Class #778

Bosu Mat Workout

30 min - Class


Pilates Anytime is proud to welcome Erika Quest to our site with this Mat class utilizing a BOSU ball. Erika shares her joyful energy as she tests your balance and proprioception with PIlates exercises on the BOSU. This class goes quick and you will get the workout you came for!
What You'll Need: Mat, BOSU®

About This Video


Okay, welcome everybody. So thanks for watching my class. My name is Eric AQuESTT. I'm here with Meredith and Bridgette and we're going to do a Bosu class. If you don't have this particular prop, you ...


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Yes I definitely got the workout I came for. That was wonderful - short, sweet, intense, fabulous cues....thank you!
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Thank you so much Lauren! This is my first class on Pilates Anytime, so I very much appreciate you viewing and responding.
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Erika has such a natural gift for cueing and her energy is inspiring. She has created such an innovative program. Please- lets have more Erika!
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Loved the pacing along with the outstanding cues. A terrific workout. Thank you! Hope you will return for more classes.
Thank you Sue and Sherry! Your replies warm my heart and I'm thrilled you enjoyed. Another 30 minute BOSU class as well as a 45 minute reformer are coming in the near future! I'm honored to be a part of this amazing community!
So much fun and such HARD work!! We were sweating our butts off and trying to look graceful at the same time! Thank you Erika, wonderful class, spectacular teacher
Love the Bosu!
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Thank you Erika for a great workout. Happy to hear there is more to come !
Thank you Brigitte for participating and to both you and Shulamit for your lovely comments. It was so much fun shooting these sessions and your feedback is important and helps us teach sessions that are relevant and enjoyable!
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This exactly what I needed today. I love the BOSU...would love to see more classes using this dynamic prop. Thanks for a great workout!!
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