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Cervical Nod

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Rebekah teaches how to lift your head properly to avoid neck tension. This demonstration offer a couple of suggestions to help you work more efficiently.
What You'll Need: Mat, Overball

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Sep 15, 2010
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So we're going to look at a cervical nod and curl today and many people do this incorrectly and I think it's what gives [inaudible] a bad name. When people say, Oh, Palladia is hurt my neck, it's because of the way they're doing it, so we're going to examine the correct way to do it today, so she's going to bring her hands behind her head. Now we're going to first look at the incorrect way so that you can see why it might be painful, so I'm going to have you perform the way that usually people do and notice how her chin juts forward and you can lower back down. What that does is strains the back of the neck. Now instead, I'm going to let you rest your elbows. Now let your elbows float up very slowly, just a tiny bit. What that does is it sets the elbows into the shoulder blades, the shoulder blades into the back. Now from here, she's going to drop her chin as the first part.

That activates the front of the neck and it also releases the back of the neck. The next part she's going to do is drop the sternum, allowing it to rotate downward as she rises. So now she's directly connected into her shoulder blades. Her shoulder blades are connected into her back and she's working the front of the neck and the way we want and releasing the back of the neck appropriately. All the while engaged through the low belly, the entire core, and as she lowers back down, she's going to keep that Chin in. There we go, and now she's going to bring her hands down and experience the same feeling without the assistance of her hands.

She's going to drop her chin and then she's going to lower the ribs as she floats the head up. And she was in a beautiful position for most of her [inaudible] work, including the a hundred now, if that still feels strenuous, another option to help connect into the core is to put something between the knees, such as a soft ball, slightly deflated as this is, I'm gonna place this between her knees that activates your inner thighs and activating the inner thighs, actually connects her into the pelvic floor and into her entire core. So this is just one other way that she can do it. She's going to do her cervical nod and curl like this now, and she lowers all the way back down. So that is an inappropriate way to do the cervical nod and curl.


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Rebekah, is this an ok way for osteo?
Hi Barbara, no it is not. I have a number of videos on the Pilates Anytime site which have nothing to do with osteoporosis and this is one of them. This is just a pure mechanical perspective of what should happen in the joints and with movement when we do a cervical nod and curl or chest list, etc. - the movement that is found in much of the matwork. Thanks for asking!
muchas gracias por las explicaciones de estos hermosos ejercicios.me ayudan mucho a saber que los estoy enseñando de manera correcta.si en algun momento los pueden traducir al español seria genial.mil gracias.
Gracias Lina! Me alegro oirlo!!
Hi, thanks for a great tutorial. I feel that I'm pulling on my neck (forward). I cannot come up more than 2cm off the ground. Any tips?
How should we do this for osteoporosis?
Thank you :)
Thanks! Kind of an Eye-Opener too me!
I love the step by step breakdown. I'm inspired to begin my next group class with this explanation. Thank you, Rebekah!
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