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2011 Pilates Anytime competition winner Zayna Gold is back to teach an intermediate Mat class focusing on releasing the joints as we move. Zayna uses a small Towel grouting sponge throughout the class to facilitate the "release work" she is cueing. Class starts quite basic, but before you know it, you will be feeling the "inner core" very strongly. Have some fun with this one!
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Aug 04, 2012
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Hi guys, welcome. Um, today we're going to do an intermediate map flow, but we're going to try something a little bit different. I'm working a lot with a release cues for the front of the hip. I'm going to refer to that as the hip crease and then also the sacrum. If you guys could just put your hands back here. Um, it's this area here right between the tail and the lower back. So we might do a few things a little differently.

And what I'm trying to get for us is incredibly deep inner core and muscle work and total release of the joint. So we'll see how that feels. Um, let's start with a standing warmup. Um, just step to the back of your mat and we'll do some squatting work. So put your hands right here, squat back as though you're sitting back. And just stay there for a moment. I want you to imagine that your leg bone is just kinda sinking back into the hip socket and then come up. Big Hot breath, sinking that leg bone back into the hips and uh, and up. And we're just going to layer a few things onto that. Sink, that leg, bone back. And now on the way up, hug your bottom sink. Release the front of the hips, release the bottom wide and hug, release and hug.

One more time and hug. We'll add a little something. Put Your hands here like a triangle. Release down. And now lift from the pelvic floor. Release. Press your feet, lift from the low pelvic floor. One more time. Okay. [inaudible] so let's get down on the mat and we're going to take those kind of cues.

And Debra, grab your sponge back there. I've given all of you a little sponge. Um, these are just regular old towel Grad grabbing sponges, believe it or not, but they're um, kind of my new best friend and [inaudible]. Um, and you can also use a rolled up towel if you don't carry these along with you wherever you go. Um, so we're going to start with our head on the sponge. What this does with that little, it feels good, doesn't it? That little elevation, it actually helps your back ribs get more sinking into the mouth. So there's actually a reason for it. So to release for one more minute, place your hands on the front of your ribs. Breathe in, give me a great big loud hot breath.

Release your front ribs into the back. Breathe in one more time and release. Now Rock your pelvis so that your lower back is relaxed into the mat. This is a little bit of a pelvic tilt. Stay there. Just imagine your wastes getting wide, your buttocks getting wide. I know that's not a pleasant thought, but just for this moment.

And then arch your back the other way. Tilt your pelvis, the lower back, the buttocks, widen that sacred widens. And now from there instead of arching, just let your hips release towards the Mat. Don't worry about neutral, just let your whole back get completely released. Let's bring our hands behind our head, right in the base of our skull.

Slide your front ribs deeply in towards your navel. And we'll do eight ab curls. Ha, Bruh. And again, Hob Bruh. Ah, pressing your head heavily into your hands and making sure that your sacrum is melted, your hip crease released, widening, releasing. And now curve up to your highest point.

Slide your ribs towards your day volt to get a greater curve and again, release your hip crease. We're going to do a little marching, but with this release work, bring your right knee towards your chest, relax your leg bone into the hip and return alternate x and alternate [inaudible]. While you're doing this, it's almost like that hip crease area is sign letting go. And depending on how much tension we hold, this can seem pretty revolutionary to your body to move like this or it may feel like you usually do. That's a good thing. If it feels like you usually release like this one more time. Each leg [inaudible] and last time. Now from here had presses into the hands.

Slide your ribs towards your pubic bone, a little check. Release your hip crease. Now take your right hand and reach it forward. Curve curve. And because your hip crease and your sacrum are absolutely melted, there is no place to work except your inner core four three to hold it.

Flow your arm up. Now push that opposite wall away. Float your arm down, widen the state chrome as you floated up, widen it even more. As you float it down. Hip crease releases and releases even more. Place both hands behind your lower and with a great big hot breath. Let's curve up again. Take your left arm, long slide and curve curve.

