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Mobilize and "juice" your joints with Jennifer Kries and her new class called Waking Energy. Jennifer synthesizes her 30 years of Pilates experience with her study of dance, yoga and qigong into a movement experience that not only prepares you for your chosen activities, but will "'harness' the energy of the universe and literally 'funnel' it into your own body to activate your body's natural capabilities and reserves to promote healing and balance." This class is more about letting go than precision and control. Wake up your energy with us in just 20 minutes.
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Jan 04, 2013
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What I'm especially excited to introduce to you tonight is my new waking energy. So we're going to do a little warm up and I'm actually sharing with you what I do for my workouts because the advanced level work I feel in my body sometimes requires some juicing of the joints, some mobilization. And I like to think of this level as a sport. You know, it's, we all know that pilates is great exercise. No one will deny it, but I think when you get to this level of accomplishment, it's more like a passion and it is a true inspiration and I feel like you have to prepare your body for your chosen craft. So that's why I wanted to bring this to you tonight. And there's one more thing that I wanted to share with you that I've been thinking a lot about recently, which is inspiration and joy and what this does for me and what it brings into my life. And I could get a little emotional right now even talking about it.

But I think after years of professional dance and in fact treating PyLadies like it was just a supplement to my career, I have revisited it and fallen in love with it again. And I think of the Latin word, the root of inspiration, which is in sped, Adi. And it literally means to breathe into which I love. So I want to ask you all, what are you going to breathe into this class? What are you going to give of yourselves for this class tonight?

And what does this mean to you? What does movement mean in your life? For me, movement is life movement. Breath meaning equals joy. So with that, let's start and do some waking energy. So feet are gonna be hip with apart. You can face me, can face any way you want. And we're going to start to mobilize the body with something called wringing the temple. Gone. Okay. So this is a combination of ancient rejuvenation exercise.

And then we're just going to go and we're just gonna let loose. Cause this is really the opposite of Palabra is in a lot of ways, not that Pilati is, is an organic, but this is a way for you to get sloppy and relaxed before you have to be quite precise and regimented. So what I want you to do is see if you can see the wall behind you and I want these deep, full cleansing breaths. And what we're doing is mobilizing the spine and then take a peek at me. I'm going to lengthen one leg and bend the other, and I'm kind of leaning back.

So I'm feeling a hip flexor stretch. Yep. And I'm breathing. Yup. And you'll feel your balance here. It's totally true. And now pause and we're going to stretch up. We're going to exhale and wrap around our bodies and twist. Inhale left like you're celebrating, twist, inhale up. Exhale, twist a little faster.

Exhale, go deeper with the [inaudible]. And now soften the breath a little bit. Nice. Start to feel your glutes and your quads. Go deeper. Two more, Huh? I'm com. Center and shake it out. And now start to bounce like you're on your own mini trampoline. Want to teach you one of my favorite things in life, which is called the horse breath. You will look silly, but they're not going to see you. They're just going to see me.

Cheaters that you're gonna breathe in and you go let your lips roll. Breathe in. Good. Only a few, one more. And now shake and just feel your bones moving in space. And now there's some bad jazzercise as I fixed my leotard and keep going and really let your hips go. I now do the twist. So this is a little window into what you do late at night when no one's watching.

Let everything move and bounce and juggle and don't be self conscious. So energy gets trapped in our bodies, in life leading to all sorts of staggering the nation. Right? And we're setting it free and kick it out like you're kicking something off of your feet. Ah, I know. Grab one knee and pull it up. And when I'm doing it, I'm leaning back. So I'm getting this healthy, long stretch and the legs. You feel that a few more.

Nice, good. Shake it out. And a rub your hands really root your feet. You feel like you're getting warmer. Keep rubbing. I'm getting a drink of water. Don't stop. So while you're doing this, you're drawing earth energy up through your feet, charging your hands, separate your hands. Feel the buzz. Do you feel that it's energy? Yeah. And so from here you're going to take that. You're going to clasp your palms together. This is called tiger claws unite.

And we're gonna thump the chest and really get in there. So if you suffer from asthma or any kind of breathing issues, that could make you cough too. If we were still in New York, we'd all be coughing. But we're in California where we're not golfing, cause the air so clean. And now come down to your thymus gland, right between your breasts and you're going gonna go tap two, three, tap. Good.

So the thymus gland shrinks as we age, as responsible for our immune production. So we're keeping it fat and happy. And the thymus gland likes the waltz rhythm. So it's tap two, three, tap, tap. Keep breathing. Just one more. Good. And from here, you're going to trace down through the center line of your body like you're making nice coarse breath because we're unleashing all this stagnancy shake it out. Make a little karate chop with one hand. Grab an elbow and go into the traps. Ah, so if you've been on a computer, this is for you. So it's opposite. You got an Amy, that's it. Don't go to hop high up on the neck, but get into the meat. You feel that, then stretch out with me. Breathe in.

