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TRIADBALL™ Excel! Once again Michael and Ton use their TRIADBALL™ to give you a great workout! This class starts by preparing your body for all the action to come with creative and effective stretches to mobilize your body. After that, Michael and Ton will continuously surprise you with new ideas on familiar exercises. This class is fun because Michael and Ton are fun. How wonderful to have such experienced and skilled teachers remind us how playful Pilates can be even while working hard. Thanks, guys!
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What You'll Need: Mat, Triadball

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Let us start standing up and just stand facing me so we have some space around us. There we are. Stand with your legs nice and wide and just bring the ball down and just relax your shoulders for a moment. Make sure when you stand like this, that the weight is evenly on your foot. Take the ball in your right hand as you inhale, bring it up and place it in your left. As you exhale, bring it back down. Inhale, bring it up. Keep the shoulders nice and soft. Exhale down. Let's do it one more time, this direction and then we'll go to the other side.

So Amia lifted up soft shoulders and exhale down. Watch out at the ribs. Don't travel with the arms up that they stay nice and down. Last time on this side, relax the arms down and bring them up to shoulder height. Take the ball in your right hand, traveled all the way to the other side.

Take it in your left to bring it back to the front. Inhale, bring it around and exhale. Good nail down and exhale. Let's go the other way. Now the idea is is that the ball stays, keeps going as most horizontal as possible. So then we have the droop down now. Yeah, it's an image and relax and have your legs slightly more together.

Place the ball on the right side of your body. You all need a goal, right? And he'll bring it up. Exhale, roll the ball down. Keep a little pressure on the ball so you keep the downside activated. Email up and exhale down. Inhale, lifted up. Exhale, press the ball. Watch out. You don't hyper. Extend that elbow on the ball and bring it up.

Bend release last time. We're going to stay in the side bend here. Now twist your body towards the ball and at the ball. Come up a little bit and then press it away and stretch a little bit more and curl and stretched away. Last time. Inhale, exhale, rolled ball out.

Increase the sideman and come and let's take the ball to the other side. We're going to email, bring it up. Exhale, roll it down. Inhale, lift and release. Inhale, exhale, go over. Try not to move the hips. As you make the side bend so up. Don't let the hips travel over. Keep it nice and centered. Now roll towards the ball at the ball. Come up, press the ball down in.

Increase the stretch to reach with the top arm and inhale and exhale, stretch and inhale for the last time. Stretch it out and reach. Roll it back up and then be likes. Make sure your legs hip with bend the knees and place the ball right on your legs. Please. The hands sort of wrist, wherever it feels comfortable that around the back and roll the ball up a little bit. Roll the ball down and lift the chest and inhale and exhale.

Lengthen the spine stretched aback and rounded in and exhale. Watch out for the shoulders and round and then we roll up all the way. Come to the front edge of your mat, cross your legs, hold the ball right between your hands. Now you're going to send your hips back. As you push the ball forward too slowly sits down on top of your mat. Use the leverage of pushing the ball forward.

In the hips back to find your balance. Then place your feet down and place the ball right underneath your thighs. Reach forward with your arms. If you need help, just hold on behind your thighs and roll down all the way. Then bend your knees and walk the ball up a little bit so it's between your calves and your inner thighs. Rer back of your thighs, I should say. Legs are up.

Reach along with the arms length in the head and come up into your a hundred position. We're going to breathe in two, three, four, five and exhale and inhale. Now Flex your feet and exhale. Now lower the legs on the inhale and on the exhale, bring it back up and inhale and exhale and inhale and exhale and inhale and we'll do two more sets. And inhale, squeeze the ball and inhale. Exhale, bring it up. Take the ball out and relax your head down. Bring the arms up to the ceiling. Make sure your rip say soft as the ball goes behind you in a lift the balance.

Place it on your thighs, lift your head. Exhale, roll the ball and just keep it behind. Next to it, your hands on the side so it rolls nice and easily. Non Roll back down. Keep the bow on your thighs until the head is on the mat. Then lift the arms and bring it back behind you. Inhale, lift the ball first. Place it on your thighs, then lift your head and push the bar all the way to watch your feet. Then roll it back, articulate through the spine. Leave the ball on your thighs until your head is on the mat and then then bring it back. Now we're going to change it, so we're going to roll it up and now place it only on your right thigh.

