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Adrianne takes you through a basic class providing you with many helpful cues for integrating the work. As a special treat, the classical arm series is included so be sure to stay in class until the end.
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Feb 04, 2010
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Okay. Well good morning everybody. Um, let's see. I'm gonna have everybody stand on their mat with your heels together and toes slightly apart, about two to three inches turned out. That's what we'll call your plotty stance. And I want your weight slightly forward towards your toes. So you're light on your heels, your heels are on the mat, but you're just kind of slightly forward of that.

You wanna I want you to try to think of squeezing your bottoms, wrapping your thighs around, just starting to get an engagement, teaching you about the powerhouse where it is and start by lifting your navels in and up. So you're really flattening your stomach, pulling into your spine and your backs are starting to grow taller. So you're really lengthening up, right? We're working everything between your shoulders and your hips today, what we call your powerhouse or your box, shoulder to shoulder, shoulder to hip, hip to hip, shoulder. So your box. Great. All right, so just keep that length happening, that filling up navel to spine, lifting your weight forward and we'll put these positions lying down. So I'm going to have you go ahead and step forward of your mats and just sit naturally on the mat. There are specific ways you can sit down, but today I'll just have you lie down, so go ahead and lie all the way down on your backs and I'd just like to say if we come to an exercise that becomes too challenging, please leave it out and join us on the next exercise.

Go ahead and I'll have you start with your knees bent back in that plot I stand so just slightly turned out heels together, toes apart, and don't bring our knees too or your feet too close to your bottom. Slide your feet a little bit forward. You're not crunching your knees. Good and just kind of relax. Okay. Take your arms straight up. Just take a nice deep breath in. You can take your arms a little further back if you like and then start to exhale. Begin to lower your arms down to your side, just kind of getting into your bodies. Again, stretch back. Think of your gaze coming down, so don't look straight up at the ceiling.

Bring that gaze down towards your belly buttons, feeling or next length. And so the back of your next are stretching two more times. Take your arms up, opening up your chest as the arms come down, sliding those shoulders down. Pull your navels in. Start to feel your backs imprinting into the mat. Last stretch [inaudible]. Think of your bottoms squeezing, kind of wrapping this thighs around.

Again, pulling up at rest. Okay, so now your hands are down and I'm going to have you guys go into your breathing exercise part of your hundred series. We'll start with your knees into your chest. Your heels are together, toes are apart, so your knees are slightly open. You want to be able to see between your legs. Good. And then I'm going to have you stretch your arms out. Start to lift your arms above your hips.

You'll start to Crow your chins towards your chest, so you're really trying to length in the back of your neck so your shoulders are up in your ears, you're really pulling them down so those arms are really stretched up. You'll begin pumping the arms. Take a nice deep breath in. And exhale, two, three, four, five. So it's an inhale for five counts, three, four, five. Exhale, two, five, your head stay nice and still the arms are really moving. Lots of energy in them. And your powerhouse, your navels are really pulling in on that exhale. Exhale, two, three, five. Now if you want to challenge that, begin to extend your leg straight up.

The longer the legs, the better. So you're really reaching them out. Continue with the breathing, and then you can start to lower the legs to a comfortable level. Your backs are still anchor to that mat. And three more nice deep breath in girls' Chin's up. So your stirring ups are really lifted. Exhale.

And just the tips of the shoulders are on the mat for five exhale. And I'll say that's enough. Go ahead and bend your knees, lost my count there, and drop your heads. Go ahead and place your feet back on the mat. So just kind of wicking the powerhouse up. All right, slide your feet a little bit more forward. Begin by reaching towards your thighs. I'm gonna have you start to round up just a little bit to the tips of your shoulders.

Think of grabbing onto the back of the thighs and curl your chins up and then just hold that position. Squeeze your bottoms, not actually tilting your hips up, but pulling your stomachs in and pinching right below the seat and lie back down. Just engaging those upper abdominals and two more nice deep breath in. Use the exhale to slide the shoulders down. Exhale, hold. Try to curl into it a little bit more. Pulling your stomach's in, pinching your seat and I lie back down last time. Inhale and stretch the arms forward.

Then reach for the thighs and hold. Think of the tips of the shoulders on the mat. So curl your sternums. Good and rest. I'll have you grab onto one leg. Go ahead and sit up in that same position, that plotty stance. Your heels are together, toes apart. You're going to grab onto the back of your arches. Shoulders are down, and I'm rounding you into what's called your seeker. So your heads are down.

[inaudible] shoulders are relaxed and you want to really start to curl your spine. So you want to start to round backwards so you can find those sits bones. So almost keep your feet where they are, but start to almost lie down on the mat. So start to round your backs. Keep your feet flat, start to round back a little bit, squeeze your bottom and just hold that position. Exactly. Shoulders are laxed.

Now go ahead and begin to lie down on the mat so your feet stay still. You want to think of the your bottom squeezing, wrapping the size, and when your arms are straight, I want you to stop. Keep your chest open, take a nice deep breath and keep squeezing your bottom and start to exhale round, back up, pulling your navels deeper. Keep your feet as soft as you can. As you do these, have you do that one more time? So you're just going to go to where your arms are straight. What you're trying to do is get those hips to roll onto the mat behind you.

