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Fine-Tune your Mat

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A basic to an intermediate class taught in the Classical style of Romana's Pilates®. Adrianne offers insightful cues and corrections to the students in class. This is a great class for transitioning from the basics to intermediate or reviewing and fine-tuning existing skills.
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Feb 15, 2010
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Okay. Well, good morning. I'm Adrian. I'm gonna be your instructor today. Um, I'm going to have you guys start lying down on your backs. Okay? With your knees bent at about hip width apart. Okay. And I just want you not too wide. So hippo it apart. Yeah. So bring your feet in just a little bit. That way you're lined up with your powerhouse.

So everything between your shoulders and hips is your powerhouse. You want to draw a straight line from shoulder to shoulder, shoulder to hip, hip to hip, hip to shoulder. So your box, go ahead and take a deep breath and take your arm straight up. Get even take them behind you a little bit towards your ears. Take a nice deep breath in and just begin to exhale. Lower your arm straight down to your side. And as you exhale, start to get your backs to imprint into the mat.

So you want to think of your enables pulling down into your spine and pulling up. So you're flattening your stomachs, but you're also getting rid of any space on your backs and the Mat. So about two more times, just kind of waking the body up, deep breath in and arms come up and along breath out, getting that powerhouse to start to wake up. Squeeze your bottoms, get your bottoms engaged here. I last one, arms back. Nice deep breath in and exhale. Exhale, kind of ringing out the lungs. It'll let your arms just rest now at your sides. Um, let's see. Generally I would want you to have a little pillow or just to have your head up a little bit. All right, so I'm going to have you guys go ahead and start with a preparation for your hundreds. So you'll bring your knees into your chest. It's a breathing exercise.

It's also a warmup exercise. Gets the blood flowing, heels together, toes apart. You're going to begin to stretch your arms by your side, out long [inaudible] and then you're going to start, you probably can't see them. If I lay down, you're going to start to lift your arms above your hips. Your heads can stay down for a moment and you want to really move those arms. So lots of energy in the arms, pumping the arm up and down. You're going to inhale for five counts, two, three, four, five and exhale for five. Now you work from those shoulders, so keep their shoulders kind of still and let the arms move. One more time. Nice deep breath in. Not a lot of noise here. Nice and quiet and exhale.

So you're trying to inhale and exhale through the nose. Now we're going to make it more challenging. Start to lift your heads up. Look at your stomachs. Christie's already up in deep breath in. Long breath out. Two, three, four, five. Really stretch those arms out. Try to touch the opposite side of the room. Deep breath in. Long breath out.

Lots of energy in here. There you go. And now go ahead and challenge yourself by taking the leg straight up. Exhale, three more nice deep breath in. You can start to lower the legs if you like to a comfortable level that your backs are not popping off the mat. And last one, curl your chin to your chest. You're not holding it in your necks and that's bend your knees. Rest your heads. Rest your legs. Alright, so your feet are down on the mat.

I'm going to have you sit up for a moment, going into [inaudible], a little bit of a rollback exercise. So your heels are together. You're going to hold on to the back of your size and our heads are down. You're in a seeker from the side. So from the top of your head down to your tailbone, you're rounded. You want to still scoop in and just slowly start to round backwards.

You're trying to articulate your spine. So curl your hips underneath you by squeezing your bottoms. Kinda wrap those size when your arms just straight stop and then try to come back up, pulling in. If they don't go too far, go to where you feel the control. So keep your heads down so the weight of your head doesn't take you back. Start to round back. Go ahead and inhale.

Be Conscious of your center. Make sure you're not rolling one side or the other end. Then exhale, come back up. Keep going. About two more of those. Keep Your Chin tucked. Try to drop your shoulders. Stop there. Yeah, Tuck your hips good, and then come back up. Exhale. That's all you need to do. Then you'll feel it. All right this time, go ahead and lie all the way down. Take it nice and slow, being conscious of those vertebras [inaudible] and then rest your arms. Rest your heads. All right. If you've already done these before, go ahead and straighten your legs. We're going into a roll up exercise.