It's like you have two points of focus. One is to slide the ribs so that you can curve your upper back. And the other is to widen the sacrum and absolutely released the front of your hips. Hold it there. Float your arm up. Remember hip crease, sacred releases, and float it down. Keep on preaching. You want to get that kind of shaky feeling? [inaudible] one more time and bring your head down. Knees into the chest. Let's just circle clockwise.

Relax your sacrum as you circle. Stop at the center. And now the other side and we're ready to begin. So for today we'll be experimenting with a few different variations. Um, for one thing, notice my table top position is a little different. Today. My feet are flopped down. They actually feel like they're plopping towards the sitz bones.

And for many people, this gives an incredible hip release and back release. So arms up to the sky. We'll keep in that safe tabletop curve up. Reach your fingers, past your toes. Inhale two, three, four, five. Inhale, two, three, four, five. Keep on reaching.

Feel your sacrum widening your hip crease releasing. I like to think about the leg bones softening into the hip sockets. Now if you can memorize sacrum hip crease released, let your legs lengthen out. But only if you can keep that released. If you can't go back into that modified safe table into three, four, five into three, four last time and come down. Let's roll up sitting.

Let's take our trusty little suns here right in the back of our sacrum. Now you might have to adjust, um, adjust the sponge. Once you get started. Let's put our hands right in front of the Shins here and rock back so you're hanging off the legs. So the other interesting little variation we'll do. Push your leg bones into the hip socket and you'll feel this little release in the hip socket. So your rounded back hanging off. Now bring your hands behind you and hang off a little bit more.

So it's like this, the sponges kind of securing our sacred. Imagine your sacrum is the shape of the sponge. It's not, but we can just imagine. So from here, let your arms do the work. You can look at your arms and you should see some nice muscles there and the arms are going to curve your upper back forward and forward. It's like a little rocking. So melt your sacrum into the sponge. Just melt it. There you go. That's it.

And almost like the sacrum is melting into the sponge. It's releasing into the sponge. Good. Now in contrast to that release, scoop your inner core. Scoop your inner core away from your tee shirt. Hold it there. Roll Up. We'll try that same concept with the arms here.

Roll back to your sponge. I like my knees a little open. It helps me to get that release. And now same thing curve and you can hear [inaudible]. I kind of have that Ah, type of feeling like that sigh of relief. So it's all your inner core scoop, your inner core through your body. Four, three, two, one. Hold it.

Two more. Hang in there with me guys. Think of the dolphins. Two more. One more. Come on up. Thank goodness you guys are in as much pain as me. That's all I can say. Okay. You know as odd as that fear to me when I'm breaking out in my cold sweat that I'm going to be the only one. Okay, let's get some more. Holly. Molly on here. Are we ready? And inhale. Now imagine the sponges they're imagine just to the lower tips of the shoulder blades.

Now let the sponge sink in to your mat. Breathe in. Stay with me here. Roll up sacrum heavy hip crease. Released that hip crease. Release it and come on up and down. Hip crease releases. Curve up. Really curve that rib toward the pubic bone. Now pull with your inner core Anna.

Last time. [inaudible] slide your ribs towards the pubic bone. Hip crease releases. C'Mon up. We'll do four with flow. Um, let's turn out today and Ashley, actually this is an experiment. I haven't done this yet. Let's put the m funds right here.

I'm finding new uses for my sponge and rolling back and lets flow up. Sacrum releases hip creased releases and to remember to release that hip crease three and this time lie down, pressing your arms down and let's remove the sponges. Put it right beside you and we'll be doing rollover. So if you have any issue with inversions where your legs are over your head, just skip this one. Knees into the chest. Remember that modified tabletop.

Press your arms into the mat really deeply and tighten up the back of your upper arms. Push them. Reach your fingertips as though you're crawling them towards your toes. Press arms into the mat. Come over the knees right above the forehead. Stay there. Open your jaw. Relax your face. Relax your cheekbones. Press your arms into the floor. Reach your fingers away. As you roll down.

