Exercise #1468

Cervical Nod

5 min - Exercise


Rebekah teaches how to lift your head properly to avoid neck tension. This demonstration offer a couple of suggestions to help you work more efficiently.
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

About This Video


So we're going to look at a cervical nod and curl today and many people do this incorrectly and I think it's what gives [inaudible] a bad name. When people say, Oh, Palladia is hurt my...


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Rebekah, is this an ok way for osteo?
Hi Barbara, no it is not. I have a number of videos on the Pilates Anytime site which have nothing to do with osteoporosis and this is one of them. This is just a pure mechanical perspective of what should happen in the joints and with movement when we do a cervical nod and curl or chest list, etc. - the movement that is found in much of the matwork. Thanks for asking!
muchas gracias por las explicaciones de estos hermosos ejercicios.me ayudan mucho a saber que los estoy enseñando de manera correcta.si en algun momento los pueden traducir al español seria genial.mil gracias.
Gracias Lina! Me alegro oirlo!!
Hi, thanks for a great tutorial. I feel that I'm pulling on my neck (forward). I cannot come up more than 2cm off the ground. Any tips?
How should we do this for osteoporosis?
Thank you :)
Thanks! Kind of an Eye-Opener too me!
I love the step by step breakdown. I'm inspired to begin my next group class with this explanation. Thank you, Rebekah!

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