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Advanced Mat Flow

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The 2012 winner of the Next Pilates Anytime Instructor competition Sharon Gallagher-Rivera, joins PA with this advanced Mat class. Begin class with a light stretch and then off you go with an intense abdominal/breathing exercise. This class has the exercises you'd expect in an advanced Mat class, but Sharon adds to the fun with great cues and challenging nuance throughout. Welcome aboard Sharon!
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Hi there. I'm Sharon Gallagher and we are going to do an advanced mat workout. So I want you to just start standing on your mat. We'll just go hip width apart. We're going to do a little stretch just to prepare our spine for approaching the map. So start just by letting your head drip over. Let your arms dangle. Take an inhale and feel that stretch between your shoulder blades. And then on your exhale you're going to rural down just a little further.

Let your hands, um, go about knee height again, feel that stretch between the shoulder blades and also the back rubes. Inhale into your back ribs and then exhale, continue down the rest of the way. Let your upper body feel heavy. Just let it dangle. And then from here you can grab either behind your accounts or in front of your calves and just give your, uh, pull your hands up toward the ceiling to help increase the fold of your hips. Take an inhale and on your exhale, I want you to curl your tail all the way down into your feet, bringing you into your deepest squat right now.

It's okay if your heels left. I have along Achilles, so my heel stay down. Your heels are done. Uh, but it's going to be different on everyone. Just keep your weight forward on the balls of your feet so you can let your ankles relax. Inhale into your back ribs here, and then on your exhale, lift and hollow your belly off of your thighs. So that's just an internal feeling. Inhale wide back ribs, side ribs. Exhale de Paulo, see if he can feel it. Stretching your low back.

Open one more time. And exhale de Paulo. Good. Now take an inhale and on your exhale you can push your hands down into your ankles to lift your pelvis back up. Try to keep your chest on your thighs, find your deepest fold. Inhale here, and then on your exhale, curl your tail under and roll your spine back up. Yeah, excellent. And now come to the front of your mat or you could even actually come off of your mat forward. So you have space.

You're going to cross your right leg over your left. So your right leg is on the walk. The very top of your inner thighs squeezing together. Take your left arm on top of your right arm, right. And you can kind of press your arms together.

And from here we're going to pass through that deep squat. So you're going to inhale as you bend your knees, try to go all the way down to the mat. Let your spine bend like we just practiced and yes, and that's always one that we're working on. So you're just going to allow your body to roll back. Take your hands behind the back of your neck and bring your feet into a v.

Excellent. Pick your elbows up toward the ceiling so the shoulder blades are off the mat. Inhale your legs forward. Now lengthen your low spine to curl your knees back in as deeply as you can. Deepest fold in here.

Excellent. Keep going. Right. So this is like breathing. You're going to feel expansion, contraction. You want to feel that the movement is coming from your spine, not your hips. Ah. So imagine your spine sort of uncoiling and recoiling just a few more.

And see all the way in knees, all the way together. Flex your ankles as deeply as you can and wrap your feet as if there's a pencil underneath your toes. Try not to snap the pencil in half. Inhale out. Exhale. So that pinky toe edge of your foot has to really pull itself back in that curl. Ah, check in with your elbows.

Make sure they're lifting toward the ceiling so your head can fall back into your hands. [inaudible] a couple more. Good and make sure that flex in the ankle stays are beautiful. And now go into your flexed ankle. Inhale out. Exhale. Increase that flex as you straighten. Exhale.

It's like your toenails are trying to reach your shins. Ah, [inaudible] so you want to find the angle that works for you. Last two, stay out there straight. Circle your arms around. As you exhale, pull yourself a little higher. Inhale point. Exhale, flex. Start to work your legs a little lower, right? And you want to feel that active through the balls of your feet first.

And then the toes. And then the toes pull back in. The heels reach long. So that's the detail of what's happening. As you're pointing and flexing and Zipper the inner thighs together, work your way all the way down, lower your feet to the mat, and then just take a stretch, let your ribs lift up off the mat, and then on your exhale, pull, plug those backwards down into the mat. And then on your next exhale, float up for a hundred find the angle that works for you in x. If you start to feel the spine getting pulled by the weight of your legs, take your legs back up and then just kind of test your angle today.

Good. See if you can let your armpits and excellent right. So there is a very active opposition of the upper body moving back in space. Then with the armpits, yes, away from the legs. That helps to counter balance the weight of the legs. Just a couple more [inaudible] last one.

