BOSU® Mat Challenge<br>Erika Quest<br>Class 778

BOSU® Mat Challenge
Erika Quest
Class 778

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Thx Erika. Yowsa! How much air should be in the dome? It's probably just me but I was very challenged just standing on the dome. 🙂
Erika Quest
Wendy K Wendy, I'm so glad you enjoyed and standing on the BOSU dome is VERY challenging. As far as air, the dome should be inflated about as high as 11" but you can adjust it up and down a bit to your liking. Just know the "squishier" it is, the harder it will be to balance while standing. Much love, Erika
I needed this bosu ball class. My clients will love these stretches. Thank you Erika
Erika Quest
Kathleen Fitzgerald Henry An original of mine from my first shoot at Pilates Anytime! Thanks for taking class with me Kathleen and sending you lots of love! Erika
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