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Mixed Equipment Workout

60 min - Class


In this mixed equipment class Kristi tries to challenge guest and birthday girl Annie Maxwell. Throughout class there is a focus on the use of the hamstrings to help stabilize certain positions and redistribute energy in others. You'll begin by heating up your powerhouse on the box then move into Foot Work, more Abdominal work with hundreds and Openings and Hip Work in the straps. You'll have the opportunity to practice your Teaser and Backstroke before moving on to the Wunda Chair, where Pike, Side Pike and Forward Lunge and Full Swan become your next challenge.
What You'll Need: Wunda Chair, Reformer, Mixed Equipment

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Super Exciting Day. Today we are here celebrating Annie Maxwell [inaudible] anytime member since the beginning I think, or very close to it. Um, it's her birthday and she has this really cool boyfriend, Steve Green, ea Grenier. He's over there and he surprised her, brought her all the way out from New Jersey, um, to have a class with us and welcome. Super excited. She's an instructor. Um, it's not French town, Doylestown, Doylestown, PA. She's got a studio there and, uh, a swimmer or runner glottis, Dave Otay and rock climber. So I'm going to try to challenge her.

I'll see what I can do. Let's get started. I'm going to straighten out the box. Uh, we are gonna do a little one to chair at the end. So, um, that all right with you? Yeah. Okay. Alright, let's get started. I'm gonna get rid of the foot bar, I guess. So we're gonna start with a light resistance. I've got one red spring coming close to the bar and we're just breathing.

We both need to have a little bit of a nerves around this. This is a birthday one. I to make this good. So step back a tiny bit. Your feet are parallel. Take a deep breath in and just fill up and then let go. Kind of shake out whatever you need. Yeah, I'm going to do the same.

I'm right behind you doing it to take another deep breath and maybe with your mouth open and this time just exhale like you're fogging up the windows over there. We're going to go into a roll down where you'll place your hands on the box. Start the exhale round forward, peeling away from this imaginary wall. Your hands will just go in and you can kind of grip the box a little meaning. The heels are cupped from here.

Now she's going to inhale as you press the box away via the spine. Let's make that an inhale. If you haven't from about there and you start to stretch long, we are going to go into flat. There we go. Look, she's got nice loose hamstrings, so let's pull the ribs in just a little. Okay, and from here, the spine rounds to bring you back. Good. Keeping the arms straight. That's far enough. Inhale, go again. Let the inhale move you. There's the expansion of the spine. Keep going, stretch it, stretch it, stretch it table and there's all inhale and exhale to come back.

We don't have to get too technical here. I find myself always wanting to touch. Go again. Inhale, fill up, but get a sense of length. Can you feel, I'm going to pull you back a tiny bit just cause I want the top of the head, uh, aimed toward the box and it's above it. So lower your head down, right in between your arms. That OK in the shoulders. So this is where I'm checking things out to pull the ribs in and exhale. Roll back. Good. Let's aim for that spot for this last one.

So you kind of go down first, then grow into it. I love it. That's all I had to say. Next exhale rolls you all the way back to the stop where your hands will leave the bar and you come to upright position. Okay, let's put this springs on a foot. Work Springs. Um, yeah, we're going to go three read. I think. Look at Guthrie Red and yellow or something like that, but I'm happy with that.

Have a seat. We're doing a little bit more ab work before we get to the foot work and for now, let's leave that the setup as it is so feet together, right on the bar. She's got her arches on the bar. And why I'm doing that is I want you to actually almost feel like you're cupping the bar with your arches. Find the hamstrings. Reach forward gently pressed against me with your upper arms and keel on your Xcel. We don't have to be serious on your exhale. Roll back just a little.

That's great. Take an inhale, fill up. It can move. Exhale, pull back on the ads that come forward on the ox. Beautiful at the very end. Beautiful. Again, exhale back and inhale and exhale up. So if you have your feet on the bar, you can actually grip it. Let's do it again. We'll go a tiny bit further. I stopped you a little short. Go, go, go. Good hope and up you come straightening, and again, exhale.

Beautiful feeling the hipbones pull away. I love it. Stay there fully. Inhale, start the exhale, soften some where and a few comm. Love it. I'm going to add to that. So far, so good. Xcel rolls you back. Simple but focused. Inhale on the exhale, the right like a slowly gonna float up off the ground. You can push in that left leg, right kind of opposition. Inhale, put it down. Let's switch sides. We keep the pelvis still. Exhale, pushing down on the right leg. Left leg is coming up. We'll do it again.

The exhale brings it up. And as you, sorry, as you pushed and you can really pull it in, even though that isn't what I asked for, we can, and I kinda think of that top leg as forcing the air out. Inhale. We'll just do one more. Perseid. Exhale. Lovely control. This is gonna be fun. Oh, I just thought of something else, but I'll give you a break in between on this exhale with grace. Up You come. [inaudible] good. Let's inhale that the arms grow up. Take a big stretch. You can arch. Just feel good. We're going down again. Take it down.

This time as you lift the right knee, lift the left arm to inhale down. Lovely. Exhale, switch. Inhale down. Just one more beach. Lovely, lovely. Do you want to try it in nail downstate here? Like it's just as easy as the first one as gorgeous.

I love it. Okay, stay there. I'm simple. Now take your hands behind your head and either hand over hand or I typically fully laced and then kind of pull up a little with your head and down with your shoulders. Very easy. All we're going to do, I'm not sure how the breath is. We're going to inhale as we rotate to the right, Keeping Yourself Nice and upright. On the exhale, press down on that a right leg actually and assist a little bit more. So blow out. You're going. Just the taller inhale and exhale center.

I'm only gonna do one more that, that many, that much breath. Here we go. Inhale. Rotate on the exhale to downward pressure of that left side. As you grow taller, just inhale for ease and exhale, float center. So now we'll just do one breath cycle per side. Inhale already pushing into the right side. Exhale center. So keep going.

I'm only asking for you to press down onto that leg, not to move you, but just to stay connected and not lean away. Last one each way. Good, good, good. And Center and I am inhaling on the rotation is just a way I find it easier to move. Lovely. Okay. Now I'm just going to move this out of the way cause I think we know where we're going with this. We're going to go into a chest lift that has me talking a lot about the hamstrings, but it will end up working your abs. I'm pretty sure.