Let your arms help you. Arms. Help you. Jar released, cheekbones released again. Knees over the phone, forehead. Reach your fingers. Really crawl those fingers. Feel your hip crease. Release your sacred widen upper arm bones help you open your job. Roll down. Open your jaw. Release your hips. You can repeat that or reach your legs out. Long. Roll over. Parallel to the floor.

Open flex top and roll down. Now push this arm bones into the mat. Open your mouth, cheekbones, release. Reach your legs away. Hug the legs together and rollover. Hold it there. Think about a tripod to balance your skull. Heavy your shoulder blades wide and heavy. Press arms through the floor. Open flex, tap roll down. Open the jaw.

Tripod a balance. Heavy released legs together and overreached those fingers. Open. Flex. Tap. Now point your toes. Reach your fingers away from your toes. As you roll down until your sacrum is on the ground. Let's bring our left foot onto the ground. Our right leg is up on the ceiling.

Bend your knees slightly. Turn out. So this is another release variation. Put Your hands right on your hip bones. Press your fingers into those low abs. Now Cross your leg over your Midland. Hold it there. Dig that right hip down.

Pull those abs in in poke a little harder so you really have to run those abs away. Circle around. Stop at the center, Cross around and up and the fingertips keep pressing into those lower abs. The hip crease has released the steak from wide. Stop at the center. Other directions slightly open. Cross enough and cross and up. Pull those lower abs in even deeper.

An even deeper. Reach the leg up. Reached the other leg long. Turn them out. Now dig those fingertips into the low abs. Breathe in on the exhale. Switch legs and switch and switch. Sacred Wide Hip crease released and four and three and two and one.

And here, I can't remember what leg where you're on. So the right leg was up. OK, good. Bend your right knee, bend your left leg up to the sky and dig those fingers in a little further and cross enough and cross it up. Go deep here. Okay, two more. One more other direction.

Okay. The more you press those fingertips into your low abs to more hip crease releases, sacrum releases, and bring your foot down, arms overhead, curl up just the head and the chest. From here, reach your fingers past your knees, release your hip crease. Release your sacrum wide. Roll up, keep that hip crease released and scoot forward. Rolling like a ball. Put the on the sponge back here and um, we're not going to roll yet. So just kind of, um, stay with me on the, on the prep for this. Bring your hands again here and let's get that Nice.

Just release of that leg bone into the hip sock. Could I love that feeling? Um, and we'll round back on the sacrum. I usually have to adjust it once I go back just because it never seems to be in the right place when you go back there. So we're going to do three steps for preps, which I won't be able to see you doing because it's very much from the inner core out. Okay. So we're right here on eight counts. Use your arm muscles, curve your chest to the thighs and curve. And notice I'm barely moving and this is going to light those abs up.

[inaudible] pull your abs away from your t-shirt. Three, two, hold it there. Look down towards your core with the lowest dab fibers. Pull the pubic bone up, pull it up. It's not going to really move. Just pretend that you're using those low ab fibers to pull the weight of the pubic bone up. Up. Three, two, one. Now let's put that all together. Chest comes towards the knees as you pull the pubic bone up and pull.

Pull, little tiny Paul's pull three, two, one. So now that our core is warm, um, I'm procrastinating because, okay, here's where we have to be willing to make fools of ourselves. So I am ready. Are you guys ready? Okay. Sponge out. Okay. Sponge out. This is going to be like a spiritual exercise of, you know, self embarrassment. So from right here, really talk. Now we're not rolling yet. We're just pushing the elbows into the knees and eight, seven knees to the elbows. Elbows to knees. Four, three, two. And Are we ready? Okay, let's roll back and roll up.

Push knees to the elbows and push. Try to keep them together. [inaudible] one more. Okay. Good job. Okay, so now there's some good news here. We're going to do regular rolling and it will never have felt this good or looked so good. So let's get into our nights, this little ball. Maintain that breathing. Shoulderblades push into your hands to roll up.

