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Prenatal Back Extension

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Leah Stewart shows us how the swan can be modified for women who are unable to lie prone during their pregnancy.
What You'll Need: Fitness Ball

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This is an option for a back extension exercise. If you no longer feel comfortable lying prone in your pregnancy or as you progress through your pregnancy. So fingers are going to go interlace behind the head, really nice and sturdy through your legs. You want to feel your legs. Again stable. You want to feel a little bit of activation of your glutes because essentially what we're going to try to do is just mobilize and articulate, if you will, through the upper back here.

So I want you to use the image of lifting your upper back up and placing it on a shelf behind you. So you're going to inhale, you're going to come back over the top, you're going to reach a sternum up, let your head gently fall back into your hands. Then exhale, pull yourself forward. Inhale, feel a little activation of your abdominals to do that in a reach up first and then back into your upper back extension, keeping that length but yet tightness through the front body and then exhale, bring it back. Great. And inhale, lifting up. So again, the image of coming up and over onto a shelf. The shoulder blades will drop down and then exhale. So try as best you can to not sit into your lower back, but keep the support of the lower abdominals in and up. Good. And exhale. And one more time. This is a option for upper back extension during pregnancy.


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