Unilateral Reformer<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 2150

Unilateral Reformer
Meredith Rogers
Class 2150

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Thank you for stalling for the greater good of us all! A really nice session! Thank you!
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I am always without an exception satisfied with both of your classes ladies as i am actually in a real studio in my home.... But Meredith this was one was really the best one on my body. I feel perfect. How can I thank you????
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This was a fun session that left me feeling more toned. Thanks for showing me where my weaknesses are by separating the sides.
Thanks gals!
ZA...you just did...thank YOU!
Michele M
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Loved it! In addition to the focus on unilateral movement, the stretches worked great too:) Thank You
Lauren Ashley
That was just what I needed! I love the unilateral focus it makes me feel so much more in tune with my body. Thank you, Meredith.
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Meredith, you are so good at this! Time flies during your classes--I don't know what exactly you're doing to make it all so relaxing and challenging at the same time, but it's just amazing. Thank you so much!
Thanks for your lovely feedback, ladies. I love hearing from you.
Any requests??
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Hi Meredith! You're so good!! That was amazing! I loved the unilateral work.. feeling the difference from one side of the body to the other! ... Not only for the muscles but for the brain too! I'm going to have to repeat this class several times this week, then take it to the studio for my students!! Thank you!! And Hugs from Vancouver xoxo
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You never cease to amaze me Meredith! I loved this class
(I feel like a broken record)! what a way to start the weekend! thank you keep them coming!
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