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Gentle Prenatal Cadillac

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Amy offers a very thorough yet gentle prenatal session. With clear instruction and detailed hands-on cueing she guides her client through this session helping her stay calm, focused, and energized. Attention is given to articulation, pelvic stability, postural changes, and specific exercises to address those. Amy utilizes the Arm Chair for a few upper body exercises to round out this very personal pre-natal session. Many of these exercises could also be fantastic and appropriate for a beginning-level client as well. Enjoy!
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Okay. Today we're going to do a Cadillac session with Elisa and Elisa is pregnant. She's 22 weeks and five days today. So, uh, we're gonna start with um, and so gentle, warm up from standing and work, uh, to kind of gently today but thoroughly, uh, you know, just giving the body and lots of articulation, uh, as a certain amount of arm strength work. We'll do a separate piece near the end for that on the arm chair. But for now we're going to start her warming up with a just awareness through the feet and uh, how important that is as the balance is changing with growth of the baby and postural changes. The, the feeling of where the balance is in standing is I think changing.

So I want you to raise the base of the toes or lift the toes up so that you're spreading the toes. Wides. You're really right up on those Metta tarsals and feel like you're reaching your, yeah, the Pinky and the toe. Big Toe away from each other and then just set those toes down on the floor and there'll be a subtle weight shift front or back. And let's do that again. So we're lifting the toes and lower. So bringing some dexterity, some proprioception down at the bottom of the body.

Great time to focus and bring the body down into more of a calm state or bring calm into the state. And inhale. When did you just start to notice as you're lifting and lowering the toes that you can lengthen up through the front of the thighs a little bit. Just a slight recruitment of your pelvic floor and just a little as we're warming up and then then energy can come all the way up through your waist, your spine, top of your head. Just nice and easy. One more time with the toes and then toes down and just a nice easy tracking, a plea, a in parallel or knee bend to do. Focus on this as the hip joint motion, allowing those hip joints too and the femurs to roll back and roll forward slightly. Just a really organic rolling quality and as you length in the legs, that's where you can think of that lift of the pelvic floor.

Nice tall posture. Kind of waking up into that one more time, just easiest stand next is just lifting and lowering the shoulders. Just feeling the glide of the shoulders up and the glide of the shoulders down. Inhaling as you rise the shoulders and exhale as they glide down. Couple more. So I'm using this warmup to just bring her into her body, starting at the floor and working up to the head and know, gliding the shoulders forward and back of the ribs. So front and back and as the body changes pretty dramatically through pregnancy posture changes of course a lot to had begins to drift forward, upper back and get tight mid back, a little tight pelvis forward, things like that.

So bringing awareness into the certain areas where the posture's changing is very important. One more time. Okay. Now just in the center of the shoulders and just take an easy rotation of your head either direction, right or left. Just feel the glide of the head to one side across, through center and the other side. Good. And then again, and this time as you glide, maybe open the opposite shoulder, a little bit of that opposite collar bone and then center.

And then the opposite. Yeah, just a little. But as you're starting to deepen your awareness of where you are right now, that'll be something we watch for one more. Good. And then over to the left. Nice. Wide, right chest. Good.

And then I want you to do one more with the head and just take a lateral tilt of your head. This feeling than the long neck on the left side along heavy left arm. And then glide they had up and over to the left and then nice, heavy, right shoulder and arm. And then up again each side. One more time. Nice. Heavy left arm and up.

And last time head tilt to the left. Heavy, right shoulder and arm. Good. Okay. A little warm up there. So we're going to continue, uh, warming up, have a seat here and we're gonna face the rollback end and don't have Elisa in a diamond position with the legs. And we're going to talk about that just for a moment while she's kind of getting the, the setup. So diamond can be a passive meaning just kind of the feet somewhat together, but I want her to really actively bring the feet together and the legs.

So the foot centers, the base of the big toe base of the Pinky Cho, unless she starts cramping and the heel, there's an active connection there and that will actually start to turn on those abductors and work itself up into the pelvic floor. So there's an active sense of the shape and slight press down through the lats and triceps. We're going to do some mini rollbacks. So inhale as you sit tall and I want you to exhale and just lift that pelvic floor up. Roll your sacrum back just as far as you feel comfortable in Elisa. Inhale here and deepen the exhale as you can to roll forward.