So let's go to crust. As you roll up the Bible, roll of your leg and stretch it onto the floor. Roll it back down. It will come back to the leg and then bring the arms and we'll go to the other side. We bring it up, bring it on the left leg. Lift your head up. Allow to roll off the floor as you, but keep both hips on the not right now. Roll back down. That was always that small little detail that we forget to bring the arms back up. Arms go back up. Place it on your right thigh.

Now Roll it away, allow it to come off, but make sure your left hip stays anchored on the floor. Then roll it back down. Very nice. Wait for the head to lift the arms and the last Santeria the side. Lift the arms up, ball on the left, roll it up. Make sure your right hip stays on the mat.

Then roll it back down. Wait for your head. Keep your rips nice and soft as the arms come up. Very nice. Bend your knees in and place the ball right between your inner thighs. Now the lower you bring the ball closer to your groin, the easier it is to get activated in your pelvic floor. So get comfortable with your ball, so to speak, and bring it as low as you can.

Bring the leg straight up for your roll over. So you're going to lift your legs up until parallel with the floor. Schoolies it together and then roll yourself back down. Massage in your spine. And stop when they're straight up. Lift up and over.

Squeeze and now roll yourself back down. Now try not to push the arms down too much. Also think of reaching out with the arms. So roll up now, reach to the front edge of your mat with your fingers as you roll yourself down. Massage in the spine. Let's do it with one more time. Very nice, lifted up and over, and then have a nice little squeeze as you roll back down. Try to keep your collarbone open until you're all the way down.

Then take the ball out, place it underneath your thigh and let the heel come on top of the mat. Other leg straight up. Let's hold onto it and give it a nice stretch because I'm adjust in that nice kind of a mood. Now here you go. Press the ball slightly down, but make sure that you don't press so hard that your heel comes off the floor, right? So we only activated in the back of the leg. We tried to keep the front as relaxed as possible. Is that okay for you? Okay, now bring the arms down. Do not move the ball.

Do not move your hips as we go cross around and lifted back up. Now the pressure on the ball should stay the same. Come back up. So cross around and up and four around and up. And I think this is five. Let's reverse it. So when the leg comes up, don't let the bounce of the ball and bring it up to and around. And three, two, the pressure stays the same. Right?

And for one more time and five, bend that knee in. Bend the leg over the ball. So you lock it into, pick it up. Yep. And then you can just take it out to start the other side. So plays the ball underneath your thigh. You bring it a little higher so the leg can be relaxed.

Give the top Lek and nice little stretch. Make sure your pelvis stays nice and long and that you don't lift yourself off your mat. Bring the arms down, put some pressure on the ball, think almost of pushing it away a little bit and then start your circle. Cross around and bring it up. One cross around and bring up to her. Don't move the hips as we circle of four, round and up. Last time, five around. Let's reverse it and around, around.

We go in one and around. Don't bounce on the ball. Don't follow the bouncing ball this time. Three and around then four and the last time and five good luck the ball. Pick it up. Hold on to the ball with both hands. Start Rocking your body until you rock yourself all the way up to civic.

Placed the ball between your knees, hold onto your ankles and then rest your forehead onto the ball. And there we go. They adjusted curriculum it in day. So the lower the ball goes between your leg, the harder the exercise will be, right? So plays it an appropriate level. You don't want to crunch your neck, so make sure it's nice and relaxed on the ball. Now once you have that position, hold onto the ankles and make sure your head stays on the ball while we're doing well and like about so back and come back up and don't lose the ball. Roll back and come back up. Lift your hips up.

As you roll back, press the hips down to come back home. So it's an up motion of the pelvis and it's a down motion of the pelvis. Two more up. Bring it back down and the last time up. Hold that balance and then gracefully take the ball out from between your legs, hold the balance and bring it to the right leg and slowly roll down for the single leg stretch we go one and we go in and reach. Reach for your ankle and three and three and four and four.

Keeps squeezing that ball for the last set both legs in. Take the ball in your right hand, circle it all the way around and bring it around and bring it all the way to your toes and reach all the way behind you and bring it all the way to the front. One more time, this direction and then we go the other way. You inhale, stretch, exhale, bring it around. Really tried to squeeze the ball as it comes around last time. Stay up, open your legs and place the ball between your knees and we lecture, head down. Place both hands behind your head.

