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Georgia Burns made it into the top ten of our first Pilates Anytime Instructor competition for good reason! This instructor out of Toronto is small but she packs a lot of powerhouse in that small frame! You'll enjoy this workout which includes a Foam Roller and creative use of the Theraband throughout the rest of the class. Georgia covers it all from standing work, to balance work. She is energetic and precise with her cues so you can feel energetic and well worked out too!
What You'll Need: Mat, Foam Roller, Theraband

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Jun 10, 2012
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Okay, great. So why don't you just put your foam rollers to the back of the mat for now. We're going to use them second. So, okay, so we all have our therabands, we just have one loop. We're not going to use that loop quite yet. So I want you to start please standing on your theraband. Let's face in so you guys can all look at each other.

And when you get onto your band to get pretty good to maybe don't hold onto the actual loop. Yeah, hold onto both ends. And you're just going to step your feet a little bit, a little bit apart. So there's a little bit of tension to begin with. Okay? And all right, I'll just try lifting your shoulders, rolling them backwards. Alright, let's feel our breath filling into the back of the body here.

Nice and grounding through big toes, grounding through your heels, CV and lift all 10 toes up off the floor and then lower them back down. Good. Another big breath in. Lift your toes, 10 toes up, and exhale. All right. So this time guys, now that you're grounded into your feet, you're gonna start to bend your knees and Reno right into a bicep girl. So hips back behind you. Nice work. And then as you come up out of it, press your arms back, open the chest, and then inhale, bicep curls, squat, and then reverse all the way. Inhale and Bicep curl. Exhale, press back.

Chest expansion. Inhale. Good. Exhale and open the front of the body here. Inhale back. Let's hold just for a brief second here. Can you sit back a little further so you have a lot of weight on your heels. Good work. Take a breath. Here we go. Exhale. Chest expansion, pressing back, opening heart. Good. Three. Inhale on the way down. Exhale, press. Inhale on the way down. Exhale, press one more.

Inhale, can you hold this one to the back? Feel big toe, baby toe, heel. Good. You're going to do little extension. You're going to press the arms back for five. Ready for an five released by sub curl. Bend your knees. Big Breath in. Exhale, chest expansion, harass and inhale. Yeah, the bands, right. Exhale.

And three more and exhale open. One more time. Can you hold this one? Lift. Tuck your pelvis just a little. Feel your big dozer, baby. Toes your heels. Lift a little. Okay. Last five little pulse, three XL four and five. All right, really step off of your band. Okay, so we're going to keep our stance. We're going to take a little bit of a walk in with our hands.

We don't need too much. We're just going to take it all the way up and back, so not so that you pulling and tightening, but the band is loose, so it's inhale up. Exhale. [inaudible]. Inhale up. Exhale. There it goes. And now, and exhale. Inhale. Oh, putting through the shoulders here. Exhale. Let's take it up and hold it to the ceiling. This time take a little bit more attention. Please. Draw your arms down into their sockets are really grounded and straight.

Long arms. Can we tuck the pelvis and hollow out the abdominals? Very nice guys. All right, let's go to the right. Inhale. I want you to hold there. Draw your shoulders down. Really feel like you're in between a pane of glass. Can you, as you reach over to the right a little further, reach your left hip over away. Think of like the tin man. All right, so you're gonna take top arm and then pull all the way back up.

Okay. Shoulders are rooted in Hail. As you go over, as you are a little further opposite, hip drifts away. Keep those shoulders down. Take a breath. Top arm pulls your back all the way. We're going to go tic duck. Inhale over to the side. Pull the top arm. Inhale at your hip drift. Exhale. Good in.

How can you lift your chest? A little taller. Exhale. Inhale, sway, pull top arm. Exhale one more each way. Inhale, sway, exhale, and last in and sweat. Exhale and arm all the way down. Let's follow it down. Rounding the spine, releasing head, shoulders, everything hanging out at the bottom. Please keep your head heavy.

Take a breath. Good. You feel rooted through your feet. So big toes, baby, toes, heels. Nice. And even we take a breath in. Looks Great. And as you exhale, bend your knees just slightly hollow the abdominals ruling back up. Leave the band at the bottom please. And then as you come up, arc up with your arms, arise up onto your toes. Find Balance. Here it is, and then all the way down.