Curl those hips underneath you, squeezing your bottom, your arms will lengthen. You can hold on to those guys to give you extra resistance, sliding the shoulders down, pulling it, and I steep breasts in. Exhale, burring that back up. Rounding as though the crown of your head goes between the knees. Okay, now I'm going to have you lie all the way down onto the mat. All right, so now you're just going to stay there, but we're going to try to come up. You can either start with your arms straight up or you can keep them on the back of your thighs.

Take a nice deep breath in and you're going to begin to round off that mat. Exhale. Good. And as you come up, you might have to slide your feet four, but keep pulling your tummies in. Good. Go ahead and straighten your legs. Reach towards your toes. Your heels are still together and you want to always engage your bottom, so keep keeps squeezing it and then you're going to start to lie down. It's as you lie down that you have to, that control happens.

You want to curl those hips under and rest. Good. So it's articulating the vertebras. Nice deep breath in. Peel one vertebra off the mat. Exhale round over. So as you're moving, keep going. You may have to bend your knees to lie down for the control. If that's too easy, keep the legs nice and straight.

And now we're going to go a little bit quicker. Deep breath in and exhale. If your knees are bent, have both knees bent. Uh huh. Shoulders relaxed. Wrapping the thighs. Good. Last one. Nice deep breath. In. Rounding over to those knees.

You'll hold the stretch over. You want to keep squeezing your bottoms. Go ahead and grab onto your ankles here if you'd like and get an extra stretch forward. Okay, I'm gonna have you guys lie back down onto your back and I'll have you bring one knee into your chest and give that. Let's have you bring your right leg in and give that right like a stretch hold onto the back of your thigh. Thank of your left leg, lengthening to the opposite side of the room.

And you want to keep squeezing your bottoms so you squeeze that bottom. Wrapping the thigh around so your inner thigh starts to squeeze as well. So you're working. Take your right leg up, go ahead and give an extra little stretch. And then you're gonna place your hands at your side and lower that right leg to about 90 degrees. Again, both legs are long, so you're really stretching them up. You're going to go into a leg circle. The circle is within your frame. Begin to circle from shoulder, hip, hip, shoulder. So you don't want to go too far outside of your frame.

Your hips though, have to stay still. So keep your range really small and work on those inner thigh and back muscles. So your back is really still only five times. Once you do that, reverse it five times the accent is up. So there is a little bit of an accent. Big toe to the nose, your nose being your center. Three, careful not to use your neck and shoulders.

Keep those nice and soft. Four and last one, five. Bend your knee. Give that like a stretch. So it doesn't have to be a lot of repetitions there about five circles each way. Okay, switching sides. So left leg comes in, give it a little stretch. You always want to get, do a little stretch before they, and then you'll take your left leg up.

Be conscious of your box, your frame. So where's your left leg in proportion to your left hip. Make sure it's lined up pretty close. All right. Yeah, I know. I feel like you're totally away. And here too, as well. Left hip bone. All right, five circles. Accent up.

Feel those belly buttons. Don't let them pop out. You want to keep pushing them back into the mat. Your spines will want to do this. As you're moving. Keep them very still in those hips. Don't let them move. Four and five. Reverse your circle. So I'm going to give you a little accent.

One up to the nose to around up. Three, around, up for last one and five. Very good control. Bend your knees. Give that leg a stretch. Okay, and then I'll have you guys sit up. We'll go into a rolling exercise so your knees are bent. You're going to hold on by holding onto the back of your thighs. If you've done these before, you can go right into holding onto the ankles. I like to start on your shoe size though, just to get the balance your heels stay together in your heads.

Kind of drop as close to inside the knees as you can, and you're going to go ahead and begin to roll. When you roll back though, control it that you don't roll onto your heads or your neck just to the tips of the shoulders. Head stayed down so the weight of the head stays forward and then come on up. Drop your shoulders, keep it nice and relaxed. Inhale as you go back. Exhale as you come up. Keep that gap close. So think of those heads staying between your knees. Exhale up, centering out so you stay centered of your mat last time, nice and easy, and come on up and balance in.

Place your feet down and go ahead and lie down on the mat. Great. All right, to make sure you're all the way on the mat, so yeah. Have you moved? Yeah. Okay. All right. Bring your right leg into your chest. We'll go into a little bit of a stomach series, right hand on your ankle, left hand on your knee, right? Ideally, and unless you have some sort of a knee issue, if you haven't knee issues, you just hold onto the back of your thighs so you don't crunch that knee so you're not here. Ankles lined up with the knee, your left knee, go ahead and bend it. Your heads can be down for the moment and you're going to take your left leg straight up, lower it to a level that you still feel that controlling your spines so your backs aren't arching and you want to keep squeezing your bottoms and stretching that left leg out. Begin to curl up in your chest so your chin curl up, you look at your belly buttons and you push your tummies back in.