We're going to lift one elbow up and bring it right to the ball and they'd come back down. Let's go to the other side. Bring the elbow up and bring it down. Now you can stay with this version or you can make it a little bit more challenging. Come up and hold it here. Now the elbow, the same legacy elbow goes off the ball and you end up crust. Yes, you can do it. Now bring everything back to the ball so we can go to the other side, everything on the ball and take the other side off.

Everything against the bar angle to the other side, everything against the ball and around are we even bring it in. This is the last one. And then re lax yourself. So hold onto the bar and relax for a second. Bring the ball up and rock yourself up until your come up sitting and one trip sitting and take the ball. Place it behind you and you're going to sit right on top of it, right in the center.

Then you're going to adjust your feet so your legs are bent. You're going to dig your heels in. Then you're gonna place your fingers down on the far. Imagine the far as there. From here, we're just going to think of doing a little coxix curl forward. So curl your pelvis, the ball will move, and then come back to your neutral spine. Now to go back to create the arch.

Think of sending your sitz bones back over the edge of the ball. You don't think of arching and come back center. So we curl front and we go back to neutral. Then we send the sitz bones back off the edge of the ball, which creates the extension and back center. Once more, just curl it under. Just getting the whole pelvis moving. Send the Sitz bones back.

Good. Now, side to side. Go to your right. Try not to move anything else to your left. Make sure you don't give me showgirls. Shoulders, just a little, no shinny. Just the hips. Just cut to the side. Then we're going to do a circle.

So we're going to start to the front curl to the front, to the right, off the back to this side and back front. That was pretty good. So let's take the arms off and see where we're at. Don't fall to the side. Remember what I said? No shimmy side curl find. That was so good. Let's do it backwards.

So let's go to the back first to the right to the front. Tidal have to hate when they make you think back center. Once mark 'em back side, I don't care which side you go to front side, back and relax and bring your arms down. Then bringing your arms straight up. Reach long with your fingers. Really dig the hills in for the spine. Stretch forward variation.

We're going to take a deep breath in. Then on the exhale, you're going to curl your pelvis under, reach back, point your feet and reach forward, and then you're going to inhale, bend your knees, Flex your feet and stretch and come back out. And again, just reaching forward, curling and inhale back. Backup. I feel like it's an ode to Joe. Oh Mighty Joe. As we're all bowing, dig the heels in and come up. Good. One more. Stir Rach, and really get that stretch and come back. Circle the arms open to the sides. From there, bring your legs together. You get the free little ride, curl your pelvis under and you're ride the ball off to the floor. Now you want to adjust the ball probably between your shoulder blades. The lower it is on your back, the mark extension.

More arch you're going to have. So choose wisely where your back wants the band. Place your hands just out in front of you. From here you're going to start forward. You're going to bring the arms up and you're going to arch back.

Circle the arms and come forward. And think of a slight little contraction with the abdominals into the ball. We'd go up, circle around, just enjoy the freedom of the stretch and again, once more up, circle around and stir. Now we get to reverse it. You arms, just swing. Open that chest and bring it forward. And again, just around match.

We'll reach around and come up last time. Sit or ratchet round. Bring it up and serve that. From there I bring your legs together. Place your hands down. You're going to roll back onto the ball. You're going to leave the ball right behind you in a place, both hands right on top of the ball. What you're going to do, sit with your legs crossed for you.

We're going to do a little seated pelvic curls do. You're going to start with a straight spine. You're going to lift yourself up. Then you're just going to curl your Cox extender. Then back to that straight spine and lower down COO. Lift up and curl.

Bring it back and down. One last time. Keep that chest lifted. Open up that collar bone, yes and relaxed. Now leave the ball wedged in there. You'll like this from here. Leave it in so you got room to go grab onto your ankles. You're going to stretch up into the open leg rocker position.

Now all I want you to do is curl and roll back into the ball and curl into the ball to come back up. It's gonna be very small. Roll into it. Roll up, roll back and up to work on that part that we always sort of cheat through. So you just roll, pull in to go into it. Pull in to come back up. So Indigo, down, indigo, up. Beautiful it in and up.

Last one in and up from there. Just bring your legs in. Take the ball out, bring it on your stomach. From here, start to roll back, pulling your abdominals in, curling your tailbone under. You'll feel a point where your legs want to lift up. Allow them to lift up, lift your right leg up and bring it up. And leave the other one here, here. So we have single leg stretch. And then just kick, kick, kick, kick, kick, kick. Bring the ball farther back.

