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Stabilizing Spine Corrector

20 min - Class


Experience full ranges of motion as well as stabilization within specific structures. A great, yet quick well rounded workout. Enjoy!
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector

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Dec 06, 2012
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All right, so what we're going to do now is try to do in about 15 minutes, a little bit of everything. Do you think I can make it happen? I don't know. We'll find out. All right, so let's just start sitting. I'd prefer my legs together for this, but if you want to separate them with them, that's fine. Taking the arms forward, lifting up through the spine, take just one breath for nothing and not nothing really, but just feeling the expansion of the body, preparing yourself to move and inhale again, and as you exhale, start rounding back through the spine. Reach the arms in the abdominals in the opposite directions.

Start taking the arms off as you hit about neutral with your pelvis and you're just, and then take the upper body over the top. Take the arms around to the sides in a circular motion. Allow the head to lift up. Curl yourself forward and sit tall and in here and exhale as we roll backwards. Start elevating the arms. Let the arms and the head reached back in one piece.

Reach around to the sides, curling yourself forward and lifting up. We're going to go one more time. Rolling back. Start lifting the arms, reaching over the top, reaching around to the side and rolling. And now we take the hands behind the head. This is too hard for you. It's quite a bit easier to keep the hands over the chest. So curling back again.

We're going to go through that full extension one last time. No, that's not true. We're going to go into that position. Keep the head pressing into the hands as you engage through your abdominal. Then lift just to a straight line. Nicely done ladies. And we go over the back. Inhale and exhale just to that straight line. Drop down through the abs to just almost feel at the top that you're trying to hover off the barrel and back and lift and back and lift and back. One more. We lift, we hold. I'm gonna turn this way and center.

Turn the other way and center. So feel a sense of pulling out through this. Fine. I'm actually pulling on my head a little and twist. We're going one more time only. So churning center, Turning Center [inaudible] forward into flection and lift the spine tall and now we just do a spinal twist so we turn that it's the same feeling we just did on the barrel except in a different position and twist.

Feeling the alignment of the spine, feeling that the legs stay nice and still and center. Last one, a cross and center and then rolling back going all the way over the top again, try not to shove the head forward. That's more of a reminder for myself than anyone. And lift neutral. Create a slight amount of flection as you turn to one side and go back and lift neutral, teeny, tiny flection and back. We'll do three lifting, reaching and center to go back and I'm reaching across, take it center and back. Last one left across center and Duh. It's amazing how fast you can tie your apps out with just little teeny reps across center. Take the arms forward, roll all the way up, reach the arms up, turn towards me. Bringing that outside hand across the inside, like the opposite.

I'm just going to go on the barrel wherever it makes sense to push up with the back arm and use both arms to help you into a deeper stretch and then let go. Reach up. And then Jane. So we're going to do this two times to each side. As you see, you help yourself a little here, but when you're ready to come out of it, feel free. Just let the arms float and find center. And then other side, one more time guiding the spine across and then let the arms float is you just come center and changing sides, reaching fluff and take the arm suicides and down. Turn and face me. So line yourself up towards the front end of the barrel, bottom leg, reaching out long in a straight line from your body. Go all the way over the top.

Either both hands behind the head or the top arm straight out to your side. We're going to inhale here, reach for a stretch over the barrel and then exhale, reach out long through the body and inhale over the top and XL up long through the body. Keeping the head align with the spine. Windy, bring your chest towards me more. That's better and back again in five and reaching out and back and reaching up. And last time it's not so much about shortening the upper waist as it is about keeping both sides of the waste. As long as you can go all the way over the top, take your top arm overhead, take your top leg flighty behind you, keep it straight. We're going to inhale here, coming up into a single leg teaser rotation. As you exhale, swing the arm around, lifts the leg in, reach for the foot and reach over the top.

We're more supported than we've been practicing on the Mat and he candy and then lifting, reaching all the way up towards the tip because I'm using my bottom hand sparingly, but allow it to help you. If you need to slide it in and lift off it just a little bit. That's it guys. Go all the way down. Take that top arm in reach. Let the arm go for us. So arm, arm, arm. Don't move the body yet. Don't move the body yet and then start to bring the body with you and you can't take your arm any further back. Unwind through the body, letting the pelvis lay back and say reach the arm forward.