Push into your hands to roll up, releasing through the hip crease. [inaudible] two more and one more. Oh, nice. Okay. So we'll roll down to our shoulder blades. We'll do the first three in our app series with some flow hands behind our head.

Send the left leg away and change and change as we're doing this repetitive movement flow. The legs release through the hip socket as though you're pulling in and in and release the hip crease. Widen the sacred for four and three, curving two and one both knees in. Curve up a little bit more by pushing the legs into the hands. Inhale, soften the hips. [inaudible] widen the lower back.

Okay, two more. One more. Right. Like comes up. Left like out like a scissors. No hold. Push your leg into your hand. And with those two hands, soften that leg bone down into the hip socket. Release the sacrum wide. Maintain hip crease. Release Sacrum wide and inhale. Inhale.

Oh yeah. So it's a counter play of the fastness of your legs. And the sacrum widening the hip crease, releasing its timeless, just releasing Holden. Bring it up and let's roll up. Let's swing our legs around, um, to just get a different body position before we finish up our ab series. So we'll start with all fours. Um, you can have your fingers, you know, whatever direction you want. Breathe in.

Now on an exhale, plug the arm bones into the socket. Press the ground away. That will make you round your back just a little bit. And now pull, plug those arm bones into the socket. We'll tuck our toes under, lift the knees slightly and we'll do hundreds breathing. Inhale, two, three, four, five, two more sets. Three, four, five. Okay.

Hip crease, two, three, four, five. Okay. Round back two, three, four, five. Big exhale. And inhale, two, three, four, five. Continue plugging those arm bones into the socket.

Releasing the front of our hips. Really pull that pubic bone up, up, up to our nose, and bring it down. Let's come down on the forearm. Let's come back into a plank position for leg pull front. Then both knees, about one inch. Release the front of your hip crease, just the right leg for eight times up, up, down, up, up. So the focus here released the hip crease. And now imagine the back of the glutes, the back of the hamstrings, lifting the weight of your leg and effortlessly keeping that hip crease released. One more time. Up, up, down.

Lift the left leg. Relax that hip crease up, up, down, up, up. Thinking about your high buttocks and plots, we use so much of the low but like that glue, crease and the hamstrings. So think about the high part of your bottom. Working as well. Up, up, down, up, up, down. One more and down. Yeah, let's come back to a very brief child's pose.

Hey, and now let's swing around for the last two of our abs series. So let's lie down and we'll do a little bit of a, um, lower and lift lift. But again, in keeping with our theme today, let's put our right foot over the left. Bend the knees, the slightest little bit like there. Turned out a bit. That will release the hip crease. Now curve up.

Press your head into your hands and now find a little bit more curve just by sliding the front of your rib cage into the back. Widen the sacrum. Release the hips, lower the legs, two inches. Now top foot pushes down as you lift and lift. Take that brief moment to release your hip crease. [inaudible].

Keep that hip crease released. Use the strength of your lowest core, your pelvic floor to lift up one last time. Switch legs lower and lift. Push the top like into the bottom. Four more. Three more, two more. And one more. [inaudible] left elbow to the right leg lifted you twist. Lift two, twist and twist and four and three and two and one. And Roll Up.

Let's put our feet in the front corner of the Mat for spine. Stretch forward and bring your arms, shoulder, height and shoulder with right here. So plug those arm bones back into the socket and push down on a heavy countertop. So your chest is lifted up above the frame of the arms. You're going to pretend that you don't want anyone to see you doing this. So you're going to pull the pubic bone up towards your nose like the slightest teeniest pelvic tilt until you almost feel like you're catching your breath.

Now slide your ribs, spine, stretch forward. Release the front of your hips. Keep that little pubic bone up to the ears. I'm sorry to the nose as you roll up. Hi Debra [inaudible], front of the hip bone releases and roll up that little tiny. It's not really a pelvic Tuck, but it might feel like it's just a bit and up. We've got one more time.