They'll wanna pop out here and now you're going to transition. Switch legs, left hand, left ankle. So it's always the outside hand on the ankle. You keep squeezing that bottom and pulling in and switch. Try to bring your knee as close into the left shoulder as you can. So left knee into the left shoulder and now right knee two right shoulder. You want your backs to really lengthen out, so your tailbone zone, cool, curling up. You're keeping that down and switch.

Continue moving. That's it. Careful that your leg doesn't go too low, that you lose that powerhouse. Keep pulling in and switch. So if you feel any arching happen in your back, continue you lift that extended like up a little bit higher and switch and now too fast which one? One Tommy's in two and bend your knees, drop your head at any point you start to feel this in your neck.

These are neck strengthening. Exercise says you can go ahead and drop your heads, but continue with the arms and legs. All right, we're going to go to the next exercise, your double leg stretch, so you'll bring your legs back in. Two ways to do this, you can either hold onto your ankles or you can hold onto your thighs. To reach for the ankles is more of a stretch challenging. So maybe start by holding onto the thighs and then you can switch to the ankles. After a few repetitions. All right, so again, you're gonna add your heads.

You have to careful the next year. You want to keep them long, your shoulders stay down and you want to pull it from those upper abdominals pulling in to that powerhouse. So your heads are up, heels together, toes apart. You're going to inhale, arms go out, legs go out. So you want to stretch to the back room and reach for the eye. So both sides are reaching. Exhale, circle the arms and grab back onto those thighs. Inhale, reach out long, pull your tummies down and exhale, pull it back together and he'll stretch. So really lengthening and exhale. Keep your sternums up.

So just the tips of the shoulders on the mat. And two more deep breath in. And exhale. One more time. Inhale, reach and exhale back together. Drop your heads, drop your feet. We didn't do too many of those. Just getting you kind of warmed up. Cause we're going to do, I'm going to have you do all this series of five stomach exercises. So the next one right leg goes up. They're kinda like scissors.

You reach for your calf or as high as you can, or if that's too high of a stretch, hold onto the back of your thigh. Take your left leg out, check your box, make sure your shoulders are lined up with your hips, and then you're going to look at your stomachs. So both legs are really long. Careful not to bend those knees. You want to keep those legs really long. And now shoulders stay down. Pause the leg towards you. Two times. Pull, pull, scissor, the legs and pool pool. The higher the reach to the ankle, the more stretch you'll gain.

Pulling your stomachs in and switch. So it's a light pull. You're not yanking the legged and pool pool and switch pool pool. Keep going. Oh, Oh Tommy scoop. So the real work here is your powerhouse navel to spine. So you keep scooping in and pull, pull shoulders, stay down, pool, pull, pull, pull. And two more sets. One, one, one, one. Do two, look at your tummies. Two, two and dressed. Very nice.

Okay. All right. This time your hands can go behind your heads. [inaudible]. You want to try to keep the elbows open here set and you're not clasping the fingers. You're just putting your hands on top of each other. Maybe find, use your thumbs to find the back of their your skull. There's little grooves in the neck. All right, and then you're going to bring your knees in and try to take your legs straight up. You'll start to lift your heads. Rounding up in those sternums, sliding those shoulders down, pulling in as deep as you can.

Your back should be nice and anchored here. Now you're going to lower the legs about two to three inches. Don't let those backs pop off and then slowly come up and pull in again so you're not hopping up. Keep your chest lifted. [inaudible] doesn't have to go too low and start to lift the legs back up. So just the legs are moving way up with those legs and lower just a little bit and come back up. It's all about coming up, so don't go too far on the down lower add lift.

I'm going to help give you a little lift. And now just a little bit with legs. Drop your shoulders and lift. That's it. So it's lower back, lower tummy. Two more. You can I lift and lift and rest. Pretty powerful. And Candace, I noticed you had your hands underneath you and that can help for support, so that's good. Yeah.

So you don't want to go too low and put your hands underneath your back. Good or skip those all together. All right, so now your hands, we'll go. They're still behind your heads. Sure. You've all done these. This is your Chris cross. Your knees can come back in and extend one leg out. Begin by Lee. So let's have your right knee in and left leg out.

You're going to try to turn lifting your left shoulder off the mat to tap the knee. This is also a stretch. So look towards that back elbow. Really open up the side. It's as much as you can and extend that left leg out out, out. And now you're going to drop your head and switch so it's not just a twist. Come up, you stretch. Check your box, make sure your knee is lined up with your hip, left knee, left hip, and drop your heads and switch.

So each time you transition your head will go down, pull in your stomachs and keep your hips very still and switch. So I want you to hold it for three counts. So keep both hips really anchored, even weight on both hips and switch. Make sure your left or your extended leg doesn't go too low so that you have that support and really pull your knee and lift your shoulder way up off the mat. There you go. And switch. And now I'm going to have you go quickly and now for switch one one reaching that extended leg out long two to three. Don't roll on your hips. Three, four, last one and four and rest.