Just slight press down on the bar. So this workout is also designed really for fit in shape. Non-Injured no specific issues going on. Um, pregnant person, pregnant woman. Okay. And a moment to pause as she inhales and the exhale to die forward.

We're going to do about five repetitions, each one growing a little taller and I'm going to just put my hand right back here for her to reach her back back into she nodded of approval. I think that felt good. Yeah. Yeah. So is this a certain to change? It's harder to feel that low back. Wider. The back of the low ribs getting wide. So assistance with hands I find has been very helpful with gals. I've worked with some right back there. She didn't reach the hint though.

Ribs back into my hands. Yeah, there we go. It's a sense of width, baby coming back. Breathe in and she's rounding over the baby. One more good. Sensing the back of the body, trying to re keep some of those natural curves. Length the note. Good. That was better. And exhale coming forward and up to sitting tall. So I'm going to give her a choice.

You can keep diamond or long legs for some lap press and arm work. She's going okay. We'll see you here for a minute. So as the lab press and tricep press, really small inhale, pressing down on the bar, but then it's that, can we stay tall through the top of the head and then the exhale you can release the bar a little bit. I didn't engage the pelvic floor. The transverse abdominis starting to kick in a little. I think I want her to continue exploring this vertical somewhat decompressing the low back and then my other hand will be here.

There we go. Hmm. In the feedback of touch, I think. Very helpful. One more. Now I want you to row the bar toward you. So this is a nice upper back wake up and reach.

So we're taking those elbows and reaching them wide toward the side walls but yet the scapula down. Once again you can see a really nice sense of alignment through the lower back and the CT sitting arm works. There is just a low enough, I think of the external oblique. She's nodding again. External Oblique muscles working to hold steady here and transverse working just a little worse. And let's take one more [inaudible]. Good. Okay. Now I do want you to straighten your legs and put your feet right up on the frame and let's do a little bit some hip rolls or a, yeah, just kind of a glide around a one side of the body.

I'm going to have her start to the left and it's up to Elisa. How far back she wants to come. But I wanted to kind of start a feel a little bit like she's loosening her hips up in the same direction. And so the exhale is bringing your back and widening. Loosening through through sacred ILIAC joint a bit.

Yeah. And that rhythm that starting now, no nice calming rhythm that was this motions going on. She'll do one more this direction. Feeling good. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. And five the other way. And again, there's always just a little slight press down on the bar, which she's got s, you know, activation of the tricep and the lats. Good. Okay. The baby gets a dance too actually on these. Yeah, we good. And one more time around the right side.

Then we'll do one more with the rollback bar. So what I'm going to have her do is press down on the bar just a little bit and I'm gonna use my hands again. So try to get some activation of upper back extension. The racich extension here, this is a probably one that's very easy to default into really. Oh, dump into that lumbar and kind of crane this. But Elisa is skilled enough not to go there, but be mindful not to really just collapse. Good.

And then press down on the bar a little bit more to come back up to vertical. So there was a relationship, shoulder blades slide down, upper back comes into extension. This nice kind of fountain of kind of a visual for me as a fountain going up. And then as she slides the shoulders. Yeah, one more time. We'll just, cause we'll be repeating this thoracic extension a few different times. You see that slight press down, nice upper back extension. Good.

And then return to your vertical. Fantastic. And you can release the bar forward. Okay. So let's head to the push through bar end and I'm going to use a red top bloated. You certainly can use the blue. We're just going red and I'm going to have you put your left foot here and then cross your right leg over that leg. Hold the bar with your left hand. Yep. And then the right arm. Just reaching straight forward actually for, yeah, Duh.

Okay. So I've just see a little something I want to, I'm going to see if I can get her more square here, but the top leg is, it's crossed over, kind of invites that hip forward. So we're going to start out more square there. She's gone. Now this is some more uh, extension rotation. So we're going to take a breath in and I want you to hinge back and sweep this right arm toward me. It's not about me, it's about you. And open your chest. Really feel that diagonal line, that quality of reaching through the top leg. And then as you exhale, you can sweep the arm around, lift the push through bar and easily reach your arm towards your feet.