All right, so let's do this. Let's come on to our foam rollers. Please. You can bring those out. We're not going to use the band for a moment, so just place it aside. Okay, so let's lie down on our backs. [inaudible] okay, so our feets are, yeah, just to make sure he hits her all the way to the front. We want to have our neck supported by the roll and you're going to start to just absorb the roll into your body a little bit. Okay? So with parallel feet about hip bone with distance apart.

All right, so let's all step our feet in just a tiny bit closer. Good. Okay. So again, I want you to absorb roller. I want you to really imagine here that you could sink into it. Your spine is surrounded, protected, and supported. You're grounded. Feel how wide your shoulders are. Okay.

Beautiful work guys. All right. Stay in to your feet. Let's take our arms up to the sky. Please. Arch them all the way back. Big Stretch. Can you draw your ribs a little heavier out to the sides? Reaching the arms. Good. Yeah. Reached your neighbor all the way down towards your hips for big circles.

Amazing. Inhale up and back. Let your ribs get heavier. Exhale out to the sides and down towards your hips. Circling the arms. One more arm. Circle up and back. Exhale all the way down towards the hips. This time please take your arms up to the ceiling and hold the arms straight up towards the rafters here. Okay, so the ribs are Hezie pelvis is neutral.

Theatre looking amazing. Start with a breath into prepare and as you exhale tightened through the abdominals, can you lift your right leg up over your right hip to a tabletop? There it is. Lower it right back down to the floor. Nice. XL left leg lifts. Good and lower and March. Exhale, lift. Inhale, low.

Exhale, lift. Inhale, lower. Exactly. XL Lift at my studio. The rollers are all worn in, so they're almost flat on one side. Years are really nice and round. That's just march on lower and march.

And I want you to notice which leg is easier for you. Very new for, yeah, if you need to touch the ground, go for it. And three yes and two. Okay. When you're ready, anchor your feet. Find your big toes, your baby toes, your heels, ribs, or heavy. As you arch your arms, hands behind head. Lets cradle the back of our head here. All right. Without lifting your head. Okay. Just Tuck your Chin in a little.

Take a breath on the exhale. Your ribs leads you up into your ab curl and hold. Hold. So really hollowed out. Think of a soup bowl. Can you stay neutral through your pelvis? Take a breath in. Can you curl up? One inch higher? Okay, amazing. Let's hold that. Hey, your head's heavy.

You're taking a breath, you're going to exhale right leg up. Inhale, lower. Amazing left legs up and lower. Good. Exhale and exhale and keep practicing. Good. Laughing is good for your abdominals. Keep coming.

That's it. Okay. Two more exhale as you lift. Nice. One more. Alright. Lower curl up. One inch through the upper body and then release. Roll all the way down. Let it go. We're going to do one more thing here. So with your hands behind your head, nod your Chin around your spine.

Exhale to curl up into your up curl. Good. Let's see if we can curl up. One in Shyer. Staying neutral through the spine. Now take your breath on the exhale. One leg lifts. Okay. This is fun. Ready? Take a breath. As you exhale, switch, jump, switch and switch. And Eh, there's that split second. Where you actually flying an eight Xcel seven still six?

Yes. Five, four, three. I was there too. And Yeah. Roll right off to the side of your roller. Let it go. Push it away. Yes. Okay. Just bring it to the back of your mat. Good. So it's out of your space. Yup. Just away. I'm going to grab hold of our theraband.

Okay. So let's start like this. We're going to take our right leg up to the sky and let's have both like straight. Okay. And so right leg up to the sky. Wrap it in there. Are you gonna hold on to either end. We're not using that loop yet. I don't want you to pay attention to your hips and just make sure that they're really level from right to left and that you haven't. When you lifted the leg, you didn't hike the hip all the way up like I always do. Are Your shoulders really wide?

And then can you all walk your hands up the band so you have a lot of tension and you're really close to your foot. Okay? And your arms are fairly straights. Okay? So we're going to start by actually pressing our leg down towards the floor. You're going to nod your chin, you're going to allow your spine to follow along and almost like a bungee cord. You're going to let your spine lift and they come all the way back up and take a breath in and on the exhale, scoop and hollow out.

Think about spooning out the inside of a Kiwi rolling down, letting the leg lift, stretch. Take a breath. As much tension as you need. Exhale, the leg presses down and it helps you. It counterbalances right and you lift all the way up. I mean lift the jazz, lifted the collarbones for our breath. Exhale, scoop out abdominal rolling down. Okay, good work this time I want eat to keep your right leg fairly vertical or as high as you can. So inhale, nod your chin. Exhale, start your roll up that keep your leg big. Lift it as high as you can. You're gonna lift the chest. Good. And if you can get up this high, great.