Head and lower your legs down. Turn your legs parallel, can take your arms up by the ears, let your ribs lift off the mat, and then exhale. Pola your back ribs down into the mat. Try to keep your inner thighs narrow and we're going to do a flexed ankle. On your inhale. Come into your upper curve and on your exhale, dive your crown forward. Right. Inhale. As you begin to roll back, lengthen the low spine back further on the mat. As you roll through. Inhale. Exhale, good and in and nice. And we're going to work through our hard place.

So you're going to inhale into your upper curve. Exhale, just up one vertebra. Stay there. Inhale deep in the belly through the spine, and exhale coil. Just a little further. One more, and exhale. Good. And now to see if you can work through those places. Inhale and exhale. It's kind of the, the place where we like to hoist through.

We're going to see if we can just bend through by stretching the back of the body longer, right? If that's still not working so well, you can feel free to bend your knees and grab behind your thighs to help bend your spine. Last one. Yes. Beautiful. Excellent. So as you're rolling down from this last one, we'll all match up here. You're going to pivot on that imprint of your low back. Arms go down.

Inhale your legs over, separate your feet, strong, flex, and exhale, peel down. Do you want to stand firmly in the backs of your arms? Legs go forward. Inhale over by bending the spine. Separate your feet. Strong. Flex. Exhale. You can go as wide as you can stabilize. So go over, take your legs. Very wide. Strong flex. Now exhale, just peel down to one inch, one a Chevre of your pelvis. Keep your tail curling up towards your crown and we're going to reverse here.

Inhale over legs together. XLP through legs. Go all the way forward. Open. Inhale together. Exhale, one more. Exhale, and from here, take your left leg forward. Grab behind your right leg. Inhale, climb up, pick your spine up, dive into your leg and on your exhale, climb down. Use Your hands to lift your leg out of the pelvis to stretch your spine back. Two more. Inhale, exhale. Beautiful.

[inaudible] an exhale. Use Your hands. You're just going to guide that leg into external rotation and then internal, external in external, stay in external rotation, arms by your sides. We're going to go full version of this exercise. So inhale your leg all the way across and down and then exhale out and around in an ex trying to feel that your leg isn't swinging around, but you're placing it around the circle. Two more. So the whole time you have that long, reach to the back of your leg.

Reverse it. Inhale out, down across. Keep that external rotation. Peel back two more, right external rotation the whole time and good grabbed behind your thigh. Pull that leg towards you. Strong flex of the ankle and scissor your legs to switch. Grab behind your left leg, climb up. Inhale, dive into that leg and exhale.

Stretch your leg up out of the pelvis to peel down. Inhale, climb up, dive into the leg and exhale. Climb back down. Last one in and use your hands here to guide your like external, internal, external, internal. One more time external. Keep that external rotation, arms by your side, shoulders into the mat. Inhale across and down. Exhale out and around in two more. Nice. See if you can keep that stack until you cross the other leg.

Yes. And reverse it in. And when we crossed the center, that's when it's hard to keep the external rotation. So see if you can be mindful in that moment. Yes. One more. Grab behind your thigh flex and bring that leg down. Take a second. Just center yourself on your mat.

Draw your inner thighs together. And on your exhale, draw yourself up into your little ball, right? So dive your eyes into your belly. You're done. You're just going to curl your tail as you inhale. So rollback only as far as you don't fall back just a little further on your sacrum. Then a new exhale. Pick your back ribs up and over your knees to come back up. Yes, you're stretching your back in both directions. Inhale, curl back just enough before you fall back and exhale, pick up your back ribs. And now we're actually gonna roll.

So use that curl to inhale, roll and exhale. Keep your eyes diving into your belly. Inhale. [inaudible]. Nice. So you use that tilt crystal. That role is silent and massaging your spine.

Beautiful. And we're going to practice a little hover so you come back up. This time you're just going to plant your feet, have a little hover moment and inhale and plant and hover. See that? Want to stay deep in your engagement of your belly, right? And then we're going to try standing up. So when you hover, stand right up. Good. And then you're going to plant, roll back and plant and stand right up. Excellent. One more time. N Roll back, grabbing onto your shins and excellent.

