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Amy taps into flow and precision with this high intermediate class. After allowing a few minutes for self assessment through standing roll downs, this class gets moving through the traditional mat sequence.
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All right, so guys, let's, um, start at the back edge of the mat. I think I might start this way and this morning, uh, we'll work on a flow and maybe not as much breakdown of material and, uh, just see how our bodies feel with fluidity and um, and breath. All right, so if we start our arms all the way upside alongside the head, let's take a couple check-ins of the rib cage, the pelvis, the triangle. Let's take a full breath here and just use these first standing roll downs. Maybe a little check in or assessment on how you're feeling within your body, within your mind. Take a full breath at the bottom, readjust your weight forward on the balls of the feet, and let's go ahead and start to re round up to standing again. Remember, these are the beginning movements we're checking in.

You can leave your arms down by your sides. Let's make an agreement to do five of these. And with each one, there may be a little more clarity on your connection, some of the fundamental feelings within your body where your weight is on your feet. Ah, Oh, you're moving your spine or asking it to change perhaps. So if you're feeling a little tight and arms out to the sides and the up and rounding over. So we're on our third one. Maybe we can work a little more scoop of the stomach, a little more lift internally.

Starting to feel a little more squeezed within my inner legs. Exhale. Here we go. Roll Up. Bringing the sits bones together. Can See if we can stay more weighted on the front of the feet than the backs. And one more time. Let's breathe in. Okay.

Yeah. Next sale is we're rounding over [inaudible]. So this time as we're all the way down, I am going to have us walk out onto our hands. I'm going to pick your non dominant hand and walk onto that one first. We're going to walk out into our plank or front support position. And again, just checking in, opening up your hands, making sure our elbows aren't locked, rib cages are in.

We've got a lift in length through the sternum. Now from here, breathing in again. Let's exhale, lift the hips, do your best to lower your heels and again, trying to get that nice stretch through your calves. We are still warming up, walking back, non dominant hand. Inhale. We're going to roll all the way up. Exhale, squeeze firmly between the legs and let's do it again. Arms out from the side and exhale again, rounding over so it's really pulling up in through the stomach, up and over the legs. Just feeling your body moving fluidly of right. Walking out nondominant hand unless agree to do five breaths here. Trying to be steady as little fidgeting as we can do being present with the breath.

[inaudible] let's take one more and on this next one, let's bend her knees. Guys, jump your feet into your hands. I'm going to have a sit right down. Scoot a little more to the center of your mat and let's reach our arms forward. Nice. Full inhale and here we go. We're whirling down and working the articulation of the spine all the way into our flat on the Mat. Take another breath. Use The exhale.

Engage in the abdominals that spring the legs into the 90 tabletop position. Arms reaching up to the ceiling. To take just a moment to feel the backs of the shoulders flat on your mat. Rib cage down, sacrum down. We're going to go right into the hundred. Inhaling for five and exhaling for five [inaudible].

Here we go. [inaudible] [inaudible] do we want to get the oxygen nation warming up the blood? Good. Curling a little higher. Seeing if you can come up out of your comfort zone just a little bit. Seven [inaudible] eight little stronger pump. Nine [inaudible] ten three four five bend the knees.

Let's stretch your legs down. Alright, and reaching the arms up and back overhead without the arch or without that daylight underneath the spine. So activate that feeling of connection to the Mat. And here we go for roll up and exhale and a nice scoop in this stomach. Inhale here at the top and exhale as we pull back. Rounding through the lower back. Very good round, round, round.

Inhale and exhale. Nice continuous curve from the tailbone up and out through the top of the head and we breathe in and exhale as we round down. Uh, there we go. Let's turn our palms to face into each other, eh, nice continuous curve. Inhaling here at the top and exhale. So there might be some slight variations with our arm placement and the height of our arms. I think right now we just keep moving, focusing on the breath.

The movement is about articulating the spine. Some mornings we work with arms higher, sometimes they're a little lower. It's about the breath, the movement in our back. Continuous flow. One more time guys. Breathing in, [inaudible] and rolling down. We'll leave our arms down by your signs. We are going to go into our single leg circle. That's bicycle or right leg through and up to the ceiling.

