Grounding and Centering Mat
Amy Havens
Class 2889

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What a refreshing and fun class! It was so enjoyable and definitely out of the box! It was a great kickstart for my Saturday . Thanks, Amy!
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This class for sure confirmed to me I will continue my free trial period to a subscription of Pilates Anytime. Lovely! I've been doing Pilates for years and years and this gave me new things.
Thanks Amy!
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Hey Amy, that was really lovely, becuase it was special! I might not have been sweating as much as usual, but I am very sure, that I will feel some "new" muscles the day after tomorrow... Thanks!
You all are making my day! Thank you!
Christa Schönberg...thank you so much! Yes, please stay with Pilates take more of my classes but from any and ALL who are here, offering the best Pilates education you can find online! Welcome to Pilates glad you've enjoyed your beginning here!
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Loved this class. all your variations were so delightful and i felt so much better after. Thank you for sharing
Thank you Jessica , so happy you enjoyed the class!
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Just finished this class Amy Havens. Loved everything about it, it's blend of fun, imbalance, incredibly effective and powerful cuing, especially the mittens! Could've been oven mitts too! And of course functionality, yes!
Thank you so much Brooke !! Yes, it could have been oven mitts too, you're right! So glad you enjoyed this class and I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment for me!
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nice class, I love your style of teaching
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