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Upper Body Spine Corrector

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Amy mixes Mat exercises on the Spine Corrector with shoulder and arm work using 2-3 pound hand weights. In this class you'll practice the exercises you know with the support of the barrel plus have the chance to do hip and abdominal work in a way that only the spine corrector can offer. In just 30 mins you'll feel more open and flexible and ready for the day.
What You'll Need: Spine Corrector, Hand Weights

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Alright. So we're going to do a little mix of spine corrector tonight, some of the mat exercises that we know and love on the spine corrector. Um, and then I have an, I think you guys all got your two pounds, one or two pound hand weights for some arm and shoulder work near the end. So we're actually gonna not start at the front yet. Sit 'em down in the crevice or in the seat and have your legs and mourn your diamond position or seal and actively press the feet together. Just take a quick scan across your shoulders, not really act, you know, aggressively pulling down. Just kind of notice where you are with your posture and your spine.

So we're just gonna do a really easy roll back and let's see what happens to reach your arms forward. I'm just taking a breath as you exhale, just softly roll back. And a lot of times with the spine corrector work and sorry, let me get, I'll get there in a second. I'm going to have you close your eyes if you need to a little bit. Just go back where you can. Don't push anything. I'm just opening my arms out a little bit. Bring them up toward the ceiling.

Bring Your Chin in towards your chest and just easily reach forward and roll up. We'll do about five of these and just take notice each time you go back and move through this that you may gain more articulation, more movement, a little more range of motion, maybe a little more length in your neck. Good and arms up and roll up. Chin toward the chest a little bit and reset to sitting tall and again and just to really feel the movement. I don't think we need to aggressively pull our abs in at this point.

Feel your spine stretching the neck, stretching the shoulders and arms up. Chin toward the chest and peel up to sitting tall. Two more guys. [inaudible] see if you can let go of trying to work too hard and raise the arms champion and this feels some natural movement. One more [inaudible] relax the chest, relax your back and just bend. Open the heart and arms up.

Chin up toward the chest and return. Good. Oh, right. Now we'll get a little more official. So snuck, sneak down here. I'm going to put my bottom, my butt right at the front, at the edge or the lip and bring your thighs in and just give yourself a nice hug there. We are going to go into the 100 and I think the way I want to approach it tonight is go vertical with your legs. So I've put us pretty far forward so that shouldn't be too difficult to get into. Let's do a little Palati Zvi with the legs and here we go.

Arms by the side and inhale three, four, five. Exhale. So with that correct or supporting our upper back and our shoulders, we can then focus so deeply on the center of the body. If you feel courageous, lower the legs a little bit. [inaudible] three, four, five, five, two, three, four, five. Exhale. So even though we have a little space behind our Lamar, still pull into it as if you're trying to fill that space up.

If you want to go any lower with your legs. Eight two, three, four, five. Exhale, nine [inaudible] and tend to three four, five x sale, three four, five and let's bring it in double leg stretch. So the arms are just going to frame the ears. Guys, legs can go out in line with the limp. Arms to f ears, circle and exhale. And I want you to hug, hug, hug, inhale, stretch, exhale and hug. Hug Up. Ah, hug, hug, hug. Two more. Reach in.

Last one, stretch and all the way in for single leg stretch. Reach the left leg forward. Keep the right leg and lift your elbows. We'll do the pull pool. Here it goes. Pull, pull, change, pull, pull, change. Wow. So again, you're trying to keep your spine, your back steady on the barrel.

Stretch that long leg out in a way for more. One, two, pull into the barrel. Pull into the barrel. Okay, hold. So Chris Cross is going to be a little nicer tonight. Hands behind your head. Let's extend our left leg. Keep your right knee in towards your chest. Now twist. Let's do a little cheat for a moment. Lay back on the barrel. Just enjoy that. Like you're laying in the sun. We're not going there again.

So curl right up again. Now you can use the barrel and twist behind it. So I'm taking my right shoulder and elbow and trying to reach back towards summer. Let's check it out on the other side and not the cheat, but just try to like your winding around yourself. Twist. Here we go and twist. Hold. One, two, three and one, two, three again, one, go further and further. Two, three, four more wringing out. Beautiful you guys. Bring it out. Last one, twist two, three and twist two, three. Keep that leg up. Let's do a little scissor.

So I've got the other leg just straight out from the edge and we'll do our poll pool and pool pool. So we really haven't warmed up our hamstrings yet, so be a little thoughtful on how much you're pulling [inaudible] for more little challenge with your hands going higher to the foot. Last one here, pulled. Pull. Okay. Hugin and then just set your feet down and bring yourself up. Good to go into a seated roll up.