So we start taking the arm back, looking for the shoulder stretch when the body needs to. It will come with the arm. The pelvis opens up and forward. I don't know if I can stick to the 15 minutes. I want to do this for like five and all the way back. Good and finding center. And then just take the hand here on the bear.

Go shot and they up. So I meant to say this in the beginning of class, if you don't mind being on the carpet and you're doing this at home or you have a floor that you don't mind not using a mat on, it's probably a better idea cause we're going to do a fair amount of moving our barrels to just leave it on a slippery surface. That way instead of having to stand up and get back down, you can just push it around. So here we are right on the other side, still facing me. And let's go hands behind the head. Let position my body towards the front end.

So I'm ready for my shoulder stretch. And then inhale, reaching along through the body and then lower all the way over the top. And what about pressing down with the leg? I don't know if that helps or doesn't help and down. So engage first before moving and then reaching out through the hands, guiding the head forward and down, less too. Nice, lovely. And Dan last one and take it out and adapt.

And then we take the top arm overhead and the Lei is going to start to come up. So we inhale as we exhale, start lifting the leg through space, rotating the spine towards the reaching all the way up towards the tippy toes. And then all the way over the top, I'm taking my arm just a little bit behind me there is, it helps to stretch it and then reach and rotate. Lifting right ahead. I've tried to reach and touch your inco. Nice. Look at that, Candace. No jealous of that. And reach and touch.

And I'm still trying to tell like, yeah. And now take the arm back. Just keep going with the arm. At some point the body will come with you. Oh yes. And pick the body forward and reach the arm overhead. Reach through the leg the whole time. That will help you to feel a better stretch.

So as the arm passes by the shoulders, the hips open out to the side and then we swing forward and up. And last one reaching and forward, um, then and, and help yourself out yet no one wants to stop doing that. Like, okay. So we were just using that as back extension. And the first one is back extension. Okay. So what I want us to do with our barrels now is go towards that end.

So I want you to be able to have your hands on the barrel and your feet on the mat. And then in a minute we're going to sit and go over the top. So relying on our backs. Yeah. Good. Let's go. So come all the way up. Putting the hands on top of the barrel. So we feel that the hands are just to the outside edges of the frame.

I'll be clear and then step back one leg at a time and find your front support position. Okay. And now from here we're going to do three pushups. One press up to press up. Three, press up holding. Here we lift the right leg straight out and down, out and down. Ah, turn your right hip forward. A little windy too. And down one. If you're on a movable surface or if you're bale sliding, be careful with this one. We're going to around and bring the need of the nose.

Got a mat, your barrel will stick right where you need it and unwind and around. Bring the need of the nose and unwind. And one more step back onto that foot. And three more pushups. One, two, three. Okay. Lift your hips up. Step in, up bit. And then finding a flat back. So for some of us we might want to come up onto the fingertips.

Bring your feet into there. Just underneath your pelvis. We're going to do a little hip extension work. Good. And then linkedin out. So you don't have to be on the floor. Diagonal candy, just be straight. Yeah, like that. Maybe walk your hands, walk your feet in and look closer and take the right leg back against us. It's the same leg and it just reaches out and down. So now what I want you to think about is how little you're using your arms, right? They're there, they're helping to support you, but I want you to pull the weight of your body back into that left foot.

Last two and last one. Now we keep the leg in the air. We're gonna bend the leg that we're standing on. Try to pull weight out of the arms, but keep the shoulders stabilize to the left knee bends and the left leg straight and the left knee bends. And we keep that top leg lifted. This is the standing scissors. We just have a little help and three out of five. Here's number two. Give our arms a little break as well.

Number one, step down into the ground. Come up onto the fingertips and pull the chest forward. Lifting the telephones to become into just a little bit of back extension there. And then placing the hands back down. Step back once again into the front. Support. Good.

And we do the exact same thing all over again. Three pushups guiding the elbows into the body. One bend pressed to bend. Press three, lift the left leg. This time we lifted five, keeping the pelvis in line with this spine. Four, three, two and one. And then around the spine, try to keep the shoulders right where they are as you just mobilize the spine and the hip. And two out of three and back. And one stepping back to front support.

Three more pushups. Good. Use the back. Last one. Step in. So the feet want to be just underneath the hips, not too far away from the girl so you can really achieve a nice long back. And then we'd take the left leg back and that's nice candy. You guys look great. You don't have to be quite so low, Wendy, if you don't want to. Yeah, there you go. And then we take that left like up and back and down.

