Exercise #1669


3 min - Exercise


Muscle Focus: Abdominals.

Objective: Build abdominal strength and control.

Start Position: Sit cross legged, bring your knees to your shoulders and hold the tops of both feet with your hands. Curl into a ball, gazing into your abdominals, and pulling the abdominals to the spine.

Movement: Exhale and engage the powerhouse to roll onto your knees, keeping the spine in a C-curve, rolling forward until the top of the head comes to the Mat and the hips are directly over the knees. Inhale, maintaining the C-curve, roll back to balance on the shoulder blades, with hips over shoulders. Let go of your feet, switch the cross of the legs, and grasp back onto both feet. Exhale return to start position and repeat.

Precautions: Avoid this exercise if you have had a neck or spine injury. It is recommended that you are proficient in performing Rolling Like a Ball and Seal prior to attempting this exercise. Maintain the C-curve shape of the spine and the lift and scoop of the abdominals.
What You'll Need: Mat

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May 27, 2014
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Here we have the crab and it is a fabulous exercise. It's one of another, one of my favorites. I love all these polities exercises, but it is certainly one of the more advanced exercises, one of the most advanced rolling exercises, so you want to be very secure in your polites proficiency before attempting this exercise. You also want to make sure you're not on a high mat, but you're either on a yoga mat. At the very least, even better would be a tower mat that would have good padding like this mat to do it because you'll be rolling onto your head. All right. It is an advanced ruling exercise like I stated, which is means it's going to be massaging your spine and you're going to be inhaling and exhaling, so it'll be a breathing exercise, but it adds this extra control aspect as you roll forward onto your head, which stretches and strengthens the neck. If you do have any neck injuries, any past neck problems, I wouldn't recommend this doing this or attempting this on your own unless you have someone working with you that really could guide you well. So let's go ahead and begin. Let's cross our legs and you're going to grab your toes or your feet. Good.

And using your hamstrings, glutes, and powerhouse. We're going to lift your bottom over your knees. Good and gently placed the forehead onto the mat and then roll forward to stretch the neck. Now you're really doing a great job of lifting into this nice c curve so there's hardly any weight on your head. And I love the angle of your hips over your knees.

You're not pressing this too far forward. I don't even want you to show what it, what you, what it would look like not to cause that's very dangerous and not a good thing. So I love this line. Now using your powerhouse, you're going to roll back and I want you to pause with your bottom up over your shoulders as much as you can. There you go. Good. Now our crab, we want to feed our crabs, so we're going to keep this angle and from the hips. Switch legs. Sorry. Very nice. Good. Holding onto your toes. Roll on up on to the knees, lifting in your powerhouse, forehead on the mat, and then stretch forward through these vertebras. Not through here, but a little, ah, there you go. Good.

One more with me and then we'll do it to temple. Going back from the powerhouse over with the hips. Switch your legs from the hips and roll through each bone. Exhaling lifting your hips over the knees, stretching forward through right through here. Wonderful. All right. Now go ahead and do two on your own. Rolling back, open and switch and scooping in the powerhouse.

Lifting with the powerhouse in. Stretch the neck. Roll back in with the air switch and exhale as you lift your seat over your knees and stretch and come on back. And that is the crap.


thank you for explaining it!

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