And from standing up. Now just going to catch your left knee as you roll down and come into your single leg. Stretch, elbows wide. Pull that knee all the way into your face. Feel the deepening of the belly. Hold that right leg up off the mat. Inhale, switch. Inhale, switch x, x. Grabbed that like pull it in. And Nice. Beautiful. One more. [inaudible] both knees and exhale all of your air. Pull the knees into the face.

Inhale, reach. Exhale, circle around. Inhale, feel the low spinal lengthen to draw your knees in. Three more. [inaudible] right, like to the ceiling, left leg low. Reach your legs out of the pelvis. Inhale, switch. Exhale. Right.

So it's less toward you and more up and out us. And try to feel that that lift of your legs picks up your upper body too. And last set and both legs to the ceiling. Turnout hands behind the back of your neck. Inhale, legs down. So yeah, and scooping from the spine, not the hips.

[inaudible] and bend the knees into the chest. Inhale here. Exhale, twist toward the right. You're going to think left armpit, right knee. Good. Inhale into the center. Tiny little ball. Exhale, twist. Inhale, exhale. And so as you're twisting, your low spine is still curling that knee in toward you. One more time. Each side. [inaudible] um, hands on your knees. Press your knees forward so your arms are pulled to straight.

Turn your head from side to side. Take your hands behind your thighs. Press yourself up to sitting. So here we are. When you get up to sitting, you want to make sure that you move your sit bones back a little bit and here's where you could potentially roll your mat if that's a hard position for you. Feel the sit bones driving down through the floor like drills. So you'd imagine the nail getting sucked into the wall.

Feel your pelvis getting pulled through the floor, arms up through the ceiling. Inhale, lift here, and on your exhale you're going to stretch your spine up and out of the pelvis as you coil forward, right? Inhale, spring back up. So really go forward in this exercise and feel like your spine is curling into a little spiral inward spiral. Inhale, plug the pelvis down to spring, back up. View more. Exhale. Try to keep that feeling of grounding through the pelvis, the wall time. Inhale and last one.

Exhale. Go ahead and take your hands to the bottoms of your feet. Flex your toes back towards you. Let your elbows just rest on your shins. So get a deep stretch in the toe joint. And then you're going to take your hands to the tops of your toes and stretch the tendons on the top of the foot. Great. Let your foot point. Slide your hand back to your ankle.

Curlier tail to bend your knees and take it like straight up. Use your hands to lift your legs out of the pelvis. Let that rock you back a little further. And on your inhale you're going to roll back and exhale right back up to your ballots. Lifting your legs up. Yes. Inhale, roll. Exhale. Try to keep your lift head lifted off the mat when you roll back.

So you're just going between your shoulder blades. There's that deep inward curl of your spine. Tilt the crown one more here. Exhale, bring your legs all the way together. Try One more like this and if you can reach your big toes, go ahead and grab two fingers on each of your big toes. Inhale, roll. Exhale. Otherwise stay with that earlier version and again and stay there.

Take a moment to balance in your teaser. Keep your legs with their reach to the back line of your legs and roll down. Once you pass through your low spine, plant your arms. Inhale over, lift your legs up, twist to the right. Exhale pike as your legs come down. Circle around. Inhale, lift up, twist left, exhale in please. Right. Exhale. It's like helicopter propeller with the legs full circle.

One more time, each side. Twist to the right. Ah, and twist the left and come back to the center. Peel Down Center. Sure. Take your hands behind your thighs. Precious stuff up to city like again, a little wider than your mat. Arms out to the sides. Plug your pelvis down through the floor. Inhale, twist to the right.

Exhale saw off your right ankle. Meanwhile, take your right palm, press the ceiling up. Stay there, inhale into your back. Plug your pelvis down. Go a little further, a little deeper. Nice and inhale up other side. Exhale, stay there. Press the ceiling up with that left palm. Inhale into your back. Exhale a little deeper. Holler the belly. Inhale up now. A little quicker.

Twist, right. Exhale, go deep. Inhale. Feel that oppositional, pushing the ceiling up in. Now try to see that back hand and one more time each side and come back up to the center. Swing your legs around to the right and come on to your belly. Yes.

So from here you just want to flex your ankle, right, and straighten your legs all the way. We're going to do a little preparing for swan unifies gathered together and your hands go right by your chest. Wrap your shoulders into your back. On your inhale, pull your chest forward out from underneath you. Draw those shoulder blades into your back pockets. Elbows to the pelvis and come back down to more.