Kick farther back behind your head. More, more, more. Yes, that's it. Kick, kick, kick, kick and relax. From there. Place the ball right in between your legs. What we're gonna do is just bring your arms out to the sides for tech talk or down. I'm going to bring them down, but you can bring them out. I just don't have floor. Bringing your knees into your chest. From here, think of lifting your right hip off.

Then lift, think of lifting your knee and then your ankle. So everything just goes. Try and maintain the shoulders flat on the Mat. Now think of just articulating through the rib cage to bring it back into center to the other side. So think lift, hit, lift me, lift foot. Now think of that ribcage. Just pulling the rib cage back down. Once more to each side, lift the hip, lift the knee with the ankle. Let it go over. Now think of the rib cage. Just rippling it back in.

Very nice or the side. Lift the hip, knee, ankle. Now just let it ripple through your rib cage to bring it back in. Now stretch your legs straight up. Bring your arms closer down to your body. For corkscrew. We're going to go right to the side. Think of the same thing. Lift that hip circle down, bringing that rib case here flat up and over and back to center. Other side, you go side down, side center. Let me see it.

Side down. Side, center. Shoulders. Stay on the mat and up. Bend the knees into your chest and give it a nice little squeeze. Then place your hands right behind your thighs. Press your thighs and your hands.

Lift your head up and just start rocking yourself until you come up. Once you're up, you're gonna open your legs wide and place the ball in front of you. Once the ball is out in front of you, you're going to place the ball down. Bring your right arm up, left hand will be on top of the ball. You're going to take a deep breath in for Sol variation side.

Then you're going to take the ball. The ball is going to roll away. As you reach to the side and over. Make sure the down side of your waist stays lifted and you don't collapse, and the opposite sit bone stays down in this position. Will the ball out a little bit more in one direction in reach long with your fingers. Now from here, you're going to roll the ball in towards you. As you twist over, trying to bring that top shoulder down to your knee and roll the ball in at the same time towards you. Feel that stretch. Then you're going to push back out.

Rolling the ball back to the side. Now you're going to lift that shoulder, the top shoulder and try and bring it back behind you to the floor. There you go. And back to the side, reaching on and come back up. Other side, bring the arm up. It feels nice, doesn't it? As Sir Rach over to the side. I saw that Chrissy, and just reach more. Keep that bottom down and roll the ball away. Now from here, roll the ball in trying to bring that shoulder in towards your knee more.

Pull up in the abdominals. Don't let them just hang. Stretch back out by rolling the ball out and now open up to that ceiling, trying to bring that whole shoulder open. She complained to you. Get the stretch and then come back to the center and stretching long to the side and relax. And then ons here. Stomachs for the Flying Eagle. Let's all face in. So you guys face your heads here.

Heads here so you can see so you don't have to look over your shoulder. So for the Flying Eagle, we're going to start with her wrist on top. All we're going to do is just roll up, work on the extension, Betsey, roll the ball in towards your head, get the connection in the shoulders, in the lats and roll yourself up as far as you can and we'll roll back and again roll it in and come up and roll it back down. Now we're gonna do a version of the double leg kick. I'm going to start with the legs bent. So from here as the ball rolls in, we're going to lift up and go back and then the legs and stretching up and then six last time stretching up and hold it there. Now comes the fun swan. We dive up, up, up, roll last time, and really take the ball, place it right in the side.

Everybody except from Monica. Well actually it's, I'll do moderate cause variation. Place the box. She didn't think it to be special just because of her ankle. You're gonna sit back on the ball in child's pose so you don't have to sit back all the way so she can protect your ankle. What are, protect her ankles, sympathy, ankle pains. Just take a deep breath there and just relax and then roll yourself back up. Take the ball out and we're ready for the nick bowl. Well, maybe you're not ready with the back, but guess what we doing anyway?

Legs are hip width apart. Plays the ball right on your tummy. Now please both hands on top of the ball and push the bar into your stomach. Lift your head up and roll yourself up and over the ball. Then [inaudible] rollies have up to sitting. Push the ball into your stomach and almost think of pushing yourself down to the mat.

