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This 32-minute class flows through modified versions of exercises to come in the level 2/3 classes. Learn important movement patterns in this class that will be repeated as you progress in your Pilates practice. The beginnings of classic exercises like the Double Leg Stretch, Rollover, Side Bend, and Swan Dive are taught in this short class.
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Feb 08, 2010
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Okay, lying on your backs. That's where we're going to begin. So just come into the middle of your mat and [inaudible] so your knees are bent, feet are parallel and your feet are about sitz bones. Distance apart. So four to six inches. Good. Mary, separate your feet. Tiny. Yep, that's good. Arms reaching down your back. Your pelvises are neutral, so you have some activity, a little activity in your upper back by the sheer reaching of the arms.

Take an inhale. We won't go anywhere just yet. Exhale and just let go a little bit. Meaning kind of become a little heavier. Maybe you'll feel the ribs sink into the mat. Maybe that doesn't happen naturally, but you want to try for it. Inhale and exhale. Debra, why don't you move down a little bit just cause I think you're going to gradually keep inching off. Maybe you too a little bit, Jennifer, man. And exhale.

Okay. First part is we're heading into a pelvic curl, but we're not going all the way just yet. Inhale, start. Exhaling. Draw the abdominals toward the spine enough to feel the low back. Lengthen out. So you may roll the pelvis to the point where the low back goes in just a little bit. Inhale, release it. Try to make it more about the abs than the feet. One more of those. And then we'll go into an exhale to draw the navel to the spine.

The low back lengthens out, or presses into the mat and then release. And now the full pelvic curl. Inhale next or long start. Exhaling, it starts the same way. You're going to roll up off the mat, bone by bone, all the way up to that long line. Looking down your body. You see a straight line, you inhale and exhale, bringing it back down, upper back, middle back. Find the low back. So that means you might have to recheck the pelvis to then release. Back to neutral. Inhale, exhale to roll.

Keeping the collarbones wide, the upper back broad as you roll all the way up a firm, press into the feet, but focusing on the back. Inhale. Exhale. Coming down sequentially, placing your spine into the mat and inhale. Exhaling. Gotcha. Rolling through doing a little body scan as you go. Relax your feet. Mandy inhale, good, beautiful. And on the exhale from the top of your throat, start sinking back down. Yes. Good, good, good, good, good. Keep Tucking.

Beautiful. Jennifer. Next time. Breathe. Inhale and exhale. Off we go. As you're going up, it's almost like you're reaching your knees out over your ankles. Keep bringing the pubic bone toward the sternum and inhale and exhale down. Good. I like what you're doing with your arms. Are you giving yourself a little more span of the collar bones?

I'm just make sure it doesn't start to feel strange. You can even go wider and one more exhale to roll up. Okay, and hold. Inhale. Okay. Exhale. Bring it back down. Deeper, deeper, deeper without strain to the upper body. That's the real challenge and let's just leave our arms here and let's do a, Debra is doing, which she spun her whole arm so that the palms face up.

Not just the forums, but the whole upper arm. You might be in a low v taking your legs up to tabletop, zip up through the knees and now legs are together. You're squeezing the inner thighs together a little bit. Coming toward the front of the room. We even help to rotate. Letting the hip lift just a little bit.

Exhale to draw it back to center and to the back. Inhale to rotate and exhale, bring it back. Feeling that opening or really the rotation, just warming up the spine in that direction, back to center. But also it can be pretty intense. So the way to kind of tap into the obliques more, the rotational muscles is to relax the legs and exhale back to center. And inhale. I'm going to change this up just a little bit. Exhale, come back to center. Set your feet on the ground. Keep them together. In fact, bring them in a little closer so you're up on your tip toes. Heels are off.

There we go. Coming toward the front again. It's an inhale over. Take a quick peak at your knees. They should be lined up exactly. Even now staying here. Exhale, extend the top leg, keeping both shoulders on the mat, legs still relatively relaxed. Inhale, refold it initiate right around the waist as you exhale and draw the leg center. And when I say tip toes, you can have the balls of the feet down. It doesn't have to actually be on the toes. Inhale, take the legs the other way.