Tilt your head the other way. Karate Chop. Get your weapon and go high. Yeah. Wow. Okay. Takes time. This is like the crash course of waking energy today. Keep breathing good. And now we're going to do this cute little swing dance. So you go, Huh.

See if he can go right into the belly of the trap. Nice. Huh? I'm sort of feel like a ragdoll. Don't worry about being perfect. Don't worry about your form. This is about moving and unleashing all that stuff that gets stuck.

Good. And now shake it out. Ah, rub your hands together again. So what I didn't discuss in the beginning, cause I want to stick to time, is that you have these really amazing points in your feet. So you can literally draw earth energy up through them and simply called your kidney channel, which goes to your actual kidneys and your kidneys or your primary energetic battery. So if you have low back pain, this takes that away. So from here, release again, rub your belly. So this is where your true mind resides. This is where you feel emotions first. And I just saw Erin roll her eyes. She's like, yeah baby, that is so red on.

So check out what's going on in there today. You know, we're so busy with our over digitize, multitasking lives, check-in, bring some love to your organs. Now switch hand over, hand go the other way. Breathe. And you might to throw in a little horse breath every now and again. It's all instinctual. Yeah. And it's all, and the laughter too is so good. Good release. And now make little tiger claws and tap. Whew. So when you do this, I don't want you to be shy.

I want you to tap your pubic bone. I want you to go all the way around and get in there. So basically, it's kind of an odd metaphor. You're shaking out a dusty old rug, right? Can you imagine all the stuff that gets stuck inside? We don't think about it. Stay up nice and high. This might make you feel giddy. Sometimes it can make you feel a little nauseous, can make you burp, which is fine and healthy. We should all feel okay with it.

And now just rub again. I'd feel that. Yeah, good. Now shake it off. Rub again. So each time you rub your hands, you're charging your batteries because there are these cool points in your hands to where you receive heaven energy. And now what you're going to do is rub an arm like your loofa in the arm. But don't be shy about it. Like go at it like it makes you sweat. Good. And then pat yourself on the back.

You're kind of cutting your hand and your go down. Now flip your arm over and come up. Go down. So it shouldn't hurt, but you should feel it. Should wake you up, go down and now brush it off other side Polish. So if you have shoulder injuries, wrist injuries, carpal tunnel, you're bringing all of this bounteous energy to your joints. If you have arthritis, this can really sue that. Cup Your hand, Pat yourself on your back, going down. Now come up on the inside.

You're breathing down and up and down. One more time up. Brush it off, shake it off. Rub One more time. Coming up on one of my favorite parts release. And I'll take this heat to your kidneys. So round your spine and I want you to feel that energy moving right in there. Breathe it in. And then watch me.

I'm going to do these loving little circles right on the kidneys. I'm going to do a horse breath cause I'm in the mood. So in Chinese medicine, the kidneys are your primary energetic battery, but the shadow side of kidney is fear and it's very real. So Aaron just popped her head up again. And so if you're feeling stuff, it's nice to go or to go. That's it. And now tap. So love taps.

And I'm really rounding my spine guys rounding it. And now I'm going to go up as high as I can. And now I'm going into the glutes, which feels pretty amazing. Really go at it and I'll come to your hips, flip your riff and go into your hips. And I need to just move this little Mike Pack. So with women, especially as we age, we become more vulnerable in our hips. And this literally sends a message to the bones to keep them strong.

And you can feel that reverberating in your body. Do you feel that? Breathe and now favorite part, go down the legs and come up on the inside. So if you go to get a pedicure and someone does this to you or they get your lower leg and you're just in heaven where they give you the massage or you go for a massage and you get this, we're working on all the leg channels. So go down, stay down, and now go to your hamstrings. Go to your calves, come up and now brush your legs off like you're brushing. Lint off your pants. Okay, two more standing exercises. Clasp your palms, push up to heaven. Energy, ribs in, breathe in side bend, deepen your ribs, deepen your abs.

So we're starting to think [inaudible] principals even now, and just let your body go organically where it wants to go without forcing it. Nice. Inhale. Exhale. One more time. Exhale, side bend. Feel that opposite foot going away into earth. It's a huge stretch. Exhale over. Good relief. Shake.

So wing tip, flex. Okay, so feet are parallel. Toes spreading like to Dawson on yoga. Clamp your ring in your pinky fingers down. You're going to lift up to the front, Navel to spine breathing in. Exhale, open in your periphery. Good.

And start to feel. Feel what's cooking in your arms. This is the one. This is an honor of Christy because she saw this weeks ago and now this is live. So while you're here, you're channeling heaven energy, which is coming down into your body. You're pulling earth energy up. Everything's coalescing here. Point down with your fingers.

Feel a different sensation. Breathe, coarse breath. Keep that breath flowing. Good. And now lift up with your fingers. Good. So you want to feel all the energy going through the fingertips, through the arms, into the neck, the whole body, right? And you want to try to keep the fingers together. Perfect. And shoulders down and breath. How you doing?