[inaudible] and up loops are a little bit, I like, you know, I find it very hard to release here and tighten. Let's try one more time and I'll, I'll kind of, oh, the question was, um, should the um, glutes be tight? So let's do it once and let's kind of talk through it while we're doing it. Yeah, I love that question because let's, let's go through that because this is so key. What you just asked. Put your hands here. Okay, so let's go into our traditional, what we think of as a pelvic tilt, like this tight glutes right now.

Let's try it the different way. Put your hands here. I like to put the fingers here. Imagine add fibers and these are add fibers. Now the pubic bone, just think of it as, it's not even part of your body. You're going to take those ad fibers and pull them up to tip the pubic bone up. Do you feel how you can do that without clenching your bottom?

So let's repeat for two reps. Okay, so soften rounding forward, pull that pubic bone up as you roll up. Did that answer your question? Pull that pubic bone up as you round and then roll up. Let's get forward for open leg rocker. I was hoping you'd ask them more questions so I can avoid the open like rocker, but I guess now I am. Okay. I'm going to do open like rocker because that way if anyone has a bad open like rocker, they can feel good watching me.

But we're going to do that prep first because I'm going to procrastinate on the real rolling. So put your hands behind your thighs. Breathe in now. Push on the hands. Tip that pubic bone up. You're going to rock back maybe an inch. Push the legs into the hands to roll up. Rock back. Push to roll up. Rock back, hush. Now do three more.

Just releasing the hip crease. Release that hip crease. One more, and then we're going to rock and roll here. Okay. I'm scared, but let's, let's do this. Inhale and exhale. Oh Huh. Good. [inaudible] one more. Oh, good. I'm so good. Lower.

Yes. And it's like, hello? Yeah, I mean it's an amazing feeling. That's awesome. So happy about that. Okay. Force. I'm saw. Let's, let's use that again so we can practice it. Okay, so foresaw. Let's not worry about anything else except tipping that pubic bone up and a beautiful energy release as we twist the twist towards me to start. Now, tip that pubic bone up as you saw. Tip it up, tip it up, Rola switch sides and tip it up. Ooh, I'm feeling that. Tip it up. Roll Up.

Okay. And is that kind of shaky? Wow. My jeans are going to be loose afterwards type of feeling. We can all do a little gene test at the end of class. Say I really tip it up. Okay. I want these to be our best. We're going to do two more, even though I know that's a little uneven, but really tip that pubic up, tip it up and come on up one last time. Make this your best and we'll just even it out just so that we don't feel uneven.

30 and come on up. Beautiful. Yeah. Oh, so happy about that. And you know what it is. It's because that inner core provides a flow for our movement. So to me that is a beautiful thing. Like just getting that.

That's fantastic. So let's carry on with that theme that Deborah had asked about that whole theme about, let's just sit here for a moment. We never think about this in prone work. So let's just see how this carries through for us. So putting your hand there, now we're not going to really see anything happen. You're just going to with those lower abs, tip it up. Now, nothing's going to happen. We're not really in a pelvic tilt, but can you feel that little deepness? So let's try a sponge for prone today.

We'll just see how that feels. Um, my experience is some of my clients, most of them, I actually love this. Some of them really don't. So if you know that it's not right for you, you always want to trust your intuition. So put the sponge right around your navel, but you're going to want to change it once you figure out what's worked for you and put your forehead towards your hands. Now we're going to do two little adjustments. The first is gently slide the front ribs down towards your navel.

Just very gently to see if you can lengthen your spine and then breathe in on the exhale. Imagine you're tipping the pubic bone up by pulling those low ab fibers. Again, nothing's going to happen. We're just getting that little activation. Let's try that four times x helped. Yeah, and exhale, tip. Find some space in the inside of your body. And one more time. Tip.