Okay, already powerful exercises. All of this. Okay, let's have you guys sit up. I'm going to have you go into your spine stretch. Now that you have worked your powerhouse pretty well, you're going to take both arms up. Your feet are flex, you want to squeeze your bottom. Then you're trying to sit right on top of those hips, so you're really lifting your spines. You might have to bend your knees to get that extra lift near your backs. It's really right here that you're gonna end up stretching, although you'll feel it on your legs. You're going to squeeze your bottom.

Take a nice deep breath in and keep those feet flexed round down. But you can bend your knees if you need to. Think of the crown of your head going to the mat. Careful not to to reach with the arms. You're really pulling into those powerhouses. So Naval this by Christy.

Drop your shoulders and squeeze your seats. Good. And then start to stack one vertebra back on top of the other two. Sit up tall. Try to keep those feet flex and don't let them roll out. Squeeze your bottom. We'll go a little bit quicker now, deep breath in, growing taller and exhale. Take that back down and keep your arms in line with your shoulders. So fill this in. There you go. Now drop your shoulders up the shoulders even more. Yes.

[inaudible] and then come back up nice and tall. Open up your chest, and two more. Nice deep breath in. And exhale, round down. No tension in the next or the shoulders. You can even drop the hands all together if you'd like. You don't want to feel that in your neck or your shoulders. So keep that softer and then come back up. Last one, feet flex. Squeeze your bottoms. Nice.

Deep breath in and use that exhale to help round you down and pull in soft, soft, soft. There you go. Pull into here. Squeeze. Squeeze your bottom. There you go. And then come back up tall and rest your arms. Okay, next I'm just going to have you do it a stretch. Say you bend your knees, starting to feel those. Put your hands inside your legs first. Sit up really tall. I don't know if you can see me. Maybe if I move back. Okay. Yeah. Okay. All right, so you're sitting tall to start and then you, it almost looks as though you're slouching.

You want to start to round your backs by squeezing your bottoms, curling those hips under a little bit to find your balance because your feet are going to come off the mat so you're still pulling in. You're still squeezing your seats a little bit. You lower heads a little bit just so the weight of your head doesn't rock you backwards. And I just want you to try to stretch. Take your right leg, take it to a comfortable level, may not straighten all the way, go to where you came, and then just rest. Careful with your shoulders and next, keep them relaxed again. Now you're going to go left. May not straighten all the way, just go to where you can and rest [inaudible] and it's a balanced exercise, right and down, left and down. Rest for just a moment to relax your shoulders and then we're going to add on.

So it's almost the same thing, but we're going to add just a little variation. Find your balance again, pulling your stomachs in shoulders a little bit more forward if you can. And now, right leg, left leg close. Oakman rest. Go ahead and drop your feet. We'll do one more time. Same thing. Find your balance right. Lake, left leg, close, open and arrest. Okay. Um, let's have you move forward.

I'm going to have you open up your feet and flex them. Sit as tall as you can. I'm going to have you go into your SaaS so your arms are up. You're again trying to sit on top of those hips. So your tailbone, it's like an arrow pointing straight down. So you might have to bend your knees in order to do that. Your feet though are flexed, right?

So ideally the leg should be straight, but you do what you can. You're tall shoulders or lacks. You're going to twist from the waist, but as you twist, your legs are going to want to go with you. Keep them still. So start to turn to the right [inaudible] shoulders. Stay lined up with each other. Keep the shoulders relaxed and you're going to take your hand left hand and reach for that little pinky as your right pinky goes up towards the ceiling and you're trying to get as close to that knee as you can without reaching with the shoulders. The shoulders stay down, stomachs pull in and you want to keep that left hip pulling back. Wait on both hips, slowly round, back up, stuck one vertebra back on top of the other, Sentara, and now to the right, excuse me to the left, right hand reaches for that little toe.

I'm going to come around and kind of spots you guys. Keep flexing those feet though. Soft in the shoulder, so no energy in those shoulders. Try to flex your feet. Yes, pull your right hip back as far as you can. So pull this back. There you go. And then slowly start to round up and now we're going to go a little bit quicker and turn to the right reach for that toe. If you need to bend your knees, feel free too.

You'll still feel this stretch and start to come back up and center and turn and stretch. Stay on this hip. There you go. That's it. Fill this in as much as you can. Scoop, scoop, scoop, really deep. Yes. And come on up and center. That's enough. Oh, have you guys turn over onto your stomachs? Yeah, you can put your palms underneath your shoulders or you can go ahead and take your arms straight out by your side, but your foreheads are down. So from the neck down to your tailbone, your spines are straight.

So palms underneath the shoulders or right at your side. Okay. Do you try to bring your heels together? Great. And all I want you to do is take a nice deep breath in and pull your navels up, filling up those diaphragms. Really deep. Fill this up, and then just kind of exhale all that air out, roaring out your lungs, sliding your shoulders down, requesting those next two more. Just breathing. Inhale. And then begin to exhale. Good.

So you still can lift those powerhouses up as you're lying on your stomach. Nice deep breath in. [inaudible]. And then as you exhale, keep squeezing your bottom, kind of pushing those hips down into the mat. Very good. Let's actually have you do one more time. Nice deep breath in.