Check that your knees are lined up. Exhale, extend that lower leg and think of reaching that foot one way the hip the opposite way. Inhale rebend and Exhale, come back to center, so rotating around the waist. Here it comes. Inhale to rotate. The hip is lifted. As you extend that top, lik think of almost pulling back with the hip. It's still up, but that's the energy. Inhale refold and bring it home. One more time. Inhale, rotate and exhale, stretching the leg. Good, nice positions. Inhale, refold it and back to center. From here. Turn your hands back over. So the palms are down. Collarbones wide. Inhale, start x feet are flat. Exhale to curl your chin towards your chest. Slide the arms down your mat, curling up until the arms float alongside your hips. Great.

In this position, try to feel your low back down. Inhale and exhale. Continue reaching the arms, but you're going to place the whole spine back down, including the hands spread out your back. Inhale, exhale, start rolling the chin toward your chest to lengthen the back of the neck. Feel the pressure go down into the mat, and then the hands hover. Good. Inhale and exhale. We take it back down and inhale. If it feels like it's too much on your neck at any for, you could put your hands behind your head, but this is a good thing to practice for where we're going to reach those arms they take off and in this position, hopefully the low backs are down. Inhale, hold, exhale. Lengthen yourself down. Lovely, lovely. Inhale. What I can do for you if, if you've left your feet close, like I told you to, just bring them a little further out and down. There we go.

Exhale up. Let's play with that a little. Inhale, let the arms go up. Exhale, bring the arms down, stay there, take the arms to the side. Inhaling out and bringing them back down. Hold. Inhale, and exhale. Lay down on the mat. Yeah. So you notice when you're in that position, you can do all sorts of things with the extremities and nothing moves.

Let's do one more. Just like it. Inhale, prepare. Exhale to fold up, curl up, arms. Just float. Take a moment. Can you see peripheral vision that your shoulders are almost just lower than the hands? Hands are slightly higher. Exactly. Uh, we'll inhale both arms up. Think of pressing the armpits toward the hips there. Lightly Excel. Press them down. Turn the palms toward each other. Inhale out to the side. Exhale. Colos it up. Palms face the ground. Once you get back there, inhale and exhale deep.

Yes. From here we've got one more thing to do. Similar. Inhale. Exhale, curl in. Head, neck and shoulders. Up. Arms come with, take the arms, a little higher. One over the other. You knew. X Delta, one side. Inhale. As you come across, you skim the legs. Exhale, and you're just outside. So we're not dipping here. It's just reaching further. Inhale across the middle and exhale. Good. Keep going. I want to check this out and loving how still you are with your lower body's. Good. And it's just a pull the shoulder blades backward. There you go.

Inhale across center and exhale and inhale back to syndromes. Do One more each way. So to the front, inhale center. Don't let me rush you. Take your time to the back. Once you come back to the center, separate the hands and lower down. Cool. So far so good. [inaudible] all right, from there, moving on, taking uh, one leg straight up and actually you could take it a little lower. What you want to watch for here is that, um, let me say it this way, pick up the bottom leg and just hug it to your chest. All right, so in this position you want to feel right now I'm asking you to try to press your low back into the mat. Uh, you may be able to do that without tucking.

If you have to Tuck, that's fine. Press the low, the abs into the back and to the back, the back into the mat. Reach the top leg a little bit further down, but keep that low back exactly as it was. So the minute you start to feel pressure come off, you should bring it up. Okay, now come back to the top. Let's put the leg that we were hugging on the ground and stretch it out away from you a little bit. All right, so we're doing our circles. If you can be at 90 degrees, you should be keep the foot totally relaxed.

I'm going to make this kind of like a square rather than a circle. First using way up in the trunk, sort of underneath the ribcage somewhere. You're going to draw the leg across toward the opposite shoulder and then just take it down to it's slow enough that you can feel that your back stays exactly the same pressure into the mat. Circle all the way around. I guess it's still a circle. Let's go again a little faster. Exhale around and hold, and now we'll inhale all the way around. Good.

Now we can go a little faster if it works for your round and up, but just pay attention to your lumbar spine that it stays absolutely still and around and meanwhile trying to keep the leg, uh, relax. This will be the last one. Come to the top and hold. Go the other way. I have another challenge for you. Here we go. Inhale around. Don't let the lower leg move at all. Exhale at all. Inhale or at least try. It's going to adjust a little bit.

Okay, so do you still feel that energy pressing into the back into the mat? Should feel rather relaxed on your back? This is going to be it here and then just bend the knee. How getting close draw the other leg straight up this side. It'd be pretty easy to get the low back into the mat.