So really challenged the hip extension here. Yeah, trying to reach and not just get away from you and remember to keep weight too. We're pulling almost without lifting like weight out of the arms and into that back way. I think there's two to go supporting the spine with the abdominals. Last one, shifting their keep. Make sure your weight is over that right heel and bend that right leg and straighten out. If you really want to challenge yourself, you could take one arm or both arms out to the side.

I'm not going there cause I didn't on the other side, but that's certainly an option. Last to keep weight back barely. Or maybe I just feel the hands are almost hovering. Last one. Step in with the La rise through the spine, reaching out through the tailbone. Maybe I'm lifting up onto my fingertips to get my upper back senses working just a little bit more.

And then reach forward for your feet and roll up. Yes. And walk around to the front of your barrel and sit. I'm going to finish with some scissors bicycle and call it a day. So you hold onto your barrel, push with your legs, start to slide back into the, you feel that your pelvis is right over the apex of the barrel. Once you get there, that you can start using your legs to help you as you walk up and slide over the top.

So we're on our head and shoulders and it should be pretty comfortable there. Stretch the legs up. Feel them that they're just vertical over the pelvis. Can't even go a little wave away from you right there. And now we're going to take the right leg forward in the left leg back and we use the bottom the hamstring and pull the top leg back from the hip and then center and it's a double kick reach, reach center and reach. Reach Center. Try to find a place where your body is the center of your scissor so we don't take the top leg back too far close to the body.

I like to focus more on that bottom leg, reaching away. One more reach, reach and home. Use The abdominals. It's not only to stabilize the spine but to move the legs as well. Now go back to the start position, right leg down, left leg, back. Bend the right knee, reached towards the tip of the barrel, cycle through and take the left leg straight down. As the right leg stays straight over the shoulders. We bend that bottom. Me, sweep the barrel and find the scissors. Good.

Continue moving through that and find scissors and then bend that knee and finds his isn't. Let's pause here and reverse. So the top knee bends. The bottom lake comes straight up, bottom like top, like reaches down and forward. And then we bend the top. The bottom leg comes up straight and again down reaching into the ground and reaching into the ground and both legs up externally, rotating the legs, take the legs into the scissors position. Take the left leg to the left and the right leg to the right. Cycling through the opening position.

Come back around so the opposite leg is over the top and center. Same again. Left leg up, right leg down. Circle through, rotating within the hip joint, reach all the way around and center and open and all the way around. Oh, enjoy and center. Now who go the rivers. So right leg up, left leg down, fund the scissor work inside of the hip joint. Keep the knees as straight as you can as you cycle through both legs to the ta and again, and we're reaching around and both legs to the top. And last one, reaching out and both legs to the top. So you guys, um, bend your left knee, reach in, just reach the right leg out. We really long and then Benda.

So I'm going to come down off my barrel and help you. Your barrels come off your mat smoothly. So just enjoy that stretch and then switch. So the one leg goes down as the other one goes at night. Okay. And then when you're ready, bring both legs up. Take both things over your head.

Just like a rollover. I'm going to come and slide the barrel out from underneath you. And when you have the space, you can just roll yourself down. All that reaching energetically back through their feet. You could also hold your feet and give yourself a stretch there. Good. And then bend your knees, hug your knees into your chest, and didn't quite make 15 minutes.


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Awesome fun way to begin my apparatus work this morning :)
Now I'll find one of your Reformer classes Meredith and finish up
Thank You ~ perfect flow and cueing as usual !
WOO HOO! Thanks Yugonda :)
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A Great 20 minutes Meredith! I then coupled it with Kristi's overball class, a very nice 80min combo! Thank you for all you do for P.A.! Keep em coming!
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I always enjoy watching your classes. Another great one. I like the 20 class, perfect!
So nice to see you in CM.
Nice legs!!!!
Thanks Patricia!! Great to see you too!!
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Great class! I too coupled this with a chair class from Rachel. Thank you!
This class goes immediately into some pretty intense extension. I needed some warm up before doing this.
Eleanor~ You might try Alan Herdman's new class Upper Body Release for your warm-up. Hope that helps!
Sorry Eleanor.....Have to move pretty quickly to get a whole class in just 20 minutes. I will certainly keep your feedback in mind next time.
Perfect little sequence to throw in with a mat or equipment class. I always forget about the spine corrector but it's awesome!
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