Joint Release Mat<br>Zayna Gold<br>Class 795

Joint Release Mat
Zayna Gold
Class 795

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V Enjoyable, hard work and fun
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loved it! very good cues for students having trouble releasing hip flexors
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I love the sponge! Going to Lowes now to see if I can get one. ( I used a little pillow and it seemed to be a bit to firm). Thank you!
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Great class. Not a deliberate pace,
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Hi everyone, thanks so much for your comments! these cues have helped me and my students so much. I used to have SI isues and by releasing hips/sacrum it has made my SI discomfort completely eliminated. I never thought this could happen.

For the sponge Connie look in the tile grouting department at home depot if you can't find at lowe's. we have dozens of these at our Boston Body studios. Our clients love them!
Interesting session w/ new prop - sponge. Seems to be a level 1 session working @ a slower pace....nice for beginners. Not sure how you release the hip when you're in hip flexion though. Would have liked more explanation on sponge placement - as in beg when it was under head Def plan to play with sponge ... Thx!
Hi Jennifer,
So glad you like the sponge! Try two options for sponge under head: vertical and horizontal either under neck or towards top half of skull. Depending on the shape of your head and neck one of these options will be more helpful to your neck alignment. Keep practicing "releasing your hip crease" as you "widen your sacrum." Sometimes it takes a few times to stop gripping our hip flexors and quads - but it is worth the wait. Thanks!
Zayna...i find it so interesting that you mention SI issues, and sacrum..this is exactly what i deal with...and am still trying to figure just for that reason i am now your number one fan! i will do whatever you do... thanks! :)
and man- if i could pick your brain for about 10 minutes, maybe i could have all my unanswered questions...answered and not live my life in pain!!! :/
Hi Cindy, So glad that my video is helping your SI issues. The good news is that I have had many many clients get help for SI pain and dystunction through workouts like this. Please feel free to email me at to ask me more questions and "pick my brain." My own SI issues are a think of the past - something I never thought would happen - and I enjoy sharing my "secrets" with anyone else who can benefit!

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