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A moderately paced class that offers you enough challenge to know 37 minutes is all you needed today. Warm up to make your spine supple and ready to practice Roll overs, Scissors, Bicycle, Single and Double Leg Kick, Side Bend and more.
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Oct 15, 2012
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Let's start with our legs cross today. Finding a position where you're sitting right up on the sits bones, maybe even a little bit forward to the Sitz bones so that you can feel that using the hands to help you sit up tall, gently pull yourself forward ever so slightly. It shouldn't be uncomfortable, and as you come forward, you can also apply downward pressure to lift up and just get a real sense of length in your back. Take an inhale here might feel somewhat restricted because we've taken you forward into it. So now we're going to exhale and pull the hipbones backwards. Try and make the low back or the spine move without the shoulders initially and then allow yourself to just fall back into it. I'm, I'm now sort of on the back of my sits bones way back, back on, not even sure I'm on him at all. Come forward. Inhale using the arms. You can kind of snake your way back to the top.

Reaching out the crown of the head. There's a big inhale in there somewhere. Make it a comfortable exhale. Lead from the tailbone or the hips is how I see it. Rounding back and just kind of create a little wave like motion. Now inhaling forward and up when you have any hurdles as much as you can.

Exhale and draw the hips back. Honestly, there's not a real right or wrong way here. I just want you to start loosening up feeling kind of good about a little bit of movement we went might go through here, not might. We will exhaling back, find your way back to center and then just take both hands to one side so that you can still see you're holding on to both knees or one knee with both hands. And same thing, just sort of roll back and you don't want to let the shoulders just reach forward. Rather make it come from the hip. Just pull back equal weight on the hips if you can. And then little bit of a snake like action up, hips will beat it.

So it's not quite a figure eight cause it's going from the low end to the upper end. And inhale. We'll just do one more and exhale from back here to switch to the other side. Inhale, as you go forward and up, getting a little rotation, nothing forced. It's just mild. Sort of assisting yourself, if anything, with those arms. And two more. Inhale up. Exhale.

Last one up. We will go back down. Here it is. Find your way. Center big. Inhale, fill up your back so you feel the sense of your upper back billowing behind you. And then exhale. Allow yourself to come forward. Sitting up tall. Position your feet to their flat. Sit Bone distance apart. Hold on if you want to. Here we go. We exhale.

Roll down to about the shoulder by it. Inhale, just reach the arms up. Keep everything intending to go forward and exhale. Come forward. Hands, go to the knees. Inhale, sit up tall, continue to hold on or let go. As you roll back, eyes are forward. Inhale, keeping the body still reach the arms up and maybe a little further back. Xcel the arms come forward. Body lifts up.

I like to find the knees there to give myself a little bit of help right here in the beginning. And again, just two more down in keeping that sort of sense of wave like action, exhaling forward and ultimately though now when we come back to the seated position, keep going. I'm exhaling down. Inhale arms. Exhale, fold in up. When we come up, we're going to hopefully land right up on top of the sit bone so you don't roll forward like I had to do a minute ago. Changing it a little bit. Roll while a lot. Roll all the way down. Just do a couple of pelvic curls to get us ready.

A little bit more theater, comfortable distance away, but still sit bones, distance. We inhale using the front of your body. Exhale to lift, roll, peel the hips up. Just trying to get a sense of fluidity to our bodies before we really demand it and exhale to come down. Exhaling up bone by bone. You might check the collarbones are still wide. You can stand on your feet now, right?

At some point you really gotta use the legs, so it's fine. Do. We're trying to activate everything we're rolling down. You might readjust or you might not. He might decide I'm not going to keep adjusting and fidgeting. I'm going to just move and let it feel good.

Paying attention to things that stand out last time down. Cool. And with that we'll bring up one knee and then the other line 'em up. Squeeze them together just a little. We're going to come towards the front here. Just leave your arms where they are, but lift that back hip as you come towards the front. Exhale, roll the ribs into the mat. The hips will follow, or the legs to the back in here.