Start to reach the leg out. And again, the leg itself is soft. The more the leg lowers, the more you pulled deep into the body and it's, it's more image than anything. It's a sense of trying to hold that leg in from under the chest. All right, put the leg down, make sure your low back is still pressed into the mat and let's start by coming across the body. Circle around Anna and exhale. So you challenge the range. But more important is that you keep the pelvis still the back, still the spine, still everything. One more circle in this direction and change.

And so if you prefer to go slower to kind of test those limits, that's totally appropriate. Rather explore where you're at, what you need [inaudible] and inhale and going to do that. Hug the knee and just for a moment, good. Bring the other one up to match it. And we're going into a tabletop position. F or with our head, neck, and shoulder. So curl yourselves up and find the tabletop. So that means 90 degrees at the knees, 90 degrees at the hip joint. Just let go. Inhale, just let go. Exhale, grab on, check your elbows are wide, shoulders are down. Inhale, let go. And exhale.

When you exhale, think to continue pressing the low back into the mat. And really it's just because you're high enough. Inhale, exhale, subtle change for you. Here it comes. Inhale, reach back, no legs. Exhale, circle the arms around and find it. Absolute stillness of the body. Inhale, reach back. Exhale, round, and inhale. If you can get those arms, absolutely straighten and together back there around. And so you're inhaling trying to stretch the left and exhale. Comrade. One more time. Inhale and exhale. Subtle change here. Inhale, push the thighs away from you a little bit, just a few inches. Do the same arms.

Exhale, bring the thighs back and grab on. Inhale, the knee angle doesn't change at all. Neither does the pressure on the back. It stays where it was. July two more like that. Inhale izer forward. Exhale, scoop. One more time. Inhale to exhale. Grab onto the right knee. Other toe or foot gets near the ground. Probably not fully and change. Yeah, you need a neck break. You should take one. It's not going to get better.

Okay. It might just take a millisecond to put your head down and come back if you need to. And think of hugging the legs toward each other. So there's a sense of glute working as you pull, like in hands. Go behind your head. Keep this year, let's get six. Five. Feel those legs passing each other.

Here's the crisscross. We rotate choice toward it. Into an yeah, so it's the act of moving the thigh, right? So you've learned this in a really good way. That's it. That's it. I'm trying not to stir it because we want to see that control. Huh? And four and three. It's nothing to do with the lower legs. Two and one. Come back to center. Both legs up.

Let your heads go down. Yeah. Then just gently tilt your chin toward your chest so you get a long neck. It's almost like you've taken your thumbs, the base of the skull to lengthen you a little bit more. I've still got my head on the ground primarily from here. Elbows are just off the mat. Squeeze the inner thighs again, a little stronger.

Move to the size away from you. A few inches. Do not let your low back come at all up at all. Exhale, pull them back to 90 that's it. Inhale, they drift away sort of all it's going to end up making your feet go down cause you're not allowed to straighten your knees. Exhale. That make sense? If your thighs are moving and you're yes and exhale, that's it. And inhale to exhale. A couple more. Inhale thigh bones and now for right under the ribcage pole. Good Jennifer. One more like that. And now you're at 90 degrees, right?

So now the then thighs will not back up at all. They'll come towards you as you tuck the pelvis up and back down. It's a pretty small field. The abdominal sync to come up and back down. You will feel a little lift of the tailbone. That's it. Debra won't be big or might be big, but it doesn't need to be big. In fact, I'd prefer you to think to try to keep it small.

If when you start to lift it causes tension in your neck. In fact, let's just everybody float the head off, not a full curl that floated off and make it long. We'll put the two together now so you come forward just like you have been squeezing in your thighs. Let the legs drift away a little. Come forward, little lift and let the legs drift away and pool to lift. And one more time. Bull to left. All right, stretch your arms out overhead. Put your head down and your feet down. Once your feet are on the ground, separate them again so that they're slightly apart and we'll do a pelvic curl leaving our arms up here. Inhale. Exhale, rolling the spine up all the way into that long slant board position.

Yeah, from here with the arms long, you could always put them by your side, but let's see what we can do here. We're going to inhale and on the exhale, lift the right heel. Imagine tucking the pelvis a little more in help with the foot down. Left heel lifts, toes are still on the ground. Inhale, set the heel down. Exhale, lift that or right here. Not much should change about the pelvis. Heel down and exhale. Okay, good. Leave it there.