Now, let's see how that works during Swan. Put your hand slightly in front of your shoulders, Paul, back on the ground like you're a dog or a horse pine and just come up head and chest once you're up, released your front ribs. And imagine you're trying to tip your pubic bone up to your nose. Reach your chest forward to come down. Tip as you come up. Tip as you come down. One more time.

Tip and down. Very nice job. Let's roll over. Um, for side legs and foreside legs. What I'm going to do is have all of you with your heads that way, just so that if I say right or left, all of your at the same and of course for you kind of find a use for a son. I like to think that because we all have such tiny little waists, we're going to need to had just a little bit that works for me. Um, so, um, if any of you have that bone that sticks out, it really makes a difference just to bring your knee up.

So that's what I like to do. But of course you don't have to angle your foot forward. Just for today. You can have your head down or propped up. It really, you know, is just up to you. Put your hand right on your hip crease and make your waistline a little bit longer. Now relax your sacrum. Relax your hip crease, lift, lift, lift. It's like there's a harness right in the mid thigh pulling the weight of your leg up. And Deborah, pull the little toe towards you a bit.

Yes. Just so your foot doesn't sickle [inaudible] hold it. Now hug your bottom and circle forward. Release the front of your hip so you're really feeling the recruitment of all those muscle fibers. Hold it and let's go back the other way. Keep coming back to that hip crease release thing.

For so many of us, it's, it's instant. That filling of the hip gripping. Now hold it there. Sit back and reach your leg forward. We're going to reach our arm back behind us. Then reach long hip crease releases. We can try a little kick here. Kick, kick, kick, kick, release the hip last time.

[inaudible] good. And we'll come to the other side. The side legs you like, isn't that nice? It's, you know what I love about it is it looks so much harder but it's so much more comfortable. Okay, well maybe it's just me, but um, bring the knee in. Again, you can prop your head up or not. Lift up your leg and again, take that hip crease and just kind of manually press it away. Once you've done that.

Release the hip crease and Lyft, Lyft, thinking about the whole thigh. Really digitalize the glutes, working the thigh, working. Hold it there and circle around just for um, for now put your hand on the high glute area and make sure those muscle fibers are working. I've been noticing, um, so much of us who do Polonius a lot. We're so used to work in those low glutes that we forget about the high glutes. So we're going to, yeah, the little high booty going on there.

Hold it there and the other way. Good. Now sit back. Let's bring the arm behind us and reach those fingers beautifully and reach long and low and sit back. Hip crease reach long and low hip crease releases with a little pulse. This next time sit back, kick, kick and reach, kick, kick toes away from the fingers. Kick, kick, reach, kick, kick.

And really beautiful. Okay, so I know you just want to stay there. It feels so good and it looks beautiful as well. Okay, so teaser, we're going to do a teaser. We're going to do nine reps and I promise you the first, the first three are going to be the teasers you love. Okay? So we'll layer on, we'll do teaser, three repetitions. I promise anyone can do it and actually do it well.

And then the second three and the third three you have the option. Yeah, I guess I'm trying to say the second and the third you'll hate. Yes, this is a money back. A body back guarantee. Okay. So are we ready? Okay. And I really promise you'll like go. Okay. So lie down, put your hands behind your thighs and push your legs into your hands to sit up. That was pretty easy, wasn't it? That was it. Well, almost. Okay, so now, but this will still be fun. You're going to do that little pubic bone chip up. Can you feel that?

And lift the chestnut tip and lift so you really get that deepness. Shoulders Open. Tip Tip again, and just roll back and roll up. Tip and lift. Tip and lift. And if, if you are too happy right now, tipping and lifting, then lift more in tip or you can't tip and lift enough, right Dan Rollback. And third roll up. Tip lift. Now let's go into a frog position and reach your arms.

Tip the the pubic bone up as you lift your chest, release the leg bones into the socket. We're going to chin to the chest. Roll back and roll up. Tip and lift. Roll back. Tip lift and roll back tip. Now we're going to leave the legs here. This is the last three. I didn't say you'd like these. Let some have the feet plopped down. So again, this is that modified position. Leg bone sinking through the socket.