Put your feet on the bar here and we started to worked this out. Yeah, that's how I think it worked out. We worked this out because when you roll back, I want to have your thighs pressing down into the box and we found that this was the best place for your length. Go ahead and roll back and then we're aiming to have the shoulder blades, not off the box, but pretty close so you can wiggle back if you need to. I think you're okay. And here's the point. Just really support your head. Uh, and he's pressing down into the box here. So really recruiting the hamstrings and I'm also asking her to pull her feet towards the box. So she's got a lot of hamstring, right? It feels kind of good. You might cramp if you do shake it out. Up. Here's the exercise.

Inhale arch back. So that I feel relatively good. Exhale, we're coming up just to level to the box. This is a hard position to find. So I'm going to suggest everybody keep the position they have gently pulled ahead. Straight back. Beautiful. Inhale, go back again when you come up to level. So I'm Matt, I'm saying no flection beyond what took to get there and now it's like levitating. Bring it all together. Good. Inhale back. We'll do five. Exhale, take a ribs are pulling towards the pelvis that the legs are working again. Inhale back. Kinda enjoy that stretch. Lovely head back a little. Sorry. Back into your hands. Chin down. There we go. Inhale back. I think this is already five. Huh?

You still working your legs? Good. So now there you are. Level. We're going to go to the left five times one inhale. I'm not asking for flection. I'm not asking her to go higher. She's pointing and she's opposing. I'm gonna let go three more, but we could do more is just use the legs so that you don't move the pelvis. Right.

So that opposite leg is going to be what pulls you is at four or five I think it's four. I think she thinks it's five. Can we go the other way? I mean your break. Here we go. Once he's like a multi athlete, she can do five of anything. Use your legs. Use that hamstring. Pull back on me. Oh, you're sinking. Just a little. You can come up with 10. There you go. Four ring out the spine. Last one. Here's five. Blow it out. Blow it out. Blow it out. Come Center. Pickup a leg, grab onto the back of it.

Use it for help to get up. Hi. Hi. Nice to meet you. So far so good. She's happy. Okay, good. Let's go down again. Same position. Oh good. Yeah. Just one more thing. You're starting to not like this gift or hands her back. Okay. I'll go ahead and arch back. You've got a hold? Yeah.

Which like do you want to lift first? The right leg. So the right leg comes up. This is simple. Are you okay with me pulling it in? You're not feeling like you're going to fall off on your extra. You get to do flection this time and you're going to crisscross over to it. So we're just gonna leave this light here and go back. Okay, so that's the move. Good.

Now what would probably feel better if you didn't have someone holding your leg and she's not going to in a minute is when you go back into extension, extend the top leg metal balance shoe and then press the air out and press the air out. Only one more. Good. You still secure on the box? Put the leg down, come through center and take the other leg up. Let's do two without the rotation. Make sure you are secure. She is still using your hamstring. Trust me. One good. Nice job. Thinking shoulder up across the hip to the next one.

We'll add the extension if you haven't already. She draws the knee and she inhales to stretch it out. She draws it in. One more time. We're not going to let it cross the body. Totally, but it gets close. Good. Now come back to the center, bending that knee again, grab onto it and help yourself up. Lovely. Okay. Let's set your foot bar up. Probably Middle One.

You take the boxes off and we're going into foot work. Kind of warm. That's always fun when you make the athletes feel it, but you know what you're doing anyway. Okay, looking good. So we're going to go heels. I'm just moving you a tiny bit just to situate things. If, if I made it feel weird, just do a Shimmy. Okay, so I'm flexing your feet a little.

Go ahead and flex them a little more and then rest your toes. Okay, so as if it all came from the hamstrings, just engage their little, let's exhale, pressing all the way out and just for the first few, let me see. Great. Inhaling and exhaling out. Good. I'll, I'm going to keep talking. You keep going. This is a place now where I think we did a pretty good warmup in terms of intensity. So now let's get back into the longer movements. Back into the idea of using the full breath, right? You've got a fully exhale to fully inhale. Good, nice.

And yet no strain, right? It's this working. It's organic almost. Let's just do one more lovely and down we go both feet at the same time. So you stay connected to go down to the balls of the feet. Great. Ready? Same thing. Exhale. Lengthen out. Okay. And out again.

This time when you get out there, stay out there and remember the feel that you had of your legs dropping into the box. Let's see that it's not tightening the tops of the legs at all. I literally want to see your femurs go down. It might and it might take your pelvis with you a little. Okay. Can You keep that to probably don't squeeze too hard. Perfect. Okay. Did you felt the difference? Yeah, it's you. That's all you need.

Use only what you need and maybe if you want to put that energy somewhere. Here's a new cue I got from Amy outburst. Just keep on, your feet are parallel, right? I'm not asking you to move your feet right now, but she talks about reaching the toe, the big toes toward each other, the little toes away. Of course you can't strain to do it, but it's for me, it gives me that innercise sort of feeling. Just a thought worked for me. Lovely. I love it. Just do one more. Please. Come on back and from the hips are going to just rotate out.

So the heels are now touching. Feet are pretty, so they feel good. Off you go. Good. Okay. Keep going. The, it's not gonna look any different to me. Well it will, but it's going to be very subtle. We don't need so much here. Can you met? That's better already. Can you imagine just initiating from above the knee? The feet are already where they need to be. They can relax.

It's like you're lifting off your feet rather than pushing into your feet. It actually works to think of pushing too, but let's try it that way and then stay there. Can you, can you soften your feet without dropping? Yeah. Yeah. That's great. That's great. And come in. Yeah, way better if it's just as energy shift, right? That's all we do in pilates is dispersed. Enters all we do in life probably, but it's, it's where are you going to put the energy and you can put it there or you can move it up. Beautiful. Okay. Come on down.

A heels go wide and I'm going to change this. Just you had said something about having tight hips. So all I want to do is just for variety is to go really wide here. Is that okay? All right. Same deal with the feet. They're like no longer there in a way and you're initiating from Nice and high.

