Crafty Creations<br>Cathleen Murakami<br>Class 1188

Crafty Creations
Cathleen Murakami
Class 1188

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Great class. We need MORE new variations on the theme, like this one.
Thank you and looking forward for more..
Cathleen Murakami
Hi Ileana~ Thank you...first comment and a supportive it
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some nice variations. thanks. my clients will thank you too.
Cathleen Murakami
Thanks, Gordon...always nice to hear that from a converted one such as you! xo
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Hi Cathleen! Can't wait until my arm is out of the splint and I'm allowed to weight bear. I want to do this class next ;))
Cathleen Murakami
Sunni~ let me know how it goes...but be careful...your arm may need some time out of your splint before stressing it too much! Sending healing thoughts!
Cathleen wonderful! Your clarity and strong, slow sequences deepen the practice. Thank you
Cathleen Murakami
I appreciate YOUR appreciation of the "slower" approach. I've always felt that slower can go veery deep, not that "faster" isn't effective.....speed is something that is added when technique an precision are already there....Thank you

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