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Qualified Stott Mat Pilates Instructor for 18 years. Mother of 3 beautiful girls. Happily married. Love instructing and have some amazing clients of all levels. I enjoy cardio exercise, running, swimming and a little bit of cycling. I also enjoy playing golf. I think nutrition is hugely important and am also a qualified nutritionist. I am currently experimenting with patches that activate your stem cells. I am constantly curious about our beautiful God given minds, souls and bodies. Forever grateful for all the lovely Pilates Anytime instructors.



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About me

I'm: a Woman - 58 Years Old
Where I Live: Harare, Zimbabwe
Language(s) I Speak: English
Other Exercise I Enjoy: Walking (Most days), Golf (Once a week), Running (Twice a week), Swimming (Occasionally)

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Years of Pilates Experience: 20
Practice Frequency: Three days a week

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American Council on Exercise (ACE) - Member - Certified (2006)

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