And then you can go through that. We'll do three more inhale as you reached back. Yeah, and exhale as you reach forward. So you can start to invite a little external oblique right there and inhale that relationship of the diagonal. Good. And exhale, not pushing much when I'm just going to assist. A little more extension. There we are. And then once again, so rotation with the push through bar. Good. Yeah. Excellent. All right, so we'll do the other side, so I'm just going to make sure she starts square. Good. Okay.

Yeah. All right. So inhale as you sweep the left arm, left the right arm and the ladder active. You've got a great peck stretch and then the exhale sweeping around. Feeling that back. We'll come around there. It's a good stretch. And then coming around. So the lat assists in some rotation. Good.

And then exhale. I like to think of this as coming around the baby. We'll do two more good, Ben, and exhale and only reaching as far as feels comfortable. We're not doing overstretching and getting, you know, going for the arm forward toward the bar. We've gotta be a little careful as that hormone relax and is doing its thing. Um, I've gotten information from Elisa that things indeed have started changing in that area, so we're not going into too much overstretching. Okay, great. So now regular forward push through both feet on the frame.

And when I want you to do today with this is bend the elbows to bring the bar down. That's an inhale. Here's the growth tall. And then exhale is a soft flection, just enough contraction of the transverse and the rectus and the muscles in the tummy. And then as you restack, you know what I'm going to do? You're good. I'm going to put myself right near you so you can kind of feel that. Yeah, we'll do three more. So I'm just here to help her remember to be tall and then issue round.

She can use my leg as some feedback. Keep your lumbar back a little if you can. [inaudible] and you may stay there for breath or to let, don't let me rush you. But you know, hamstrings start to get tight or shorten. They feel shortened and less, uh, maybe what they used to be. And then as she starts to roll up, I want you to press up against me just a little with your spine. Good.

Slide your shoulders down, bend your elbows and bar up. Is this helpful? Yes. Okay. And then [inaudible] yeah, I'm providing feedback there. That was different cause I feel you differently down on my, my uh, lower limb, my leg and rolling back. Does that Nice easy slide down of the shoulder blades. One more time. I think with this it'll be good.

Go tall as you bring the bar down. Yeah. And then head and upper spine and middle spine and lower spine. Good. I'm just going to stay here, right there with you. One more. Inhale. Good. And then exhale as you come back up.

Good job. Now let's go bring you into a hinge with it so you can hold on. Hold that bar and then I'm just going to lean on your back. Do a little partner and partner. Stretch with her so she feels my back. I'm not going to push my weight on her, although I could. Sacred to sacrum. We're about the same height, so this helps too.

And then if I sit up a little bit, use my arms to push. She can lean back against me and up. There you go. We're just trying to find some extension and then take three breaths there and exhale. Yeah, you can do this with anybody. They don't have to be pregnant. Good. Widen into my back. There we go. Yeah. Good. Feels good for me too. So next we'll be going into mermaid.

So I think maybe you can face the brick wall first. Yep. Great. Does that feel good? Almost dangle the legs. Yeah. So Aliza, we're just going to mermaid that we've done before with the mermaid legs from the reformer, which you could do here. I'm just going to take that factor out of it and I'm good. So bring the bar down.

I'm going to spot here some good lat work all raw and push it through this side. Now take that right arm up on an inhale. We're going into side flection says as she exhales, it's through an opportunity to really open that right side, reach the baby. To the right in a way. Yeah. Now take another breath in. I want you to softly rotate toward the bar. [inaudible] you know, and uh, I might even just have you bring this arm a little lower and just double checking that there's even weight on the Sitz bones as best we can there now as you retrograde and go back through your side. Bend Open. Good.

And exhale. Restack we're just going to keep the bar over here. Yes, two more times. So we're on a red spring steel. We okay. Yeah, no, I trust Elisa to hold the bar. I'm going to leave this side. I want to come over here. So again, I want to give just a little hands on so that this side of back can get widened and stretched. A little bit of external oblique recruitment. We're going to get down on that sits bone and then return to side bend. We can sure her chest opens there. Good. And then exhale to come up one more time.