Press the ball in and roll yourself Kuru and stays close to the balls possible. Rollies have up to nice and sitting, and think of an iron you're going to press and you're going to press all the wrinkles out of your spine as you go down, lift your head up and roll up, stays close to the ball as you can on the way up. Then as you roll up to sitting, make yourself as long as you can and I'll push yourself away from each other as you go. Now take the right hand, take it behind your head. We going to do it with a twist, so you're gonna press the ball in with your left hand. You're going to live the right elbow up and you're going to roll up towards the opposite knee. Now you come up to sitting. We're going to go straight down.

So now make sure that your shoulders and your hips do not twist as you go down. And then change hands. Lift up to the other side, bring the elbow to knee, use the ball, add pressing of the ball. Really helps you come up to sitting. And now roll. It's down. Now we're going to do it one more time. We're going to switch hands earlier.

So you're going to press and go over and now come up to sitting. If you really scooping your stomach as hard as you think you are, you'll create a hollow part where the ball will stay when you change and come up to the other side. If you pushing out your stomach, the ball will fly away from you. So you will be punished immediately or all down, circuiting and up change. Awesome. And then relax. Venture [inaudible] m there you go. Place the bar between your inner thighs and then relax the leg down.

Think of curling the tailbone under and almost push the ball up and forward as you go up into the shoulder bridge. Hold it there for a second. Relax your throat, Mel through the spine and roll yourself back down. So imagine on the way up that your coxix girls under the ball and pushes it forward in a way. Now stay here. Stretch your right leg out. Do not change the ball or don't change the knee. Watch out at this knee.

Does not get pushed over to the side. Lower the leg a little bit. No, no, no, no. And come back out. [inaudible] down and up. One more time down and a bend that knee, soften the throat and roll back down. Once you're all the way down, initiate again from that Coxix and curl up the ball and push it forward. That stretch the other leg out. We go down and up, down and up. And the last time down and up.

Bend that knee. Soften your throat, Mel through the sternum all the way down until you're lying down the engineer's in. Hold on behind your thighs and start rocking until you're all the way up to take the ball out and flex your feet with the legs together. Bring the bar all the way up and lengthen the back so you press the ball against the ceiling. Push it against the ceiling as you twist, then leave it in your back hand as you open. Push the ball up to the ceiling. Leave it there when you go to the other side and follow the ceiling towards the back wall.

Push it against the wall to follow the ceiling and then untwist to twist. Hurry. Now stay in this twist until the ball is all the way back up. Don't give up yet and then go to the other side to [inaudible] reach all the way over, lifted all the way up. Keep pushing, keep pushing, keep pushing, keep pushing, keep pushing. And then relax. Lie over to your side for the sidekicks.

So I want you to lie down on the back edge of your mat. And then the bottom arm can be all the way long. Your feet on the front edge and you place the ball right in front of you. And this place the hand on top of the ball so the head is relaxed, nice and comfy. Make sure that the bar is not too high so that you show the can stay down, lift the leg up and kick the leg to the back and go to the front and two and go to the front. And three, try not to move the ball whatsoever.

Four and up and five, two more times and six last time back front and stop in the center bicycle. Bring it to the front, bend the knee and bring it behind. You. Watch out at the balls now moving and bring it to the front. Bend the knee in. Bring it to the back. Stretch at like out. One more time to the front. Bend the knee, bring it to the back, stretch it out.

Bring it back above the other one to reverse that heel to the bottom. Bring the knee all the way above that an elbow and then stretch out. Bring it to the back, bend the knee, curl it up to reach up. Tried to go over the elbow, not underneath it. Bend there in. Bring it in, lifted and stretch it and relax. Very nice. Then you don't have to manipulate the bottle a little bit because we're going to place our feet on top of the bottle.

Make sure that you are in one line so that the ball's not right in front of you, but make sure you one line, if you have ankle problems, bring it a little bit more towards your Shin or calf so you don't have the pressure on that joint. Now imagine that you're holding a rope with this hand. Pull that rope and bring it slightly underneath you so you get that bottom side activated right. This hand can help you a little bit to start off, but don't use it too much. Pull yourself together and lift yourself hips of the mat and then release it back down. Eh, get the rope. Hold on for dear life on that rope down there and then bring it back down.

If you feel daring, grabbed the rope and come up and lift the top like up and bring it back down and bring it back up and bring it back down. Bring it up and down and re leave the ball on that side. We're just going to sit up to go to the other side for our sidekicks. So lie down. That was a shocker. Didn't see that one common. So lie down, arm in the front, lift the leg up and here we go.