Now I'm going to sit at the front edge, but my sit bones are back a little bit. Okay? Flex your feet, reach your arms forward, squeeze your bottom and sit as tall as you can. Let's breathe in. We're rounding forward for three counts and we have one to stay on the same place on your seat. Roll up an exhale. So trying to stay on the same place on your seat. Two, three and roll up me and watch you once and exhale. So this is steady pelvis anchored. Nice. Rachel, you're rounding over that and come up last two and exhale.

So if you engage your bottom, it may help you stay in place. Stretching your low back and up. And one last time in exhale Oh and two and three and all the way up. Stay in that position guys. Let's just open our arms for a little spine twist. Let's inhale to your left, your left. Inhale, twist, and exhale.

Come home. Inhale like you're taking that long around the side of the ribs and center and twist. The feet are flex, the ankles are active, and inhale to your right. Good. Let's take four more. You can use your bottom a little more. [inaudible] lift and twist like you're trying to touch the ceiling with the hair on your head and up, up, up, twist and center and up and twist. And we're going to then move that into soc. So let's end to the left again.

Now rounding out to that baby toe, staying in the same place on your seat, Rola and sent to your right. Inhale, they'll reach rural and center. We've got four more. They're really circulating. Now check those shoulders whenever you can see if they can set down a little bit on your shoulders, on your back. Last one to your left, round and up center. Last one to your right twist looks good. You guys and round roll up and center and lower your arms. Great. Okay. Bring your legs in together again. Sit on in the crevice.

Once again, diamond, again, let's check the same thing we opened up with. We'll do through three of them and I'll see you. Hopefully you're feeling a little more warmed up. You might be able to go further without any strain. Arms go up. Anybody go further? Yeah, kind of. You knew the answer was yes.

So coming back the go. Easy, easy. Ah, sometimes we worked too hard and that restricts the progress of increasing or mobility. I'm speaking really for myself. And one more. Let's go easy. Feel your bones. Just placing their weight on that barrel. Open it up and center and up. Good. Okay, I'm going to turn sideways. You guys can face the front.

I'm going to go this way. We're going into some side now and let's, unless you are knee is your knee that you know about. If it has a strain on the inner edge there or any part of it, you may not want this straight leg. You can absolutely bend it there. I think we're fine. Okay, so the straight leg on the side as if you had an imaginary strap over your ankle might indicate that you could pull up. Don't pull up, see if you can actually press into the floor a little bit. Okay. Now let's take our hands behind her head. Lift up tall and we'll do a couple of different types of sides.

So if we go over more within articulation really again, really loosey Goosey over the curve and now loosey Goosey press into it. So it's very articulated. Right. And let's do two more of those. Bendy like ribbon, the curly ribbon now and head, shoulders, ribs and hip and up. And one more good lead with the hip and the waist, ribs, shoulder and arm and then return. Okay. Now the opposite way or different ways.

Not doing so much movement is more of a Oh over, this is where a strap on the ankle would be very nice and more of a oh or add up. Good. Feel the difference. Yeah. I've find both good to do both. Challenging just in different ways. So this version of maybe two or three more of this as if the head entail are in one long piece together rather than bending, still thinking of the hair to the ceiling. One more and over. Good you guys and up, up and up. Now let's reward ourselves with a rotation over like this.

I'm a propped up on my fingertips and drop the head weight, lift your stomach up and like you're really trying to not touch the barrel and all who breathe, breathe big, big into the back of the ribs. If you could stand behind and above yourself, you'd see how wide your shoulder blades are, how wide your rib cage is, how wide even is your lower waistline. One more. Okay. And then without getting too fancy, let's just come on up. Turn around to face the other way. So I'll be facing there. Solo over there.

You guys are facing them. Okay. And the first version again, three of them, the articulated [inaudible] slide over lateral work. Here we go. Lead with the hip, the waist, the shoulder and the head and coming up, peeling off like sticky tape and to the top again, really bendy and over. Connected the straight leg. Reach it out, see if it helps you get up with a little more ease and one more tucking your ribs in just a little bit guys. And over. And last one, use that barrel and a poke case we did for right. I think four or five, four of this straighter. Once. Here we go. Trying to take yourself over in one unit. Inhale over, exhale up.

The temptation may be to wiggle through the rib cage. You just did that on the other one. Keep those ribs connected and in control. Inhale. Exhale to trust your lats. Let's go one more and over. [inaudible] inhale, exhale to come up in that knee.