Give me just a little rotation and exhale if it, if you can take the palms up and reach them out to a tee position and Xcel are still on the ground. Men Don't look like they're cause they're not. But my upper arm certainly is and that is a support for me, which I'll take x. Hey, I can't just fluid motion. Inhale. You can go a little further. If you do, you might look the other way for an additional stretch or at least motion and to the back. Inhaling, as I send the knees away, exhaling as I bring him back, reminding ourselves that it's never just about the movement that we're focusing on, but how does that movement relate to the rest of the body? That's sort of what I've just decided the theme could be, not that we need one. Alright. Holding the legs in the center. Just float the arms back overhead. Make sure that they're off the ground enough that you can keep the ribs down or you could have them on the ground, but I'm going to ask the Naci.

We're going into hundred preparation. Exhale, reach forward. Just send the legs out. Check in with your body. I'm going parallel today. Can you lengthen the front of your hips? Then bend the knees and take everything back to that start position. We'll do five. Number two exhale, or each inhale, pull it in. Back Down.

Here's three and can you feel how the arms connect to your back? One more time. Get up there. Stay up there. Hold yourself up at the back of your body. You can even hold with your hands for a minute so you get a sense of deepening through the ABS. Stay light on the legs. You're going to squeeze them together and it's inhale with the arms. Two, three, four, five and out. Two, three, four, five.

Fill up and out. Three. How long can you breathe? Four. [inaudible]. Use the set of tone and intention and [inaudible].

Feel those arms connecting to your back. Don't worry about the ABS, they'll get their work. Wow. One more set. Inhale and exhale. Two, three, four, five. Draw the knees in. Hands go down, legs go straight up. Inhale without swinging the legs forward or backwards or locking them. Exhale for rollover. Inhale, flex your feet, push to the heels. As you separate the feet, let the feet come down to the ground and roll yourself away.

Now you can let those legs drift as they circle close and be held to 90 exhale over trying to maintain that sense of see curve at the hips and belly flex open and down. You Go. [inaudible] one more that direction. Here we go again. You're not just thinking your abs here. That's probably the worst thing we could do. We wanted to have the sense of our back of our body, including and especially the legs. Reverse the leg position.

Open to a V. X. Hover over. You can use your arms. Why not flex clothes? If you have the flexibility, legs are down and you drag your way back. Two more. Let's go. Inhale. Exhale, lift you over. Keep your eyes up. You don't want to look down my chair. Keeping your neck long. Flex and clothes for. Ring it down. Let your left leg keep going to the floor. Really don't relax it, but point the foot on the ground.

Press the back of the hamstring. Flex the top leg. Here we go, sir. First circles. I inhale all the way around. Same direction. Exhale, inhale and exhale. So if anything, the movement here is the least of it. It's why you don't move. That matters. This is it. Other direction. Take it around. Inhale around up. Exhale around, up in here. Swoop and exhale. Try to stay parallel. Two more rounds. Inhale, two, exhale. One more. Set stirring up that hip pointed toe. Bend the knee and hug it to your chest.

Great chance to, again, it's not just about hugging and you're going to reach out to that other side. There's the good stuff. Change legs, stretch the left leg up, flex it as parallel. Hips are square, crossing the body for an inhale and a now and exhale. Inhale, exhale. How stable can you be so that that leg is free and easy. You get two more sets strong through the feet but without tension.

Still looking for a good cue for that. Again, for Amy alpers classes, she'll tell you otherwise, inhale round up and if you start feeling a lot of gripping in the side, either take a break, focus on the other leg and I think one more exhale. If not just not there, I'll be right there. Bend the knee, hug it in straight. Retching your legs out, put them together, they're on the mat. You're getting ready for a roll up. Arms back overhead. Fill the back of the roofs. We go. Inhale, arms up. Head follows. Exhale, we give a roll up. A sense of holding back at the hip bone so you're still in the c curve.