Bring it to the back first and then to the front and back and front and three and four and four and five. Keep that shoulder still and six and we have one more to go back and front and relax. Bicycle. Bring it to the front. Bend the knee, bring it to the back. Keep those hips still and reach and do the front Bandon. Bring it back. We'll close those rips. Very nice. One more time. Don't let that like sink to the back and bring the legs together to reverse to the back. Heel to the bottom.

The knee comes up and stretch it along to the back heel. Bring the knee through and stretch last time back. He'll bring it through to stretch and relax. Bring the ball to where she feet for this side balanced stuff we did and that was so incredibly successful. So hold on first, grab your rope, your lifeline almost, and get that underneath you too.

You're already in. Um, have the bottoms I did downside of your waist activated and then relax. Get the bottom side of activated pool shoulder down. Now press into the ball and lift the hips off the floor. Hold it for a second and then release and relax your rope. Pull the rope lifted up, get up, get up, get up, get up, get up and bring it back down. Now here, the daredevils, bring it in and lift it up.

Lift the leg and bring it down and make it look like it doesn't cost you any effort. And and up and down. And now slowly re lax. Okay, sit yourself up. We're going to do the teaser, so plays the bar, but just one highlight after the other. Lie Down. [inaudible] the ball here. Feet, arms are behind you. We're going to do the easy teaser, he said, and I'll come up into your teaser. Take the ball out, lift the ball up and roll it right away. Down. Once you're down, you come back up please. The bar between your feet, lift your arms up and roll back down. Nice cover.

Come back up. Ball between your hands. Lift the ball up to the ceiling like your spine twist and our roll it away. Roll back up between your feet and bring the arms up and roll back down. We have one more to go to for the transition. So you come up, take the bar out from between, lifted up, place your feet on the floor, place the ball on your size and just give yourself a gentle stretch as you roll the ball forward. Very nice. And as you're stretching, domino scooped in and then just slowly roll the ball up from there. Place the ball right behind you so it's wedged in bend, one leg straight in the other to use it for leverage.

Place the hands right here. So we're going to go on for the small barrel on the ball. You're going to curl and you're going to roll back and come up and over. Make sure that your buttocks is right in line with the ball. From here, let's just start with some easy frogs and just push it out and bend it in and make sure that as you do these frogs, you're not doing it with your legs.

Think of opening your hips and just folding in the hips as it comes last time and bring it in. Then stretch the legs out. Circles. Think of open circle down and close. Brewing it up. Open. Circle around up. Three, around and up. Reverse. Go down, open together, down, open together.

Last time together from their legs are straight up. Bicycle. Send the right leg down and then start your bicycle and start your peddling owed to town from Holland. Ride that bike. Good. Keep breathing relaxed. The throats are getting a little chance. From there we versed the pad lane. Pedal backwards. Go ahead. Keep paddling.

A, you could sing an Aria. Relax the throat. Yes and relaxed. Good. No. Bring you likes to tabletop. Now the fun begins without moving the ball too much. Open your legs, both of them to the side and bring it back in. Just open and clothes.

Oh, Ben and clothes. Good. Now take one leg open. Lead the other leg and table. Cop and close. Other side. Open and closed. Now take your side. The strongest side there is always a weaker side. Do the strong side three times this one and bring it back.

Center. Open it. Bring it back, center. Open it. Bring it back. Center. Now do your challenge. Side Open. Bring it back. Center open. Bring it back. Center. Last time. Bring it back center.

It should have been a little bit easier now that we've got that right down, take your hands and form a little ball right above you. Good. Now we're going to do the whole thing all over again without hands. Look mom, no hands. I heard that all shit and wasn't very quiet. So you want to make sure he likes her in Table Top. From here, just open your legs and close them. Do not fall. Press those fingers together and pray and close. Boy, it looks like belly dancing up and close it from here.

Choose one leg, right leg or left and click. Try the other leg. Good. Now take your weakest leg. I mean your strongest like and do it again. Do your strongest like three times. It might be a different strong leg when you're up here.

Oh hot now like now, not next week. Good. Now do your challenge side three times and it should be easier. Well, as Romana said, there's room for improvement from there. Bring your arms down. Now bring your feet down, slide a little bit forward to your butt hanging off. So we can do the reverse curl. Bring your legs straight up.