Otherwise your knees will stay bent, so if it's still fairly new to you, you want to wrap your thighs to squeeze your bottoms. Think of those outer sides of wrapping around to the inner thighs. Begin to engage. He'll stay together. You're going to start with your arms straight up. If it's your first time doing these or fairly new, you're going to put your hands on your thighs [inaudible] and you're going to begin to round up and over to your toes. Take a nice deep breath in.

Exhale, peel off that mat. Straighten your legs. Once you're up, if your knees are bent and reach for your toes, drop your head, drop your shoulders, no work in here, and begin to round back down. Take it slow, wrap your thighs. You can start to bend your knees as you go back down. Okay? Okay. All right, so I'm talking to you off camera as well as on. Okay, so I'm going to demonstrate more of a modified version. Nice. Deep breath in. More challenging is straight legs. Exhale, start to come up. Start to straighten those legs.

Reach for your toes. That's fine. And start to round back down. Good. Squeeze your bottoms all the way down. Let's have you do one more time. So as you come up, if you're struggling at all, bend those knees. Nice deep breath in. Bend your knees, pull your tummies in. Excellent.

Okay. Do what you can and then start to go back down. Soft feet, tight seats. So squeeze your bottles, control that movement going down, and that's enough. Rest your arms. Rest your next. Bring one knee into your chest and give the leg a stretch. It'll take that leg up to a comfortable level. Ideally 90 degrees. Square your hips off with your shoulder. So check your box.

Anchor backs. You can bend the left knee for more support. You're going to begin to circle the leg up towards the nose five times and around up to as you're moving. Don't let your hips move. Three more advanced is big. Those hips should not move. Lots of energy out of both legs. One more time and then you'll reverse your circles around up one, shoulders, chest, open. Two, three, four and that's enough. Five, give your leg a stretch and when you stretch, hold onto the back of your thigh so that you're not hurting your knees here.

Good. You'll switch legs. Give the opposite leg is stretch first and then you're going to take your leg back up. Hands at your side, get a feeling of that lower back. You want the back of your hips to be on the mat through really anchor your lower backs. And if they're not, you just bend the opposite leg. You get in here. Excuse me, my hands are cold and now you're going to circle the leg. What? Keeping both hips really still to soft. Shoulders three. So it's all in that powerhouse for squish my hand. That's it.

And now you're working. Reverse it. What is your back is supported? Two [inaudible] three, four and five. Okay. Bed Jenny. So all of these exercises can be do done in different levels. In other words, you can bend the knee to modify it or straighten the leg to challenge yourself. Go ahead and begin to sit up. Good. Your knees will be bent again.

And I'm gonna have you hold onto the back of your thighs with your head back down. Just going to try to balance here. So you'll take your feet off of the Mat, one hand on each thigh through not lucky little hands, and you just balance. Now all I want you to do is roll back just a little bit without falling. And then you come back up. [inaudible] keep the weight of your head forward so your chin stays a little bit down. [inaudible] go to where you can.

It's a pelvic curl and then come back up. You're trying not to let the feet move around. So you go to where you can control. That's it. That come up. Now continue with that. Otherwise, we're going to go ahead and go into the roles rolling like about, so try to keep your heads as close to inside the knees as you can. Shoulders down and inhale, rock back.

Don't go all the way back. Exhale, come back. Keep your head down. Inhale, go back, exhale, round up in balance. Try to come back up into the same spot so you're centered the whole time. And inhale, take it back. Think of that head staying between your knee so you're in a tight little basket the whole time. Two more. Inhale, take it back. And Christie, we're right back up. One more and back and all the way up and balance.

Then you'll place your feet down and just kinda check to see where your feet are in proportion to the center of your mat. That'll tell you what side you're working more. So you moved a little to the right, which means your left side was doing most of the work there. Okay? And that's what you'll work on as you progress. All right. You're going to lie down on your backs and let's see, maybe move down a little bit so you're on the mat. Yeah. Good.