Inhale and exhale down. We go see the breath. You can blend right? You want us to match your move and I'm coming up. I sometimes start to inhale as I go back because I need it. That's all I feel. The heaviness of the bones pressing down and that just literally sometimes feels like it just pops me up and I thinking again, my bones of the legs reaching out the windows, I go back. Let's do three more.

Inhale tiny bit quicker perhaps. How can you feel this way differently? This next one, we're going to stay up. Okay Dude. Forward. You can keep your contractions. You're just behind the tailbone. The knees come up with, keep them together if you can. They're nice and close too. Here we go. Rolling like a ball. Inhale back, exhale up, hold if he can, and don't throw yourself.

It's like your sit bones pushed you back where they reach forward just enough to knock you off balance. That's sort of how I'm experiencing it right now. And inhale. Let that inhale again. Remember how we build the upper back. Let that be what tipped you over now and let it be easy. One more time from there, I'm scooting back just a little. Extending your left leg, holding onto the right, bringing it a little closer than 90 maybe, but what you don't do is fall back. You come to it to, here we go. It's switch. Inhale, inhale. Now exhale.

Think about where you're coming from. The arms and legs are not the important part. However, finish them, right. Put the exclamation point on it and reach, reach. Give yourself another set. Paul, Paul, and then wherever you are, bring the knees and let your head down. Take a free breath. Hold those legs in tight press. Allow that. Just press your sacred ground.

Burring your head, neck and shoulders up. Knees are together still. Devil like stretch. Let's go and he'll retold. Swoop around here. Bring it back. Body still two legs and arms at their lightest feathers even though they're energized. Let's go three more. One, sweeping, free energy back. Push it away. Bring it back. Last one, and right leg, up, left leg to the floor.

Push the left leg or the down leg down. Come up a little bit to the top leg. This domain, I'm going to say try and keep it closer to 90 for now. Switch legs, hold them. See if it's at 90 or did you pull it away? Close and pop up that lower leg. Lower legs. Where are we going to focus? Let's switch and pulse. Pulse change. Pulse, pulse.

You could support your head and just do the pulse by opposition. One leg into the mat. One leg. Kinda trying for more. Both legs. Up. Head goes down. Leave the legs there. I've just turned out my legs, so let's do that. Exhale, curl head, neck and shoulders up. Squeeze through the inner thigh. Try not to overdo the glutes in how reach long.

Press your head backwards but don't go backwards. Exhale up. Inhale, reach long back. Does not move. Not at all. Exhale and down to come up. I'm just doing two more. I'm not changing the breath so go for it now. One more and up. Right like Benz, rotate toward it. Lets go toward it. Then once you know your shoulders towards hip, then rotate more. That's little switch. Go towards shoulder to hip, then rotate more, but keep that height. Now let's go.

Reach and reach. How about exhale, exhale, so it's not a pulse. Inhale for two, exhale for two. Head still pressing back. It helps you even though your body's going forward and and, yeah, both legs in. Hold on behind. Rock yourself up, sitting tall. Stretch your legs out for the spine. Stretch palms face each other in here. On that exhale, you're squeezing through the upper arms and upper legs and round forward.

Come on, come on. Don't just lean forward, round forward, and then just inhale. Roll back up like a rubber band pulled you there. Exhale down. I love this exercise. Go ahead. Inhale, pop right back up. See if you truly can get the air out. Just try it. You may run out before you think you do or vice versa. I'm on.

Prove it so that when you inhale, it's like it just pool. It's like magic and down among strong legs. It's not to say you're to to them, but they're helping you. I'm going to change it. My friend Aaron gave me this hands behind your head. I do tend to lace, you don't have to hand over hand works but right into the occiput. Here we go. Inhale back as long we're going to exhale down has if you're going to put your head between your knees, but now we go into a long back extension, which this is definitely something that rail gave me but I'm just talking to Aaron. He used to do his hands here cause he couldn't line them up when we went to this next part, which is to extend them right alongside your ears. From there, inhale refold the arms. Exhale round and roll-ups.