If not, bring it down a little lower. Take a breath, lift. Exhale, start. You're hauling out bone by bone length in the pieces of your spine. Feel for the tight spots. Take the leg up. Let's do one more on this leg. Nod Your Chin hollow. Let the shoulders open, right guys, good. Or bring it up as high as you can. Hold it. Take a breath, lift and exhale. Scoop.

Roll Down Bone Bible. When you get to the bottom, I want you to switch your legs. Please lengthen out through the legs, even through the hip. So one side's not crunched upwards, arms as long as they can be up towards the band. Can you let your collarbones be wide? We're going to inhale as we nod, our chin flowed head XL. The light goes right down to the floor and your spine just flows along. Ease easy, guide in your body, up all the way. Take a breath.

Exhale, start to scoop. Roll back, lift the leg, lengthen through the crown. Stretch leg goes up. You take a breath, shoulders there wide. Nod the chin. Exhale, rolling up, lengthening through the heel. Stretch. Drop the foot. Inhale up, eyes up. Exhale, tuck back, roll back, and really feel for the tight spots. Let's keep the leg vertical this time. So take a breath as your, as you nod your chin, your collarbones are wide. You float, you roll up into your half teaser, wherever that is for you. Take a breath. Exhale. Let your shoulders slide down your fine leg to the sky, upper bodies wide open. Nod the chin. Exhale, practice here.

See how high you can keep the leg using the band a little less good. Take a breath and as you exhale or rocking back bone by bone, bend your right knee, stretch it up into the band. So before we go any further, I want you to just really open up the shoulders. Imagine you're being pinned into the mat. Okay. Your collar bones are very wide arms, pretty long up to the sky.

We want lots of tension. Legs are straight up to the ceiling. We're going to take a breath in and as you exhale, just press your legs apart about six inches. Find your outer thighs good. And then inhale the legs come together. Exhale, press out through the band again and together and press out and together and press out together for more. Or are you neutral through your spine? Good ribs are heavy. Drive for five and four and three and two. Ready to hold the last one. You're going to hold it.

Hold it, hold it, hold it. Can You keep it as you nod your chin, float your head. Keep like pretty high. Roll up wherever you are. Comfortable. So for some of us, maybe that's going to be a teaser. Renee, Ian, hail. We're going to exhale. Push out into the band, find the outer thighs. Tuck and roll back. Ooh, yes.

Bone by bone. Articulate your spine. Let the legs come together. Take a breath. Shoulders are wide at the bottom. Push out into the band. Find your outer thighs hall. Low abdominals. We rule ourselves up bone by bone lifting. Collarbones lifting breastbone XL.

The press out into the band as you tuck back, amazing jobs are to scoop and roll back. Feel each bone is it touches down. Nice. One more exhale. Press out and scoop. Nice. Wide shoulders here. Rolling up. Finding that right up on top of the pelvis here.

Can you hold it? You're going to pulse the legs for eight out to XL. Three, four XL, five and six and seven. Shoulders lose wide. Eight. That's it. Roll it out. Take your time. Really articulate. Nice balance guys. All right. All the way down. Bend your knee, release this drop to the floor, and then I want you to take your hands up to the sky please, and you're just going to have, press your fingers and fling your fingers up a couple times. Just four more, three, two and release your arms neutral spine, feet, our hip bone with this dense apart. Okay, you just found your outer thighs. So I want you to really search for that. As you lift your hips, you're going to Tuck your pelvis, lift your hips, press up all the way into your bridge, and then roll all the way back down bone Bible.

Show me that two more times. On the exhale you're going to Tuck your pelvis. Your collarbones are wide as if being pinned into the floor. Hold it up at the top. Can you imagine? You're not actually going to move your feet, but you're going to imagine pulling your heels towards your seat so your knees reach over your toes and you get a little bit longer.

Nice. And then soften your spine and articulate and lengthen or your big toe still heavy baby toes in heels. One more bridge here. Exhale, curl, tailbone. Find the back of the body lift and exactly reaching your knees over your toes. Can you find that extra bit of Lang or your collarbones as wide as can be?