Pull the chest forward. Wrap around your shoulder, but it's an exhale. Last one. Inhale, stay there. Exhale, float your legs. Keep pulling your chest forward and come on down. Keep the tops of your feet heavy on the floor and now you're going to inhale yourself. Self up through that position to your straight arm. Exhale, pull your belly forward as you can. Let down. Nice in X. Okay. In [inaudible] x, we're going to do one more in. From here, we're going to go into our rocking swan. Shoot your arms by your ears and continue head lift both ends of your body.

See if you can do this without dropping. Either end. Good. And then come on Tara. Cross back into a quick rest position from here. Press down through your shins. Come back onto your belly. Make a little triangular stance with your arms, right. And from there the arms are going to connect to the shoulder blades. The pull the belly forward out from underneath you.

Excellent inner thighs are parallels it put together from here. Take your right heel and kick. Poured your, we're just going to kick as your kick. You want to feel like your hip is opening. So Paul, the abdominals forward away from that thigh and just switch. So keep kicking and just work that out first, right? And now we're going to go in. So are we gonna go kick kicks, which in the air and kick, kick switch, kick, kick. Right. Let's inhale for four and X. Keep pulling your belly forward the whole time. Lovely.

And reaching the thighs back the whole time. Last time and x and come on down. You're going to lay on the left side of your face. Take your hands as high on your back as you can. Get them elbows down on the mat length in the front of your hips to the mat, and three kicks. Kick two, three. Inhale, lift your size as you reach back. Switch which hand is on top. Come down. Try to keep your thighs lifting as you kick to three. Inhale, reach and last at each side and kick two, three. Inhale, reach the bear. Release your hands as externally. Rotate arms and fly or arms hopping around palm space, each other.

Spiral your pinky fingers up through the ceiling, right. Lift them higher. Lift your legs higher and come on down. Press back into a rest position. We'll take a little bit more time. This time you can use your hands to push your pelvis down into your feet a little bit more. Shift your pelvis side to side [inaudible] and then curl your tail under and come back around. Swing your legs around so that you're on your back and we're going to go hip width apart. Strong flex at the ankles. Take your hands behind the back of your neck and take your elbows up to the ceiling. So elbows are narrow right from here.

You're going to inhale as if you're starting your roll up. But then let your elbows pick you up to a 90 degree angle. Feel your head pushed back into your hands, but use your hands to pull your neck long. Keep that happening. As you exhale, dive forward. Elbows high and wide. Inhale, lengthen the spine to come back up. Lengthen out of the pelvis. Keep the front ribs dropped and the next hill curl through a little quicker. Inhale.

So inhale, exhale, one more. And in exhale and nice stay there. You're going to bend your knees to your chest, hands by your side. Curl yourself up into a little levitation hands. Go as high on your back as you can get them. And from there shoot your legs up. Feel the pelvis lifting through your legs and split apart. Try to arch up and around your hands.

So take your forward leg way forward and such in the air and lift and Lynn Hill to lift XLR h. Um, and one more time. Keep your right leg forward. Bend your heel towards your butt. Yes and pedal through. Try to have a full scissor between each bicycle. So big split kick. Nice. One more. So bend your left knee.

We'll all catch up from there. Turn your fingers toward the ceiling and let your left foot come down. Stand firmly on that left foot and [inaudible] heel all the way down. Inhale, point up. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. One more. Exhale and drag that leg back underneath you.

Take your left leg up. Inhale, exhale. Inhale. Stand firmly on that right leg, especially as your left leg lowers. One more and drag that like back in. Inhale, arms to the ceiling and XLP o back down. Circle your arms around and roll yourself up. Sitting.

Squeeze your inner thighs together. Parallel. Take your arms out. Inhale, Soto. Exhale, twist. Inhale, exhale. Okay. Do you want to feel that the legs don't slide against each other?

They stay where they are. The pelvis stays driving through the floor and the spine is lifting. One more time. You just thought, great. From here we're going to do Jeff neck. So you're going to use your hands just a little bit to get a leverage of your legs up. Scoop as you go over, lift up. Exhale, peel through, legs go forward. Inhale, curl the spine, lift up. Exhale, peel through [inaudible] and we're going to do one more peel through. Then bend your knees into your chest. Just roll him in.

Excellent. Good. And from here you're just going to roll to your side for sideline legs and then you're going to take your legs forward into a kickstand, right? So torso in one line, legs piped forward. Turned out in a v. Here we go. You're going to flex. Front. Scoop point back arch. Add your spine, but try to keep that turnout so the hip can stay pulled down away from your ribs.