So I'll say the pieces now from the star we inhale, exhale round forward. Just like you know, get all that air out. Now as if you're leading from the tailbone, you begin elongating your spine. This is inhale on the long line. Watch the ribs for the flexible people. Exhale. Just allow the arms to straighten right where they were. Basically by your ears. Inhale, think of getting longer. I don't mean lower, I don't, I mean more up toward the diagonal wall.

Exhale round forward and we just spring back up. Inhale, no break. Exhale down. Trying to get that back extension here. Inhale. Sometimes I pushed my heels into the ground. I'm in the back extension. So are you exhale, get longer. Come on. Long spines. Inhale refold the arms.

Exhale round and we come super particular lots going on. Last one like that. You now check the ribs, exhale the arms. Let's keep the arms here. Thumbs should be pointing backwards so the palms are toward each other and gently start to pull the shoulder blades back so that the arms pulled back. There's a sense of going forward with the chest, but I would say it's the whole body and still you'd rather think on the diagonal. I think rather than thrusting the chest, it shouldn't change in the hamstrings a whole lot. A couple more. Can you lean into it more? Have you loosened up to the idea? All right, hold it there. Soften the arms, but keep them straight.

And now round forward. Roll all the way up. Start to bend the knees, maybe a scoop forward. I've just got my heels together open like rocker, bringing up both legs. Hold as high as you can. Here we go. Inhale, fill up to roll back. Exhale to come forward and get that extension the top in. How?

Sending the legs back to exhale. Bring it up. Any lock. Make it easier on yourself. We don't have to try really hard. We can be connected. I find where I look makes a big difference on this one. I'm, I guess I don't change it much until right at the end here. I do look up a little, not with my head, just slightly with my eyes and then only after I've started rolling.

Do I let myself look down with my eyes a little bit? Cause I've rounded that much. Can you hold any higher for two more? Trust it. Trust it. Trust it. It should be different. We should challenge ourselves. One more. Oh, I got all crazy on that one, right? Okay, so there you are. Nice and tall. Close the feet. How are we doing? Good. We're good. We're good on time. All right, we're going down, squeeze the inner thighs together.

We're going to roll down and do just a little bit of, um, uh, I'll tell you when we get that rollover. Exhale. Okay. You're not to look sideways. If you don't know scissors and bicycle, you be the roll down and sit up and watch for this and next time join me. Otherwise, you know where we're going here. I move my upper arms a little closer to each other. I bend my knees and I'm going to sit my hips or perhaps a little back into my hands. But as you do that, you want to be lifting up too.

You don't want to just drop weight into your hands. Okay, so from there, yeah, a little bit. It's not a real big art, but it sort of looks like fun, I suppose. All right. The, let's say left leg is going to go to straight as keep the right knee bent. For now I'm going into scissors. As you push the left thigh away from you, I want you to try to bring your right knee closer to your face, but also the hips closer to your face. So the left buys pushing down, but the hips are lifting up out of your hands so you feel the back of that left leg. Then extend the right knee, but probably not as low as you think because you want the center of the scissor to be pointed upward, not over your head. Okay, right pulse, pulse or stretch, stretch, change. Take your time on this first one. Find it, reach it.

You might bend that forward knee or the left knee. Now just to get the sense of lifting out of your hands while the other leg is pushing down. Then we straighten it and now let's go for it. It's pulse, pulse change. Keep the cell yourself lifting up out of your hands. Reach, reach, reach, reach, reach, reach. Hold. The next one though, like furthest from you, Ben's to touch the mat or wherever you get and cycle through. [inaudible] oh, someone needs to stretch your hip flexors. Okay, reverse it. So the leg over your head is going to bend. That knee comes near your nose as the other leg straightens and you cycle through to switch sewage. There's almost a split second of scissor in there.

Almost one more each way. Leave whatever legs over the top, over the top and the other one meets it. Relax your hands, roll yourself down and just sit up separating the feet as wide as your mat for this saw pumps forward. Give yourself a big lift. Typic go towards the front. Inhale, rotate. Exhale, hinge. Okay, so I'm going a little more flat back here. Sitting back up and center other direction. Inhale, rotate. Reaching forward weight even on the hips.