Good. Let's take our breath into prepare. Good and hail. Soften and roll down Bone Bible. Okay. Amazing job. Let's bring our feet together. We'll tip our knees all the way over to the right and then exhale back up to center. All the way over to the left and then back up to center.

Let's do one more each way. Inhale as you twist. Excellent. One last time. Twist on the next sound. All right, knees in towards chest. Rounding out, lower back. Please let your shoulders stay. Very. Why? We're going to press our knees. Press our legs up into our hands.

Let's nod the Chin and then rolling like a ball for four up. Inhale, keep your Chin tucked in. Exhale, find balance. Let's to inhale. Very nice in him and hold your balance. Good work. Let's switch. Let's press ourselves up onto him. Okay, so we're going get to use the foot loop on our theraband here in a second. Okay, so like keep it nearby, Eh, just before we start, we're gonna round up into our angry cat.

Opening the shoulders and then reverse. Look down. I'm sorry. Look up. Arch your back and breathe in, and the next hail like an umbrellas opening up underneath you feel how, how much space you can create. And then reverse lengthening tailbone. Shoulders down, eyes up. Take a breath. Let's do two more. Feel that umbrella opening up underneath you and fill out each bone. Moves on top of the next. All right, come back, look up, find your center, your neutral spine, and let's take hold of the theraband so you don't want to come back with, put it on our left foot. You're just going to hook that we put up our circle, left foot, slide it through the inside of the leg. Hey, we're going to put the other end of the theraband right underneath our hand so you can wrap it if you want. All right, I'm just going to squish my right there. All right, so we want to see nice and level through our hips.

We did a lot of mobilizing of our spine already, so now we're going to stabilize a lot, so we're going to draw our shoulders down, tabletop flat that start with a breath into prepare. And as you exhale, you're going to pick up the left leg or the leg with the theraband. You're going to press it back behind you. Okay? So there is a spot where that theraband is not going to touch the right inner thigh and it's not gonna touch anything else. It's really, that's your spot. That's the track you want to follow. So bend it all the way back in towards you. Take a breath and as you exhale, press it back and follow the track so it shouldn't touch the right inner thigh. It should say really lined up with the front of your left leg. Inhale, bend it.

Exhale, stretch it. Okay, keep going. Inhale. Bendet. Exhale, stretch it. And we want to stay neutral so there's no arching through the spine. If you need a little bit more tension, you might, you might want it, you might not. Good. Steve really lifted through the ribs and neutral through your spine.

Beautiful. So this is the easy part. I want you to really find your left glute. So when you press all the way back and the leg is straight, you know, pull up on that leg and feel the bum engage even the quad. Everything tightens up and then bring it back in. Okay, hold it at the bottom. So you've got your leg. Okay, that's fine. You're going to use your right hand.

Now you're going to take your breath in and as you exhale, your right arm is going to reach in front of you and then it's going to come down. Exhale, it reaches in front for the hell. The right shoulder blade climbs towards your underarm press. Now you probably don't want too much tension when you do this because in the next bit you're going to do both arm and leg. Okay, so let's do one more just arm press and then in hell down hole at the bottom. Okay, ready? We take our breath in. We're tall off our shoulders. On the exhale you reach up, visit limbs apart.

Inhale back, exhale, link. Then think of the track that you're on here so you don't want the theraband grazing the right inner thigh. You want to try and keep it really, um, on track each time. Good. Try Tucking Your Chin and just a little, that's that tall off arm and really allowing the shoulder blade to wing toward the underarm rather than up into your shoulder, into your ear. Feel how when the band through the middle of the body, you're going to lift your belly button up away from the band. Is this, the band is hot and you're trying to pull up away from belly button. Good. Let's do two more like this. Exhale. Oh, why lengthen and [inaudible].

Wow. Good work last time. Good. And rest. Just drop the band from your hand. Please. Curl your toes under. Draw the shoulders down. On the exhale you're gonna Hover your knees and press up into a triangle. There we go.

Just notice right to left the difference. Shoulder to shoulder, and then slowly bend all the way back down. Good work. Okay, let's switch the bands whole nother side. Okay, let's look up. Let's arch. Inhale. And as you exhale round the angry cat. Good. Inhale, extend and XL. Cool. Last time. Inhale and leading.