And then ex-CEO, squeezing your seats, pushing those hips down. But keep lifting your navels up. Alright, now with that in mind, you want to keep that tell me lifted. You're going to start to lift your head, your chest, and both hands off of the mat. So you're just kind of hovering on the mat so your hands will come up, but your forehead stay down so you don't crunch your neck. And now that's where you really want to lift that diaphragm on.

So pull up into your tummies, hold, squeezing your bottoms, pushing those hips down and come back down. And exhale. Actually just kind of breathe natural on this. So go ahead and lift your head. Excuse me. You want to keep your feet on the ground. So careful not to tense your knees on this. So you're just lifting the upper back. Heads up, chests up, hands off the mat and hold. Try to keep those legs, your knees soft.

Two three and rest to Mar. Now you're going to work on coming up a little bit higher. Head, chest, palms, hold, lift a little bit higher. Two, three rest. Okay. It's a back extension exercise. Last one and head, chest, hands hold. Come up James. A little bit higher. Long, long. Next four hit there, down and rest. That's enough. Go ahead and I'm going to have you guys stretch back to your heels.

Drop your head [inaudible] but as you're stretching, keep lifting your stomach so you'll get a better stretch if you do that. All right, I'm going to have you turn over. You'll sit back on your bottoms, your feet about hip width apart. Again, aren't, excuse me for the first time and put your hands behind your thighs. You'll go into a roll back exercise. Make sure you have a room behind you. Maybe move forward a little bit. Yeah, cause you're gonna end up lying down on the mat. So you're holding on to help you articulate your spine, giving you a little extra resistance.

You want to round into that C curve to begin to. Your heads are down and you're pulling into, it's really kind of a curl under with your hips to start to squeeze your bottoms. Keep those knees lined up with your hips. You don't want them to move and you're going to start to lie in the mat. So start to round backwards. Really be conscious of what your spine is doing. You want to articulate, so you've got to find out where those vertebrates are, like that engagement with your bottom toes are soft. They can kind of come up.

Don't worry about that and just slowly pull in and then lie all the way down and rest your next rest or heads, right? Then you're going to try to come up and as you come up, it's that same articulation. So you're starting with your upper back. So next first CRO your chin through. Reach those arms out. If you need to grab onto those thighs, keep your feet relaxed, squeeze your bottom and pull in. That's it. Today's soft as you can in those feet.

And that will help you stretch over this time though, you're going to round up one vertebra on top of the other instead of tall. And now we're gonna lie back down. So heads down scooping, begin to round backwards. This is where your lower back will wanna just kinda flatten out. You have to curl those hips back underneath you, pulling your stomach's in and arrest, reach for your thighs. Nice deep breath in. And exhale, you're going to come back up. Yeah, momentum. Go ahead and straighten your legs this time and flex your feet round forward.

And then stack one vertebra back on top of the other to sit up tall. So we're adding a little more of a stretch. Your feet should be hip width apart, so they're open [inaudible] and then you're gonna start to round back down. Now, if you've done these before and this is too easy, go ahead and take your hands behind your head. Otherwise keep the hands reaching out long and squeeze your seats. Anchor your spines. Nice deep breath in. Exhale, peel off that mat.

It's just like your roll up. Keep pulling in, push those heels out. Sit up nice and tall. Good. And then you're gonna round back down. So like I said, if you wanted more challenge, you can put your hands behind your head trying to keep the elbow open. They'll want to go like that. Squeeze your bottom, articulate it, and I will go a little bit quicker, quicker. Soon as your heads touch, you're going to come back up. Nice deep breath in. Exhale, round over. I'm showing more advanced version with your hands behind your head and sit up tall and then you'll take that back down. Soon as your heads touch, you'll come back up in. Nice deep breath in. Energy out of those heels.

Stretch forward. Sit up tall. That's it. And squeeze your seats. Lie back down. Last one. Nice deep breath. And exhale, rounding over. Sit up tall and take that back down and you'll stay down. Okay, go ahead and lie on your right side. Yeah, that should have said your left, but that's okay. It doesn't matter.

You're going to do some sites, sidekicks, line yourself up with the back of the mat. You want to think of that box again so you know how you are standing in the beginning. You're nice and tall where you're doing the same thing. You're just lying on your side. So from the shoulder to the hip, your shoulders should line up with your hip bones or with the back of the mat. You can check by taking your back hand and check the back of the mat to make sure you're right against it, right against the edge. You're straight swing your legs forward.

Hip stays on top of hip, shoulder on top of shoulder, and your gaze stays forward. So don't drop your chin here. You want those next to stay long. All right. Now you can either be up on your elbow like everyone is or if that's too much, you can lie on your arm. Nazer soft. You're working from the hip to the top of the knee. So from the knee to your chest, which should be relaxed, you're going to take that left leg up about two inches and your left hand is supporting you so you can put your left hand on the mat and it's also there to remind you to get those ribs to stay together.

So you're really solid so your upper body isn't going to move around. All right, so I can already see some knee action there. Soft knee, rotate your knee up a little bit so you're slightly turned out and you're squeezing here. So kind of push those hips forward there. So you're really working right in here. Good. Now you're going to take that right? Yeah. Excuse me, your left leg forward. Keep it hip level and then swing it back to kicks forward. Now little kick. The second one is the big one. That's the stretch too.