Sit back up and center. It's on. Exhale two. Sit Up. Three, pull four. Inhale, stay tall. Then reach long. Just as tall as before and center. Beautiful, flexed. Everything counts. I'm not going to be here that long. Everything counts and feel good about it. That too, right?

Sometimes there's too much effort. That's sometimes I think maybe a lot of the time it's hard. It's going to be hard, so find ease in it. I know I already said two more. I think I said that. That's what I wanted to do, but I was still chatting. This is the last time up and center. Just to open things up a bit. Close the feet. Fingers face your heels.

They're behind you first just at a drop back into your hands. Elbows bent. If you are sinking into the shoulders, stop it. Lift up. Then see if you can straighten your arms. You may not be able to. If you'd been on the computer too much, you could also turn the hand slightly to the side or even directly to the side. Let's, let's limit it to that. Press it.

Feel the back of your legs by pressing the heels down. We lift up into this long line. Hopefully I can't tell you where to look because everyone's a little different, but in general, if you think where the ceiling and the wall meet, that tends to work for people. Some people is better straight up. You might need a friend to help you line that up. Sit right back down lightly, but stay lifted out of the arms. Go again. Lift up. I'm inhaling to hinge down, no articulating. Get that little tremor in there.

Find the back of the legs, even the glutes, but that's kind of the second part of it. Feel like and one more coming up. Lift Open. Watch the elbows. Don't hyper extend them. You're going to act like you're picking up the matter. At least flex the bicep. We'd come down and just round forward [inaudible]. Okay. Coming down onto your side. Facing forward.

I'm going to go down to all the way though. You could do it there, right? That's how it started. But I'm going to follow rails lead and come up. Not Quite to the tip of my elbow but just to the place on the other side of it. Closer to my, my legs are a little bit forward, not quite 45 not even quite a full banana shape, but some I need it. I recommend it. You're lifted. How did this lower side making a big deal out of it?

Cause that if you sink here it's just not a good idea to do it. Rather go down top leg up. Here we go. Side, kick, kick, kick and back. I'm exhaling forward, forward now. Ian. Heel stretch. It's a good idea. Watch the hips. Don't move. Watch the ribs and this is one I get nailed on all the time, so I'm just going to have to look around a little bit for myself. I don't watch it later and get mad. Hold this one back.

Hold it. I'm checking. Are you checking hips are level. Oh, come on Christie. Stretch it out of the hip, right? Don't shrink the waist. Stretch it. All right from there, let's swing around the other side things to do. All right. Okay. Again, I've used this forward hand cause I I need to write, it's not a normal position to be in tip of the elbow, but bit of a diagonal line so you're having to balance a little bit more right on the side of the hip leg, slightly forward for that balance really, et cetera. Here we go. Kicking forward, exhale and make a kind of sharp, sharp. Now you don't have to limit your range with mine, right?

You might be able to go further forward and further back. I am teaching it to the stability part of this exercise. Sometimes you can wing it and really toss it, but I'm not doing that today on purpose. Take it to the back hole. Hold it. Remember how it felt when you were lifting up out of your scissors and you reaching do that. It's like the sense that the hips are going to pour forward, but the leg is still trying to go back and the waist as long face down for single and kick almost under shoulders or a little more forward. I still be nice to your back, but one of the great things you could do with your hands up today. I'm just going to go am I gonna do this? Reach the legs.

Okay, so if you you that you'd be surprised how much compression you can take off your back. You want the front of the hips level. However, the legs minor, basically they're slightly apart. Just slightly apart. Open up the chest and right like then left leg, I'm inhaling for four exhaling. So here we go. Inhale. Now. Excellent. Act like you're going to get up off your elbows and India sharp. Inhale, two, three, four and exhale, two, three, four, long inhale, long. Exhale. One more set. Inhale and exhale. I know your hips were still both legs are down. Come all the way down. Turn your faces to where you can. You don't know AA kick, but I think you do cheeks down. I'm not going to so I could talk to you.