Hail. Now hollows. Good. And then neutral, right back in between the two extremes. Find your breath, dry your shoulders down, and as you exhale the leg presses and then inhale it bins underneath you. Yes. So if you can imagine your hips like a scale, we want to keep the balance from right to left, not allowing any dropping. Exactly. Opposite limb. Nice length. Good. Keep tall off the shoulders. Really lifted. Yeah.

Can we hold this one all the way to the back with the legs straight? Can think of your scale. Keeping the hips in line and engaging this long leg. Find the glute and gauge the front of the thigh. Tightening up that leg. Okay. Draw it back underneath. You. Hold it.

Okay. Ready? You're going to do the arms. So now left arm XL, press oh away. Good. Inhale band. Let's do two. Just the arm. Find the shoulder blade opening up and opening. Huh? Okay. Ready? This is the best part. Here we go. Exhale, arm and leg. Inhale like you're on rails. We want to find the track, the Lang and good. Inhale, bend.

Exhale, stretch. Find your shoulder blade opening towards underarm. Imagine your body is stretchy as the band here. You can really link then while finding balance through the halves of the body. Good work.

So when the band touches the middle of the body, you pull up away from it, keeping them dominoes really pulled up and engaged. Good work and just that. Perfect. Nice work. Can we do four more? We're going to exhale the press away. Do you remember at the beginning when we were on the foam roller and asks you to absorb it and feel that ruler supporting your spine? Can you bring that back into your body one more time?

Amazing. And let it go and release. Go ahead. Alright. Unstrap yourself on the band. Okay. So you're on straps. Great. Here we go. We're going to take the band. Let's just wrap it once. Tighten the bolt so it's easy to untie so you don't have to leave here to tie it up.

Okay. Okay. Not too tight in a bow. Yeah. So I have a little stretch right enough. I can press out. Okay. So let's lie down. Let's lie on one [inaudible]. Um, matter phrasing. Yeah, sure. Let's say it's me. Okay? So let's use our bottom arm like a pillow.

We're going to straighten our legs all the way. Find a nice long line right from the crown of your head. Ribs, hips, legs. Really stretch out. Oh, take a breath. Let everything go. Because he lacks hail. You're just going to lift the top leg. Alright? So that's why you don't want it too heavy, right?

And then you're going to release and take a breath. And as you exhale, find the outer thigh drawn through the car. And then really scared, really easy through the rest of the body. Exhale as you lengthen through your toes and lower. So instead of thinking up with the leg, can you actually think out and slightly up? So there's more length than there is lift. We'll do three more and two more.

[inaudible] good. One more. Let's hold this one. Okay. So we want to feel [inaudible]. What are the back of the body here? So I'm gonna suggest that we [inaudible] take our legs and behind us a little, just an inch. So the hip joint is a bit more open. It might feel more glute. Okay. Outer thighs definitely happening. You've held it. You're going to do your little pulses here for eight. We're going to go pulse, two, three XL four and five, six, seven hole eight.

Take another breath as you exhale. Can you lift? So the second leg lifts. Good. Hold. That was my favorite part. And then we're going to exhale to lift the top leg eight times. Pulse two XL three, small thud six and seven and eight.

Okay. Oh, okay. Let it go. Press up. Good. All right, so let's bring ourselves into a mermaid position here. We're gonna anchor through one hands. Good. We can stay tied up here to get to the other side. We're going to take our breath in, and as you exhale, just press away big side then good.

And then all the way back up. Okay. Try Curl your toes under so you have something to press into. So I've got my toes into the floor because I'm going to come up and then all the way back down. Hey, let's do it together. So take your breath in and as you exhale, press up. Okay.

Oh yes. Inhale, reach your hips towards your heels, get a lot of space, and then exhale, reach up [inaudible] away. Okay. And amazing balance. Definitely a room of Flonase instructors happening here who reach and, good. Can we do two more and, and, okay, we're going to hold the last one. So when you're ready to keep eyes up and lift and ready, rotate, find a full wait.

Rotate away. Sit down towards your heels. You're going to face towards the other way. Now lie right down on your side. I'm going to flip so I can see straightening your legs. Take them just really slightly behind you. So the hip joint is a little bit open. Alright. Find your breath.

Find your hug, release your body. Take a breath. Okay. On the next exhale, just the top leg, please lift a little lift. Inhale, it lowers. Exhale, lift. Inhale, lower. Exhale, lift. Inhale, lower lift. Let's keep the shoulders stack the hips stacked. Think of a two story house. I'm just going to bring it back. One. Good lift and lift.