All right. Bring your right leg into your chest, going into your single leg stretch. Ideally right hand on your ankle, left hand on your knee. Otherwise, if you have any knee issues, I prefer you hold onto your thigh with both heads. [inaudible] feet are soft and [inaudible]. We work from the hip to the top of the knee, so from the knee to your foot should be relaxed. All right, you're going to take your left leg in to your chest and then straight up. So bring your opposite leg in. Okay, so now both legs are in [inaudible]. Good and one leg will go up. Yeah.

Good. You'll start to lower that extended leg to a comfortable level. In other words, where your backs are still supported, shouldn't be very low. It's kind of a 45 degree angle. Go ahead and begin to lift your heads. Looking at your stomachs.

This is where you're telling me is we'll want to pop up poor men and squeeze your bottom. All right, here you go. It's called your single leg stretch. You're going to switch legs and hold the position. Squeeze your seats, scoop your tummies, curl your chest up so the tips of their shoulders are on the mat. You're not up here. That's it. And switch. Continuous switching, transition and switch. Keep going. If you're next, get tired, just put them down.

But continue with the arms and legs and switch. Now try to get your sternum up a little bit higher. That's it. And switch and switch and switch. There you go. Now lift your extended lick up two more, all the way until you get a nice stretch and en and rest your heads. Rest or next. All right, I'm going to transition to the double leg stretch part of your series of five.

So both knees will come back in. This is more of a breathing exercise, but always powerhouse. So heels are together, toes or apart. Hold onto either the back of your thighs. If you have any knee issues or your ankles, theater soft, you're going to start to add those heads. Trying to get the tips of the shoulders to touch the mat, but not your upper backs. Shoulders are relaxed though. And then you're going to take a nice deep breath in. Arms and legs. Go Out, circle the arms, and exhale. Grab onto those legs. Inhale, stretch the legs out, stretch your arms up and bring it back together.

The lower the legs, the harder the work. And exhale harder for the powerhouse. Inhale, reach. Squeeze your bottoms. And exhale, keep going. Deep breath in. Stretch and exhale. Make sure the tips of the shoulders on the Mat. So a little bit lower. Christie [inaudible]. Inhale, reach, reach, reach, reach, and bring it together.

Curl your sternum up a little bit. Deep breath in. Two more. Exhale. One more time. Nice deep breath in. Stretch out long. Lengthening the body and come in and then rest your heads. Rest your legs. Hmm. Good. She be waking the body up now. Okay, so if you could tell me what it is, whether you hire a murder. Oh, okay. Yeah.

Yeah, I will. Okay, so bring your knees back in. We're going to go into the next one. This is a pretty much an intermediate exercise once you get to this point because it becomes a stretch and it's again about that powerhouse staying anchored and not lifting your bottom to pull the leg up so your tailbone stays down. You're going to start to take one leg up. You'll walk your hand as high as you can, ideally the ankle, but you go to where you can take the opposite leg out and you'll add your head. Drop your shoulders, look at your belly button, pulling in your stomachs, shoulders down. Good.

And now you're going to try to pulse that leg toward you two times. Pull, pull, switch, pull, pull. It's not a really deep pull with the arms. It's more about your stomach's pulling down and switch. Keep going. Paul, Paul and Paul. Paul and Paul. Paul and hold scoops. Good. Let me see this really working in here. Yeah, drop your shoulders. So Nice. Long neck and pull. Pull, pull, pull. Two more sets and one, one, one, one, two series pull, pull, pull. Clear. That's it. And last one, bend your knees. Drop your head.

So it's also a neck strengthening exercise. You'll start to feel your next get tired, which just means that you're dropping your upper backs. Hmm. All right. Take your hands behind your head. [inaudible] you can, ideally the elbow should be open, but for those of you just starting, bring your elbows in towards your ears. Okay.

Then you're going to try to bring your knees into your chest and take them straight up as straight as you can to 90 degrees. All right. And then you start to lift your head curling up. Look at your belly buttons again, if you're advanced, you want to keep those elbows open and really curl up so you get a nice crease through here. So even higher around, there you go. Now just lower the legs about two inches. And control the movement. Bring the legs back up, lower back, lower abdominals.