Elbows or sorry, hands are high. Up on your back. Elbows down. Keep shoulders down. Reach and have her legs. Three ticks in. Let's go. One, two, three and [inaudible] other side. One, two, three. When you kicked those hips, do not bounce up. Chain one and two and three. You mindful of what your neck does when you lift.

This is taught with the feed down or up. I know it up. Just don't lift them too high. Last one, stretch and release the arms, but I'm by your side. Let your feet go to the ground. Rest, maybe Shimmy side to side with your pelvis and then with the shoulders down, lift up to round, back. Well, let's make it around back. So your sit bones or back to your heels rather than laying on your thighs. All right. Just when you thought it was over, keep the shape of your body except walk your hands forward a little bit more so your hip hips are still on hills.

Now draw the belly in. Start to think inner thigh midline. You're going to roll yourself up too. A quadro pen. Walk your hands forward. Just a touch. I'm moving myself forward completely a little bit. And now with your hands, I know a little bit in front of you, you're going to end up with your shoulders over wrists. One foot back, curl the toes under. But before you go into a full plank, I'll switch like some. Maybe you could see this support like it's so strong it's gotta be, if you're sort of noodling it, it's just not a good start.

You want to almost feel like you're pressing the knee to the ceiling, unless of course you're hyper extend. But otherwise that leg is strong. Other foot in. And from there, let's pick up the right leg. Point it, nothing else changes. And we lift one almost touched down to nothing else. Moves. Get it up there. Three, don't bend that leg. Four and five. Switch. Lift one down long. Body two, three, four. I'm going back to the first leg, right, like lifts up. Flex foot. Keep it parallel. Look at it. Make sure it is now. Take it out to the side.

Toes are still pointed down. You stop before you rotate. Bring it back. Number two. Number three out of five. Come on, four. Oh, don't move the body. Here's five. Set it down. Pick up the other side. Go slow so you can tell that you don't turn the leg out. Bring it back to three. Let's go four and five.

Put the foot down with pipe the hips up to stretch back. Nice. Long up stretch. [inaudible] hmm that I'm going right back to the same plank position, right? All right, you're going to anchor the right foot down. Lift the left foot. All right. You're getting ready to take right arm off.

Try to try to maintain the shape as much as possible. Definitely have to distribute your weight extended forward. Oh, stretch long. Come on and both of them do. You know what's coming. Don't anticipate it too much. Do one thing at a time. It's all we can do ever pick up there, right? Like someone's pulling it. You will have to transfer my weight to the right arm.

Be careful not to lock that elbow left arm up or reach it. Take your time. You may not get all the way there yet or you might put it back. Pick up. Make it so your feet are about sits bones. Distance again. Alright, if you're sideways to me, you're going to put your hand that's in back in my case is closest to the window as it relates to you. So your hand furthest from me steps forward. You're going to swivel and take the other hand off and if you're not facing me, do [inaudible]. All right, we're going to take it from the side plank.

Now first of all, do not make the arm do it all like someone's pulling you up, but might as well use the lower leg to that lower back foot is working from there. Lift a little more for side. Ben, come back this time, bend and lightly touch to go again. Lift up. You've got weight in your feet. You should lift the waste. Make it work. Now pull that arm pit to that waste.

I'm back to long lines and this is three or two and a half, something like that. Here we go over. Oh yeah, let the feet help you. Let the feed help you. Oh, don't twist though. Just your head been down and last 24 I believe. Four. Okay. Okay. Ready? We know what we're doing now, so we're, I'm going to have you face away, but first just swivel back so you're in plank. You shouldn't have to change as the, uh, hand that we weren't using.

It should be able to just be right in place to swivel the other way. Energize it. Think long. From there you're using the legs, but you know, certainly the obliques, that is the point. Come back out nice and long and down. Lift again. Oh, it's out of here today. [inaudible] come back. I think of it as contraction to one side stretch to the other.