Five circles we know to cross over the other leg. Inhale and circle [inaudible]. We've been working very diligently on feeling the circle down in the hip last circle around this direction. Other way. So it's open down, around and up. Anchor being the whole body against the mat. Freedom in the hip four and last circle five and let's keep it straight. As you lower it all the way down, we'll bicycle the left like up again. Hold again. Weight down into the hip joint for the circle. Here it is, and cross around and lift around and lift again, holding the ribs down.

[inaudible] last circle, cross around and other way for five and open and around. Really conditioning the inside of this hip. That's where the circle is taking place. And last one around and lower your leg. All right, I'm not gonna have us go to rolling like a ball. Let's bring our knees into the nay 90 90 I think we'll go to series of five.

So up we go, right leg stays in. We'll do our double breath. Let's get up there a little higher first and we'll do a short set. Here is four, three, two and then coming right in for the double leg. Five repetitions. Now when we close, let's reach up a little higher before we close, open reach up and around and close. Three tried to go up and around and for lift and last one coming. Yeah.

Oh and pull the scissor. I'm going to go for some stretch this morning in my hamstrings. Think you guys are too. [inaudible] let's take eight more. We're still working the triangle of the pelvis and for Chin is level [inaudible] hold there. Okay. Straight leg, lower lift both legs, hands back. Flex the feet. Three repetitions. Inhale, point and up with the legs lower.

Keep the thinking head to the ceiling. Top of the head to the ceiling. Last one down. [inaudible] Chris Cross and [inaudible] really tried to get the rotation. Chest lift and rotation. Sure. And four, three, two, last one.

Let's come to center and take it down. Hands back behind the knees. Let's come all the way up. Hips back sprain. Stretch forward now. Hi. All right, let's try something this morning with spine stretch. Instead of just stopping in maybe the mis safe place, it's nice and clean. I'm going to see if we can keep bending ourself. So almost think of crown of head touching the mat. Who knows?

Maybe it'll happen in the arms. We'll just stay here as our frame so we're bending through this frame. All right, good. Flex feet. We only get three chances. Breathe in tall and exhale. It's an example of ringing it. Oh, let's breathe in all the way up and exhale.

Oh the way out. Squeeze empty every Air Adam of air out and all the way up. Last one. Ah, [inaudible] and lower OpenLink rocker. So many ways to do the spine stretch. Okay.

Open leg rocker, six repetitions. Starting out with a little bend in the elbow. So if you, yeah, without. So we're not locking and a little bit focus of the lower back in a c curve. If you can get that roundness in the lower back. All right, let's take six. So we change our focus down toward the abdomen.

Inhale and coming up on the exhale. Try to put on the brakes. [inaudible] not try to put on the brakes, put on the brakes. And three more times. Last repetition. Yeah, bringing the legs together. Let's keep our legs where they are. Reaching the arms forward. Take an inhale. Here we go. Rolling down, trying to keep the legs right as they are.

90 degrees corkscrew. Let's come to the flat wall up here. Inhale and exhale, swinger. We won't do the rollover corkscrew. Let's just keep our hips on the mat. [inaudible] so I want you to focus on, I'm gonna Watch you let your shoulders stay weighted on the mat. So when you feel the legs drift, one direction, oppose the offices side.

Very firm. Good Open. Exhale around sinking the belly and open. Exhale. Let's do one more each direction. Open and last time. Nice solid arms. Okay. Bend your knees just for a second. Let's place our feet down and have your feet separated about hip width.

All right, this should really say sits bones with let's take some articulation up to the shoulders. Take an inhale here at the base and the exhale is the abdominals to start glutes and hamstrings and rolling up to the base of your shoulder blades. All right, take a little extra tilt of the pelvis. A little extra focus of bringing the rib cage in and low. We're going to do our heel lifts. So on the um, go ahead and do you guys bring your heels up? We did this. The last class.

We're trying to get our heels to lift up and down without the pelvis going up and down. So here we go. Just simply lower the heels. It might be helpful to think of lifting the hips higher when your heels come down. So we're taking heels up, heels down, pelvis stays right in place. Heels keep active. Seat active, hamstrings, active abdominals. Two more times. And lift and lower. Last time. Lift and lower. Now let's reach the arms up. Palm is facing in. Inhaling here. Let's roll our spine down.