And as you go back, very important not to let those upper bodies move and kick kick. So stay nice and straight with those spines. Gaze forward. Kick, kick, eh, long leg back. And just about two to three inches behind you keep pulling it and kick, kick, shoulders relaxed, and three Mark, kick, kick, and back. I'm going to have you go through these fairly quickly and kick, kick back the last one, kick, kick and back. Rest your legs on top of each other. Hips should still be on top of your hips, so you are kind of your own teacher.

You also have to be very conscious of what's happening within your powerhouse that your hips stay on top of each other and there's not a lot of movement in those. Lower backs of sticks. Really solid. Take your leg up, PIP level, going into those up and downs. Next, so your hip level and you want to rotate your knee towards this healing. Keep squeezing your bottom yes, and now take that leg up towards the ceiling. Stay right on top of that right leg. Begin to lower the leg down and think of your bottom squeezing. Tommy's pulling up resistance between those inner thighs.

Take the leg up and stretch it out. Long as it comes back and up and reach that left leg out. Make it almost as though as longer than your right up and reach retreat, Tommy's bullet and three more and scoop tumor end up really pinched those inner thighs and careful not to lock the knees and down. Sorry. Last one up and long left leg. Excuse me, add, rest. Snuck some weights. All right, take that left leg again. Up about hip level.

I'll have you go into like circles. You want to stay just hip level and rotate your knee towards the ceiling. Kind of rotate those hips forward. So push your hips forward a little bit more. Good to bottom. Still squeezing your stomachs are lifting shoulders, your lacks. Don't let them roll forward. That's what the want to do.

Pull them back so your chest are open and then you're going to circle the leg. Think of your knees brushing together. Five times three, four. You should feel kind of a burn in your hip five and then reverse that and reverse one around up to hip. Stay really still. Three, four and five restroom, legs. All right, I'm gonna go ahead and bend that knee and try to grab onto your ankle. If that's too much of a reach, just hold onto the top of your knee. That's fine. Try to keep your hips on top of each other. This is an inner thigh exercise.

You want to keep your neck long. Your hand can either rest here or you can hold onto the knee. Ideally like to hold onto the ankle here and take that leg up as high as you can and lower it down and up and lower. Now I want you to do two little circles, so your foot is nice and soft. Little circle around one, two now big one's way up there, up at around one, two, three. Reverse it, two little circles too and in a way up and around. One, two and three. That's enough. Both legs on top of each other.

Hip on top of hip, shoulder on top of shoulder. Good. And then I want you to go into a bicycle. You'll take that left leg up about hip level so it's still straight. You're going to swing your leg forward, bend your knee towards your shoulder. Now bring your knee to your knee so the knee stays men.

And then as you go back though, let your backs arch. Keep those powerhouses solid. Stretch back. Feel that stretch on the top of the thigh and up towards the nose. Ben journey, knee to knee, stretch back. You do use the weight of your hand to help support you from rolling. And one more time up then the knee, knee to knee, stretch back and reverse it. So now you're gonna go backwards.

So the leg is straight. You go straight back, bend your knee, need a shoulder, stapled in, scoop your tummies, and then try to straighten that as much as you can. That's it. So just the leg should be moving. Nothing in the upper body. Bend your knee, need a shoulders and keep those. Everybody's still, get that stretch. Take advantage of it. Last one and back. Bend the knee. Need a shoulder and stretch. And that's enough. Rest your legs on top of each other.

And I'll have you guys turn over to the other leg. So we'll just go straight over to the other side. So you want to, yeah, get yourselves lined up with the back of the mat again. Which side were you on? So right, like so on top. Um, you can just put your head this way so you don't end up kicking each other. All right, so you'll start in a straight line, but then you swing your legs forward. So you're in kind of a boomerang position and your hips are supported.

In other words, hip on top of hip. Alright, you might wanna check the back of your mat. Make sure your hips are in line with it. So yep. Move pretty far back there, Candice. Great. All right. Resting on your Palm if you'd like, or all the way down. Whatever's more comfortable for your neck. Rib cages in powerhouse solid.

So keeps wrapping those ties and pushing those hips kind of forward. Lifting your stomach. If you're not tucking, but you're just lifting your tummies up. And now knees stay soft. Take that left. Excuse me. Your right leg up, hip level going right into those front kicks. Little kick, big kicks. So two kicks forward, kick, kick. Take it back with control and kick, kick and swing it back. Kick, kick hip.

Stay right on top of each other here and kick. Kick. You're falling back just a little bit. There you go. And kick, kick, no energy in those knees. Squeeze in here. Reach and kick. Kick back. Pull your shoulders back so your chest stay open. So right shoulder should be back more to more. Kick, kick back. That's it. Very nice.

And you guys are controlling this powerhouses better and that's enough. Rest your legs on top of each other. Yeah. Take your leg up. Hip level. Rotate the knee towards the ceiling. The rotation is coming from your hips, so you want to squeeze your bottom to get that hip to roll the inner thigh out.