They're first good. And then rotation. Little External Oblique. Yeah. Okay. Beautiful. And then rotate to face the ric wall into your side bend. And then as you exhale, come all the way up. You can bend your left elbow now and we'll face the other way.

Good. [inaudible] okay. Sometimes this first part that the hardest part, bringing that bar down. Yes. Okay. So nice light left arm. As you inhale, reach that arm through. No going a little taller. Exhale inside Ben and reaching a baby to the left. If there's a way to do that in there. And then the another exhale. As you rotate over, stay right there. You've got the bar.

Yeah. And she's doing a good job of staying centered and in a pelvis. Inhale, rotate back to facing the front. Nice side bend and get this open. And then exhale, modal recruitment of these obliques to bring you up. Come one a more center there and left arm up, up to go over into the side bend. Nice contraction. Just enough, just enough stretch. Breathe. And then exhale. So again, depending on what you're feeling, you can bring the baby back. Yeah. And inhale side Ben, open the chest. Good Elisa.

And exhale coming up. That was really pretty little more. And last one. Yeah. And over. Okay. Breathing in and exhale and rotate.

So we're doing lots of motion to keep the articulation going through the spine. Keep those joints mobile, keep synovial fluid, moving hydration. Good. And then bend your elbow. I've got the bar with you there. Perfect. Good. Okay. Moving onto some lat. Paul. I'm going to have you back up and sit underneath here and it's your choice.

You can either sit diamond cross-legged straddle on the table either way. Okay. And then yeah, put the hands on the side bars and someone told me once and I kind of can't remember who I wish I could so I could credit it. Uh, instead of gripping so hard with the fist, she encouraged just a light finger touch and almost that there was more recruitment from the very, the Pinky, the ring finger and maybe the middle finger on the bar. So a lot more work on the lateral edge of the arm and there will be a biceps of course. But if we can connect here now I'm going to do my hands on again just a little bit here so she can sense her back. Yeah. Remember our lots are on her back, so we want to bring the bar down and I want you to, as you bring the bar down, think of rising up through the pelvic floor and up through the tube with the head and then exhale, release the bar.

Good. Inhale. That's it. And exhale. So just sitting with pelvic floor recruitment now, very important Manila and bringing the two ends of things together, pulling down, pulling up. And again, we're top loaded still with the red spring. You could probably do two springs are red and a blue, although I don't think we need to, would probably depend on your person.

Let's go one more. Oh, that was nice. Good. Okay. Now I'm going to have you scoot out from underneath here and we'll go into the reverse. Push through. Good. And sometimes the question comes up with a regular clients also hands which direction, and I know there's, you know some, we learned it this way, but you can turn your hands the other way also.

I think it's going to be a comfort. Yeah, like that. It's kind of odd, but it can be an exchange that happens with your client. And I think different do different stages of the pregnancy and tightness developing through the chest and shoulders. That might be a factor that you know, you start this way, maybe a month later you're another way. So is that one better? Okay. She's trying this way so it's an inhale. Bend your knees for me. Okay. And you can separate your feet a little bit.

So we'll take an exhale and slightly curl your tail under. We're reaching the bar back. Just a comfort level. We want to have, this is about the opening of the chest. Take an inhale [inaudible] and want you to exhale and bring the bar forward towards your back. You're taking your chest down towards your thighs. We'll see what happens here. There's that swing through. Excellent. Okay, so again, I'm just spawning the Mar. I'm not pulling up on it, but you know, she feels me. But we want to reach, and this is so nice for these pectoral muscles, the front of the shoulders as well. Okay. Now as you come, inhale there.

Exhale, bring your bar down. He might have to soften the elbows and restack the sitting tall. There she goes. Well let's do maybe one more. Only one or two. Sorry there it's a chest opener to shoulder stretch. Breathe in and exhale going forward.

Allow the swing, a soft swing of the bar. Yes. And that can help you lift the chest. Open up the shoulders and pressing down and restack sliding back. We'll do it one more time. Nice and tall here. And exhale. Good. Inhale and forward.

Exhale over the thigh. Swing gently with the bar. Great. Nice Elisa. All right. And then bringing the bar all the way down and I have it if you want to let go now. Okay, good. So I'm going to give you a a, I know a hamstring slash quadricep hip flexor stretch. So why don't you just come up to kneeling facing the rollback bar n yeah.

