Exercise #1430

Double Leg Stretch

1 min - Exercise


Muscle Focus: Abdominals.

Objective: Strengthen abdominals and stabilization of Powerhouse.

Start Position: Curl your head and shoulders off the Mat, bring both knees into your chest, and place one hand on each shin.

Movement: Inhale as you reach yours arms and legs out in opposite directions on a diagonal. Keep arms shoulder distance apart and legs together with neck and shoulders lifted off the Mat throughout the exercise. Circle the arms around as you exhale, drawing the knees into your chest and catching onto your shins to return to start position.

Precautions: The shoulders stay lifted off the Mat throughout the exercise, and the back and pelvis stay flat and stable into the Mat. Keep the arms level with each other and shoulder-width as they extend out.
What You'll Need: Mat

About This Video


We're taking a look at the Double Leg Stretch right now. The purpose of this exercise, once again, is abdominal strength and stabilizing that upper body flexed position. So your setup first, is lying ...

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Love all videos!thanks thanks!
Thank you!!
This is great, It would be nice if you could add the suggested amount of reps to the videos. :)
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Thank you for the Related Content boxes. When I watched Dana Santi's DL Stretch/Pull tutorial, I could then easily find this one.

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