So let's do one more. S good. Slow like this. XL is a lift and lower. Okay, ready? On the exhale, lift the top leg up. Hold the lift, take another breath. Tiny. Ready. Exhale, lift. Just the top leg and eight, seven and six. Five. Remember long, not high and three, two, one. When you're ready, low or the legs, take a breath in as you exhale. Top leg lift. Bottom leg lift. So pull it right up. Long. Good.

Not High stretch. Good. Shoulders wide. Ready. Take a breath. The top leg. Pulse to exhale. Three and a four. Five, six. Yes. Seven and eight. Really let it go. Okay. Press up.

All right, so do you remember, should I come over here? Okay. Okay. Here I go. So yes, you're in your mermaid. You're going to start? Yes. It's just a simple ah, breath. And then bring it all the way up. Okay. And then when you're ready, anchor the feet per [inaudible] and sit towards your heels. Exhale, long line. Good.

And reach towards your heels. [inaudible] beautiful. Stretch overhead and heels. Show me one more. Ready on the exhale. Reach overhead. Hold it. Big stretch guys. Pivot these, the floor. Full plank. Amazing. Can you hold the plank? We're going to pike up to a triangle, pushed to the arms, reach your hips to the sky. Good. Take a second. Ah, there's no, there's really open Ab.

Let's get those heels reaching into the floor. Pressing the hands away. Come back into your plank. This time when you move, you're going to move top to bottom. So tuck your Chin first. Puff your spine, Tuck the pelvis and reach back over the heels. Okay, tomorrow. Yeah. Open your shoulders to reverse it. Bring the hips forward first. Find your contraction ruling, ruling, ruling, ribs. Good. Find neutral.

Find a plank position. Let's do it again. Take a breath from the head. Tuck. Puff rips to have pelvis scoop of dominoes all the way leading from the hips, pulling hips forward first, then ribs. Then shoulders. Try One more. Tuck your Chin round. Scoop. There we go. So Nice. Get those shoulders open. Can you reach your heels down? Take a breath. Exhale.

Pulling the hips forward. Yes. Get that nice c shaped curve with the spine. [inaudible] bend your elbows. Touch the floor and release at the bottom. Let your arms reach down towards your hips. All right, good. So arms are long. We're gonna keep our chin tucked in here.

I'll, I'd like you to do is Tuck your pelvis, bring your shoulder blades together behind your back, however your head, and we're going to take another breath. As you exhale, can you start to lift your chest? Expose the collar bones in front of you. Press downs are the top of your hand. You're going to really press down through the hand. See if you can lift a tiny bit higher. Yes.

And then release. Yeah. Okay. A lifting up. Press down through hands, exposing collarbones, reaching the crown of your head or right out the window and then lengthen all the way back down. One more like this. Pressing hands opening, collarbones float, and then release. All the way. Good work.

Bring your hands back underneath your shoulders please. Curlier toe is under. Okay, I'm going to do a push up to my knees. If you want to do all the way to your toes, please do so. Inhale, prepare. Exhale. Pro-Wrestling up either to your knees, and then you're going to lift into full plank pike up into your triangle or downward dog. All right, let's bend your knees, bring it all the way down, and then you're gonna take the band off of your feet and buying yourself. Okay? And let's just put the band to the sides. It's out of her way.

We're going to come back up to a standing position. It's gonna move the tall. Okay, so let's stand facing in towards the center of the room please. We're going to step our right foot forward so we're in a nice deep lunge. Okay. Let your knee be directly over your heel.

Okay, good. Passing through the back heel. Okay. All right, great. So I can play. It's up to you. Reach your arms forward. All right, so let's take a breath in. Feeling heavy through the front flip. Feel the long line right from fingertips all the way down to the back. Heel CBM.

Press into it. Good. Hold almost. There's that plank again, right? Really strong, stable spine. Let's take a breath in as if you're pulling the therabands. You're going to pull the arms all the way back, lift the chest slightly. Find that same flight that you were just working on. On the inhale, reach the arms. Exhale, pull, imaginary theraband. Inhale, reach the arms.

Exhale. So let's add in. Let's inhale, reach the arms. As you exhale, you're going to bring your back leg forward all the way. Inhale. And it's easier if you do it fast to start, right. Exhale. Inhale, inhale. Yeah, nice work for more. Let's go slower every time. Pulling imaginary therabands and let's do two more. Oh, one more. Can you hold this one? Press and hold it. Okay, great balance.

