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Roll-Up Modifications

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Lisa Hubbard teaches this tutorial on the Roll-Up to demonstrate the modifications available to properly execute this exercise. Chapter 1 shows the modification without props, Chapter 2 uses the Theraband, and Chapter 3 demonstrates a modification with Ankle Weights.
What You'll Need: Mat, Theraband

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Jul 08, 2014
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Modification Without Props

If you find that the roll up is challenging for you or you simply just can't get up, it's an impossible exercise, we're here to offer you some variations and modifications to properly execute the exercise. And I have Amy here. We're gonna show you a modification with the knees bent. She's gonna start lying on her back, supine, legs are together, knees are bent, feet on the mat, and the arms are gonna reach up overhead, shoulder blades down. You wanna make sure that the rib cage is on the mat, sternum soft.

So we're gonna take the arms up, inhaling, look towards your thighs, grab onto your thighs, and you really deeply scoop, exhaling, stretching the legs out, flex the feet and just slide forward. You're just releasing the low back and going forward, one, exhaling, and two, one more time, three. Start to roll back, bending your knees as a unit and find that cradle position, and float the arms slowly overhead. The more you do this, the more your back will stretch out, and the easier the full exercise will become. Let's do that again.

We're gonna go inhale, grab your thighs, scoop the pelvis up so the pubic bone is reaching towards the forehead, reaching out through the heels and go forward, one. And I like to think about reaching the ponytail out, and three, roll back, bend your knees once the sacrum gets down. Good, and scoop, that really challenges the abdominals, and reach, and stretches the low back. That is one way to do it. We call that roll up with the knees bent.

Modification Using the Theraband

Now we can use a TheraBand which has some tension. It will help you roll up. So we're gonna place it at the soles of the feet. She's gonna grab onto the outside of the band. Her legs will be straight for this one.

Her head is gonna lengthen all the way down. So the tension is gonna help you get up. So, good, her arms are down. She starting on her back, legs together. So she's gonna lift her sternum, her head, neck, and chest.

She's gonna exhale, go over, reaching. You're gonna lose tension on the band, which is fine. And go ahead and do the same breath pattern here, two, stretching out, three, and then you're gonna roll back. The most important thing is that you clear this position. You really get that low back into the mat first, and then you lengthen all the way down.

There are a variety of different strengths in your band. So you can choose, inhale, which you need, exhale, dive over. And the breath pattern that I'm giving her is just an optional suggested, and you can breathe however your instructor tells you to or whatever feels good, as long you're breathing, right? Inhale, good, and release. A third variation is if you find that your legs

Modification with Ankle Weights

are lifting off the mat, you can use ankle weights.

So I'm gonna have Amy show you, arms overhead, what the tendency is here is the arms lift. Once the chest starts rolling up, the legs compensate, and they lift off the floor. So we're going to allow her to put the weights over her ankles to anchor them down. So now she has a base that's anchoring her, inhale, look forward, exhale, roll up, much better. And then she's gonna reach the crown of the head out, forward one, two, and a three, and roll back.

Her feet are flexed, and now they point, and she's gonna scoop and hollow and reach the arms overhead, keeping the ribs connected. You really wanna articulate the spine up, inhale, rolling up and over, good, anchor, down one, two, and three, and roll it down. And I'll mention that these weights are a total of about four or five pounds, and rest.

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Very helpful tutorials! For some reason, teaser is so much easier for my body then the roll-up. This tutorial was very helpful. I have the issue of my legs wanting to lift up like in the 3rd example. I can't wait to try it with the ankle weights. I was told it was my tight hip flexors that caused my legs to want to lift. Could it be anything else?!? Would love more feedback on this issue.
Lisa Hubbard
Hi Chris, glad you're finding the tutorials helpful! The 3rd example is very common. It may be a tight lumbar spine. Try imprinting your low back into mat by drawing in abs & curling pubic bone & head towards another.
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Thank you Lisa! I will try your advice and see if that helps. I will let you know
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thank you teacher.
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Thanks, I really need this
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Thank you! Great tips!
Lisa Hubbard
Thanks Ira for watching & for your kind comment!
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I love the cues for the thighs, scoop, unit and ponytail. Extremely helpful breakdown. Well done! Ty!
Lisa Hubbard
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Wendy glad it was helpful! I know many whom struggle with this exercise & it has more to do with tightness rather than weakness 🙏🏻
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Thank you this was great:). Would be helpful to know of the different reasons why people can't complete the roll up in the tutorial. Whether it is weak abs or tight hip flexors or could there be any other reasons? I remember hearing weak hamstrings can be a problem?
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