If you feel anything in your back here, don't do 'em just skip them and come to the next exercise with as low as just the legs and bring them back up. Pulling in, yes. Okay. Doing okay, here, left three more. If you can lift to 90 degrees all the way up so you get that stretch as well. And up to Christie, go a little bit lower now for more challenge and lift and enough bend your knees. Rest your heads again. Okay. Can I take your hands back behind your heads?

Finishing with the crisscross in a series of five. So it's five different stomach exercises. You'll lift your heads back up, bring your knees back into your chest. I'm sure everybody's done something like this before. You'll take one leg out the opposite elbow, tries to touch the knee. What you want to be conscious of is your backs again.

So you want to make sure that your hips don't mope. Go ahead and tap the knee. Good and switch legs. Keep this leg up high so you have support. Good as which, try to get your shoulder way up off the mat as which try to touch the crease of your knee inside the leg without your feet shifting around. Always check your, frame, your box and switch. And now we'll do three fascinated switch one one, pull in your tummies, two to really working here. Three, three, and rest. Okay, go ahead and place your feet down and then I'll have you guys sit up.

You're going to go into your spine stretch forward so your feet are apart. Both feet are flexed a little bit wider than the matter. A little bit wider than your shoulders. Take your arms straight out in front of you. You want to round your upper back. You want to keep those chests open, sitting as tall as you can on top of your hips. Flex your feet.

You want to start by squeezing your bottoms and lifting up taller. Take a nice deep breath in and you're going to start to round forward. Think of the crown of your head, going to the mat so you're pulling in as you round down. That's why it's called a spine stretch because you're pulling into here. This is where you're really working, so shoulders relaxed.

I'm going to hold you here. Squeeze your bottom more. There you go. And then go as low as you can. You can go further. That didn't have squeeze a little bit more in here. Good. And then start to articulate one vertebral stacks on top. The other to sit up tall. Careful that your feet don't roll out here.

Keep them lined up with your hips. That's it. So now we're going to go a little bit quicker. Pinch your bottom. Stay really tall. Nice deep breath in. And exhale. Take that down. You can, if you feel this in your shoulders and neck, just keep your fingers on the mat and walk them out like a cat. Crawl out and walk them back to sit up tall.

I'm going to be a wall behind you. I want you to fill this in right here first. Yes. Then sit up tall. Two more. Nice deep breath in. Take it down. Now Peel off my leg. So fill this in as you go down. Lower back, squeeze. Good. And then come back up. Last one. Take it down.

This time you can either grab onto your ankles or the back of your arches. Your feet should still be flex. So lots of energy out of those heels. Okay. Huh? Still wrapping. So this to still be fulfilled, really pulled in. Good, and then come back up tough. All right, I'm going to have you guys take your arms to the side.

We're going to go right into your sauce here. So you're sitting as tall as you can on top of your hips. Your feet are still flexed. Very conscious of your feet here. Don't let your feet shift. You're going to twist from the waist to, let's have you go to your left to start, twist left. Don't let those feet move. You don't want them to do this.

And you're going to take your hand and reach for that Pinky. Dropping your nose as you stretch the opposite hip wanna go with you. So if you've gone left your right hip's gonna want to go with you. Fill this in. There you go. And round back up. Sent yourselves back out and twist the opposite way.

So you'll feel your legs want to move. Keep weight on the opposite hip. So keep wait here. [inaudible] drop your head. Scoop into here. Shoulders. There you go. Doesn't that feel a little bit better? And then come back up and centers easy to tense the shoulders and next here and turn. So you're not reaching with your arm. It's really about pulling deep into that powerhouse.

Squeeze your bottom still and sit up tall and turn. So I'm going to make it go a little bit quicker and stretch. Okay, so not reaching with the arms would relax your shoulders. Fill this end scope, scopes. Go really deep and come back up last one. And turn and reach. Don't force the stretch. Go to where you can still squeeze in here. Squeeze, squeeze. There you go. And come back up. And last one, turn and stretch.