Off you go. It's like a giant magic circle as an in between the knees. So there's definitely an outward lengthening but in inward motion almost more good. Keep going. I'm just checking. I think you're fine. Does it feel unstable if I flex you like that? Okay. I think your goal a lot. You're having that much fun. Good.

That's the way it should be. Just one more, did I say one? Yeah. Okay. Rotate again. Okay. So that wasn't really, yes. Yeah. Kind of a weird thing. Right. So just be gentle when you go out and then come in. Is that okay? Yeah, it's a different feel for sure. This is where you probably experienced the tighter feeling. Most of us would, I think. Good.

So basically I just took her feet and knees inward. Okay. She's not overly torquing your feet. It's all lined up as far as that's concerned. Um, a variety of software I like to do that. I'm going to just for you give a cue when you get out there, stay there and everybody just place your hands on your hips and if you, and as you slide into your femur towards your leg, if you rise up a lot, it probably means you can let go somewhere. There you go. And I'm thinking this side was, yeah, and come on back. Okay. Good.

Toes parallel again. Feed her a little bit apart. Like sit bones. We're going to come on there. And when I say toes, I typically mean balls of the feet where your feet, your toes can rest. All right. Still thinking of the back of the body. Are the hamstrings initiate to a full extension or straight leg? Yeah, this side just, it's not so much a twist as it is. Um, it's, it's this, it's like a affliction here. So, so, or at least that's how it appears. That's great. Okay.

Lower the heels under the bar. Stay there. I'm pulling on her heels. You can imagine that, um, start to lift up again from higher than the feet. So I don't want to feel the feet quite so much quite so soon. It's almost like you're going to bend, turn it. It's that. Go ahead and lift up to three and resist me. Two, three and up to three. N T G, three.

Good. There's no doubt you've got to push into the football. Right? Um, I'm aware of that. But it's just shifting your focus. Someone like you who can rock climb has the ability to take their mind where they need to go at the right time. So I'm just playing with that more than anything. Like, okay. Yeah. You have to use your feet, your calves, but can you feel it elsewhere? Maybe even more cool.

Reaching this into my hand. Yeah. Yeah. That's great. Give yourself a few more, a little quicker, but no less precise. It's up and reach down and lift up and reach down. Up. And one more. As few more. Good. Bend your knees and come on home. Great. Let's see. Ooh, oh, I know what I want to do. So I'm going to drop our springs down to two fold to red.

Can you put your headrest down? [inaudible] it. Okay. Heals up parallel and again, sits bones, distance. Make sure they feel secure. So I'm on a hamstring kick today. Not sure tends to be the case with me. We're gonna do bottom lift. So on this first one we'll exhale to roll up. Don't move the carriage please.

Good. Come a little higher. Okay, now this is all good. Can you just for my own sake, can you post your tuck a little bit more? Good. There's your hamstrings. Yeah, they were there. I know, but exhale. Roll down. Okay. Now we won't spend quite so much time. We're going to inhale as we roll up. Not Easy for people to do, right? You finished that breath. There you go. Good, good, good.

Keep going with the hips. Tuck a little, get the hamstrings. Come on. There you go. Exhale, come down. And of course if I do stop and you need to keep going and keep going, or breathe as you need to write up, you go. I'm going to flex your feet. Okay. You're not going to like that one bit. Keep talking, keep talking, keep talking. Now it's all about femurs to the floor and hips to the sky. A little more.

Exhale, roll down. Bring the carriage back. Good for you. All right, let's add to it so you're fine. Good. If we go, inhale. Okay, so this is great. So just a exhale here for a second there. It did bring you down a little, but it's okay.

It's because this is what we care I'm caring about today. Um, inhale, exhale, push out. Not Quite the whole distance. Every, keep going, keep going. Keep going. Now here are your pelvis. May lower cause you're out so far. Can you go ahead now everything rises back in. Exhale to go again. Good. And so you're like a plank. As you go out, let the whole diagonal come down. Be Nice to your back. There we go. And up. You see that? It's basically staying in the same shape.

The whole rib cage will come. There we go. Now we're pulling with the back of the legs and the low back though. It's working. It's not primary. I love it. Lovely. Come all the way in. Hit the stopper. Roll yourself down. Lovely. Hug your knees to your chest. Ah, I'm going to drop her to just a red and a blue instead of the two red we had reached back at. Grab your straps. Shimmy away from the shoulder rest.

Taking your knees up to tabletop. I'll get rid of your foot. Bark for where we're going to go in a minute. All right, thank you. Okay, so arms directly above your shoulders. Can you straighten both elbows? Good. Thank you. I love working with an instructor. She's going through a checklist. I'm don't to have to say anything into the a hundred exhale, curl good. And we inhale two, three, four, five and exhale. Two, three, four, five in. And let's try not to move the carriage quite so much. Your speed is fine. Just reach through your armpits more. That's better. It's better.

It's a lot better. It's got to move some I think, but now it's not quite as balanced. It's like you're gently pressing it. Yeah. Good. Let's do about four more breaths, but take out the pulse and rise up. Two, three, four, five, down. Not very high. Reached through the arms, the back of the arm, the lat to do it. Good. Now remind yourself it's a breathing exercise. Force all the air out. Prove it. Prove it. Prove it. Prove it. Prove it. Prove it. Prove it. Good. One more.

Lovely and out. Out, out, out. Hold the arms. Pull the knees in and down. You go for arrest. Good. Right into openings. I'll cue you. Come back into the a hundred. Basically up you come can, can you lower your legs a little if it changes, turn the arms and the legs out. You open it slow. Inhale, arms and legs. Exhale, Clo and none other place to fill up. It's okay.

Even if the shoulders rise a tiny bit tiny, you can use that to come back down to feel the sense of lovely. Avoid a tuck in the pelvis just saying, and I'm not seeing it. Actually. I love it. She's basically matching arms to legs in terms of, um, with uh, certainly in speed. How about one more lovely holding the arms there. Draw the knees in close today. Way Close. You can even lift the pelvis. Bring the knees to the nose. Lovely and down. You calm. Ha. Okay. Going into foot work.

I took the bar down. Do I need the bar down? I'm going to leave the bar down. Let's put your feet in straps. I still ever on the one and a half. Okay. Okay. Are they, did they slip? They feel they feel good. Okay. Let's do a few frogs. So you turn out from the hips. Yep. And just simple. So what my, my direction would be using only what you need.