And I just want you to put your right foot forward. Yeah. Yup. Right. And so you can take that your w, your body weight and lean forward into the front knee a little bit. We don't want to go too far. Knee over, you know, just over toes but not too much further than that. Yes. So she adjusted her foot. Hip flexors get tight. Change of pelvic angle really starts to shorten down there.

So we want to keep working to length and keep this open, right? It could also take the whatever leg is down that same arm up for a little added stretch. Oh that looks good. You could even add a slight side bend toward the front leg, gets that nice mild fashion line through the, so as right, she just did a little sound that you probably didn't hear. Hmm. That sounds good. And bring your body up. I inhale and then arm down.

So now I want you to stretch gently through your hamstrings. So you'll shift that pelvis back. Good. Here we go. Right? [inaudible] and so you know, again, it's not uncommon for most people to have a little bit of non square pelvises due to some shortness in the hamstrings. But as things are changing posturally too with the weight of baby Cetera, they are. So I'm just squaring her a little bit. Take a few breaths.

Do you feel like you could do another one of each? Okay, so let's come up. We'll take maybe good and there's some balance component there. All right, so she's leaning into the front knee, but more importantly in set, long hip flexor stretch. Even here, the pelvic floor is being supported. She supporting herself. The arm is up. If she wants to take a slight side bend, she can [inaudible] good and body up and arm down and a slightly back with the hips. And again, the is right flat. Ideally flat back. What again weren't that might be not as easy anymore to get.

Oh yeah. Filling your hamstrings. Yeah. Okay. That's the main feature. Feeling that you are square by the way. Okay, let's change sides. We'll do two rounds. Yeah. And I could have given her something to hold onto like the frame of the table.

I just didn't, we discussed it beforehand, but all right, so leaning forward. Just a lunge. Nice. Broad hip flexor stretch on the front. Yes. Okay. And side bending. You can slightly engage your glutes here. They naturally are contracting for you, so that's good.

Just feeling that nice reach side of the right energy from the hip down through the knee to the table and then coming up. Okay. Let's be careful, right? More Square on this side. Yeah, and more flat back. So my hand on her back. Does that get in that feedback? I'm going to tap her upper back so she can find your sternum. There we go. Nice.

And Liza. Okay. And then one more of each. Good. Yeah. Nice. Long line through. Fingertips down the arm, through that hip and then adding into a nice side bend since import from that pelvic floor. Good. And bringing your body up and then hips back. Once again, I'm going to play my forearm on her back. My elbow is at her sacred about just to kind of give her some feedback of flat back.

Good. Great. Let's do one more breath in and an exhale. Okay, so we're going to move into some sideline leg springs now. So what I'm going to do here I am is put the hide the a string and a very, a high top loaded on each side of the table. So we'll stay facing you. Okay. So when it's ready. So, um, two choices. Yeah, this is one with the, the hand on the head. You could certainly put the arm all the way down and get a nice cushy pillow for the, uh, for your Gal. But Lee's is fine this way.

So bending the knee, we're going to start with some clam shell, so we're going to get that all the way over your knee. Good. And Bend your knees together. All right. Yeah. Hello. You're fine. Okay, so I'm making sure she's right underneath the spring attachment. All good. Okay, so I like this one for my hands right here on that hip to help keep the pelvis organized. All right, so we're going to be working glutes and inner thigh.

So Lemon, have you inhale and open up the knee, open the thigh, let the Femur roll. Now you could simply just flop your leg down and close it or use your ad doctors, which is our choice and our, our goal. Of course. Good. Inhale, you good with this spring? So I've chosen the long purple springs, the heavier leg springs. We're still interested in strengthening our pregnant clients. If the, if we use the light, the yellow spring, I don't know if she would feel the work as much and also because it's heavy it she's having to control the motion open cause this would very easily just sure, maybe temperature to lose. Good form and exhale add doctors. Inhale and open.

Okay, last one in Louisa. Exhale close. Good. Now float your leg up just about hip height and stretch your leg long through the other end of the mat and you can softly flex your foot. We're going to go front and back. So bringing the leg forward. This hands on for me. I'm trying to help keep her hip reaching down and just slightly moving into hip extension. I want you to feel your glutes and hamstrings and coming forward.