Yeah. Nice. See if you can maintain this vertical stack and then stack your feet. Inhale, exhale, point up. Flex down. Point up, flex down on the up. It's kind of quick. Reverse. Flex up. Point down. Flex up ice. [inaudible] we're going to do develop PE, so bend the knee towards the ceiling. Then your shoulder, grab onto the back of your thigh, keep your thigh where it is, and unroll the back of the leg and pull down. One more time like that knee to the shoulder.

You want to feel the knee doesn't drive away that you're unrolling the back of the leg. Two more without your hand. Yes. So it really does peel open and reverse and Borussia. Bend the knee. Now keep that healing contact with your other leg all the way and up. Then the knee down and up to mark and up. Good. We're going to go ground under.

Jump forward up as you pass your sideline internally. Rotate good. And one more. And Woo and back as externally. Rotate as soon as you can to bring that leg around. One more. And we're gonna finish with bicycle. You're going to go front, bend the knee, stretch it back and front. Then the knee, stretch it back and reach one way.

Steve Back there and your hip opening. Feel the whole back arching and then kick you back. Right? And then unfurl all the way forward. Pull back. He kicked and I'm fro [inaudible]. Good. Bring your legs back together. We're going to do actually one more sideline leg here.

Bring your legs in line with your body parallel. Take your head down. Inhale at the bottom. Exhale both legs up. Inhale at the bottom. Feel the bottom like lengthening out to sweep the top leg up and down. And one more time. Stay up there. Take an inhale. And on your exhale, press down through your left hand and float your torso up and both come down. And one more time. Both come up, roll onto your belly, lift your legs up, clap your heels together and clap. Two straight knees eight, seven, two and one and cross two, three cross press two. And when are we going to roll to the other side?

Wow. So you're now against the back of your Madigan legs or piked forward. I'm sure your hips are stacked. So here we go. We're going to flex front scope, point back arch. Imagine there's a sewer going right through both hips so you can get the full range around that skewer as long as you don't let that scare a tip off and take the front of your body with you. Reach into it. Yes. So your back, your body works and, and stuck your feet.

Point up, flex down. Try to get that active. Yeah. Point up. Flex down. Reverse up. Point down. Develop. Hey, so we're going to go Ben to the shoulder. Grab behind your thigh, unfurl the back of the leg. And so we're just making sure the knee doesn't do all the work. We're allowing the leg to unfurl itself. Yes. And now without your hand and [inaudible] reverse it.

Brusha Bethany maintained contact all the way up. Yes. No. Excellent founder John. Run up and around in Hurley. Rotate. Oh there. Yeah. That was when you wish you had springs on your legs and stack. If eat reverse brush back externally. Rotate. Beautiful. Yeah. [inaudible] nice and bicycle kick front. Bend the knee, stretch it back and reach as much as you can.

Keep a skewer in your shoulders too. So neither one is rocking forward. Stay back there. Long reach, reverse sic, unfurl. Let your spine move before your hip crease. So here it's the belly bending. [inaudible] fine for the hip. One more excellent. Bring your legs back in line with your body. Take your head down.

Inhale and exhale reached the bottom leg. Longer. Inhale, exhale, right. And one more. Stay there. Inhale, plant that right hand down and exhale. Pick up your upper body. Bring both down.

Inhale and bring [inaudible] both up and dawn. Excellent. So we're going to go teaser so you guys can switch. So your feet are to the center of the Mat. I'm going to swing around this way. I lie on your back. On your inhale, pick yourself up for teaser. Exhale, roll down away from your legs. Just your shoulder blades. Inhale right back up. So we're working through that hard place in our roll up.

Inhale or roll down. Exhale and inhale up. Now keep that place of your upper spine. Exhale, lower your legs. Inhale, exhale. Right? So you're trying not to let our pre-signed flatten as your legs go down ours by the ears. XLT, your imprint. Inhale right back up was by the ears. Just to your imprint. Shoulder blade. Stay off the mat. Inhale, lift. Exhale.

Inhale up. Lift your arms, circle them behind you. Take them nice and wide. Way Back there. Good. Let your legs come way high to the ceiling. Inhale around to the right. Exhale up through the left reverse. Same thing you practice in corkscrew.

