Traditional Wunda Chair
Brett Howard
Class 696

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Beautiful session, Brett teaches with eagle eyes. Loved the semicircle- I've never seen it done using the wunda chair
What a wonderful and precious gift from PA.....Hope to see Brett on a Reformer as well.....:) What an inspiration!!!!
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Great class! I haven't done the reverse hundred before. Loved the twist!
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Thank you for another awesome class Brett,
your teaching style is serious/fun
Brava to your Brave Brave Students !!
The Twist ~ Chubby Checker watch out ;)
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Great voice, energy and class. Thanks:)
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Wow, super class! Fun, enjoyable and super tough. Amazing students too!! :)
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Whoa,, isnt he a joy? Love his style and flow. Hoping he comes back for a more beginner to intermediate version though. Unfortunaely I am nursing a torn ligament in my right knee ,, and having to modify so much so heres hoping he comes back!!
what a great inspiration!!!!!! more of Brett, please!!!!!!much much much more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Really loved how he showed the modification right alongside each other. Beautiful cueing!
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Wow! Great session. Love the reverse hundred and semi circle work--oh, and the table w/o moving pedal. Thank you for hard work here! Look fwd to more

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