Roll the Femur back. Good and forward. Let's talking about your femur rolling forward and rolling the femur back. Good. Two more. So we'll just be doing sets of five here. So very important to keep working the glide of the femur.

Okay, hold that for another breath in out. Get that length through the quad again. Ah, so I just use my hands and kind of finessed a little more stretch there. Okay. Now I'd like you to take your leg more just in line with your hip and do five up and down. Up We go and use the ad again to bring the leg down so the femur head is dropping into the joint as she lifts her leg. I'm trying to get some glute medius here. So concentrating on the length through the entire leg from the hip.

It's actually from her waist down. One more. You're doing great. Yeah. Little added resistance there. And I want you to do five small circles, one direction one and two. I'm to step away and see how she does it in three, four and five other direction for five and she goes one, two, three, four and five and then float the leg down. Okay. I'm going to help you out of there cause it's pretty darn heavy. We good?

Phyllo right? Yeah. Great. Other side? [inaudible] good. All right, so good lineup right underneath the spring. And you use my hands just to assure a little bit better alignment if I need to. She's already pretty well set. Okay. And so again, the bottom waist is slightly, slightly lifted, but not, not so much that there's this tension in there. Just enough for feel support. So again, I to have you inhale, float your leg open. All right? Yep. Exhale again.

Just enough abdominal work. Inhale, focus in glutes and XLV. Add doctors and inhale. Excellent clothes. Last too. [inaudible] last one. [inaudible] and then lift your thigh, extend your legs straight. A soft flexed foot.

You're coming front and back for five. So getting that Femur to glide and that quality of elongation from hip through the heel. [inaudible] nice long waist. [inaudible] opening up through the pelvic floor. [inaudible] doing great. Last two.

[inaudible] it's a little bit. Let's check that open last time. Good. It's hard to keep those shoulders organized. All right. And then a parallel up and down. [inaudible] believe it or not, that's more parallel. Okay. And up, drop your femur in toward the joint, to your midline there. Add doctors, move it to more neutral glute medius. There you go and add doctors two more.

And last one, keep it that good quality of length. Five small circles, one direction, one and two, three, four and five other direction. Good. And one, two, three, four and five. Five. So keeping the movement small but deep, deep work. Okay. She nodded again. Okay. So what, we're going to save the um, squat series for another time and we're going to move into a few arms, arm exercises to focus on your upper body.

It really quite thoroughly on the arm chairs. So we are now on the arm chair. Very classical piece of equipment. I love using this for pregnant gals. It gives their back some tremendous support, uh, and allows them to engage those abdominals in and back just enough without too much compression but mainly gets the arms to be focused on because they're about to, uh, you know, be holding, lifting, bending, carrying and using those arms and upper body a lot more than maybe expected. So great place to isolate and um, really work on arm work and chest, chest strength and chest opening. So she starting with the hug a tree.

Now you might think, why am I going to engage my pecs? Why do we want to do that? I'm actually gonna have her think it though is a widening of her upper back and of course maintaining a good open chest. But then my hands go ahead. You can exhale. I'm going to come in and [inaudible] oh, pulled her back a little bit and then open. My hands are cold. Sorry. So again, some feedback of me holding her cha or collarbone basically and kind of holding her back. Lift your sternum a little bit more there. Yeah, yeah, that's it.

Feeling your back nicely supported by the chair. The back of the chair. And let's take two more. So these are very familiar, that kind of from the reformer. And then we're going to move from there into the salute. Okay, so triceps, here we go. And press. Now it's a little harder for me to sneak my hands into assist. I'm going to try.

Good. So almost my hands more assisting the upper trapezius now or kind of trying to hold that down if it were to jump into my fingers. But bringing that down into the shoulder's good. That's a great way to also feel some back work. Postural work. Last too. Good. Elisa. Last one. Precedent through.

Now turn your palm space up. Lower your arms by your hips. You're going to do your up circles. So this is another one here. I'm going to pull her back up. She goes sweeping the arms up, opening the chest. Arms downs. Do five each direction. So is there a to go up the shoulder blades? Sink down, open through the chest. We're going to broaden. I'm using my hands to help open those shoulders.