Turn toward the barrel and then again into the round, dropping the head c curve even all the way down to your tailbone. Yes. Good. Very expansive. Breathing here. Really focus on your ability to breathe deep and stretch your back. The breadth can stretch your back one more guys. Okay. And then unwind and come all the way back up to the front. Okay, so we are going to go over, uh, onto our tummy now wondering what the best way is going to be here.

I suppose I'll just face this way. Um, that's probably gonna be fine. Where you guys are. I wonder, maybe heads in, so you guys, will you just turn yours just right in there? Yeah. Super. Okay. So we haven't been on top for a, I haven't for a while with you guys. There is a sweet spot. We all have a sweet spot. Some of our torsos are longer than others. Some people have longer legs than others, so depending on your sweet spot, you'll find it in just a minute.

But what we're starting with is a little swan dive. Okay? And it doesn't, don't get freaked out. Swan dive on the mat is harder than what we're about to do here. So I've got, I'm going to put my hands in front of me and get on the pubic bone on top. Lift your legs up. You don't have to have pointed feet. Squeeze your bottom and lift your legs a little bit. And at the same time, you're lifting your legs, you're letting your torso lower down, but you have your back engaged as you go down. So I'm gonna reference my heart again because it works for me. Beautiful. Lisa, your heart reaching for words, it's actually going to bring your head up a little bit. Summer. Yeah. Okay.

Now as you go, then higher your back is what's lifting. Somewhat. Kind of pressing your legs down, but they never really go all the way to the floor. And we go legs. As you're dipping your chest down, your heart is reaching forward. Keep that back engaged and let's go up lead with your upper back, your upper back, your upper back, your upper back. And again, legs really resist lower net chest as if you didn't have to. And then the opposite way so you don't really even have to use your arms to do this. You can use your torso, legs, glutes.

Keep your heart up a little summer. That's it. That's it you guys. And now as you lift your chest, your legs are naturally going down. Two more times. Beautiful Swan Dives, man up, God and last one legs, glutes, hamstrings. And then you're going to stay down there and I want you to put your index finger in some together. Lightly. Put your forehead on that and bend your knees. We're going to do a little grasshopper type of exercise.

So toes are bent or touching. Heels are touching. Now I'm going to lift my legs up and then open them. Hello glutes. The legs are gonna beat, beat, beat, touch, touch, touch. Keep touching. And lift. Lift. Lift up into Swan. Okay, so we're going down again down with bent knees. [inaudible] you want to lift your feet and legs straight up if you can then open them. Let's do six beats. One, two, three, four, five and six. Again, down into that swan dive.

Lift the feet, open the legs, squeeze those bottoms. Six beats and one to check your shoulders for five and six. One more lower lift. The great place to this is our grasshopper, so we lope in the legs. Six beats. Send a one, two, three, four, five, six and everybody rest would, that could be for you as your head all the way down.

I've got my knees relaxed on this step. Few deep breaths. Okay. How you doing? I feel okay with that. I couldn't, I couldn't do it now. It's like I come. Okay. Yes, it's exciting. Yes, it's a lot of pressure on there. Tell me.

[inaudible] pubic bone down. That's fun. Um, and also a lot of lower back is hyperextension in the lumbar. Yeah. Yeah. Ouch. Yeah. Okay. Let's go back to the first facing and we're going to go over the barrel so our hips are going to be up on top with their legs up there. We've gotten into this a few different ways. On occasion, what I'm going to suggest, yeah, is you sit up on top a little bit, hold into your little handle cutouts, pull one leg in towards you. Slowly come down, slither back. You get a, hold on. I know the lights are bright, so you're the just there.

Now I learned not to hold the hands in the inside. I like to hold on top. Choose what works best for your wrists, your knuckles, and your shoulders. The hands on top though does allow you to really anchor those lats down your back. And guys, we're going to start with legs to the ceiling and leg circles. Now here we go from like the reformer work. If you lower your legs down, there is a moment where we all could go too low and you're no longer in this nice plank line. Okay? That's what I want us to stay with. A Rachel, you could go a little lower if you wanted to. From there, let's externally rotate the legs open pretty wide. Your arc of your legs comes around and you joined back up at 90 degrees.

Okay, let's go six of them. So that was one down turnout. Exhale, round inner thighs come up together, lower down, turn out, reach to the sidewalls and lift lower. I'm thinking of reaching across the room, not necessarily to the floor. Last to reach out across the room to the size of the room center. Last one as if you're pressing your legs through thick water and center.

Okay? The other way, six times. So we open our now squeeze your bottom a little bit. Their roll parallel and legs up open. Squeeze like you're squeezing a huge magic circle and up turnout. Open [inaudible] and legs up three more.