Tip the pubic bone up. Roll back and roll up. Trying not to move your legs. Oh, [inaudible] I told you you weren't going to like this one. Okay. Full disclosure, you can't say that until you and roll down. It's like we're already making our seal noises. Okay.

Wow. Okay. Okay, so now hip circles. What hip circles. See, I'm not making any promises about that, but I'm put this sponge right here and come down onto your forearms. And we're going to do hip circles just for today with this position. Okay, so push the chest towards your thighs and the pubic bone up. Tip, tip, tip, and circle. Left Circle, lift.

Keep releasing the leg bones into the hip. Socket and chest. Forward. Chest forward. Chest, chest. One more chest we got so far. Okay. So imagine your legs in that position. Okay. Just imagine they're the deposition. Put imaginary hands right here and push into those imaginary hands.

Tip the pubic bone circle. Cool. Lift, circle, lift. Imagine hands holding your legs up and you're pushing your legs into those hands. Two more. One more. [inaudible] and come on up. Let's reach for, okay, now we've really been having to focus a lot on the body. So the last exercise we're going to do with seal. Okay?

And I dare you all to make seal noises. I'm going to make them, but I'm not going to move my mouth so it won't look like I'm doing it. So. Okay. Are we ready? Okay. I'm really gonna go for it. Yeah, I did it now. Was I moving my mouth too much? Could you tell it was me? Okay. Okay. Now you guys can't sound that silly, so I think we have to live up to here. Are we ready? Okay.

Inhale. [inaudible] smile and elegant little smile. So no one will know. Let's looking and feeling elegant. Okay. We can get our composure back. Now let's come into a mermaid position. Yes, yes. And Strategy and stretch over the other way.

So you can do anything if you just get your composure back right away and to reach and the other way. And let's put our legs the other direction in the other triangle and stretch. Feel your hip crease releasing and stretch. One more time. Each direction and stretch. Thank you guys. [inaudible].


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V Enjoyable, hard work and fun
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loved it! very good cues for students having trouble releasing hip flexors
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I love the sponge! Going to Lowes now to see if I can get one. ( I used a little pillow and it seemed to be a bit to firm). Thank you!
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Great class. Not a deliberate pace,
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Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments! these cues have helped me and my students so much. I used to have SI isues and by releasing hips/sacrum it has made my SI discomfort completely eliminated. I never thought this could happen.

For the sponge Connie look in the tile grouting department at home depot if you can't find at lowe's. we have dozens of these at our Boston Body studios. Our clients love them!
Interesting session w/ new prop - sponge. Seems to be a level 1 session working @ a slower pace....nice for beginners. Not sure how you release the hip when you're in hip flexion though. Would have liked more explanation on sponge placement - as in beg when it was under head Def plan to play with sponge ... Thx!
Hi Jennifer,
So glad you like the sponge! Try two options for sponge under head: vertical and horizontal either under neck or towards top half of skull. Depending on the shape of your head and neck one of these options will be more helpful to your neck alignment. Keep practicing "releasing your hip crease" as you "widen your sacrum." Sometimes it takes a few times to stop gripping our hip flexors and quads - but it is worth the wait. Thanks!
Zayna...i find it so interesting that you mention SI issues, and sacrum..this is exactly what i deal with...and am still trying to figure just for that reason i am now your number one fan! i will do whatever you do... thanks! :)
and man- if i could pick your brain for about 10 minutes, maybe i could have all my unanswered questions...answered and not live my life in pain!!! :/
Hi Cindy, So glad that my video is helping your SI issues. The good news is that I have had many many clients get help for SI pain and dystunction through workouts like this. Please feel free to email me at to ask me more questions and "pick my brain." My own SI issues are a think of the past - something I never thought would happen - and I enjoy sharing my "secrets" with anyone else who can benefit!

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