Okay, last one. Good. And then the reverse. Yeah. Down and, oh Ben. Feel the expansion. Exhale and stay tall through the spine. I'm just going to refer here again. There she goes.

Your last to good posture. Yeah, I'm using the chair, using it for the feedback all the way up and down. Okay. I've got your springs. We're going to do a little external rotation for both arms. So I'm going to have you come up and sign position. Now I'm going to put the some a kneeling pads down. I've got three, I'm guessing that's right. Two or three into the right hand.

Okay, so external rotators, really important. And going to get those shoulders supported from the back and open up that pack. So let me do this again. I'm just going to use my hand to support you back. So you know, kneeling position is a little bit difficult for the hip flexors to get opened up and stretched just due to changes again posturally but this can be an opportunity for her to fire her hamstrings a little to open up the front of the joint. Is that really, we're here for the arm. So here we go. And you can exhale. So I'm behind.

You're holding your shoulders. Nice Elisa and even use my hand to help guide the humerus around. Yes. If I could be right on the ball moving in the socket. That's right. Finessing the direction. And last one, hold right there for just a second. Now can you do just one?

Reach your arm out to the side and bring your elbow back in and clothes. Okay. Other direction. Other side [inaudible] will. Okay. Yeah. You might still be able to do chest expansion. I'm not sure. We'll find out in just a second. All right. Here she goes. So again, I'm gonna use my hand and kind of finesse the direction of the humerus. Being mindful not to cock the wrist or kink through wrist. Okay.

Yeah. Even here. Pelvic floor active pulling up. Good. I think those things. Shoulders open, Peck Turrell in the front. Beautiful. Open. And last one you're going to open it and take that full extension.

Good. And Bend your elbow back in toward you and fold. Okay. Let's, do you think you could try chest expansion? Yeah. The reason why I'm wondering is the size of our baby here. So she's going to kneel facing the chair, you know, obvious. Well, the further along and gal gets, the harder it would be to be facing the chair. But yeah. So let's see. Yeah, yeah. Okay.

Now I could turn the chair sideways and to a show this a profile view, but you'll get the picture. A nice view. Yeah. Well, and also because your belly is very close to the chair. It's, you know, it's hard to pull that back, but just enough recruitment not to form term to from, okay, here we go. So chest expansion. Good. You don't need me to hold your shoulders. Think of broadening your chest, not pulling your arms. It's a chest. Broadener guess the arms are pulling, but it's more about the chest opening, right? Inhale into the chest. Exhale, long arms depress back and return two more long arms to press back and return.

And your last one, long arms depress back and return. And just go ahead and put those down. Very nice. Elisa, thank you very much. Give us Amy. You're welcome.


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Love the class, thank you Amy. I have a few clients who are pregnant and this helps me with some new ideas for them. :o)
Hi Leslie......great, hope this class does give you some ideas for your gals. Aliza (my client in the video--and she teaches for me---) really loved this session. She gave me great feedback, said it was "just right". And yes, this class could also give you some creative motivation too. Thanks for watching!
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I'm 33 weeks now, and can't emphasize enough how important Pilates has been through my pregnancy thus far. As my body changes, my proprioception doesn't always keep up, so Amy's gentle but challenging approach and tactile cues keep me physically as well as mentally centered!
Amy and Aliza: that was fun watching! This is a great session..even for the non-expectant client!
Agreed, great for anyone, wonderful cues as always. Amy never disappoints.
Thank you so much Kerry!
The session stops at 44:18 in each ,(HD, medium and low). :( Would love to see the last few minutes.

Great session Amy.
Jodie ~ This class is only 44:19 minutes long. The 50 is there more as a guideline for how long the class is than how long it is precisely. I shall change it to 45 minutes, however, as it does seem a bit misleading.
Jodie~ Actually we only have the option to set it at either 40 or 50 minutes so since this is over 40 minutes Kristi must have decided that 50 minutes was the better option.
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This class is wonderful always looking for some variations on making my pregnant clients feel good and opened up! Can't wait to try it with them! Thanks Amy, I love your cueing.
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