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Double Leg Kick

2 min - Exercise
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Muscle Focus: Back and hip extensors.

Objective: Strengthen the back and hip extensors. Open and stretch the muscles of the shoulders and chest.

Start Position: Lie on stomach and turn head to place one cheek on the Mat. Place hands clasped and high up on back, with elbows dropping towards the Mat.

Movement: Kick both heels to the seat three times. Extend both legs straight as the hands reach to the feet while finding a back extension. Lower the torso down and turn the head to place the opposite cheek on the Mat. Repeat

Precautions: Keep the pelvis level and pressed into the Mat as the feet kick. As the chest lifts, keep the neck lengthened and in line with the spine.
What You'll Need: Mat

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We're taking a look at the Double Leg Kick now. The purpose of this exercise is to strengthen the back muscles, the back extensors, the hip extensors of the back of the legs. To open up the chest and get more space and room up here. And open your shoulders. I'd like you to set up laying flat on your mat on your belly.

Legs are together. And turn your right facial cheek down to the floor. You'll put your hands in the small of your back. Drop your elbows to the mat. And lift your shoulder fronts just slightly off of the mat.

All right. So the pelvis stays nice and level, meaning it doesn't come up and down. You can actually press it down. Bend your knees. And pulse your heels toward your bottom three times.

And as the feet lower down, the hands reach back for those feet. This is where the back muscles go to work to lift up that chest. And as she lowers her legs, she does so with control. And three pulses of the heels in-- one, two, three. And reach the hands toward the feet.

Open the chest. And again, one, two, three. And a couple of things I'd like to have you watch out for when you're doing this exercise. During the feet kicking or the knee bending, the pelvis sometimes likes to move up and down. Or you lose the sense of imprinting your pelvis on the mat.

So be watchful for that. As well as in the up phase not taking the head too far back, which could strain the neck. We're actually looking for the neck to stay in line with the back. You lift the chest more than the head. Let's do one more, Kristi.

And kick-- two, three. Hands reach for the feet. Notice the head alignment. And last one to the opposite side, pelvis nice and level. And reach, and you can finish the exercise.

And that's our Double Leg Kick.


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