You're going to take hold of the back of the thigh. We're going to roll like a ball. You're going to inhale up. Exhale, hinge. Inhale up. That's it. Exhale, hinge. One more, please. Inhale up. Yup. Excellent. Hinge. You don't fall. You're not trying hard enough.

And then as you come back, you're going to step the back foot all the way. Good. Press up to switch. Good. Okay, so left legs forward. Feel the glued on that side. Yay. What's happening? So we're going to reach forward and we're going to stretch.

Keep your shoulders right out of your ears. I always say, if you can imagine you have a grapefruit earrings, you don't want to squish them. Okay, so you've got your grapefruits. Yeah. Take your breath. And as you exhale, just the arms pull. You lift your chest. You extend in Hillary Jackson, you poll in Hillary XL poll. Okay, we ready. Inhale, reach too fast. Your exhale and pull. Extend. Inhale, stretch. Exhale, pull. Inhale, Paul. Good. Keep going. Like you're on rails each time.

It should be exactly the same. [inaudible] and reach. And then Paul, let's set four and then Paul, three and Paul, two and Paul. Okay. Ready? This is the hard part. Last one. And Xcel hold it high. We're open. We grab hold of the back of the sigh. We take a breath. Exhale, roll.

Let's inhale up. Exhale forward. Inhale. Good. Exhale forward. Two more. Inhale up. Exhale. [inaudible].

One Mora is good. Exhale as you come all the way back up. Step it out. Amazing. You can definitely do anything with your day. Now that you've done that. Um, stretch. All right. Circle it out. Let's come back down onto our maps. Relying on our maps.

Okay. So just allow your body to absorb the floor. Let's have our knees bent or feet flat. Um, we're, you're going to take your legs and just tip knees over to the right. Nice, long stretch. As you inhale, see how much twists you have. Uh, and exhale center. Inhale, other side, twist and XL. Okay. This is fun, right? So you inhale over to the right. I want you to hold it to the right. This time. Hold it.

You're going to nod your Chin and float your head. And then bringing our hands behind our head all the way up into an app. Girl. Okay, so we've got the twist. We're going to take our right hand. Reach it over to the left. Okay. Show me that. Perfect. So just like in the saw, you're going to imagine that your pinky finger is nice and sharp.

You're going to take a breath, and as you exhale, saw, and then inhale back wanting. Exhale and inhale four and three and to, and can you hold one up? Okay. We're going to do a really small pulse up to exhale, three reaching war and five, six polling seven and eight and then hand behind your head. Roll down. Release. Ah, and how XL center.

Got It. Other side. Inhale, twist. Okay, so you nod your chin, you exhaled about forward. We're going to take left arm over to the right so you get a nice twist. Good. That's it right across sharp pinky finger. You're in a saw and then the next hill I just want to see and then exhale. That's it. Oh, you don't imagine that I'm pulling your hand or right across.

You get longer. Good. And exhale. That's it. Four slow and three smile. Two good. Okay. Ready for this one? Hold it. Take a breath. Small, small pulse and two and three XL, four, five, six, seven and eight. N Roll down. What? Release. Let it go. Your breath in. Exhale, center.

Good work. Let's straighten our legs all the way. Please. Flex your feet. Imagine you have the theraband. We're not going to use it. You're going to imagine you've got the thera-band on your legs and you're holding onto is strong with your arms. Shoulders are wide open. We're going to inhale to nod chin, float head. Exhale. You're going to start with a half Rola and take a breath and then roll back down. Let's inhale the arms all the way up and back.

We've got the freedom and space. Ribs are heavy. Arms Up [inaudible] Chin. Float your head. Come up a little higher this time and then roll back. Nice. Nice, Nice. You're going to find the most challenging spots. Okay. As you exhale, you bow for whatever feels good for you. I'm going to go an inch further. Okay, and then you're going to hold it there and reach your fingertips towards your toes. We're going to take a breath in. Can you start with your right arm? You're going to pull it back as if there's a band and center. Now switch. Look at it as you twist and center.

Look at it as you two with alternate sides ready and four more and exhale three and exhale two. And last one whole is you come back to the center. Can you roll back [inaudible] roll all the way up to Sunni's and then come a nice slap back. Good work then is your knees. Hey, we look good. We have space behind us. That's important. We're going to take your right hand and you're going to bring it to the floor behind you. Yeah, and you're going to cross your body a little bit.

