Mat Workout for Scoliosis
Madeline Black
Class 1126

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Madeline, I have an 11 year old client who wears a soft brace. She's been wearing it for your mat exercises but I was wondering if it would be better for her to do the exercises without it. Your weigh in?
Valya, If you leadingher through thismat class, I would keep the brace on. Working witht he apparatus material in the workshop, I would try the very small aligment work with it off, then back on for the larger movements. Be mindful about the affects she feels after moving with you.
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Will do! Thanks!
Madeline what a fabulous class - so useful and so clearly taught. Thank you!
Q: I have a new client with very severe 70º right thoracic curve and so severe that she cannot lie on her back. Should I avoid supine or should I try lying her on a soft foam mattress and then padding sides accordingly?
Anita-yes, avoid supine, there are so many other choices.
Great video! My client has an S curve, upper right thoracic and lumbar left. How do I instruct her to direct her breathing?
Hi Britt-Angela , to be clear breath into the concave side of the curve, so a left concavity of the thorax is called a right convexity, breath into the left side. You say a right thorax, so I believe you mean the convexity is on the right.
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Thank you very much for this. I particularly liked the quadruped swimming prep variations.
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Hi Madeline, I just wanted to say that I’ve been doing Pilates with scoliosis for 10 years and have never been able to feel the effects of the exercises correctly until I listened to your instructions. More videos,
Hi Madeline, thank you so much for this workout, so useful ideas and exersices... and the most important so clear instructions.. thanks a lot !!
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