Precise Mat<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 370

Precise Mat
Amy Havens
Class 370

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Loved the deliberate pace of your class, Amy. I hope you are going to have more classes with props: like foam roller and stretch out strap (SOS).
The deliberate pace was perfect, yet the flow of one exercise into the other was smooth and seamless. The modifications and cues were helpful. A deep, intense class infused with Amy's playful humor. Thank you!
Thank you Elaine.....I'll get a props class up soon. I've been craving a foam roller class myself so maybe that will be next. Stay tuned!
Hi Kelly! Thanks for taking class with me. I appreciate the feedback and appreciation. Talk again soon!
Wow! this is a great class. I loved it and echo the sentiments of my classmates below. I too look forward to more classes with you Amy."
This was a great class - I loved the pace and the queing was marvelous! Thank you!
Thank you Amani!!! I love meeting new people so thanks for taking class with me. Talk to you again soon!
Thank you Teresa.....I really appreciate the comments and feedback. Take class anytime! Talk again soon!

Perfect cuing and the pace was great!
Thank you, thank you Anita!
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