So there's so little happening here. Sort of exhale, press out. Inhale, pull it, exhale and, and out of the inner thigh. And I'm not trying to make you squeeze harder. I'm just trying to shift the focus. Yeah, I don't know how to explain that, but it was, it was just, I have no idea, but that worked good. Okay.

Let's mix it up a little again for your tight hips. Go come into frog just for the moment. And basically I want you to go into a diamond position. So the soles of the feet together as much as possible. This is great. And you can actually, let me see. That's good. She's, she's going to, I think a comfortable diamond. In other words, it's not really long.

It's not really short. All right, so from the outer hip, it's like you're pushing from here, you're just going to lower down. Okay. Now keeping, imagine your feet are on a leg or a table and gently press the knees outward. Okay? So that sensation. And now that whole piece comes up as your legs come up, you're not changing the angle of the knee at all, but you do kind of have to let go. Don't you reengage and bring it back down and by let go. I'm talking about the glutes. If there's, you know, you're squeezing them obviously at the bottom. So as you come up, if you don't let go and let the leg move in the hip socket, it kind of ruins the position. Yeah. And again, I would say use only what you need. You get more, you get more.

There's a lot that you could use and it just overpowers what we want to work. Good. All right. So now we come to the top again. You're in the same shape without moving carriage. Extend your legs to strike. Hopefully rebend it now. Moving carriage and up again.

And you can squeeze as hard as you want here and bend, but you can move the carriage. Lovely. Good. I love it. So at this last one, at the top, when you get there, see if you can turn the leg bones out more. Not from the feet. Relax the feet totally. And find the yes. Okay. Now just level out. So that's a normal turnout, not exaggerated. We go into down circles. So just inhale, prepare, soften your feet. Okay.

Exhale down. Inhale around and up all the way together. Let's ends up kind of being a square. The way I'm teaching it to her and exhale down. Actually, no it's not, but it's close. I love how you're bringing them together. Totally. Before blending it into the pole. It's just sort of a proof for yourself in a way. You could blend it. But let's make this the last exhale down and reverse it. Picking up the legs.

Sorry. My fault. From there, go ahead and round. Picking up the legs from just under the ribcage and around. Yeah. Are you only using what you need? Absolutely. She says good. It looks like that too actually, but I have a way of finding out.

But I'll do it. Next session you will come back, right? Stevie will bring her back. He's not listening. Okay, good. So now I want to do long spine. Here's how I do it. And maybe you did the same. First of all, relax a little. Okay, I'm back on the hamstring thing again. So this is a subtle, um, I'll, I'll teach you that part in a second. Come to about 90 degrees. Still one and a half. Right. And because I don't know you, I'm gonna hold the carriage a little on the exhale.

You're appealing straight up. The carriage wouldn't move. Good. Good. Right now I don't need you higher under neck, but I do need a little higher year. It might feel a bit. Okay, good. Separate the feet and then melt it down. So it's truly one bone at a time. You get needle. Yeah. There you go. See if I'm not holding it.

Actually I'm just here if I could, if she needs it. Then once your tailbones down come round, cause that hurt her straps are not overly long. You know, I didn't put an extension strap on there longer than some people use the straps. That's great. And a few go. Okay. Do you show the character move a little. Yeah. So that was just cause you, you went fast in a slightly less connected way than you can in your separate grow taller as you do. It's just an idea. XL Roll down trying not to touch my arm.

All the touching this happening was my fault. Will shaky. Okay, so here's the that, okay. Yeah. Okay. So here's what's fun. Um, perfect. Just maybe don't turn out quite so much. In fact, don't turn out at all. Okay. So she's paralleled together. I'm just gonna ask you to slightly bend your knees and like, you're going to pull me down. Not even that much, but so that you get the hammies. It's to stay that way the whole time. So she is not in a soft knee. Right? She's actively like about to push down by bending her knees.

So strong hamstring. Alright, keep that as you go up. It's not, it's kind of hard to do. It's really tempting to straighten the legs here, but we're not gonna let her and she's super strong here. It's critical for this part. Okay. Separate the feet, but keep them slightly meant they're the knee and coming back down just as you did before. It's spine. Keep the knees a tiny bit more bent on them. There you go. That's gonna. You'll feel that you okay. Yeah. Is this killer on the hamstrings and just please notice that it's not a big knee bend. If it were, she would be all over the place. So circle, round, close, slightly event. That's good. I'd say a me a little more right there. Up you go.

Okay. You don't need that little hops or we're going to get that on the next one. Good. Separating it without straightening it. Lovely. Lovely. Tell me that it's good. You can start to release the pelvis there. Yes. Last one if we don't jump. So what I'm saying is a tiny little thing, but she's into precision. If she's hanging off cliffs, a little more flex a little. Okay.

So this very first section you tend to kind of, it's not a toss or even a jump, but it's for you. It is. So we're going to just, just exhale and think I'm going to press my low back. There you go. That's, that's all that was missing. It was like the thought to, to not go too fast to that section. Go a little taller as you separate your right. Bend the knee a little [inaudible]. Good. Now you can come down. [inaudible] Oh, do you feel it in the hamstrings? Not your back. Right. Good. Come around. I'm not going to reverse it. I want to move on. Um, let's see.

We should probably stretch them, Huh? Okay. Let's bring you out here please. Yeah, the f bars down. Thank you. Got It. Okay. Come on down. Lovely. And you may come off please. Awesome. I should say. Okay. We're going to go into a stretch. Um, one spring is what I would normally do. Um, I'm going to put a yellow one cause I don't know, a red and yellow. Okay.

Her eyes just got really big yellow. That's the latest. Um, no, a little more than one full spring until, you know these springs. No, we go here. They're all this one. Come on up. I know. I just, it's a safety thing for me, honestly. If you go ahead and stand on the reformer. Yup, that's great. And since you just did that, I'm going to have fun with this.

