Reformer Workout
Nagi Takahashi
Class 2433

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Really beautiful flow and instructions 💕 Thank you, Nagi.
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Very beautiful modifications , always based on the detailed and thorough BASI education, very good cueing and i loved the preparation break down exercise of Mermaid (always found abit hard to teach to a client with poor body and motion awareness).Thank you!!!!
Hi Bahara , I didn't realize until now I haven't replied to you!
Thank you for commenting and watching my video:)
Hi Vasiliki , thank you for watching! I'm really glad you liked the modifications. Yes, I often thought that the Mermaid is a hard one to teach, happy it helped!
A wonderful class, Nagi!
Minjoo Thank you for watching:)
So good, Nagi Takahashi! As always My back and shoulders feel wonderful now. Would love to see you back on PA!
Oh that was just what my body needed thank you 🙏
Great class. Well organized and logical flow of routines. Really enjoyed it.
This was lovely for my back! I was so stiff and uncomfortable. This was perfect. Nice and gentle cuing. Thank you. Will repeat. 
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