Mat Workout
Blossom L.
Class 1944

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Exactly what my mind and body needs! Love starting my day with you! Hugs and high fives!
Thanks Rachel Bennett! This is the warm up I have been wanting to share. I am glad you enjoyed it. Aloha, BLossom

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Thank-you for pointing out the jaw stretches, Blossom. I hold a lot of tension in my jaw so the stretches are a great release and reminder.
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The best thing ever to start the day. Thank you Blossom!
Love you Blossom!
That was a lovely way to start back into teaching after maternity leave!!
No T&A is actually tough 12 weeks post natal!!
Felicia, so glad to hear you are starting your journey back post baby. Be patient.....xoxoxo
Nice warm up thank you for this blossom 😊
Have done this class many time now and still love it perfect way to start my morning 😊
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Still love doing this every morning feels so great, really want to come over to your studio one day Blossom as love your style of teaching
Hi Darren Thanks for your comments. I am so glad that someone is doing this warm up. I am gearing up for more videos on Pilates Anytime, so send me a request. I may even warm up this Monday with this video. Aloha!
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