You're trying not to let the leg that's on top get shorter. So you have to reach your hip just like we do in the single leg circles. Last one, bend your knees, bring your weight forward. You're going to play your hands. Pop through. [inaudible] onto your belly. Arms and legs. Up. Swim. Let your shoulder blades move on your back.

So turn of your pumps toward each other. Yes. Beautiful. Look up. Lift your chest and come on down. Hands right by your shoulders. Flex your ankle, curl your toes under innercise all the way together. Exhale, pick your right foot up. Inhale and flex. Flex back with your left ankle. Inhale back down. Keep your pelvis down and up and down. Right. And keep your pelvis low. Yes.

And now one more good. Try this up here, but it will be a little different for you. You're gonna take your right hand where your left hand is. Walk your right foot through. You're going to open up your arm, lift your chest, and come around. Lift your pelvis as high as you can. Get the feet into the mat. Yes, and I like to do fingertips away. You can do either. Yeah. From here, flex your right foot up, down.

Keep your pelvis high left, like as your leg comes down, lift your pelvis more. Yeah, last set. Excellent. And from here, come around to your left side plank. Set your left knee down and press your hips forward. Take your right hand behind your head and float your right leg up. That's great. Thank you. Keep your leg as high as you can. Inhale front, exhale back. Inhale, exhale. Oh, uh, it's sort of between and sideline and come back up.

Other side. Woo. I think it's Matt. So leg is out. Your right arm is going to come down left-hand, behind the back of your neck. Pressure, hip forward. Your hip is open. Lift your left leg high and flex front point back flex front point back. One more.

Come back to your sideline and come on up both knees together. Shift your hips to the right. Excellent. From here, you're just gonna come out into a longer position of your legs. Your left Pinky toe is gonna try to roll on Stan. Yeah. So it's your toes to be pointed toward me more. Yes. And try to roll onto the outer edge of your foot. Yes. From here, arm is on your thigh. Inhale yourself up.

Squeeze your inner thighs together there. Exhale. Come down into your side. Been hovering. Look at your feet. Roll that pinky toe edge to the floor. Yes. Lift yourself up. Inhale. We'll bring the arm back down one more time. Exhale. Hover. Pinky toe edge. Inhale, lift and come on down other side. So back your right ankle in the front of your left ankle.

Right, right arm. It's going to go on the side of your side. Here we go. Inhale up inner thigh. Squeeze together, right Pinky Toe. Exhale down. Inhale, lift. One more time. Come back down. Exhale. Keep lifting your sideways. Does your pelvis goes down and lift. Inhale and come on down. Come back to your first side. It's a tighter twist position. Knees are more bent. Pinky toe.

I just still reaching for the floor and the arm is going to do a full circle. So inhale, reach your arm up and around. Left arm, you're going to reach through this space. Let your right foot rotate so you're on the wall. Chi Foot on your right foot. Then on your exhale, twist your pelvis toward the mat side. Bend your pelvis to the mat to come back down. Yes.

One more time. Inhale, reach, twist pelvis twists toward the mat. Keep reaching through the space and come on down. Okay, here we go. So pinky toe is standing. Reach your arm full circle. Inhale around, let your left foot rotate so it comes onto the walk. That's an inner thigh squeeze together. Exhale, twist your pelvis to the bat. One more time. Inhale, lift through the pelvis, curl the spine and exhale, twist other side. Come back to a longer sideline. Good. This time. As you inhale up, pick yourself up with your left arm, pinky toe edge on the floor. Exhale, twist through the space. Inhale, unfurl your arm open. Take your arm by your ear.

Exhale, twist your torso. Keep your pelvis down and then [inaudible] at your inhale and come on down wringing out the body. Inhale up pinky tail Ed. Exhale, keep your pelvis low and twist through. Inhale, open pelvis, square arm by the ear. Exhale, twist. Inhale, open and come on down. Excellent. So fetal center of the room, you're going to go turn down in a v. Cross your right leg over your left, so you want to make sure in the cross that your right toes are still to the right lift. Toes are still to the left.

Yes hands are going to go by your pelvis. On the inhale you're going to roll back. Lay your hands, push forward a little bit to give you some leverage. You're going to open, close. Exhale, little moment of teaser in her arms wide. Grab a hind stretch, dive your head forward and let that tip you. Lift your arms up and around and step back up. Inhale, open, close. Exhale. Inhale. Wide Arms. Lift your arms. Dive. Now lift your arms higher as they come up and around. Yes. Beautiful. And then stack again. Inhale, open, close. Inhale.