Let's go into a plank. Push the carriage out. Can you put the right leg on from here? Awesome. Fun. Okay, so in this position so far, does that feel okay in terms of weight? Okay, I'm going to leave it. I think again, it's just so I feel better from here without actually, can I sink it down just a smidge? Okay. From here, can you bring your body to upright? My arm is here. Okay. This part is not for everybody. You could just hang out and breathe happy. All we're going to do is straighten this forward like and go back, but your hips won't rise. One come back to the staff work.

Lovely. There's number two. I love it. I'm going to move in front of you dancing numbers there. You know what I mean? But I'll be close. You're good. You're good. Stay there from here without you think of the hamstring. You just worked separate the feet more. You're going directly down if not just the back leg working or the front leg.

You're going to float up. Use both legs and in fact you almost don't use anything and you just let the spring bring you in. Right? Let's do that again. I love it. You can the knee here. Yeah. Good. That's beautiful. One more time or hips are level. It looks beautiful. Okay, now just come only halfway up. Bend the forward knee. Come on home. Hands on the bar. Transition through plank.

Okay, you're fine. I know it's your left side. I should see the psyching out she's doing over here. You're fine. You're fine. This is your, your your side. Your left side. It's fantasy camp. Use this leg more by pushing into my finger. Okay. Straight back and forward. Good for you however you want.

I haven't decided by the time I do, we'll be done. You can straighten your back like more if you really push the heat. There you go. It's just so much more secure. Go again. I'll stay there. I truly know. Really think of that back like that. Not the leg, but pushing into, okay.

She goes down and then from somewhere inside she decides I can relax and go all the way up. She allows the carriage away from her slightly pull your left hip forward. Lovely. Okay. If you're doing this and you feel a tremendous drag on the back, right leg, you gotta use the front leg more. You can't rely on the back, like only to drag it in or lighten up on both. That was it, wasn't it? If you just go halfway down, bend the forward knee and pull yourself all the way in, hands to the bar and you can just step down. Lovely. That was great. That was really great. Um, let's do long ball a little bit, a long box with the backstroke and the teaser.

I'll let you grab the box and I'll put this down. I'm just changing the springs because it's off to the side and it bugs me. So I'm best for one spring in the middle. There's no real reason for that other than I got to shoot. Sit here and yeah, we're going to have you lined back with your shoulders.

Just barely coming off the box for backstroke. I should've had you Gabby. She handles it. I'm going to give it to you. Um, people do this a little different so I'm, I think I can talk you right through it though. Cause it's similar enough that's maybe almost too much. And he started scoot towards your hips more cause you're not going to be arching over and off. Okay, here we go. All right, so fingers like soap back of the hand and it's about head height the way we're doing it. This is all Bassey style. Come forward in your flection a little and take your hands off your forehead.

So just put, push with the arms a little more towards my hands. Just your, just your hands. There you go. There you go. I'm not that mean everything goes straight up on the inhale. Open. Exhale, circle around, a little bit of a pause and bring it right back where you started. That's all it is. And inhale everything up. Open. Exhale around retreat, reach. Good.

And so I'm not teaching a version where you lift higher, although you could open and around and pull. Good. Finding that rhythm. It's up open and around and in. It's just quick, quick and dry. Lovely. Last one, quick, quick and around. Beautiful. And support your head and just relax. Good, good, good, good.

I'm debating on if I want you to shoot me onto the shoulder under the box a little more. I think I do sometimes those in shoe back a little. We're going to go into teaser and just sit up for a second. Um, traditionally teaser ends up with the legs down, right? And you rise up. Um, we're going to use the way rail does it and um, he tends to like to make things just a tiny bit different. Okay. So your legs are going to start up, but I'll, I'll talk you through that. So the lie back and let's just make sure you're not hanging off too much. Scoot down towards your feet and what's too much. I don't really, just not, not hanging off where you can easily fall backwards. Okay.

So your arms are going to be reached back by your ears. You're going to be flat with them like you're on the floor. Your legs are at their teaser positions that, okay, you're going to take the arms around the side and roll up. You can lower your legs a little roll up, up, up, up. I know, right? It's just different. Now as you reach to me, pull the hips away to roll down.

You can leave your legs here and they come around the side and back to where you are. That's all it is. Good. Beautiful. Inhale, if you can the whole way up, if you can. You can exhale if you want so long. Oh, it's gorgeous. Take another inhale here and exhale. Good. Yeah. It's one of those things that ultimately rail does go. Inhale up, exhale down. I almost always exhale here and take another one cause I need more time personally. Then I inhale and I just think long. I soften through the legs a little and I reached the legs to whoever's making me do this and I go back, let's do one more and around we go. Okay. Good, good. Keep reaching to me.

And this is the one time I'm going to say soften to the elbows a little. I don't even mean bend. I just, there you go. Now pull yourself down. Good, good, good. And you can just let go the straps behind you. Lovely. Just drop them. There you go. And help yourself up. Okay, good, good, good, good. One more thing here before we go on to chair. So let's take this away and we'll do arm's kneeling. Trying to think, how can I simulate rock climbing? This? This can't hurt.

Kneeling up against the shoulder s facing that far end still with one spring. Okay, so for this one, let's hold higher on the ropes of just where the plastic is. You don't have to wrap or anything like that. And of course that depends on how your straps are. But I'm thinking that she, we want resistance before she starts. Okay. So we think about the setup. A couple of things.

I want guess what hamstrings again. Right? So what we have now is a good setup. With one exception, you're leaning back a little and you're doing that. Cause it's a smart thing to do so you don't fall over, but you're talented. So we're not gonna let you do that. We're gonna make the hamp. Nope, you were fine. That's better. That's a straighter for you. I'm not going to do it cause you're not sure. Yeah. Okay. So tuck a little, just so I know the difference. A rounding the low back. Yep. Okay.

Keep that. Okay. But bring your chest to me. Uh, not by going up, by coming forward. Okay. Do you feel, I think you can even come more. Tuck a little. He starting arch your back again. Okay. Now from here. Yeah, you really got to Tuck for you cause you're compensating from here. We're thinking lats arms are basically relaxed that they're going to take the brunt of this Xcel as you pull down and back right close to you. Stay there. Now squeeze your arms together. Okay. The upper arms, I mean lift to chest a little. That's all. Okay. So when I say up for you or anyone, it's not, it's like the skin and come forward just to there. Love it.