Oh, okay. Extend her arms and legs out nice and long again. We'll do a roll up one more time to get to the top and we'll take a spine twist. All right, I'm gonna move back on my mat. One scoot. Let's have her legs hip, Matt with the part arms up out to the sides is take palms face down and work a little more now, right on the edges of the waist. Get up and nice and tall. Let's come to the flat wall. First three pulses. So we're working in that rotation around our vertical axis or central axis.

And two m three we're doing a good job of keeping our sits bones evenly weighted, keeping our head in line in relationship to our shoulders. Turning the trunk, seek for more. Very nice. Little more lift in the seat. Yeah. Two and three. Last one, one, two and three. Center. Hold right here. Let's just circle her arms.

Okay. This can be about opening up the chest, reaching for the sidewalls of this room, and for three we're going to go the other way and open. Sure. It's okay to squeeze the buttons a little bit and hold the belly back. Good. And four, three, two and let's rest.

Okay. Let's come on over to our tummies to just five seconds quick onto the ball of pubic bone. Shoulders down. Try to pull the stomach up off of the mat a little bit. Let's agree to go into fives ones. All right. If you can keep the feet together if you need to open them up just a little bit and again, primarily thinking about the work in the back, secondary through the arms. All right, here we go. And Oh, I to use a full breath to take us into that Swan. Oh, okay. And coming down and all the way.

Yeah, you again. Chest, reaching forward on the mat. [inaudible] lifting with the back. Secondarily pressing through the arm. Here we go. And coming down. Nice and long. Two more guys.

Last one, shoulder blades. Let's do a little dive and catch five times. Release, catch, release, lift the back. Really send, lift your back. Beautiful lift and last one there and we'll come all the way down. Now as we come back to a rest pose, let's go ahead and make it bs about something. So if we take our hands and move them back toward our ribs a little bit, this transition sometimes gets overlooked and we just get kind of messy.

But if you start to put into the weight in the hands and lift your stomach, it becomes a little mini push up. Here we go and you can reach your hips back. Let's just take three breaths and we'll come back out onto the belly for the single leg and the double leg kick. One more bruise and then keeping it moving. Here we go. So we're going to make those fists or flat hand. Let's actually do flat hand today. So we're all in agreement. Yep.

And then go ahead and let your belly sang for just a second and then pull it back up. All right, right. Heel coming in and kick, kick. Reach it back. Left leg and reach your back, right heel and reach it back. There we go. So we're trying to keep that belly up. More weight to the pubic bone, lifting the sternum and the chest for more. Shh, Shh, shh. Last one and hold. Okay. Turn to look at [inaudible]. This big flat wall up here.

Hand stacked in the small of the back or interlaced. I'm going to go interlaced this morning from my shoulders and my arms. Let's do six repetitions again, getting the weight on the pubic bone, full breath into the nose and the three heel there. Kicking in, one, pulling in two, three and less lift other side and one, two and three. Remember and you can live through your upper back and turn, ah, no one pressed the pips into the mat and think mid back and all the way over three more than one. Hell, this flat three and thing back. Last one. Each direction. Nan One, two and three and big inhale.

[inaudible] side last time, man. Oh one, two three. And let's lift in whole. Ah, let's take our arms out alongside the Flamingo below you reach up and lower everything down. I think we'll go into a little quick pattern of swimming since we're face down. Here we go. Lift everything and sure, sure.

Four, three, two, one and rest. Okay. Same transition as before. A little mini pushup, round your mouth, three or four breath cycles. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] last one. And let's go ahead and roll ourselves up. Okay. It is a day for NEC. Paul, let's try. Let's do, and this is still a fun one for me to play with, so putting myself on my spot. All right, so feet are flexed, legs are open, hip with let's go ahead and interlace the hands again behind the head and making sure you can see your elbows in the peripheral vision. Not too close of course, but not way back here behind the neck and the head. Alright, and then that gives a better chance for those last to pull down. All right, big breath in. Let's work on flection. So rounding, reach forward through your heels. Now I'm going to have us do this.

As soon as we touch down, we're going to come right back up and over the five same ideas earlier. Can we get real low, low and low and low and low? An exhale to round. I'm thinking of pulling my lower back to the wall that's right behind me. Really pulling that good. And as soon as you touch down, he come right back up again. Oh, let's take two more in contract.

