Grounding and Centering Mat
Amy Havens
Class 2889

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Linda -- thank you !!
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Love this class! Thank you!
Thank you Noelle !
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This routine was just right for me, returning after several months away from regular practice. I have the “thump” in my rolling like a ball, so I will work on that. The floor set towards the end had a fun flow. That set was tough for me, but I will stick with it.

Thanks for a great class - fun and challenging.
Glad you enjoyed this class Jenny !
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That was really FUN.. I didn't feel the time passing..
The rolling back and the rolling back to squats were hard for me.. Maybe will be able to do them after 30 to 40 years 😂😂 but really enjoyed it
Thank you Amy Havens ❤️
Hi Sara -- yes, Pilates should be fun!! I love it when it feels like no time passes, yay!
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A really enjoyable class – thank you! X
Thank you so much Joanna T !
Another brilliant class form Amy! More please!!
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