Ah, I try to strengthen those hip joints working some hip flexor, which is important to work, but also getting some stretch. Last one, everybody. Now this one, you're going to add a little bit of a variation to it, so if you don't mind, hold your legs in that turnout. You're on that plank line. Okay, we're going to do heel beats again. So eight of them. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight. Come up about four inches, eight more. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, a little higher, maybe vertical. In fact, eight of them here. One, two, four, five, six, seven, and eight. Back Down to that challenge. Point your plank line, and eight, seven, six, five, three, two, and one. Hold. Flex your feets. Let's do some frogs. So the heels coming into the groin. Let's say a knee. Inhale. Exhale, push out, and your stomach really pulls inward. Pull the heels in and exhale. Push out.

Again, inhale. And when you push your legs out, you want to feel those strengthen your stomach, your abdominals, holding your spine safe against that barrel. Okay, let's take four more. If you feel daring cause some of you actually could come down a little lower when you take your legs out. Yeah. Only though if you feel like you can trust your stability where we end.

Stretch two more. Last one. Yes. Drayton. Okay. Parallel legs up to vertical. Okay. Your left leg is going to stay vertical. Let right leg is going to come down.

This time it might be able to go a little lower and ring it up. Change side, so emphasizing your hip extension while the other one is also staying vertical and lift and again, right leg long ribs are imprinted and leg comes up. Other side and up. No, we're going to go into a walking step. Eight steps to walk down. One, two. They progressively go further. Five, six, seven, eight. Come up. One, two, three, four. Then six. You know how to count to eight again, down do three. Four ribs are anchored. Six and seven. Eight and up.

Five, six. Let's go two more. Guys. Flex the feet this time. Feel some stretch in your hamstrings. Calves. One, three, four, six, seven, eight. Last one, three, four, five, six and seven and eight to one, two, three, four, five, six, seven and eight. And fold the knees. Okay. Place your feet on this step. Now this is where I'm going to just kind of break on for just a moment. If your knees are tender or any knee issues, going all the way together with your thighs is not going to probably feel that great. But if you're okay, try to challenge yourself and get your ankles together and your knees together.

But that really has a lot of impact on the length of your spine, the stability of your pelvis. And again, probably for some as the rib cage. So do what you can. Okay? It's a goal to get the legs close. Now what I want us to work on for a second is pushing the heels into the barrel, squeezing your bottom and imprinting the ribs. So let's take a breath to prepare for that. And exhale, push the heels into the barrel, squeeze your bottom, imprint your ribs, inhale, release. And again, do you emphasize the length in the hip flexors and the quadriceps? So as muscles also. And linkedin.

Two more guys. Exhale and press press, press release. Yes. Last one. Exhale. Imprint. I'm sure you're all feeling the quad stretch and the benefit of that, right? Yep. Yeah. Quietly. They say. Now, last little challenge before we do shoulder bridge with legs. Um, try to squeeze all that again and unweight your pelvis about an ounce off the barrel. If you can unweight your bum.

How hard is that kind of hard. Okay, I'm Kinda hard for me and relax. Try it one more time. Ready and press and try to unweight because we know regular shoulder bridge and mat, we don't have a barrel to hold us up that high, but that's what you may want to think about without the barrel. Okay. Now take your right leg, point your foot and reach it now over your chest. Flex the leg and lower it. Inhale, lift up. Exhale lower and lift up and lower a lot of range and reach out.

One more. Lift up. Beautiful you guys and down. Step it in. Left leg comes up. Keep all of those anchor points. Here we go. And Flex it down. Point over the chest and reached down every time that leg goes down to imprint those rib cages down. And last one peress leg up and then step onto the barrel and pause. Okay, we could go on, but I'm going to get us off of our neck and shoulders.

So just very lightly. Let your barrel slide out from underneath you land on the floor. Don't move too quickly. Just enjoy. Ah, okay. I love that moment.

And then we'll be coming up to do a little shoulder opening with our hand weights. Okay, so go ahead, roll to your side and come on up. So we've got our ones or two pounds. Good, you guys. All right, so we're going to go back in the corrector with our bottom. I'm pretty close to the edge here and find yourself back. Gotta organize my, I've lost everything. Uh, where your head is safely, comfortably on your barrel, your head, the back of your head and your shoulders. All right. And I'll let you choose.

Um, actually I'm not gonna let you choose. I think we should all keep our knees bent and our feet down so we can still work on that imprint of the rib cage. Now you'll still have space behind you and your barrel, so there's no way you'd get all the ways, um, snuggled into that space. Okay, so arms straight up to the ceiling for the first set. We're going to have palms facing each other. Set your shoulders into the barrel and just working.