Now you're there. We don't have to do very many now. Exhale breath, good skin, good and bad. It's like it's coming from your shoulder blades sort of. You won't feel that. Mostly you'll feel triceps a lot. The more you can minimize the hand tension. I know you have to hold it but the better. Good. I'm going to do something for us. You but us. Go again. Stay there.

Okay. Think I'm reaching down the conveyor belt but the chest is going to rise but you don't get to lean back to do it. You're okay. You're okay. You feel that and then bring it down and fort. We'll do a couple of those. I want to see a side view of that. We pull. Yeah, it almost feels like you're going to pitch forward now. As you reach down with the arms, you can go ahead and even look up a little.

There you go. And then level back out and go forward. So it's an actual like four part exercise pullback. One reached down with his shoulders up with the chest to good, beautiful re level out and there's four. Lovely. Okay. Happy. Last one with this is to, um, you're going to pull back to the side of your arms. Like I said, stand in front of you for that. And then once you're there, we're going to rote to keep the arm sort of connected to the side of your body. You rotate the spine so that right arm is going to continue to pull.

The left arm goes loose. Yeah, come back to center and you can let it go forward. Just to take that little break. Paul, again, get tall. Once it's lined up with your side, you keep aligned. Make it a spinal rotation. The writer strap will go loose. Beautiful. Come back to center. Catch the tension and let them both go. One more.

Perseid you pull to line him up, rotate. Good line. Catch the tension back in the center and forward. Last one, Paul. Okay, you've got to open just a little. Great and good. Good, good, good, good. And Center. Wallah. Okay, good. Let's put that away. Um, do I want to do that?

I don't think I want to do the whole series. Let's grab the one to share now. Okay. Okay. So we have Ron to chair now. Um, Combo chair. We're going to start with the pike. A little out of order from how I would normally jump into this series, but why not? So we have two springs on there, both two down from the top. I use just the black of the four that this Kombucha has, that two black springs on what I call two. So please step on the bar and I'm going to do it in parallel or have you do it in parallel. Crate and hands are going to go forward. Turn to the side. Lovely.

Okay. So my setup, I'd take a little time on this first one if you would shift your pelvis towards the chair. So your legs are coming in, that's great. She automatically accommodated with her upper back. That's lovely. All right, so now as you exhale, you're going to fold right higher than the belly button, maybe even higher than that. Good. All the way to the top of the spring tension. If you can. Of course you can adjust your feet, let your head go between your arms a little more. So you feel this. Then as you go down, I want you to lift off my fingers. Inhale to go down, but lift your ribs off my fingers. It's more image than reality. Don't touch the ground. Exhale. Go up again from where my fingers are. Good, good, good. If you can get your ears between your arms, that's what I want you.

Cause you can feel that. Inhale down great almost to the ground and you can get a little tiny bit lower next time. And I'm not, I'm giving you mixed signals, aren't I? And here she goes, she act like you can pick up the chair. So your biceps fire off a little. I know. Just a little to still let us just take you out of hyperextension.

Then as you go down, lift off. Might think up to go down. Yes. And exhale up again. So I'm just placing my short hands on your shoulders so you can feel the pressure of a forward back motion that we don't want. It's very mild. Just something to know up, up, up, up. Okay. Minimize your fingers.

I'm going to ask you to do one more just to prove it to me. Exhale, probe to you, I should say. Lovely. She was doing that the whole time I guess. And you can slowly peel your way down the exit. Matter's careful. Good Steph off well done. Hey. Yeah, that was great. It's really good. Good. Let's see. I'm going to go into 'em forward lunge, forward. Step Up.

I forget what we call it. Um, and then we'll decide pike instead of how I thought it was going to step on the bar again. Right, but up on them, the top. Okay, good. Let me have you come off again. You were great. You didn't do anything. I don't want to, I want to do it differently. I want to turn it. Okay. So it was all me. So we just finished the pike, right?

Yes. Okay. So that was awesome. Okay, so now we're going to do the forward lunch. I'm going to turn the chair just so we can pay attention more to the hips. And I know it doesn't make any difference to you, but it does to some of us here. So go ahead and step on the bar. I've got our sticky mat and waiting for later. Right leg up.

Okay. So it's a huge space between where we have I left your springs. We're going to try it like that and maybe a little bit light. It's a big space, right? Um, between the pedal and your other foot. So I'm still gonna ask you for level pelvis, okay? However, you may need to slightly lean forward when you take the initial step off. Okay? So I'm with you.

What you're going to do is take your arms out and here's what matters to me is that someone who's going to spot you is I want to know that you're connected here. I happened to know that working with you just the short time, but for my sake will you pushed down on me? Good. So that I'm not, you feel secure. Okay? So what we're doing, she's got her foot pretty far forward on the chair. Her toes are still on, but it's so once again, she can use her hamstrings in conjunction with their glutes. As you exhale to go up. Good. Go slow, go slow. I don't even want you to come off for the first few, but I do want you to come to the top of the spring tension. Tell me if you want to stick your mat on the foot. Okay. And then down.

Not quite to the floor, just about level. That's plenty. And now what we're going to aim to do is put more weight on the back leg. Shift your pelvis backwards, your whole body backwards and up. That's fine right there. Vertical up. Now that you're off the thing, right? Good. So if you could see the side view of her and you might be able to, it's she's almost right over ankle. We can even back up more.

But because we're just met, I'm not going to, I'm going to step off on this one. So you're going up now you will have to transfer forward. No doubt. Okay, rest there. Now what I'm gonna give you is this, that cause when you step off, almost everybody's going to get that hip out. So rather than me saying, drop that hip, you're going to raise the other hip. It's just a weird brain game. So same leg working. Here we go. You're gonna.

Now here's accounts here too. So as you let the left leg hang off the back, you're going to start to bend this leg. You can pitch forward a bit. That's okay. But lift this hip. Yes. You'll find the bar. You can look, it's fine. This up again. Right? Good. Now you know what to do. You put weight on that back leg too. That's plenty. Now when you come up, go slow enough that we can get our body to feel. You got to lift the left hip. You gotta you gotta and now as you step off, a really lifted, how'd you cheat? Oh, that's all right. We're okay with that, isn't it? It's about figuring it out, right?