All right, so your hip bone. Stay forward. Powerhouses solid. So you're lifting shoulders are open and up and down. Excuse me. Take the leg up and reach the leg out. Take your leg straight up towards the ceiling. And as you come down, you want to find that resistance between the inner thighs like a spring you school. Push it back down. Squeeze your bottom, push those hips way forward. Yes, and squeeze.

That's it. Pulling in as deep as you can. There you go and up. Now get outta your knee more and squeezy. I got in your way and up. That's it. Two more. If you can up ad reach, you'll, you'll want to lock the knee here, be conscious of that. Keep them soft and that's enough. Rest your legs on top of each other. Take the leg up, hip level, going into your leg circles.

This one will feel a bird. Hopefully rotate your knee out a little bit, no energy here, and go ahead and begin to circle the leg around and up five times. Keep pulling in to three. Now gaze forward four and five. Now reverse that and one, two. That's it. Three, four, and five. Rest your legs on top of each other. Okay.

You're going to cross your leg over going into those inner thigh exercises. Try to hold onto the ankle again. If that doesn't work, you can take your hand tire or put your hand on the mat. All right. Think of that left leg reaching out long. So you want to really stretch it and then you'll lift the leg up and lower it down two times. Keep your room's pulling in and lower and now you're going to do two little circles with the inner thigh circle around one and two.

No as big as you can. Three big ones who I've been around one without your body's rolling around. Just the legacy moving and three. Now reverse that. Two little circles. One and two and a big ones. I've been around one to just go to where your body will let you three and rest so you don't force it both legs on top of each other.

Hips back on top of each other. Feet relaxed. Nice, soft. Alright, going to go into that bicycle. You'll do three each way. Start with your leg up. PIP level. Good. Just always kind of warming the hiphop and warning it to the next exercise. Jess, or open ribs or scoop and I are going to take that.

Oh right leg forward first. So the leg is straight and then you swing it straight up. Knee. To your shoulder, knee to knee, and it says that Lake comes back. Your backs will want to arch. You have to keep pulling them in. Very good. So squeeze your seats, reach out of that hip. Long leg and front. Bend the knee. Need a knee stretch back. Walmart time, straight up, straight up towards your nose. Bend your knee, made a knee.

Bring it back, a little coordination, exercise, scope, scope, scope. Reach the leg out long. Squeeze your bottom. Push those hips forward. There you go. And now you're going to reverse that. So you go back, try to keep that knee from moving. As you bring your heel towards your bottom. I'm going to lower your knee a little bit there so you get a nice stretch on the top of the thigh. Hip level. Need a knee, knee the shoulder, lengthen. Cheer more and take the leg back. Bend your knee, need a shoulder, knee, stretch out. Last one, take the leg behind you. Bend your knee, knee to shoulder and stretch. That's it. Both legs on top of each other.

Go ahead and shake them out if you'd like to just relax. And then I'm going to have you guys lie onto your backs. Get yourself centered on your mat, so shoulders back in line with those hips. Both feet can be on the mat bent. In other words, your knees are bent, not too far forward. Go ahead and slide your feet forward a bit, keeping your knees bent and that move you a little bit.

Move your hips a little too left. Your shoulders are fine. Actually move your shoulders this way and head. There you go. Just kind of getting straight and let's have you bring your feet together. Knees together, going into a single leg teaser. Take your right leg out so your knees stick glue together.

Take both arms straight up. Now heads can be relaxed for now. Start to get that feeling of where your backs are. Pull your navels in, flatten your stomach and anchor those back, so get rid of any space between your back of the mat. Now you're going to start to round towards your knee, so your right leg is up, knee stay glued together. You'll come up to where you can with that, that left foot moving. Hold it. Reach up towards your ears and hold it again. Scope, lie back down. Okay. Soft feet.

Keep the right leg up the whole time and now you're going to do two more nice deep breath in. Begin to come up. And the further away your left foot is, the higher you'll be able to come to move this Lake forward. There you go. Otherwise you won't be able to go anywhere. Now hold that really stretched towards those toes. Pull in, reach for yours. Then you lie back down. Okay, so you come up, reach for the toast, hold, reach back towards those ears growing taller in your backs and now curl your chins to lie back down.

Curl this hip center giving you resistance and rest. Switching sides. So do what your body is ready for that day. Every day. Our bodies are different, so may not come all the way up. One day he may be able to the next day. All right, arms are up three times. Nice deep breath in. You're going to peel off the mat. Go to where you can with that, that right foot moving, hold, reach up. Towards those years, lengthening the spine, pulling up, and then control the movement to go back down. Cheer more so the knees stay together the whole time.

The feet and knees are relaxed or soft. Stretch up and then come back down. You don't have to come all the way up just to the tips of the shoulders. You do what your body will let you. And then last one, hold. Okay, all that's high enough. Reach up, keep breathing. Excellent and lie back down. Sit careful not to hold your breath and that's enough. Dropped your feet, drop your harms. Breathing is very important, especially while you're moving.