And that's enough. All right, rest your arms. I'm going to have you guys lie on your side for some sidekicks. Next. So let's have you lie on your left side. So your right leg is on top. You'll align yourselves up with the edge of the mat. So in other words, you're at the back of the Mat and your hips and shoulders touch the mat. So you're in one straight line from shoulder to hip. Okay.

Your, let's say your right hand is going to be in front of you, right by your rib cage and on the Mat for support. Careful that your shoulder doesn't roll forward, your chest stays open, your gaze stays forward to next stays long. All right, swing your legs forward so you're in a bit of a boomerang position. So both feet are off the mat. Good knees are soft. So again, you're working from the hip to the top of the knees. The knees have to stay out of this. It's really easy to lock them. All right, so first take your right leg about hip level.

Just are open. Shoulders are back and Tommy's are engaged to get that powerhouse engaged, pull your stomach's in and get those ribs to start to push back so your back is nice and supported. They you're going to take that right leg and begin to swing it forward towards your nose as high up as you can. With that, letting your tailbone go with you. Now as you go back, this is the real control. You'll take that right leg about two to three inches behind you and squeeze your bottle. Yes, Tommy's pull in and then take that leg forward so you're not letting your bex move around. As the leg is moving, it's just the leg moving and back.

Now you're going to add a second kick forward. So ready to kick forward, kick, kick, and go back. Kick, kick. Careful that your shoulders don't roll forward. They stay on top of each other. Your buck stays square and back and a little bit quicker and can kick hip on top of hip and back. Tomorrow kick, kick and back. And one more kick, kick and back. Rest your legs on top of each other. Take your leg up, hip level. Roll your hips on top of each other. You're gonna start to take that right leg straight up towards the ceiling.

[inaudible] now as it comes down, this is where you're gonna wanna lock your knees. Try not to. You want to try to squeeze inside the thighs to squeeze your bottom even more. Push those hips forward. There you go. And right leg up and lower down as though there's resistance between your thighs. You want to push that back together so both thighs and bottom cheeks are working and come back down and up. So no knees here.

Might even bend your knee a little bit. [inaudible] that's it. Now I'm going to have you add on a little bit, so you'll take the leg up. So now you've got the squeeze. Now get the strep. You want to get that right leg to reach out long, soft and squeeze in here. Push me down. Squeeze your bottom more even more. Push your hips forward. Yes.

And and lower. So inner thigh powerhouse, alo or two more. End Up reaching the leg out long. I lost one heel. The heel, come back down. Rest your legs. Alright, so legs are should be feeling something here. You're going to take your leg again up about hip level, going into a leg circle, rotate your knees slightly towards this ceiling so you're a little bit turned out. Again, the knees are soft and you're going to begin to circle your leg around and up. Five times to three, a little bit higher. Try to touch my hand for five.

Now reverse it, but soften those knees. Bend them too. So right. And here's where you should feel it. Three a little bit bigger. Four, that's it. And rest. Five. Okay. Did you start to feel those in your hips? Okay. That's what you should feel right in the hip. All right. Um, let me have you guys go ahead and lie on your stomach for just a moment to transition palm on top, a palm four hit on your hands so your heads are down, your bodies are nice and straight, and just take a deep breath in. Lift your tummies up and exhale.

So you're just trying to fill up your lungs. Ring 'em out. So exhale, exhale, exhale. And just two more nice deep breath in soft feet and exhale, and last one. Nice deep breath in and up. And exhale, bring that back down. All right, now you're going to go into beats. Your leg beats, stretch your legs out. You'll start to lift your legs off the Mat. And what you're trying to do is get both knees to come off the mat.

So both legs are long, you squeeze your bottom, reached those legs way out, and then you're going to clap the inner thighs. Heels together for 20 counts. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Now a little bit bigger and 10 counts. One a little bit faster. Two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10 and rest. Okay. Switching legs, you'll roll over to the other side. So your left leg is on top. Now again, you're going to line yourself up with the back of the Mat. Hip on top of hip, one straight line from hip to shoulder. So your spine is straight. [inaudible] you could lie on your arm as well.