I'm giving you don't know my cues even so I'm giving you new stuff maybe. Yeah, there you go. It's a long way down. That's good. I think that's good. You can pull it backwards. Yes. And this will be the last one. All you girl. Just think I can do my left hip up. You can bend the knee even. Well done. Let's, let's go down. Sorry. The same way and transition on the bottom cause we don't do half of anything.

Good. Yeah, they up translates to forward for you as slight bit. Just so you know when you go home. Sorry, hold on. So we did three or four where you're just focusing on feeling the initiation mostly. Let's see what happens. Let me come over here. Okay. So yeah, you can start thinking about raising the right hip a little, even though you're not coming off. And then putting weight on that back leg. This is a weird cue for people. Go ahead.

You're all right. Yeah. All right, let's try it. Raising the right hip. It's like that's it. Now as you go down, put more weight. So if I pushed you here, which I don't want to, but I could end up you go. It's that sensation. It's like scissoring the legs from the inner thigh. Good. All right, we're going to step up on this next one. Yeah, this is nice going raise this hip raise. Good. Cool. Yeah, it's not easy. It's not easy and it's different if you're on a low chair, which is where I learned this.

So we have to kind of recognize that difference. When the pedal is only that far apart, it's easier to keep the hips level. Okay. Now just play with you. Even if how are used to bend the knee or what have you have to do to raise it? That hip to it. Yeah, that's it. And it's kind of just figuring it out.

So much of this work is sometimes that's enough and if you go, you can pitch forward a little. It makes sense for this chair and the spring tension, especially being as low as it is. Nice. There you go. Now that it's set, you can do a little [inaudible] and [inaudible]. Good. I'm going to walk away cause I want to see it from the front as soon as it, as soon as it lands. And then just you're doing a rotation to kind of send the left femur forward there. Yeah.

Oh pick up the right waste. Waste waste. Oh you can go down to the floor and be done with that. But, but with like, it's part of yeah. With style, with, you know, the philosophies in mind. Nice. Okay. That was your break for side. Um, I wanna turn it. Okay. Have a seat on the chair. I'm going to, you know, I'm gonna go a tiny bit higher. All right? So you may not need it, but we can work the nuance. So just have a seat. Yeah.

Facing out. Push the foot bar down and I'm hands go to the left and turn them sideways and you're going to stand up and swivel. Okay. So now she's got the like closest to the chair in front. You can adjust your feet for comfort. If your bar is short, you can turn them out. Should we have a nice long bar? So both of our feet are parallel and on the bar, just like a cute, the other one, there's a real strong temptation to go up in this diagonal. I'm not going to let you do that. This is maybe a rail ism again, I'm not sure, but we're going to square off your shoulders. Okay.

So from there that brought you even closer, didn't it? You can almost skim your way up. Okay. Then if you put your head down, I think I can show this. There's a tendency for this, uh, support arm to pop up at the shoulder blade. So just lift away from my fingers. Feels like she's, uh, probably to her that you're really rounding and you are, but it's appropriate for where we are. Okay? So from here it's like, oh, bleak heaven or something you're going to pull from here. I'll definitely a lot of weight in the arm, but you're not using that arms up, up, up, head down, head down, head down more. Get to the top where I'll get to the top. Good. Inhale, peel down. And again, if you're going to adjust your feet, adjust your feet.

If that's what's making it hard and I'm going to, I'm going to rotate you a little head down. Good. Now inhale, peel down. It's think articulation. There you go. Not to the floor as too 12 for you. Good. Now as you go down, I want this momentary lift. You're in a perfect position. Lift off my finger though. As you go. Lift, lift, lift, lift. Literally come off my finger and up you go. It's like, um, I don't know.

I don't want to give a weird like a fire, like my fingers fire. But yeah. Yeah. It's like pressed. That's plenty down. That's great. Much better and up you go. Happy. Okay, good. Stay there. Take this leg out to the side. Good. Stay out of the shoulder. Lift up there. Now peel down. Keep the leg in the air.

And Big exhale. Don't be afraid to exhale on these. One more time. This is it. Well, come on. Come on, come on. Come on. Come on and down. Have seat. Really good. Really good. Yeah. Just take a breath. You're ready. Okay. Push bar down. Switch.

Do you know what I mean by the sort of lift to go over? It seemed like in the end. Okay, good. So she feet flat. She turns and you're in, you're in position. You don't have to cross the legs. Took me about 10 years to figure that one out. Okay, so you're square. This is great. It's great. Up you go. You might watch the, and again, it's not a soft elbow.

It's like you're going to pick up the chair just in thought. That's good. Very good. And inhale, peel down. Oh yeah, she's on her right arm. She's happy. It's too, it's so, you know, we all have, we're all spiraling with the earth or without it one way or the other. Good. Good. Head down. Yeah, just did the bottom. You kind of have to think of lifting up this way. Rounding. Yeah.

I gotta Square you off a little. [inaudible] it's extending your feet over to the left corner. The room step there, but lift out of the shoulder. There you go. Up. You go up, you go up. You Go. I get one more to the chaplain. We'll add that leg. Uh Huh. Uh Huh. Okay. Adjusted Front foot. If you need to reach the leg out, keep it out there and feel down to feel up. Good. So there's no doubt your right arm is working right?

But it should be just body weight. It shouldn't be like picking you up. Good, good, good. Do we only did two right? I think so too. You can come down on that one then. Right? Have a seat. Well done. Well done. We're so close. You may step off. Okay. Let's do a quick side stretch. Okay.

You earned a little reward. Yeah, actually. So I took it down to one spring, one from the top. So you're sitting basically on your side side of your hip. It's kind of like doing site overs on the box on these more stretch and then this foot, um, let's take it to a pointed toe and it stays on the ground. Okay. Right hand on the bar, leaning over. I knew what you could do, so I screwed onto the chair a little more so that this is turned out. And you're going to hook. Yeah, you can hook for sure.

