Class #80

Reformer Workout

40 min - Class


Meredith teaches an intermediate Reformer class utilizing the Block System™ typical of the BASI Pilates® style. This workout offers two views of the exercises throughout class, which includes Foot and Leg Work, the Hundred, Coordination, Hip Work, Spinal Articulation, Reverse Knee stretch, Arms Kneeling, Side Overs on the Short Box and Pulling straps. All of our Reformer Classes are designed for our students with Reformers at home. A solid understanding of your equipment is critical for safety and ongoing training with a Pilates Professional is recommended.
What You'll Need: Reformer

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Okay, we're going to start today with the pelvic curl. Hello class. Hello. Hey, no married. Okay. So the pelvic curl, your feet are the foot bars down. Your feet are resting on it and you can go on yo...


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Video stopped playing with ten minutes left on workout. my internet connection fine. Hope this isn't a regular occurance. Other than that I enjoyed the 3/4 of the workout that played.
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Loved it!!

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really great cuing and fluidity!
Thanks Ladies!!
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Thanks. A perfect workout to get me up and going this morning. Was finding many excuses but this was hard enough yet eased me into my day.
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Most enjoyable workout. You seemed really relaxed teaching this one, (perhaps because you weren't doing while teaching?) Anyhow, loved it! Thanks so much.
Thanks ladies...that was one of my first classes and I am glad to have appeared relaxed. Inside I was freaking out!
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Really loving the 30 minute workouts! And I really appreciate the two angles to see the others on reformers.
Wow Elizabeth! You found a really old one. Thanks for looking back :)
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Going backwards thru the archives, so much fun. Work is beautiful as always. Thank you Meredith and Kristi
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