Bring me arms down alongside your body. Inhale, we're going to go back to the right leg on the exhale. Float the whole sigh up, keeping the knee bent. Inhale, you lower that leg. Touch the toe to the mat lightly and scoop and pick it back up. Good. Inhaling down, I'm staying on the right side and 30 this is a great place to check in with the breath. Only doing one more. So exhale, scoop the belly and we police it on the mat. We're going to change sides. Carefully. Transition, smooth. Oh, poor Mary. That was me the other day and up and down. Keep it going.

You get two more. Oh Man. To get those hips up. Come on girl. Yes. The last one. Here it is, and [inaudible] down from here. Inhale, if you've brought your feet too close, check it out. Exhale. Try for a little more scoop length and almost stretching out the top of the hip. Exhale, come all the way down.

Yes. Okay. If your hamstrings are long enough to do it, you're going to take your legs all the way up to straight, 90 degrees. If they're not, you bend them a little bit. In any case, she squeezed through the glutes a little bit. Keep your arms by a low v Slovene and we'll go palms up. We'll keep following that idea. Just like before.

This is the corkscrew chick talk on me. So you're gonna tip over to one side and just come straight back to center. Other side. Inhale, it's Kinda fluid and relaxing. The legs looks good in here too, and inhale, don't even stop in the middle. Just pass right through. Really like you're a pendulum and what you're watching for gently is that the toe stay lined up.

[inaudible] upper body is pretty quiet. Last one to the back and here we are. Bending your knees, holding on behind the thighs. Curl your chin toward your chest to bring your head, neck and shoulders up and press the thighs into the hands. This is going to be supine rocking. What I'd like you to do is Tuck your pelvis enough that you get that little lift off the ground with the butt. Good. Then just exhale and think about pressing forward. Inhale, bring it back here.

The trick to this one to get the workout of it is to stay where you start. It'll be awhile. In other words, don't let the size get any closer to you. You might have to do one little kick to get going, but from then on those lower legs just hang out. That's it Jennifer. And that will focus more on back here. When you're rolling back that you keep that little scoop or Tuck of the belly that that never changes.

Let's get three more and on the third one will come up at your pace. Here comes my third I think, and we come great. Separate your feet, your hips back. So you're right on the sitz bones. You can do this straight leg or bent need. Um, I'm going to do kind of in between, in between with my hands, just outside. So you're taking your whole of your arm, not just your hands, cause that'll kind of defeat the point and hug some wherever I have contact on pressing in, trying to actually get a little peck out of it.

That's at least what you might feel from there. It flex feet. Exhale, Chin comes down and as you round forward, you're just keeping that gentle pressure on the legs as you around forward. Meanwhile, your low back and your hip bones are kinda held behind you a little bit. I mean, they don't just lean into it. Inhale, hold. Keep that gentle pressure inward and exhale to roll back up as if you're sitting up against a wall and inhale. Exhaling with [inaudible]. [inaudible] inhale, hold it here. You want to feel those collarbones wide. Oh, that looks good. Nice. Correction Jumper XCL roll.

So I'm not meaning to stress the arms as if they're most important. It's just to feel the connectedness. Hopefully I'm adding onto it and bring your feet a little closer so they're flat. Um, actually you don't have to do that. That might be too weird if you want to go back to there. Go ahead. Exhale. Rounding forward now Ben, grab onto your ankles or your shins.

Let your elbows bend and straighten your spine so that your body lays out over your leg. Eggs. Great. Think a little more through the mid back, Debra. It's there you go. And then the first thing to happen, we're going to re round is to pull the hip bones off the thighs. Allow your body to round forward. And start rolling up and your hands will just sort of straighten out our arms, all straighten out to the beginning. Inhale, exhale. Rounding forward.

Here's the point. It's about moving through the spine, so we've started rounded. Now we just let the arms help us to traction into a long spine. It's almost feels like you're sticking your rear end out. Shoulders are down, chins are in line. Exhale, pull the low belly away as you re round and start rolling. Just a couple more like that. [inaudible] exhaling, headfirst, upper back, middle back. Pelvis really doesn't move yet until you've gone as far forward as you can.

Then you can hold on or press or pull and roll the hip bones forward. Now to lengthen through the spine as you gently press the shoulders down and exhale around to come up and make it a little bit different for you. Last one in here and Mary just pulled the ribs back a little bit ago. Exhale far. Same thing. I think if this is starting from the shoulder blades, but really it's just what we've been doing. Find your straight spine then hold it. Exhale, extend the arms forward.

Keep that lean. Good, nice, windy. Inhale, take the arms up. Exhale, bring them down to chest height. One more time. Inhale, bring them up. Keep the length, keep the legs, straighten the elbows Jennifer and down a little good. And then down everything goes down and we can just roll up. Okay. Alright. I'm crossing the legs.