Now? Flex your palms hard and feel that. Breathe all that stuff that's hiding in there, right? Nice to get rid of it before we do the a hundred with the legs, two inches off the floor, why not? And now point down and breathe. Ah, you'll feel so good when this is over.

And now swan heads unite. Exhale, push 200 pounds away like Bruce Lee like Ha. Inhale up. Exhale, push until you shake. Inhale up. Exhale, push, push, push, self-imposed, isometric resistance. Inhale up. Exhale, push. Shake it out. Yeah, I am now. Okay. Shake the head and wag the tail and then we're going to sit down.

So this looks like this. Inhale arch. You do it with me. Exhale, contract. And I'm literally pulling my own pants off. Inhale, arch. Oh Man. Yeah, that's good. Exhale. That's going to go down in history. I can feel it. The writing's on the wall for that boy. Inhale up. Exhale, control.

You should feel your quads and your glutes right about now. Inhale, arch. Exhale, contract. And from here, hang side to side. Little elephant, Tusk, elephant trunk. Make your way up. Open Up. Breathe. Open Up. Oh God, it feels good. Inhale. Exhale, two more. Okay. Tiger Palm. Do Unite.

Exhale, push. Inhale, arch. Exhale down. This is all one big breath. Inhale. Inhale. Inhale. Inhale. Inhale, exhale, push. Inhale, arch. Exhale down. Inhale, up, up, up. How open can you be? Exhale, push.

Inhale, arch. Exhale down. Inhale up. Good. One more time. Slow. And then we're really going to dance. Exhale, push. Inhale, arch. Exhale down. And now palms come facing away. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. Few more times flowing. Exhale, push. Inhale.

Just listen to the breath. [inaudible] beautiful guys. Okay. Oh yeah, last time. Good. Come with feet. Parallel. Okay, so take all that juicy energy that we just created.

We pulled from heaven and earth and our own bodies. Close your eyes, but before you do, sorry, watch. Take your right hand to finger links below your navel. This is called your Dantien. It's your c of Ci. It's your center of everything. Cover the right with the left. Close your eyes. And I just want you to tune into that incredible bounty, a subtle energy that you harvested from your own body and the universe, and let it bring you into this incredible deep stillness and focus where you feel like your batteries are literally being recharged.

So this is an essence how we give back to ourselves the way a loving mother would give love to a child. Be Your own loving parent, your own loving, beneficence, presence. And as you breathe in, breathe in love. As you exhale, breathe out gratitude. Just take these precious few moments to feel how alive you are. Feel your heart beating inside your chest, pumping blood to thousands of miles of veins. Think of that beautiful world inside.

One more deep breath in. Feel really rooted in the feet. Gently flutter your eyes open. Bring your feet together, bring your palms to touch. And let's set an intention for our advanced math class with fancy tricks. Take a deep breath, ed. Ah, and then quietly bow your head. Uniting head and heart.

Good. And lift the head and flutter the eyes open. Yeah. So Mr Pilati said happiness was physical fitness was the first requisite of happiness, and I think you can really feel that that's true.


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Wow, loved it!! Felt the energy over here in cold Japan. Now I am revving to go! Thanks Jennifer.
I did this class tonight as my first movement experience after Pleurisy... I feel great! Thank you Jennifer and... Welcome back!
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Thank you Jennifer...going to be doing this class energizing!! Great way to start the day!
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Fantastic...of course...wouldn't expect anything less from JK or PA! Some of the moves reminded me of Feldenkrais. Planning to use this in my own warm up or cool down. And of course giving credit to the source...JK - your ears will be burning!
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What fun!
Really great, I loved how it got the energy flowing, perfect for a cold winter's morning in England!!
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I agree Catherine! I could almost feel the sun shine :)
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Like a beautiful prayer. Thank you, Jennifer and PA. I need this in my life right now.I'll be repeating, often!
Hi Kristi & Ladies! I am moved from seeing that Waking Energy has found you in your homes around the globe! The power of Pilates Anytime! How wonderful.
From Candace in Japan to Catherine in England and Patty, Jennifer, Karen and Fiona, I am so very glad to hear that you are enjoying Waking Energy and that you feel so good after practicing it. It is a wondrous and magical elixir steeped in thousands of years of ancient wisdom and It is my great pleasure to share it. :) I look forward to introducing you to much, much more in the Waking Energy World in the near future! My sincere thanks goes out to you, Kristi Cooper for once again so graciously hosting me as a guest on PA- always an amazing gift to be in your presence and share with you.
My very brightest wishes to each of you for vibrant health, peace and true radiance in your lives! Here's to ringing in 2013 in the best of ways!
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Merci Jennifer!
Thank you !
Energies flowing, horse breathing :)
Au plaisir!
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