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Chest Lift with Rotation

2 min - Exercise


Foundation Exercise

Muscle Focus: Abdominal Oblique Objective: Strengthen Abdominals
What You'll Need: Mat

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Dec 11, 2009
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Chest Lift Rotation

Chest lift with rotation. This is an exercise that usually follows the chest lift. So you'll see Marta's in the same position she would be if she just finished or was about to start the chest lift. Her feet are about sit's bones distance apart, it's about four to six inches. Knees are following that line, her pelvis is neutral, and her hands are behind her head, supporting her head.

She inhales to prepare. We're gonna bring her up into the chest lift first, she's exhaling to do that. Then it's an inhale, and as she exhales, she's gonna rotate to one side, taking shoulder to hip. Great, she's gonna keep the height of her back, inhale as she comes through the middle, and exhale to the other side. Good.

And inhale, I'm just gonna show you a range, she's doin' fine, exhale, shoulder to hip. But it's not that big, inhale, and exhale. This is sort of a precursor to the crisscross that comes later. You'll also see this taught with this flection rotation and even a little bit of lateral flection. So listen to your instructor as to which version they're choosing.

They're all okay, just make sure you work those obliques, the side of the abdominals. I'm gonna bring her back to center, inhale, and exhale, she comes down. Pardon me, chest lift with rotation.

Prenatal Modified Chest Lift with Rotation

Now we're going to be doing chest lift with rotation, a modified version for pregnancy here. Fingers are gonna go behind the head.

Good, so you wanna make sure that you're starting nice and lifted into your extension. Again, squeeze in the inner thighs together just to provide that extra sense of stability. Taking the breath in to prepare, with the exhale drawing into the posterior tilt. Coming back, excellent. Good, so really feeling that stabilization in the pelvis.

Preparing with an inhale, exhale rotate to the right. Inhale past through the center. And exhale to the left. And inhale, trying to keep the same amount of flection in the trunk. And the image of just spiraling the rib cage around the spine, utilizing the obliques here.

And exhale. About two to three repetitions or sets, exhale, then inhale, come back up to the sitting position. And if you choose, you can go back for a second set. And that is chest lift with rotation modified for pregnancy.


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