Good. Sitting up on the city phones. If this doesn't work for you at diamond position works quite well. So you decide forum over forum does not matter at this point. Which one is on top a just check in and you all look good. I was going to say with the ribs, um, yeah, good. You can do what most almost everybody can do is pull gently.

Just barely is to pull the shoulders back. Just, just a little. That's all. Okay. Here we go. To the right to your right. Inhale, rotate. That's plenty. Exhale, extend your arms just wherever you are. Just extending the arms. Inhale, lift a little taller. Maybe you'll twist a little more and then we're coming home. Exhale.

Refold the arms and change. Inhale, rotate. Other way, right. Exhale. Extend the arms. Not a whole lot of energy in the arms, but you're, in fact, you're extending it beyond. Inhale, sit taller. Maybe it's what's more excel. Bring it home. If you have the presence of mind to alternate which hand arm is on top, please do. Inhale, rotate, exhale, extend.

You know, getting taller. It's more a thought process really. And exhale, come and inhale, rotate, exhale, extend. Inhale, spiral lymph and exhaling. Oh, nice job. Really it. Okay, so that was part of our sides. We're going to do some more now. So if you all just as if you were lying down, you're going to come to your elbow facing front. So you'll be on, you guys will be on your left elbow, you'll be on your right elbow, right? And we're starting with sidekick.

So Bend Your Lower League knee to 90 degrees straight out of the hip. Take this top leg and for now it's on the floor. Right? Reach it along the floor a little bit. Enough to feel your lift. Top leg lifts up and then relax this leg. Yeah, and I mostly mean it, the knee, but I think by relaxing the foot it helps. All right, so we're going to kick forward. It's a flex and then just reach back. Don't worry about pulsing at the moment.

Just kick forward and then reach back and notice how stable you can be. Especially some of you are used to doing this right? More advanced. So enjoy, maximize it, get everything you can out of it. We'll do the little pulse appear up here and then back. So it's pulse, pulse and back. And when you do the pulsing, try to feel it from not the hip as much as through the trunk. One more time and back, holding it back a little further than you think behind you. And then bring it back and set the foot down. Now we're going to come back to the elbow in a moment, but I want to start it by coming up to your knee. Actually.

Sorry, you're going to be on your elbow and then what we have to do is back the knee up. That's what I meant to say. So from the side view, basically if you were down on your hip, you got to come up and then just pull that knee into alignment. Makes Sense. And the the bottom foot is bent behind you. Okay. Exactly. Just like that Jenifer, protect that lower shoulder by lifting out of the elbow. Then it's as if it's not even a Ziff. We're going to literally slide the leg down, keep the toe on the mat to arch the body and then take the top arm over. Okay.

Then as we bring the arm back, you let the foot drag in a little path so you're and end up on that long line. Just like that. Exactly. Reach the leg to lift the hip in the arm goes over, staying in between these two imaginary plates of glass and then let the hips lower. A little good, but not so much that you sink, right? Yes. I don't think any of you are, I just want to say it. Reach the leg. Reach like stretch them. Yes, Jennifer and back. Just notice how as you slide the leg, you're feeling this gigantic rainbow like arc. Okay. That's all good.

But when you come down, you have to reverse it. So let your head reach forward. Back out over the shoulder. Okay, good. Come out of the shoulder and change sides down for sidekicks and you're on your elbow. The forward knee is bent to 90 like yes. Lovely, lovely. Set up. Okay. Then lift the leg and we come forward. We just kicked forward and then we sliced and reach back and forward to go back.

Real tendency is to bend the knee and overwork the hamstring. So let's Mo be mindful of that. Nothing wrong with working the hamstring, that's for sure. But we want to use it as pure hip extension, not to flex the knee right now. Okay, now add in that pulse so you know it as pulse, pulse. And so what? Just by doing that, we took out some of the time you have. So it's get there, get there and boom and hit hit exclamation point. And let me see it. Freeze frame and then okay, you get the point and oh okay. Last one.

Okay. Set it down. Lean forward enough to help yourself up. And then just slide that knee back. So basically if you look down your body, your hips are in line here and that the lower foot. Yeah, just like that. Okay. So we're straight start by pressing the arm pit, reaching the foot, and then the arm comes up and then lower the hips stretch out through the whole spine and reach to lift. Good. Bottom shoulder has to stay down in a way. And Dan, good. So stay here for one second. Just lift up a tiny bit. Good.

