Exercise #1425

Roll Up

2 mins - Exercise


Muscle Focus: Abdominals.

Objective: Strengthen abdominals and increase spinal articulation.

Start Position: Lie flat on your back, legs together. Arms are reaching overhead and shoulder distance apart, with palms of hands facing forward.

Movement: Inhale as your arms reach overhead and curl your head and shoulders off the Mat. Exhale as you peel your spine off the Mat, rounding forward and bringing the crown of your head towards your knees. Keep the arms parallel to the Mat and the abdominals drawing into your spine. Inhale and roll back down to the Mat to start position.

Precautions: Avoid using momentum or forceful movements as you roll up, but rather use the breath to assist the abdominals, and continue to maintain the breath throughout the exercise.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Jan 01, 2011
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This is great review. Thank You!!!
I wish there was a way to connect the videos so I didn't have to mess with resetting every couple of minutes.
Where is the modifications and variations section that you mentioned?
Virginia ~ The modifications and variations sections will be coming in the near future. They will be separate chapters within the same video, so you will find them here once they are complete. I will look into having a continuously streaming playlist for the exercises.
Hi Virginia, I'm not sure why you would have to re set every few minutes. The videos are designed so that you should have to do that. As it happens we are working on redoing the entire Exercise section so at the moment we don't have a specific place to go to just modifications. That said, you might enjoy browsing the tutorial section which covers all sorts of topics including ways to modify exercises. Here is one modification video that includes the roll up. Modification video
Here is a link to the Tutorials
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Thank you the continuous streaming from the Rollup Tutorial through the 3 Modifications - easy viewing!
I can't thank you enough for all these video's. They are so helpful for adding to my pilates knowledge. All my clients benefit from the modification section at some point.
Hi Kristi...can you address the tendency to slide the feet forward and back during the roll up/down? How do you minimize this? I just watched a video of Deborah Lessen talking about how Carola taught it with minimal foot slide and pelvis staying in place. Thanks
Great video! However, why I cannot download this video?
I love how you give the simplest instructions and it works!

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