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Open Leg Rocker

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Muscle Focus: Abdominals, Legs, Spine

Objective: Open the back, connect the abdominals, and activate the hamstrings.

Apparatus: Mat

Start Position: Sit on the Mat, knees bent and feet planted. Reach your right hand into the inside of the arch of the right foot, and extend the leg and arm. Do the same on the left side, creating a letter "V" shape with the body, finding balance.

Movement: Tuck the tailbone very slightly, causing the body to roll back onto the shoulders, then rock back up to the starting position. Repeat five to eight times.
What You'll Need: Mat

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This exercise is called open leg rocker. For open leg rocker, we normally do about 5 to 8 reps on this exercise The benefit of this exercise is to open up the back, connect to the powerhouse, and turn on those hamstrings and make them work for you. Now any little contradiction that we'll have, I'll talk about variations we can do on the side. So turning to the side, We reached into the inside of our arch and extend the leg out long. So the arm and leg stay extended long.

I'll grab the other one, and we hold this be finding our balance. Our tailbone tucks under so slightly. A variation of this exercise is holding here at tabletop or holding behind the thighs and rolling back only to the shoulder blades, like so. Holding it there. Let's try one. I'm gonna try my ankles today. Okay?

Let's hold it, curl the tailbone under, roll back to the shoulders, and come up holding that v. That is your open leg rocker.

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