I think now that I'm here, I feel like we only did three, I don't know, just in case. Now, swivel back. So you back in plank Pica and was that, just walk yourself forward and have a seat. So close gang's so close, right? You're going to have a choice here just behind the sitz bones. I'm not going to whip myself into it. I'm going to rethink of that initial contraction we were doing when we pulled the hipbones back so easily. We could float the legs up.

Let's try a teaser prep, which I often think is harder. Leaving the legs in parallel to the floor, the shins, I mean roll from the pelvis down. It's as if you're pressing the back of the size away. In fact, they don't move and inhale up. You can use your arms to find that length, but remember, you don't roll over yourself over the sitz bones to make that happen. You're still in a little bit of a round back.

You just want to extend the rest of it. Here we go. I exhale down. I'm actually breathing more than that because I need it. If I were a little calmer, I would inhale up. Exhale down. But I'm doing a lot of breathing. [inaudible] do you want more? Extend the legs. It's the same exercise.

Don't roll over the sit bones. If you can extend the arms up to [inaudible] from there. Pull the knees in. Yep. Reach underneath. Let's go quite high with the seal wrapping the calves right over the forearm. So it's there almost in the crooked. Your elbows resting your hands on your tops of your feet. Now it'd be easy to round just the upper back and knocked the low back here.

So if that's you and, and I'm demonstrating it right now, you're going to back up a little so you can round the c curve. Mar, meaning you don't hold so high pressing the knees into the arms deep in your c curve. Now I'm there, I think. Here we go. We roll back, beat, beat, beat, exhale up, beat, beat, beat, back, beat, beat, beat up, keeping the shape basically. Hey, but we're, we're best to be done here folks. So let's be kind of easy on herself for last two, one that Duh. The last time. That's it. Stay up on this next one. Let if she come down, cross him just like you did before. Sitting up tall with a little assistance. I hope it feels a little easier to do. Take a long breath.

It doesn't have to be deep and like, oh, inhale. And then as your exhale, just let your low back around. Look down, stretch through the upper back. You don't let the shoulders come up, but they can come forward. Come your whole body forward. Now inhale, we can go into a little more extension. You protect that by lightly engaging maybe the glutes to the inner thigh and then way back rocking forward to help you find a little dance in it. And then last one altogether. Here we go in here. [inaudible] and just find an upright position when you're ready. Set.

However it's comfortable. Stand if that's better. And just for yourself, for, for maybe to integrate what we've done. Just three long breaths. Not necessarily forced, but just as easy as possible. Here we go. I'm noticing that when you let go, you really can let go. You don't have to collapse so she can let go. You can allow the space to be there.

No one even asked to know. Last one. We're done. Good job.


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Excellent! Enjoyed this intense workout
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Nice class, Kristi! I like to mix in some mat work with the reformer work. Also, your good cueing makes it easy to follow without always having to look at the screen.
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I LOVE your mat classes!!!!!!!
Thanks everyone! It had been awhile since I had filmed so I am very happy to hear its working for you. Amy, would you like a class that was mixed with Reformer or do you like to do a shorter Mat class and then take a Reformer class? I've done a Reformer/Wunda Chair combo, but other than a brief warm up on the Mat I haven't filmed a split Mat/Reformer class like you mention. If I were to do that, how long would you want it? 45 mins? 60 mins? 30 mins? Thanks again for the feedback.
30 minutes please!
I agree with everyone, it was a great class, easy to follow. Loved the warm up. Any thoughts on why the front of my hips ("bikini line") keeps popping every time I lower my (straight) legs from a supine position and raise them back up?
Loved this class. Exactly what I have been looking for.
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Great class as usual!! I LOVE the 30-40 min classes! Love the faster pace!
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Sunshine in my cloudy morning! Thank you for keeping your cues and your comments so real Kristi. I feel like you anticipate my feelings as I approach each new exercise...and really talk me through it yet without slowing the pace.
Ophelia, I think if you make the movement smaller and the abdominal connection deeper (sink your belly button more to bring your legs up). Should be much more difficult but safer for your back.
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Thanks Kristi! Loved the spine work before open leg rocker, made it so much easier!
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