Creative Mat Exploration<br>Cathleen Murakami<br>Class 1223

Creative Mat Exploration
Cathleen Murakami
Class 1223

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Lovely class, very enjoyable.Thank you! Really enjoying the increase in the 2/3 level classes lately.
Thank you, PA!!
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Lovely class, I enjoyed the yoga variations. Can you perhaps make some suggestions for those with wrist pain?
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So glad you came back to teach !!
You have a Truly Beautiful teaching style and an infectious laughter that is so encouraging :) loved your class Yo'Lates from quite a while ago and it remains an oft used favorite (wrote it out word for word) Thank You !!
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Great class. I did some of these movements in a NOVA class, (combination of yoga and pilates). love the magazine exercise especially
Cathleen Murakami
@ jeannene....thank you & yes, I have some suggestions for your wrists. Please email me: is quite an extended answer.
If anyone else has severe wrist issues, please lmk!
Cathleen Murakami
@ Yogonda, you're so welcome & I am flattered you wrote out the choreography before. How did it go? So happy you're a fan!, hope this class proves fun for you as we'll.
@ Leonard, thanks so much.....magazine exercises are great.....always give credit when credit is due!
Cathleen Murakami
@ Yugonda, sorry for the typo of your name......responded from my iPad.....
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Fabulous class, fabulous teacher - just love your kindness, nature, easy of instruction and modifications for those who are maybe tighter in some areas. Thank you - will follow your classes religiously now! :)
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Great flow to the routine. Felt so much better completing the routine today. LIked the Ashtanga references...
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This was great, I loved it! And my back's not hurting anymore! Thanks :)
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