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Waking Energy

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Mobilize and "juice" your joints with Jennifer Kries and her new class called Waking Energy. Jennifer synthesizes her 30 years of Pilates experience with her study of dance, yoga and qigong into a movement experience that not only prepares you for your chosen activities, but will “'harness' the energy of the universe and literally 'funnel' it into your own body to activate your body’s natural capabilities and reserves to promote healing and balance." This class is more about letting go than precision and control. Wake up your energy with us in just 20 minutes.
What You'll Need: Mat

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What I'm especially excited to introduce to you tonight is my new waking energy. So we're going to do a little warm up and I'm actually sharing with you what I do for my workouts because the advanced ...


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Wow, loved it!! Felt the energy over here in cold Japan. Now I am revving to go! Thanks Jennifer.
I did this class tonight as my first movement experience after Pleurisy... I feel great! Thank you Jennifer and... Welcome back!
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Thank you Jennifer...going to be doing this class energizing!! Great way to start the day!
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Fantastic...of course...wouldn't expect anything less from JK or PA! Some of the moves reminded me of Feldenkrais. Planning to use this in my own warm up or cool down. And of course giving credit to the source...JK - your ears will be burning!
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What fun!
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Really great, I loved how it got the energy flowing, perfect for a cold winter's morning in England!!
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I agree Catherine! I could almost feel the sun shine :)
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Like a beautiful prayer. Thank you, Jennifer and PA. I need this in my life right now.I'll be repeating, often!
Hi Kristi & Ladies! I am moved from seeing that Waking Energy has found you in your homes around the globe! The power of Pilates Anytime! How wonderful.
From Candace in Japan to Catherine in England and Patty, Jennifer, Karen and Fiona, I am so very glad to hear that you are enjoying Waking Energy and that you feel so good after practicing it. It is a wondrous and magical elixir steeped in thousands of years of ancient wisdom and It is my great pleasure to share it. :) I look forward to introducing you to much, much more in the Waking Energy World in the near future! My sincere thanks goes out to you, Kristi Cooper for once again so graciously hosting me as a guest on PA- always an amazing gift to be in your presence and share with you.
My very brightest wishes to each of you for vibrant health, peace and true radiance in your lives! Here's to ringing in 2013 in the best of ways!
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Merci Jennifer!
Thank you !
Energies flowing, horse breathing :)
Au plaisir!
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