If your shoulders or neck issues swing your legs forward in that boomerang or v. Take your left leg up, hip level. Make sure your hips are on top of each other. Rule your hip forward a little bit. Yes. So now they're on top of each other. You don't want them to fall back and get into that lower back. All right, so rotate your knee and foot towards the ceiling so you're slightly turned out and you should only be hip level here. Now squeeze your Bob. There you go. So you're wrapping in here. Still pull up.

Now you're going to take that left leg. Swing it forward. Swing it back. Be Conscious. Your backs don't go with you. They stay solid. So flat, front and back. Watch your feet here. Don't let them tense. They stay relaxed. One more time. Front and back. Now you're going to add the two kicks forward.

Little one big one, kick, kick front, and then swing it back with control. Use that hand for support and kick. Kick and back. Now take some energy out of your knees. Kick, kick, good and back. You take that energy out of the knees, it'll go straight to your powerhouse. And tomorrow kick kick back.

So you're not necessarily bending the knee, but you're just softening it. And last one kick kick unless you already did too, and it's enough. Rest your legs on top of each other. Okay, take your leg once again. Up Hip level slightly turned out to rotate your knee towards the ceiling hip on top of hip. Make sure those hips are right on top of each other. Begin to take your leg up towards the ceiling.

Doesn't have to be super high just to where you can control it. Start to lower down. Feel your bottom squeezing here. Feel those innercise working and up and brewing it down. Now your hips are rolling back a little bit. Yes, and up. Pull your tummies in. That will feel much better. So you have that support and up.

And I'll start to get that length. Stretch your leg out of the hip so as though your left leg is longer than your right as it comes down through. Really reaching it from the hip out, up, and stretch. Good. Exactly as you stretch though, keep pulling your navels in. Two more up hip on top of hip at last one up and rest. Okay. Going into those leg circles next. So you're going to start with your leg up hip level.

Rotate your knee again towards the ceiling. Good. This foot stays soft the whole time. You'll want to work there, but try to keep it relaxed. And then in the circles right in here. So innercise. So this begin to circle five times to three, keeping your knees relaxed. You'll see it's in the hip. Four, five, not letting those hips roll and reverse it five times and one to work in the hip. Three, four and five. Rush your legs on top of each other. Okay? You can shake yourselves out a little bit if you'd like. Yeah.

And then you're gonna lie back onto your backs. Have you do a little powerhouse teaser, getting you back into that powerhouse. So you're going to start with your knees bent. Have you do what's called your single lake teaser. Get yourself centered on your mat. Your knees are bent, like I said, and let's have you start with your knees and feet together.

And I like for people to kind of slide their feet forward a bit so the heels aren't too close to your bottom. Okay? Check your alignment. All right, so you're going to take your right leg and extend it out, but your knees stay together. So one leg is out. But knees are together. Feet are soft. Knees yourself. Slide this foot forward a little bit more. Keep going. Nope out, keep going. Keep going there. All right, now slat your backs. Good. So your backs are flat, but your tummies are lifted.

You're going to take both arms behind you or to your ears is fine. Now, right there, as soon as your arms go back, your backs will come off that mat. Try to get that engagement again, getting your backs to imprint into the mat. Push your spine down. Okay, take your arm straight up. You're going to begin to lift your head. Reach for your toes. You don't have to come up very high. Open up your chest. Hold that now.

Pull your stomachs in. Squeeze your bottom. Now just hold. Now lift your ears and then lie back down. Is that exactly? So come up to the level that you can control it. So in other words, as you come up, don't let your left foot move you. Come up to where you can control the left foot and then control the movement going down one vertebra at a time so you don't just collapse. Exactly. Let's have you do two more. So four times peel off that mat.

So if your foot goes like that, that means you've come up to high. Good. You'll feel it just doing, coming up to the shoulder blades and down. Okay, one more time. You can exhale. Just another words. Just keep breathing. Try. If you are all the way up to sit as tall as you can without that foot dropping and go back down and that's enough. Drop your right leg.

