Advanced Mat Flow<br>Sharon G.<br>Class 942

Advanced Mat Flow
Sharon G.
Class 942

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Great class Sharon!! Looking forward to your next one. Thank you!
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Nicole!! Great to hear from you. Long time no see. Very happy that you enjoyed it.
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Iron class!!!.. txs a lot!ciao!
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Loved this workout!
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Thank you Monica and Kristen. I really appreciate the positive feedback. Look out for my Tower Class coming soon.
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Loved it. The hover was fun, the movement was flowing and interesting, this is pilates as I know and love it. Thank you!
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sharon gallagher always makes me better, makes me work better, feel better, teach better. she is a great teacher, with a fabulous eye --- even when she can't see me!!!
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Great class. I liked the added twists and variations in transitions.
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That was really awesome and some other cool words that I cant think of right now, thanks!
Sharon Gallagher-Rivera
Thank you Tricia....yes....I love flow as well. Glad you enjoyed it.

Diane, so great to hear from you as always. I really appreciate your praise. Hope to see you in person soon.

Glenna and Denee, thank you thank you for the positive feedback. Tower class coming soon. :)
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