It's easy to forget. You'll hold your breath. All right, I'm going to have you guys sit up and just kind of roll that out. So little rolling like a ball still. You'll bend your knees, hold onto the back of your size and drop your heads. Find your balance. If you know the seals and are comfortable doing these, go ahead and put your hands inside the legs. Your heads are down. You're going to go ahead and clap three times. One, two, three. These are very hard. Roll back. Clap two, three, come back up. Hey.

And three claps. One, two, three. Your head. Stay down and go back. One, two, three. Come up. Everybody's doing great. Keep your chins down. And one, two, three, back. One, two, three, two more. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three. Up. So you rounding up last one. One, two, three. Back. One, two, three. Come on up. Place your feet down. There are some weights next to you. There's two pound weights. I'll have you guys stand up. Get your weights.

We're going to do a standing weight series. Okay? Exactly. You're going to be in your plotty stance. Heels together, toes slightly apart. That same position you were in the beginning, so it's not too turned out. Waits towards the toes. You're still wrapping those thighs, lifting up in those powerhouses. So you're always as though there's a string on your neck, on your spine, lifting you up. You're always keeping that gravity up rather than down. So stay tall. You're gonna take your weights and if you don't have weights, just use an imaginary resistance.

Use your minds and take your arms up to a 90 degree angle. Keep the elbows lined up with the shoulders, careful the shoulders don't roll forward to your chest are open and you're always getting that engagement. With that, wrapping the thighs in the lift in the powerhouse, go ahead and begin to sh take the arms out. Careful that your weight is and behind you. It's forward. So the shoulders might actually be in front of you and in school we it back in and grow tall again five times and stretch out. You'll feel these if you, if again, if you don't have that, those weights, you want to use the muscles and squeeze them and I'll don't let the elbows go too low. [inaudible] chest open, pull the shoulders back and three more grow tall, tummies lifting. So there's always a consciousness of remembering that powerhouse and, and, and to and out.

They don't seem like much that these actually do a lot for posture and for their arms. Last one out and schoolies it in. Now you're gonna open the arms. This side, you're still tall weight. Still slightly forward lifting up. Make sure your shoulders aren't behind you. They're on top of those hips are slightly forward, and then push it away here too. Don't let the elbows drop school. Ease it back in resisting.

Push it in as though you're pushing away the caviar in school. Wheezing back in, not too far back, a little bit more forward with your arms, right about here and in school. Easy back in and push me away. Tell me, stay lifted. Squeeze it back in. Last one out. Really left up here and Ooh, easy back in. Bend the elbows. Bring your arms forward. Lower the arms down to your side. Drop your arms all the way down. Just can stay open. Tommy's lifted. Keep your elbows, glutes, your ribs. This is more tricep. Say your elbow, stay there. You're not. Want them to move and you're going to school.

Ease it up. Lower down. Once you're down, take your risk, flick them back, curl them up, squeeze it back up like your have a barbell and lower risk. Curl back. It's a wrist strength and exercise. Curl them up and squeeze. So don't just let the arms come up. You want to use that resistance, schoolies it up so these muscles are really flexing. There you go two more and go down. Nice, tall, back, and come on. Last one. Go down, curl the risk back, curl the Recep and rub the arms. Kind of shake them out a little bit.

And let's just have you do three big circles with the arms. Take a nice deep breath in just a little arm weights and exhale growing taller and your backs. Lifting your powerhouse tomorrow. Hopefully you have enough room around you. Stay in your peripheral, so don't go behind yourself. Exhale, keep your gaze forward so you keep that length happening. And exhale, reverse your circles and deep breath in. Arms come up and exhale. If you want to add an extra challenge, you can come up onto your toes. But keep those heels together. Inhale, so that length is up. Exhale. So if you think of that, your backs or that string on your heads, lifting you up to the ceilings, that will help you firm to balance and exhale and let your arms just dangle.

Drop your head, drop your arms, let the weight of those arms just relax and start to round down. Stop at the tips of the hips are right on top of the hips. Good. So you're rounding down. Everything's relaxing. Now your heads, your necks, shoulders hold, but you still want to pull up your stomachs. Give your arms a little push to begin to circle them. Keep that weight towards the toes.

And think of those hips staying right on top of your ankles. Careful though, don't lose your balance. You might have to bend your knees a little bit. Go a little bit lower. That's it. And reverse your circle. So give your arms a little. Push no energy here. Let those arms just relax. That's it. Soften your knees. That will help you. There you go.

So don't lock your knees. Now, Candice, too low. Come up a little bit higher. Hold as you're going to start to round up. But as you come up, you want to keep wrapping those thighs. You might have to bend your knees. The last thing up is your head. So if there's somebody standing behind you, you want those hips on top of your ankle, soften your knees. Yes, pull your stomach's in hips on top of those ankles, very difficult. That's it. All the way up. Your heads will be up your chest or open and take a nice deep breath in one big circle with the arms and exhale, grow tall.

Shake yourselves out and you guys are all done. Good job. Thanks for hanging in there. You did great.


I needed the basics, today. Thanks :)
Thank you for attending Christine! This was one of my first classes back in 2010! Love that you participated!

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