Waking Energy
Jennifer Kries
Class 928

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Evolutionary on every count: 1 - Pilates 2- Yoga 3 - Chinese Energy Medicine. I love your knowledge of the meridians and glands, bringing movement into every cell, and waking up inner aliveness. Energy dances! Thank you & Aloha! Marya M
Super class ! Thank you
Thank you so needed I’ll use this every day x
I love this Jennifer thank you from Sydney Australia.  I love the feeling of energy I just created within myself by doing this class x
love this 
Jennifer! Thank you so much for this divine waking energy crash course! My 7 year old daughter and I just did this with you, together, and it was magic for my 48 year old bones. I used to do this class a lot years ago... then somehow life happened, and I didn't return to it til now. Now, more than ever, it is so needed. We appreciate your jubilant energy and amazing vibrations this morning! My daughter asked if we can do this every morning!
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