You'll switch sides. So left leg comes up, knees are glued together. The further the right foot is forward, the easier they become and come up to where you can control the movement. So just here, if you need to squeeze your bottom, pulling your stomachs, reach for your ears and lie back down. So that's all you need to do. Unless you want extra challenge, challenge, you can come all the way up. Sit as tall as you can and control that movement. Go back now. Two more. And exhale. Good, soft feet. Reach for yours, arms up, and then lie back down again. Last one, and exhale right through the center.

Reach to the year and lie back down. Okay, I'm gonna have you guys sit back up to kind of roll that out. Going into a seal. So your hands this time, go inside the legs. If these are new to you, and this is not comfortable, just hold onto your thighs, but if you can do it heads there, you want to make sure you have space behind you to roll. Good. You want to round your backs [inaudible] so you're kind of scooped in, shoulders down. Then try to find your balance.

Chins down more. So Jessa really concaved in those ribs are in, and then you're going to begin to roll back and they want to try to come back up and balance. Very good. Inhale back. Exhale, come up. Keep Your Chin down so the weight of your head doesn't take you backwards. That's it. Yeah. I start to feel this in your tummy. So really pull in and around, up so you're not hopping. Keep your chin down and three more. Inhale back.

Exhale around, up to inhale back. Stay centered and up. Last one. They'll try to come up and balance hold. Place your feet down and then I'll have you guys stand up however you can. Ideally, you want to cross the legs. Christie, you could stand up however you'd like, but if you're advanced you across your legs instead of stand all the way up.

Otherwise [inaudible] take both arms up, heels together, toes apart. Take a nice deep breath in. Keep squeezing your bottoms and grow taller. Exhale, lift your backs, lift your tummies. Keep wrapping of the thigh. Keep weight on all 10 toes. Then shift your, that's it. Keep the heel soft. Try to keep your heels together. Keep the knee soft here.

I'm going to have you come up to your toes for a little balance exercise. You, you know if you've ever hurt your ankle and injured your ankles at all, this is a good balancing exercise to take both arms straight up. Fill those ribs back together so you don't want your backs to arch. Pull those in first lift and then try to keep your heels together and then you're going to try to come up. [inaudible] keep lifting. Think of growing taller like a string on top of your head. Deep breath in and then go back down to a flat foot. Okay?

Drop your arms. Two more. You'll come up. Nice deep breath in. Soften your knees. Don't lock those knees. Squeeze your seat. Pull up and then go back down. Rest. Okay, last one. Soft knees. Pull your tummies straight up with your arms. That's it. Hold. I want you to push it. There you go.

There's your ballots. You just forgot this part. Nice. Deep breath in and draw up to a flat foot. Exhale, drop your arms, drop your heads and just slowly round to the top of the hips. Keep the weight towards your toes. Careful not to lock your knees. Don't go too fast or too low so you don't lose your balance. Drop your head. Just starting to relax here. Kind of cooling down. All right, hold that. Don't go too low just to the top of the hips. Yeah.

All right. Give your arms a little push and you're going to let them start to circle. Uh Huh. So come up a little bit higher. That's it. Hold that. Now drop your head. You want the weight to be on your toes. So not way back here. You want to try to get your hips on top of your ankles.

Relax here. Drop your head more. Yeah. And then a little push to reverse those circles really is just about five circles. No energy from you. Now let them just hang. You've just given them a little push. There you go. All right. Now you're going to start to come up. It's as you come up that you have to take this slowly.

You may even bend your knees if you need to, but try to get your hips on top of your ankle. So I'm going to be a wall behind you. You try not to touch me as you round up. So you're going to come up to a standing position. Yeah. To here. Dead. Not here. Hold Phil. Listen. Yeah, try not to touch me. That's it. There you go. Good.

Take both arms up. Just a nice deep breath and keep lifting your stomach's grow tall and exhale, drop your arms to your side, shake yourselves out, and you guys are all done. Good job.


good cues !
Love this, great start to the day 

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