TRIADBALL™ Blast<br>Ton V. & Michael F.<br>Class 751

Ton V. & Michael F.
Class 751

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These guys don't issue instructions but rather cajole us into joining them! Their explanations are so detailed I hardly needed to look at the screen. Wasn't sure why is was classified as level 2/3 til I hit the 40 min mark and we did those oh-so-difficult diagnonal lifts without the arm support. Now there is something to work on! Loved watching Kristi execute that teaser with her arm ever so gracefully extended above her head. No one in the studio gave her humorous touch any attention....but I laughed out loud. Like Meredith said in one of her videos...laughing is good for the stomach muscles. Thanks for setting that kind of tone in your studio Kristi...serious work with light hearts!!
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Wow! Wow! Wow! Side leq lift series! holy cannolli!
Loved this class. So many variations with the ball. Am defiantely going to do this one again. Thanks guys
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Love love love. More more more. ESP loved criss cross with ball @ feet, side setup series, & teaser to name a few!
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Michael & ton, Thank you very much for sharing this with us. I enjoyed it very much. We don't have reformers, cadillac or any other equipments where I live. totally depending on pilates on line, mat workouts. This is just great. blanche.
Fantastic class I have used the Bender Ball but that gets expensive to purchase. Loved the change of movements. Creates muscle challenage. Thanks to you both. Suzanne Carvalho R.N. Pilates Instructor.
Thank you Joni .I sort of figured, if I can't actually do what I'm supposed to, I can at least add a little flare to it for fun (if only for myself)! I love the way you say they cajole you into joining them... So true!
WOW! Thank you Ton and Michael!
Igual de divertidos que cuando yo tomé clase con ellos en España. Una clase dura pero me encantan. Muchas gracias.
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Brilliant. So intelligent and eye opening. Joe would be proud!
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