Mobilizing Mat<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 3550

Mobilizing Mat
Meredith Rogers
Class 3550

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YES!!!!!! I haven't taken the class yet but YES!! Thanks Meri
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My back was sore this morning and this class was perfect for stretching it out. Thanks for another awesome class.
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Yay!! Thanks for the shout-out!:) Had to take this class [AGAIN]. What a great class to do "on the road". Feeling great. Thanks again Meri!!
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This version of mermaid!!! YUMMIE. I've done it with my class yesterday and everybody liked it. Thanks for your creativity!
Lisa V
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This was wonderful. Great focus on the core and such a nice flow from move to move. Thanks, Meredith!
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Nice! Thanks, Meredith, lovely class!
Gerri M
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Feeling like Southern California here today in Wisconsin so took my ball
And my mat outside and now I'm all hot and sweaty after having enjoyed a really wonderful stretchy airy feeling in my whole body. Thanks Meredith for the great class beautiful in its simplicity and wonderful in its flow
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That felt awesome! I want to take an RV across the country and visit national parks and Pilates studios! How fun!
Great work as ever Meredith, thank you!
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I didn't want this class to end! Gerri described it perfectly "wonderful stretch airy feeling" ....who can't use a little (or a lot!) of that?
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