Hook and like use it as an anchor, but pretend the lower leg is hooked or under a strap this hand to your ear. Good. Good. And everyone said, go ahead and inhale as you go over. Everyone has a slightly different place where they're gonna sit. And what I'm going to do for Annie because I'm guessing that if I move her onto the chair a little bit more, or maybe it's just onto the side of her hip a little bit more, she will get more length from the top. So it's come back up and I don't think you have to go onto the chair more than as much as sitting more sideways. Yeah, and then still so you can have, does that make sense? Yeah.

So now the line ought to be a little bit longer and I'm just going to anchor you to for fun. Go for it. Inhale [inaudible] and he's good right now. It goes with you, but it won't change within your structure and exhale and so all I'm doing, well, I'm being really nice as what I'm doing, but it's just trying to give the sense of as the upper body goes one way, the legs and hips go the other and up. Last one, don't forget your head when you come off, it kinda stays down there without you reach out to the crown of your area. You Go, okay, let's go to the other side. Looking out the window. Yeah. Good.

I'll let you find a few on your own first. That looks good. I think. Yeah, I think so. And one way to check this and I should just ask is does it feel like you've just crunching one side or does the top side feel long and it's certainly the lower side is going to be shortening, but the top side should just feel like it's, I don't know. I always see them cue of yawning and that kind of is what I'm thinking here. No, no more head, more spine. Like you get down to this.

I think what might be end range and to make you feel like you're going more, I think your head kicks in. So lift your head slightly. Just there. Now if you want more, go from here. Pull that shoulder armpit to waist. Bottom one. Good. And up. There we go. Yeah, here we go. Okay.

Yeah. Yeah. I'm not pushing hard. Um, maybe a little, but not really it, I'm feeling I'm feeling her right. So you don't just have someone crank on you. Let's um, I feel like we go way back. You know we don't. Okay, that's good. All right, let's do the Swan and call it a day. So what we're doing, we're going to teach the full swan, but I'm going to start with the basics. So you may decide to stay with this one. Um, the spring is good.

One, one spring from the top. We put the sticky mat on cause we know where we're headed. If you're going to stay with the basics one, which is appropriate for a lot of people, um, you may not need the sticky mat. I'm going to suggest why you might be all right. I think back a little for this one. Okay. So here's the point.

We're back into hamstrings to support her low back. We're going to work the whole musculature of the back, but the focus is going to be the front. So from a level, and I'm, you might be fine. I just want to see that from the side. Okay. From basically level, she's going to start articulating from the top of her head as if she's going forward. Yup. And then rising up, letting a little more from here. So it's gonna feel like your shoulder blades have to come together just a little bit. Rise up with, there you go. And then back to level. There are a few fewer on the floor. You can imagine rolling the marble forward.

That's a cue I hear in like and Oh, beautiful. Little more chest, Florida, good. And, and so rather than you're doing fine, just think about, there's a tiny bit of you that comes up in a one piece and it's common. That's why I'm mentioning it and go down so far. I'm an exaggerate. This is not going to look great, but I'm exaggerating just to hear ahead. Then do your chest. Nope. Just your chest then start to rise up. You know, and you see what I mean? That was exaggerated. It's not gonna look like that. It was too much of all of it.

But if we think in terms of even more pieces in that, it's like your head, then your chest, then the bar has no other choice but to come up. And I, I'm not, I'm not pushing her down. If anything she, I'm reminding her to push me up and she's done a great job of that since we didn't even talk about it. Last one like this. There you go. Just stand. I'm going for there. This is more articulation. Okay, now let's try it for the full swan. She's going to push the bar to the ground, anchor it to the ground. Then she's going to raise your legs and this is going to help her to figure out where she needs to be and it takes a time or two. It almost feels like you're hooking your hipbones or front of your pelvis on the edge. Then she's dropping down. Nice. It's gotta be this, but she's got these straight legs, but she goes to the floor. Stay there for one sec. Go a little lower like you are. That was awesome.

You still got the legs? She arches her back more. That's what's going to keep her from falling off, not me. Um, she's on her own. Good. Do One more to straight arm. Keep the straight arm rise up. She's going to let her legs come back to level and go to the top of the spring. Tension. Excellent. Then she goes right into it.

When she almost hits the ground, she bends her elbows and arches are upper back and looks forward. You happy? Bend the elbows and straighten him three times. One, two, don't turn out so much. It's going to mean less blue, more hamstring, and up she comes. Oh, feels good for me. Last one. Again, I'm not really doing anything, but I do get to monitor whether or not she over does her glutes, which would send her legs to the sidewalls and she's doing beautiful up she comes. Last one, grand finale. Inhale, and to level, or to the ground. Wiggle your way back. Grab the front of your chair, Bend your knees, let your background, they'll join you. All was the hard work. I did it. And then go ahead and straighten your legs. Let your hands come away and hang and roll yourself up.

Take a deep Beth just however you want. Feel good. It's your birthday girl. Exhale, and thank you so much for coming and supporting plots. Anyti. Thank you. Thank you. See [inaudible] great. That was great.


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Loved this class. Thanks
That was wonderful! Thank you.
That was wonderful! Thank you.
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Annie you are a complete star and beautiful to watch x
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Perfection!! Am working on jealously issues now.
I have a BD in Nov and thnk I know what I am going to ask for!
I think it would be great if you guys did an anual giveaway, like a contest for members .
Oh Jamie, I would love to celebrate your bd with you! I like the idea and am not promising anything. I will say that if you think you're going to be in the area (ever) please let us know... we'll find a way to get you here! You are such a source of support to us. Thank you!
Ty Kristi , thats so sweet of you! Actually I am coming out for Samantha Wood workshop in Sept. Am very excited about this workshop !! Hopefully I will see you there?! Jamie
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I finally worked up the courage to watch this class! Kristy Hall, thank you for your beautiful compliment. Believe me, that class was NOT easy! Kristi, thank you so much for the most wonderful day a girl could ever have! This experience means so much to me. It was one of the best days of my life! You and PA are true treasures and I am so grateful that I got to know you. But I think by now you know how I feel about you! I hope to be out there again in the future! XO Miss you......
Beautiful work!! just awesome and I am jealous too xxx
Fabulous class! Annie, thanks for sharing your birthday with all of us. You did a beautiful job! What an inspiration! And Kristy, I love your style of teaching, and dream of taking a lesson from you in the future!
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