We know Peloton, we try not to use momentum. Sometimes there's a surge of energy and I don't know if it's really momentum, but sometimes the surge of energy helps the movement. It's not a out of control feeling, just execution. A little more power perhaps to move and I need it here. [inaudible] all the way up and rest. I got up today.

Okay, let's come on to our side. You guys can face me your heads that way and I think I'm going to have a startup on her elbow today. Hips of the back edge and once again, elbow right underneath their underarm. Let's take the opposite hand on top of the head and then as we often will hear there, queuing this elbow to the ceiling and then let's go ahead and add a side bend to our waist and I move my feet slightly forward. All right lets do front and back. So inhale, let's flex and double kick. It's okay if you want to think higher to the face with your leg kick at up, as long as it doesn't keep going. Collapse your spine and torso. [inaudible] let's take two more beautiful you guys hold right here.

Now let's add a little something that we've seen recently. Take another breath. I'm going to have a keep your leg there. Rotate your torso. I'm going to have us think elbow toward this hand and I'm scooping more into my stomach. I'm trying to open up my upper back. Inhale, come back to face the front just a couple more and exhale. It's a real big round and try to lift your upper back vertebra to the ceiling. And Inhale two more times. Exhale, n o pulling your abs up, getting a twist, a little foreshadowing.

And exhale n curve. And in the hail face the front. And to bring your leg in, we're going to go down one level. [inaudible] okay, let's take your other hand on her head. All right, and this morning, let's allow our bottom waist to actually imprint the mat. Okay, so we're still working quite a bit in the side bend here. Let's take your top leg and turn it out.

We're gonna do just up and down the point and flex five times. Keep pressing. This wastes down. Last one. Shh. Now flex up and point down. Flex and point down. Keep pulling into the stomach. Two more and lower.

Last time and flex. Very nice. That's plenty. Let's come on to our belly for heel meets as our transition. Second, your hands, forehead down, length in the lower back. Engage the backs of the legs. Hover the thighs up. I'm going to have us flex the feet. Here we go. Sure, sure. Four, three, two, last one point and lower. Similar transition. Let's press into a front support.

So hands near the shoulders. Tuck the toes on. Three, two and here we go. Press up once again, hold your playing. Klein, you're trying to push the earth away. Lifting her spine more to the ceiling above us. Very good. And one more breath. Let's go ahead and bend the knees. Jump again. There we go. And turn to the other side and lengthening all the way down. Up on her elbow. Leg slightly forward.

Yeah, and back side bending. The spine leg is lifted. Let's flex breathing to get ready and double kick in looking for stable upper body. But at the same time it does have some movement freedom to it. It has to respond to the action of happening down here. We can't be tin soldiers, thankfully. [inaudible] keep lifting your waist up into the side bend.

Do more. Last one, let's hold the leg to the back. So when you're holding you've got to keep some a solid contraction going on in the glute. The inhale we did four of these. It's the exhale contract to working your rotators, your obliques, your spine. Open up the upper back. Inhale to face the front and again exhale, contract and rotate. Inhale, face the front and two more and ring out, kind of ring out through the waist. Empty the lungs one more and exhale and phase the front and like in down one level and our lace, those hands, top leg turned out. Feel your waist. Press down into the mat and here we go.

Point first and flex down. So with these larger range of motions that we're doing with our legs, our pelvises aren't really staying completely stack but it's okay now lets go. Flex the foot coming up and point down on the days we learned the fundamentals were really more in stack position. Right now it's okay, let it move a little bit down. Last time. Flex and 0.1 more set of heel beats, so onto our tummy, Lincoln, the Lumbar, shoulders down the back, Hubbard, the thighs, just a couple inches. We don't want to dip into the low back too much. You can stack your hands and put your forehead down and let's do pointed toes this round. Here we go.

Try to pick up the belly for three, two and last one and lower the legs to the mat. Parallel through your thighs. Once again, we're going to press up into our front support position. Talking to those toes. One, two, and three presa pressing the earth away. You may have to slightly tilt your tailbone under to protect that lower back. Lincoln through your chest and your sternum.

Reach your chest to this wall that's right here in front of us. Let's just keep going guys and lift your right foot slightly off the mat, trying to keep your pelvis very level check in and not hyperextending the elbows. [inaudible] lower the foot. Other side, we're doing well. This is a long time to be on our hands. [inaudible] foot down. Now just simply bend your knees and come off of there.