It's quite a quite a twist. Okay, so ready Ben Denese take a breath. The other arm is going to go the same place you're going to, and then reverse it. Bend your knees, lift that same arm from all the way back. Yes. It was like a snake on. Yeah, you're going to come up and you're going to almost right over. Exactly. And then bend into them deeply. And so think of what we did with that side. Plank.

You're going to reach to your heels and then you're going to harass up and pivot and reverse as you inhale, exhale and rural through. And then bend your knees and inhale and exhale. Press through and down. Okay, ready? This time, you're going to push all the way. You're going to heaven on your feet.

Sneer in your full triangle or down duck, pen it the other way. Send your hips all the way down to the floor in reverse. So now your left hand is behind you. Your right arm is the one that's free. I've got my ankles crossed. You don't have to. You can take a breath and as you exhale, reach and then inhale all the way down, bending your knees. Exhale, pivot, twists, amazing work. And then bend your knees and as you exhale and the inhale towards your heels, two more amazing. Last time. Exhale. This time you touch the floor with both hands.

UNCROSS your feet. If they're crossed, find your full triangle. Let the shoulders run down. Can you think back to the very beginning where your shoulders, where all the way to now? Uh, all right, let's walk our hands in towards their feet. You're in a dangle that you're heavy, really heavy at the bottom here. Just stretch. Take a breath. Then Giannis slightly on the exhale.

Start a slow roll up bone by bone. All right, so your head is the last thing to come. Or can you bring your arms all the way up to the sky stretch. Inhale, exhale, arms down. Nod Your Chin, round your spine. Slowly roll all the way forward. One Hand at a time. Please walk your hands all the way out to your right position. So I'll give you the option here.

If you want to do your pushup in between. Bend your elbows in, push, or you can hold and stretch. One more time. Press or hold and stretch. Good up all the way into downward dog or triangle this time, let's walk our feet up towards our hand. Yes, hanging that nice stretch. Bend your knees. When you're ready. You're in a roll. [inaudible] head comes on blast. All right, arms up to the sky. Exhale, arms all the way down. Good. Turn yourselves around. Let's face each other here.

Find your feet right on the edge of your mat. Inhale, stretch. Perfect. Lots of space. Exhale all the way. Inhale up. Feel how heavy the ribs can be here and then exhale. Good. This time take your arms up to the sky. Please hold rise. Uh, can you press your arms all the way down? Can You keep your heels lifted?

Does you nod your Chin around your spine? Rolling down towards the floor? Yeah. If you can keep your heels lifted, you're going to rolling up bone by bone, by bone. Find that balance. Amazing work with that.

Um, Zap. All right. Lower your heels. Step to the center of your mat, please. All right. Ready? Just lift your shoulders up. Take a giant breath in. Big Drop. That's it. One more. Inhale. Exhale. Good doe work, guys. Thank you.



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Georgia Burns, hello from Canada. Wonderful class, enjoyed it very much. great cues, good instruction easy to follow. thanks for sharing it with us. blanche.
Awesome Class Georgia :) Thank You
Really loved using the props and great cuing & visuals
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Loved your class! So much fun using theraband and roller in creative ways.Loved your pace!! Great teacher. This is being added to one of my favorite classes!
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Thank you Georgia for this nice class!! and also wanted to extend belated congrats on the Pilates Competition! Hope to see a reformer workout from you!
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Liked the instructor's energy and cueing and the idea of using many props. I'd call this more pilates inspired or pilates style workout as I didn't see very many trad. pilates exercises. Didn't care for the standing work too much, but that's just me. Overall, a nice change though.
Cathy M
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Great class, really like the starting exercises on the roller and the challenge of balancing. Lots of verbal cues made it easy to follow without having to watch.
Thank you so much for sharing this hour with me! It was such a great experience. I learned so much.
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Good verbal cueing! And I really enjoyed the uplifting attitude of this instructor. Georgia, I hope you will come back to PA for more classes. What a challenge to the balance! I admit to fighting to stay on my reformer many times! I will have to repeat this one a few times to get it right! Thanks Georgia.
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I meant on my roller... oops.. Maybe I fell off and hit my head 2? ha
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Nice session...would have loved to actually use the band more instead of "imagining" the band. Especially loved the scissoring legs on roller and the snake / side twist variation @ end. Thank you
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