Exercise 1656: Corkscrew

4 mins
What You'll Need:

Muscle Focus: Abdominals.

Objective: Strengthen abdominals and shoulders, pelvis stabilization, and massage of internal organs.

Start Position: Lie on back, arms pressed into the Mat, with legs together. Lift legs straight to the ceiling and roll over bringing the legs parallel to the floor, with the hips and feet level.

Movement: Inhale shift both legs to the right and roll down through the right side of the back. Exhale circle the legs around and roll over through the left side of the back, returning legs to start position. Reverse.

Precautions: To keep correct alignment, ensure that the legs remain tight together without sliding as legs tip to one side or the other.
Jan 01, 2011
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nicely explained.
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Thanks so much.
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