Okay, so you seal seal. Oh the seal. So take just a second. We get a little playful with seal. Uh, before we start rolling, if we played a little tug of war inside from our stomach, there's a little string on her abdomen and it was pulling this way back and there was something in the front pulling your feet forward this way. See, so there's energy coming this way, but you're opposing it by pulling back. Yeah. That way there is the opposition. Try to connect to that each time we come back up. Okay, I'm going to watch it. Here you go. Roll back. Inhale up. You go for the little one.

Two m three roll back. Roll Up. So opposing energy. One, two and three. Roll back. [inaudible] one, two and three. And Back Anna and one, two. Let's do three more and roll back. Yep.

Pulled back two and three n roll back and up and too. Last one. Roll back. Roll up and one, two and three. And just hold. I know I only did seven reps, usually their eight with me. Nice work you guys, and let's just go ahead and put the feet down and come forward over your legs for a little stretch.

So a little twist. Take a nice full breath. Open up that palm and I want to have this come up and over. Now take this, um, your gaze down to your bottom hand. Lift your waist. Let's try not to move the pelvis, but turn the upper spine, the upper spine, and I'm taking that top hand lightly touching the floor mat with my fingertips. Really working into this twist and the waistline. Now come back to face front. Go ahead and lift your arm up. Gently bend your knees and place your hip down.

We'll do two more times and we lift and it's the lift of the waist. Then the rotation of the spine, but not as much through the pelvis. Then hand can gently touch down on the mat, working your twist. Inhale, come around, control the lowering down gentle touchdown of the hips. One more time and press up left. [inaudible] let your head relax and I'm going around and gently post the fee. Put the foot down. That's a swivel. Oh, all right, Annie. Inhale and exhale, lift. Here we go. So it was the pelvis, the waist than the spine is what takes the turn in the rotation. But I keep pulling your spine up to the ceiling, easy in your shoulders and your neck and come back to facing the front arm overhead and lift more internally. As you bring this hip down.

Just a gentle tap and inhale. Good. Exhale and lift. Ever moving. Ever controlling the motion, keeping the breath. And again. Inhale facing the front and exhale. Gentle. Tap down one more time. And we lift up and we feel the rotation working the squeeze of the abdomen. I'm feeling some more going on in my inner legs. No, I tell Ya, come confront and gently coming down. Okay guys, we're all gonna face this way with our hips.

Come just back into a little crouch position. Winding it down. Let's take our hands in front of our feet. When we do this one often, uh, in class, go ahead and extend your and we three have some, some flexibility to our legs and our back. So I think it's okay for us to come pretty close into our legs. Again, just as long as we're not shifting. Way Back there on the heels. If you want to challenge yourself on weight, your heel slightly, it's actually preparation for what we're going to do next. Okay, now pull up in that low belly a little bit more. Today we're going to do five of them lifting the heels from the mat, so we did this earlier in the bridge. Similar concepts.

Inhale as we lift those heels and exhale as we lower without sinking weight back on them. Just a gentle kiss and inhale we lift. Can you maximize the pool of your stomach to actually lift your heels higher and down? Three more and lift and lower. Two more in pool. Last one guys, stay up there. With those heels, lift a little more. I'm going to have his bender knees back down into the crouch position. Round that spine one more time. Now as we roll up to standing, let's do take our time.

Stretch those needs can shift your weight more forward. Encourage your head to stay down, and then that start pooling up through the abdomen. This is our last chance. We'll the tailbone come down, sitz bones pointing down the back of the legs, the front scooping up and under the ribs. The arms are just hanging and as we unroll our spine and find ourselves to standing, just hang out there. Resist the urge to fix our clothes or fix her hair.

Just feel your heart rate. Maybe just checking on the temperature of your skin and what you see, what you hear, how your feet feel on your mat and your bones feel in your skin. Let's take one more breath together and make it a really good day. Thank you. Thanks guys.


This is a great class for when you don't have a whole hour to spend, challenging and relaxing at the same time.I love the breathing cues, she is a very good instructor.
Thank you Julianne! It's nice to hear your feedback.
Amy I just absolutely love your way of teaching. Great classes.
Thank you so much Jodie! What a wonderful compliment! :)
Amazing as always.
Much appreciated Isadora!

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