Let's dive into your belly. Lift and stacking. Nail. OPEN-CLOSE X in [inaudible]. Lift your arms. Oh, one sec. We're going to do one more set. Inhale, open.

Close X. Yeah. Inhale, dive. Last time with the left on top. Inhale, open. Close. Exhale in and [inaudible]. Lift your arms and stack. Bend your knees, dive your arms through. Bottoms of your feet in a prayer foot position.

So point your toes towards your nose. Pinky toes are trying to touch each other. Three claps. Clap. Two, three. Inhale, clap. Two, three. Exhale. See if you can do the claps from the top of the leg and not the lower leg boats. Inhale, exhale. One more. And as you roll up, just roll through your knees. Come onto your crown, grab up to your ankles, pull your heels up towards your sit bones.

Press your crown down to stretch between your shoulder blades. Inhale, roll back. Keep your knees tight as you switch. Exhale, roll forward, stretch. Inhale. Excellent. So the crown pushing down stretches up between the shoulder blades and in, yeah, we'll stop here. Release your feet. Let your shins come down to the mat. Take your hands by your shoulders. Press yourself out onto your [inaudible] belly. Reach back. Grab your ankles and lift inner thighs. Draw together.

Now if you are able to get a little rock yelling here, by all means go into you're rocking. The challenge is to not drop your energy. Beautiful. And then come on down. Put your heels toward your butt and release. Excellent. From there, take your hands by your shoulders. Press up and walk back. I am going to come down from there. Curl your tail under and roll back up. Nice. We're going to do our pushups. If you prefer to do it on the floor, you can come off your mat to one side or stay on your mat. Turn out in a v.

Feel the outer edge of the foot coming up into the pelvis. Inner edge of the foot, up into the pelvis. Inhale, arms up on your exhale. Keep feeling that lifted energy through your legs. As you round down your hands, come down to the mat. Walk out, keep your pelvis low. Inhale, bend. So [inaudible] we're just going to do three good ones, okay. And walked back. Turned out in a v.

Feel the lifted energy through your legs to curl you back up from here. Take your left leg back right now. Want you to feel the leg lifting to teeter your upper body. Good. From here, take a little extra stretch and then walk out pelvis down. Three good ones in you. Okay, so and lift that leg to bring you back up. Stay there. Take a big stretch. Right hand grabs your calf left-hand, helps you balance. Use your hand and pull your calf up toward the ceiling to fold you deeper.

And then you can try the added challenge of both hands. Grabbing your calf. Pull your leg up, and then bring your hands back to the mat. Find your anchor through the back line of your leg, arms by the ears, and teeter yourself up. Last one. So we're going to go left or right leg back. Let your leg initiate. So lift the leg to teeter. You.

Woo. Lift that like higher, and walk out. Pelvis down. Inhale. Exhale. Two more. Lift that leg up. Take your left hand, grabbed behind your Kathryn. Pull up. Reach your right, like higher. Okay.

And then if you want the added challenge, try grabbing both hands behind. Pull up both hands back to the mat. Take a second to engage your hamstrings. Find that line, and then arms by the ears and teeter back up. Excellent. Stand in your piteous V, arms down. Inhale, arms up. Press your palms together and just take a few breaths.

Grounding energy through your pelvis and your feet. Feel like you're getting sucked through the floor. Then take your inhale and pick your spine up out of your pelvis. Lift that lift up in behind you, and then exhale, open your arms and you are done. Thank you.


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awesome as always! Way to go Sharon :)))
1 person likes this.
Great class!
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Thank you for the positive support. I so appreciate your feedback. I was pouring sweat by the end of the workout, so I hope it gives everyone else that invigorated Pilates buzz.
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Hi, Shaeon great class can't wait for your next class. Welcome aboard
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Thank you Eric!
Erika Quest
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Lovely class Sharon! Welcome to PA! So happy to have you and can't wait to learn more from you.
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Thank you Erika!! I'm happy to be here sharing what I love. Look out for my Tower class coming soon.
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Oh my gosh! I was sweating just watching class, can't wait to try it. Go Sharon, I love you!
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Excellent pilates workout that keeps your mind super active at home, so you don't have time to think about how hard you are working or that you're not at a studio. Can't wait to see more.
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Thank you Alisa and Nicole.....I miss seeing both of you. xo
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