANK YOU Adrianne for finding time for brilliant, basic, entry level classes !!!
Thank you for such wonderful comments! I truly appreciate them!
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