So I don't quite go down. There we go. Now you go higher as you read. There you go. And then as you come down, it's just to that starting point. Good job. One more time. Go Man. To go reach that leg, Mandy. Reach, reach, reach it. Okay. And then come back and down. Turning all the way onto your tummies and you're resting your forehead on your hands. Exactly. Good. So from here we're just going to do a little bit of hip extension or a little more hip extension. Feet slightly apart would be appropriate.

Draw the abdominals up so you feel length to your low back and the shoulders are pretty relaxed. Okay? If that's not a comfortable place for your hands, you can put them elsewhere. I'm just mostly wanted your next comfortable. All right from here, reach the legs. So far they have our both of them hover, fend, hastick nobody bent their knee at all. I love it. Take your right leg. It will be almost imperceptible in terms of height and lift it just straight up one and two. Same side. Yep. And so just choose the right leg over and over again for six. And as you're doing it, it's not just a lifted to reach cause that's how you'll get the button answering to work together. Changing sides. It's a reach. Lift one, reach lift two. We'll watch the tension in the shoulders. Three longer, four, five and six.

Put both feet on the ground, but don't lose the energy. Just touch the top of the feet to the mat. Recommit to pulling the abs up and stretch and lift again, both legs, up and both legs. What I want you to try to feel in your body as you do it, that you do not change it. The low back at all. There's no dropping into the low back and I, you guys are fantastic. Only one more time and then fully release.

Good from there. Keep that thought. Take your hands up by your forearms at, by your shoulders so you're here. Yup. Hands are down. Farms are still down. So take your elbows to the mat. Exactly. Draw the shoulder blades. Well first of all, do, if you're not, if you've come out of the leg thing that you were doing, um, energize them, they're gonna remain on the floor for the moment. Just pull the ABS up. Shoulders are down. Start to lift your head, neck and shoulders without the use of the arms. Then when you can go no further, so you can kind of look forward here a little bit. Keep pulling the shoulders down. Then you can press into the forearms a bit.

Let the elbows lift off if it's appropriate for your meaning. If it feels okay. Then as you come down and says, if you're reaching the elbows towards your hips to articulate the spine down, but also lift the legs in the same way you did a moment ago. Lowering the legs as you lift the head, neck and shoulders only at the last minute. Do you push into the arms to lift up? Look forward a little bit if you're that high and that Nice Debra, lower down and reach to the legs. Getting a bit of a teeter totter action, although in slow motion again, inhale, lifting up legs will go down.

Glutes are tight. Gotta be if you're up to sigh down two more, little quicker. If you can keep it precise. If not, stay that slow. Inhale up and down. See if you can set yourself down further than where you are. You picked it up. Last one. As you lift the chest, the legs are lowering and okay. The lower the legs. Then press into the forums to lift the hips up completely and come back to a child's pose or a rest position.

[inaudible] get a deep breath or so. Then curl the toes under, hands close to you, and just stretch the legs up. They don't have to be straight and draw the ABS up. We're going to roll up to finish off this standing tall standing firm. Big Inhale. [inaudible] and you and dad.


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This is a great class when you are limited on time. Thanks Kristi!
Thank you Nancy! Hope to see you in class at the Beach Club soon!
This was a great reintroduction to pilates after pregnancy!!
I love this class because it is short for when I have limited time and as I am just re-starting Pilates and it works to behind as well as the abs!
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This was my first class with Pilates Anytime. Very much enjoyed it. I've seen a few of her videos and I like it how well she explains things
Thank you Ana, and welcome to Pilates Anytime! I am somewhat known for "over" explaining things, yet I can't seem to stop myself sometimes, so I am glad you find value in it. I hope you'll keep coming to class.
I just completed this, my first workout with pilates anytime, and I'm just so happy. I am healing from a low back injury and I'm shocked at how much stronger one side of my body is than the other. I'm so happy to be here, learning and becoming aware of my 'true self.' Thank you.
HI Shannon! We are thrilled to have you here with us. I love the way you state your excitement over "becoming" your true self. I think Pilates is a fabulous avenue for such discovery. Be cautious as you recover from your injury. Welcome!
This was my first Pilates class with Pilates Anytime, I have been doing Pilates for almost four years, and still I felt I had a wonderful workout for me. A few new variations made the class very inspiring.
Welcome Anna! Let us know what we can do to make your experience even better here. Thank you for the nice feedback!
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