Think of sending your leg straight up and rural towns. It's a little reverse curl. Sends your legs up, not over. So send them up and down. Send them up and down. Now we add a twist. We go up, we twist and center and down we go up and [inaudible] and center and then up and twist. Relax the dugouts and down. Or we even, you'll say yes, of course you'll say yes. From there, bend your legs into your chest for a little break. Break is over. Stretch them back up towards the ceiling. Grab onto bottom of the ball.

From there, using the leverage of your legs, lift the legs lower, lifting your head and shoulders off the mat. Immediately. Say your come up sitting. Good swing arounds. Here. Heads are in the front for swimming. Again, start like the fine eagle where your heads down. Place your wrist on top. You can inhale, lift everything up as good and come up. And then we just kick and too, and we're swimming.

We're swimming in our pool. With those little paddleboards as you can smile at each other. Now juggling the shoulders, try and keep the shoulder blades wide. Yes. And place the Bowman hand. Come to the front edge of your mat with the seal.

So you gonna place the ball right between your feet. Dive between your legs. From there you're just going to roll back and come up and hold and back and up. Breathe. Good. Think of lifting your hips up, drop your hips down. See you live it up to go back to dropping down to come up left and Europe, the story of life. Lift and drop and come up and hold it there. From there, take the ball out. Bend your knees.

You might have to adjust roles over. We're going into cat stretch and place your hands right on top of it. From here, we're just going to inhale the position we all talked about before. Exhale round. I know what you think. Inhale, stretch. Very nice. And actually I'll round one more. Inhale, stretch and exhale Ram.

Now leave it there in front of you. Place both and a move it cause I'm up on top. It'll leave it there underneath your chest. Place both arms, then go out to a pushup position. Then we're going to take our chest and bring it down to the ball. One touched the ball too.

Did you say that wasn't nice? Then you have to do three more everybody. Three more cause I'm Monica and two. Well is this three. Now let's do one for the road up for the road and relax and sit back from here. Place the ball in front of your right knee. Bring it forward.

So we're just in the lunch. Eve's lunch. Make sure the ankle is right over in the knee so it's tracking. Just open up that hip. Push into it, just like on the reformer. So you get that nice stretch. Then bend back down from there. You're going to curl the toes under.

You're going to place the ball right in underneath your knee. From there, you're gonna think of straightening your leg by pushing to your heel. So you'd get that Nice Suresh that you should've had in the pushup and release and stretch it up. Feel the stretch to the front of the hip to the back of the leg to the here and release. One more. Stretch it Wong through. And now relax the weight into the ball. Just roll the ball in and we're going to change legs.

Place the ball in front of the other leg and just stretch into it in a down position. First, how are we doing? Okay. And then just take your hands off and just open up that hip. We're almost there. Good. Curl the toes under. From there, are you going to place the ball right in underneath your knee? And again, try not to lift the hips and stretch. The tendency will be, you'll want to lift the hips to stretch that leg and relaxed the knee back into the ball. Stretch through the heel, send the energy out through the heel. Very nice. I relax it back in and again, send out, I relax and then just roll the ball into towards you. So you're coming up in a little like squat position.

I'm just changing cause I didn't want to stand up on top. From there. Slowly roll yourself up just to stand in, bring the ball into your center and just inhale, bring the ball down. Accidental, bring it up. Inhale. Just center yourself. Thank you, body. You made it through and [inaudible] and then just let the ball hang down. Good job guys. Yeah. [inaudible].


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Awesome variations! That class was truly 'a ball' to do!
I love Michael & Ton's classes. FUN!
I love love your classes. Michael and Ton, you are both so much fun to take a class with. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing.
This class was so much fun! Michael and Ton's cues were easy to follow. Their sense of humor made the time fly. Thank you!
Love you guys! So much fun taking Pilates...the way it should be. Dont mistake that for easy though :) I flopped with my legs opening hands off!! Humbling!
Amazing Class
Had the pleasure of experiencing Michael and Ton's sessions at the APMA Conference in Melbourne, Australia over the weekend...such fun!! Tried their "fast breathing/slow breathing coordination drill" this morning with my class...hilarity all around!!!
Michael and Ton's classes are the best! Gives me ideas to add something new for my clients. Thank you
Great class! Thank you!
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