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Breath is one of the guiding principles of the Pilates Method. As you become more advanced in the work, you will discover the importance of the use of the breath as a tool. We put our attention to the breath to encourage circulation and proper muscle recruitment, to teach movement patterns, and to calm the mind. It should be said however, that there is no wrong way to breathe. It would only be wrong if you held your breath. The breath should not be a source of frustration. If you find the breath pattern confusing, don't worry - just breathe!

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Dec 28, 2009
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So here's another view of the breath from, from the back side. You as Layla inhales, you'll see her back actually expand quite a lot, and as she exhales her back, we'll get narrower. Her, her ribs will get narrow if the lungs or if the ribs are the house that the lungs live in as Lila contracts and expands her ribcage, she's allowing breath to come into her body in that way. All the while keeping the abdominals contracted.


Yeong Cheol C
Thank you :)
Good example! Thanks!
Thanks, Julie!!
Monique B
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Whats your reasoning for keeping abdominal muscles contracted? Shouldn't it be relaxed ?
Hi Monique,
In Pilates breathing we are endeavoring to keep the abdominal muscles lightly engaged throughout which is why we send the air to the sides and back of the ribs on the inhale. When we exhale we deepen that abdominal engagement which helps straighten the muscles of the trunk and helps to stabilize or move the spine in accordance with the needs of the exercise.
Hope that is helpful.
Let me know.
Great image of the breathing!
Noelle Iturbe I am so glad it was helpful!!

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