Quick Mat Flow<br>Kristi Cooper<br>Class 77

Quick Mat Flow
Kristi Cooper
Class 77

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The sound on this was really low was it just me? Great class otherwise!
HI Jane ~ This class has been watched quite a bit since it went up 2/10 (nearly 800 times) without any sound complaints. Have you had any trouble with any of the other classes?
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Getting back into Pilates, course was great, I am re discovering my ab muscles again!
This is one of my favorite classes! Love how subtle and precise the movements are! Excellent for students who are just learning the principles behind the exercises.
I started at PA a couple weeks ago and I have done 4 classes already... as I do I enjoy more!! Thanks for inspiring me up!!!
That's great news Thalia! Keep it up. It truly just gets better all the time! Welcome to PA!
Kristi, thank you very much for this lesson! Your explanations are really useful to me! I have been doing Pilates for 2 years. I found Pilates Anytime and I have decided to take all the lessons starting Level 1. They are full of new information for me and I am eager to learn more!!!
Thank you Renata! That is great to hear! I often think I'll do the same thing. I find so much value in the level 1 classes. Glad you're here!
Very clear and well explained lesson! As a dancer (many years ago), I used to do Pilates regularly. This was a great refresher for me... I'm a newcomer to Pilates Anytime and so far I really enjoy it! Thank you Kristi for the great class!
My pleasure Annick. Welcome to Pilates Anytime!
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