That's anterior chest stretch. You're going to open out wide inhale. Ah, okay. And exhale to raise your arms up, the keeping the shoulders plugged onto the corrector and open up. Let's do eight of these and exhale, close and inhale. So the wrist is also a nice and elongated, nicest straight. You're not going to break it that wrist line. Keep it in, uh, in line with the forearm and shoulder. Inhale, open annex. Exhale, command lightly.

Press your legs together. Inhale out like you're reaching to the sides of the walls, not just downward to the floor, but I'm trying to effort that wall to wall stretch and center. Last two and open and close and open. How are we doing there? I feel okay. Yeah. Okay. Now, palms facing your legs. I'm sorry. Not yet. Uh, still facing each other. We're going to do scissor arm, one arm. Let's do right arm down by your hip, left arm back, but keep it in your peripheral vision. Some of you have incredibly shoulder, flexible shoulders and go further. Make sure you can still see that arm there.

And then inhale to the center. Exhale as you change and the arm that's coming up by your ear, I want you to think that's a lat stretch. Lengthening that lat. Come on up. Change sides and yes, your shoulder blade slides down your back. You all know that? Think about it as a lat stretch. Okay, I'm going to adjust something here and again in here. And there's some going to take a peak. Just check the ribbon print again, right Rachel? That's right when the arms are moving, especially with the additional weight control, those rib cages.

Okay. Where are we at? Right arm, back. Inhale. And last one left arm back. Wow. And then both arms to the center. Okay. Now Palms facing your feet. Same thought process. Arms are going to stay in your peripheral vision, but we're going further back into shoulder flection that every time we're vertical as a breath in. So right now, let's breathe in. Exhale, sending the arms back. Ah, now you've got the weight of both arms against your back. So be mindful.

Inhale, bring him to center. Exhale down by your hips and you can press the collarbone really wide there. Inhale, arms up, exhale back. The lats need this. Lengthening the upper back. Needs this stretching. Inhale and exhale.

Good. You guys. Inhale, arms up and exhale. So if this palm, an arm position doesn't feel right for your shoulders, feel free to modify that or change it by palms facing in all the way down. We're going to take it two more times. Ah, oh and exhaling down broad chest, nice controlled rib cage. One more. Oh and lower the arms all of the way. Place the arm, the hand weights right on the floor there. I don't want anybody to get up too quickly.

Place your hands behind your neck and your head. Bring your now your chin towards your chest. Just helps you, kind of keeps you safe as you bring your head up there. Okay. And then just carefully put your hands on the sides. Bring yourself up. Sit Right on down in the crevice. I'm gonna just turn face you. You guys are fine. We're going to do a very easy, just a super easy stretch to finish.

So just take your arms to the side in that diamond again and just an easy side bend either way. And as, oh, go over. Let's bend our supporting arm down on the ground. Just bend. See if you get deepen your side seeker and all the way up and over to the other side. You can bend your bottom arm easy and lift and over. So we got all of our, pardon me, we got all of her body parts worked.

You feel that we're gonna do just one more each side and then we'll take a pause and go to a slight foam roller segment for um, some it band stretching. Good. You guys. All right. So come all the way up. Yeah, it feels good. Thanks. I lost that. That's hilarious. It just dropped out from underneath me.


Thank you Amy! I received an arc for Christmas- this was the perfect class to try it out! Love the arc, love Pilates Anytime. Keep these classes coming. Thanks again
Hi Patti! What a nice Christmas gift.....and how wonderful that you got to take a class right away with your new present. We love that you love us here at Pilates Anytime...and we're doing just that.......more classes coming your way!

Happy New Year!!
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Yay...Amy strikes again...can't wait to adapt this to the bosu! Love the grasshopper and all the draping over! Thanks & happy new year
Hi Jennifer....what a great comment for me to start my day to, thank you!! I too love the Grasshopper on the barrel. Happy New Year to you too!
Deeelishus, Amy!!

I don't have a spine corrector (yet!) but I rigged an approximation w/ a foam roller and a couple of pillows. Don't know if I was doing it all right but I sure feel great!

You're fabulous! And Happy 2013. Looking forward to working w/ the PA gang the whole year through!
Thanks so much Amy :)
really appreciate your perfect cueing and flow !!
and yes, Happy New Year ~ I look forward to your 2013 classes
Hi Yugonda! Your'e so welcome....thank you for the positive feedback! Looking forward to a great year!!
You have a lovely teaching style Amy, great clear smooth instruction. Thank you
Thank you so much Shauna!
Great work as always Amy.. really loved your Grasshopper! Thank you! Have a wonderful year! x
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