First Time Session<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 1300

First Time Session
Niedra Gabriel
Class 1300

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Great video! Thank you so much. As a new instructor this video was explicit in language and reassuring as well. Super cueing!
Loved everything you had to offer,
Niedra Gabriel
So glad you found this helpful Maureen.
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I know this is an older video, but the first time I've seen it (my Apple and Roku don't pull up all videos in the apps?).

At any rate, WOW. What great cueing to make sure you engage the Powerhouse. I found this practice wonderful.

Niedra you are one of my favorite instructors on here in thoroughness and personality.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you so much for your comment Stephanie, as always I enjoy getting feed back on the videos and am thrilled you enjoyed it and got insights from it. Enjoy your journey - always.
Svitlana V
Beautiful ladies! Love all your videos, Niedra. Thank you so much.

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